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battery cheap

about batteries life longer - udtek

10:26, 28/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Notebook with some friends for over 1 year, the battery is not anti-, and some people may also spent 2 years battery guarantee 2 hour standby (like the HP NX6320 I bought in July 06, can now use 2 hours), why so different?

As the Li-Ion laptop battery, main factors affecting life expectancy is the number of charge and discharge. Generally about 300-500 times, good hp laptop batteries can be maintained at about 500, calculated on a per day on a single charge, your laptop battery in 500 days, or 2 years, life is almost the same. Therefore many users reflect the battery after 1.5 years of use there will be standby time is normal, charge and discharge times are here, after all, there, of course we say today is not a principle of lithium-ion batteries, but reasonable for charging and discharging lithium batteries. Because in many cases, Notebook battery charging is not required, but after the laptop plugged in for recharging.

So-called added, is in fact a protection mechanism for laptop batteries, because the effects will receive a number of charging and discharging lithium battery life, as HP Pavilion DV4-1114NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1117NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1120US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1125NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1220US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1225DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1275MX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1430US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1435DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1465DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1548DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-2040US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-2045DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-2145DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-2160US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-2165DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1000US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1002NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1125NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1235DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1251NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-2045DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1030US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1053CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1245DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1253CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1352DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1355DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1360US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1375DX Replacement Battery, Notebook Battery manufacturers in the control chip in a control, not connected, it will charge the battery, but when your battery drops to a certain standard, will be charged.

Normally, notebook manufacturers between battery charging requirements will be set in the 92--95%, when the charge drops to the range, will be asked to fill a battery. Good setting, but in use, had caused some trouble for us, also to some extent caused the notebook battery life loss of the culprit!

For example, many users usually do not always use batteries, is plugged in using most of the time, but the batteries will automatically discharge over time, for a period of time will 92%--95% the interval is reached, automatically fill battery on the line, even though you are not using the battery, but it also carries the charge and discharge, it is also a lot of friends no battery, but battery is the main reason for the drop in life expectancy over time.

Often meets needs in the company of people like me, sometimes may only use the battery for about 20 minutes, at this point loss of power could only 10%, but he takes it back to plug power will fill, if that 20 minutes a day, have a 4, 5, 4-5 of the notebooks have charged, so life will be greatly diminished since.

Since the charge-discharge rule put in this, how to use the rules to extend laptop battery life? Below I summarize some of the methods to introduce myself:

First, the use of power management software:
ThinkPad friends see this can be very reassuring, small black in battery life  management really made a good example to all the notebook manufacturers, has a ThinkPad battery management "Improve Battery Health" option, depending on your needs, enter the percentage of power from the battery start charging. For example enter 10%, if if the battery is 50%, even to plug the laptop on AC power, the machine will not be charging the battery. Only when the charge below 10% battery is charging. After this, battery charging times will be significantly less for daily use, battery service life will be extended accordingly.
If you not ThinkPad, own of machine also no good of power management software, recommendations you installed Vista system, Vista Xia can on power management for very detailed of set, while and no provides similar ThinkPad such specified charging requirements of features, but is can detailed of set computer in battery using Xia of performance loss and sleep depth, can effective of using battery, at least does not like XP system as, notebook in standby state also will is power.

Second, reasonable storage battery:

How many users usually do not use batteries if you are not a ThinkPad user, no power management software, said additional problems you may encounter. So you can take down battery, usually when using the battery, then plug it. Save battery with a small tip. Do not let the battery full when saving, it is best to fully charge the battery at 60%, place it in a dry and dark environment storage, this discharge will not rise too quickly.

Third, to develop a good habit of charging:
While our computer is not black, not so smart software, but we are intelligent, as long as the good habit of charging habits can do more with less. If your battery is used, 80, so get back to the table on time, don't worry plugged in when battery power usage by around 20% time, plugged in, good habits will also extend the life of the battery. such as HP Pavilion DV6-2000 Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2088DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2119TX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2120TX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2150US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2155DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-2173CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-3000 Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-3025DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-6000 Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-6135DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1000 Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1130US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1135NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1175NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1232NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1240US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1245DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1270US Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1285DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-1451NR Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-2043CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-2173CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-2185DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-3000 Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-3065DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-3085DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-3165DX Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-3186CL Replacement Battery,HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Replacement Battery.

But it's not for those who meet frequently, and was unable to confirm meeting time, don't because this habit, thus affecting the computer uses when it meets, if said PPT has no power to the computer, it would have been worse.

