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The "rough" experience of Expo

06:07, 26/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
After a few consecutive boring days, I made the decision  to the Expo.  I can't believe that I would get up at 5 am! When we got there, the time pandora bracelets was 7:20 and as we know, the open time is 9:00!  Terrible!
As I know, the definition of visiting the Expo is like visiting the museum. When I went through the safety-check, I found what I thought before was totally wrong! A group of people began to run!!!!!!!!! What had happened, this was my first thought. In the second, my friends yell at me : Come on ! Let's RUN!!!!  But I insisted on walking. The scene was chaos, which was like the human know there will be the devastate disaster ,everyone was nervous , and like the supermarket has the sale off. The first pavilion we scheduled to visit was Saudi Arabia where has the 4D movies.  After three hours, I finally entered the pavilion , when I saw the long enough queue behind me, I though I was so lucky and has the sense of achievement.
Jump the queue? I have seen lots. I don't have idea why they want to do this. But one thing I still stick to, no one want to be disdained ,even if the lame excuse ---- save the "valuable" time!

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The "rough" experience of Expo


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