These are some of the tricks I use batteries, he also that my HP nx6320 after 2 years of use, can still guarantee 2 hour use time, envy me, using these methods as soon as possible!

more at : www.udtek.com

article source: http://richiekeep01.edublogs.org/2012/12/28/new-tips-about-batteries-life-udtek/

UDTek.com Announces a Large Christmas Promotion on Top Laptop Batteries

09:53, 26/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

UDTek.com, one of the most trusted title in laptop batteries supplier, announces a massive Xmas promotion on brand title acer laptop batteries and ac power adapters as much as 59% off. This firm is constantly focused on presenting 1st class goods such as a variety of acer laptop batteries like Acer Aspire 5732z Battery Replacement, laptop ac adapters and so on. The clients will certainly discover a broad selection of client acer laptop batteries to alter their originals with 100% compatibility.

Today, most of the people are occupied and want to possess a laptop personal computer for generating the perform they do much simpler irrespective of in which they are going, laptop personal computer is now more than ever a lot more common. It is a sort of laptop which one particular could consider anyplace at whenever. The main characteristic of most notebooks could possibly be the back-up provided through the notebook batteries. It is crucial to get a effectively doing work notebook to possess a terrific battery also. You will find a number of events once the energy packs of these utilized notebooks crash and halts operating. In this kind of situation, the battery must be replaced.

The most effective method to get the right acer laptop batteries would be to select by laptop brand, such as acer laptop batteries by acer, model title and variety on this web site. To create certain that it's possible to get the battery, assess the component quantity of the unique producer battery together with the on the web battery store's. A single must also verify the amperage and voltage match what indicated within the authentic. If a single drop the battery including a Dell acer laptop battery, examine the Dell official web site or consumer manual for specs.

To present a particular offer you for that for the coming 2012 Xmas, UDTek.com supplies enormous reductions on all of their merchandise such as acer laptop batteries and also other batteries. Customers who acquire at this internet site will get acer laptop batteries as much as 59% off, laptop AC adapters as much as 39% off. acer laptop batteries are genuinely straightforward to become replaced. The larger the capability, the extended it lasts.

Effectively and correctly charge the Acer Aspire 5742 acer laptop battery. Entirely charge and discharge the batteries with the initial two or a few occasions just before they've got been utilised. For that lithium ion batteries primarily utilized for these days's laptops, one particular only must do a total recharge and discharge as soon as each and every 30 costs or about two months. In addition to, ensure the AC adapter will be the proper voltage, particularly if it's a substitute adapter. The harm from employing an adapter using the incorrect voltage will give the battery an early death.
Every single item for example Acer Aspire 5532 Laptop Battery supplied by UDTek.com continues to be CE licensed and complied with every one of the USA rules and requirements. People items also contain a 2-Year substitute guarantee and 30-Day Income Back to supply assured outcomes.

Much more about UDTek.com
UDTek.com is definitely an specialist in supplying acer laptop batteries, laptop ac adapters. Over the previous many years, this business has established extremely very good partnership with just about all the main makers around the globe. For that reason, it saves funds which can be passed to customers inside the kind of low cost acer laptop batteries. The merchandise offered by them are in the high quality, 100% compatible using the authentic method and meet with all of the USA security specifications, and CE licensed laptop adapters and distinct acer laptop batteries through the firm are dependable and ensure larger all round efficiency. For much more specifics about this business, please head to http://www.UDTek.com/

Article sorece: http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2012/12/prweb10269349.htm

battery life of pavilion series from udtek

08:35, 26/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

That I light with battery is has a also no below set of closed machine power, it on automatically closed machine has is how back thing does, aging is long of laptop battery probably is using how long of. may electric core to for has, however boring has needs replaced battery has old battery using time indefinite has 10 a few minutes to 1 hours indefinite, also has I of computer only loaded Windows7 system, Computer using just a year ago. to restore to and as good as new is unlikely to do, I think it is most economical to repair shop, open the battery compartment, a section section detection, that bad for that section!

First to see you of using habits view, hp laptop battery is consumables, he as long as to it of charging and discharging number to decided he of life (charging and discharging number more words it of actual power will than design capacity increasingly low to consumption to minimum scrap) If you often using battery charging and discharging that soon will finished of, you first check Xia battery to you insurance more long time as again insurance can to sale Hou for (Lenovo is minimum using time below 5 minutes also is 15 minutes of I remember does not Qing Le)/as using not too more Just has been plug in computer Shang with AC add-ins words that most is battery memory chip memory errors can depth discharge try try, both: in Control Panel power option in high set in change battery minimum power when of operation set for power low Shi does not closed machine even before machine (is to it of power press dry) then battery, as HP Pavilion DV4-1114NR Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1117NR Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1120US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1125NR Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1220US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1225DX Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1275MX Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV4-1465DX Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1000US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1002NR Laptop Battery, adequate electric without add-ins power computer opened up placed in that let it own slowly discharge placed dry dry Hou ensure is 0% Hou (didn’t electric has certainly closed machine opened are opened does not up) closed machine charging full full Hou again placed lane a 2~3 times Correction to recover the correct memory again! Aging does not have batteries for a long time!

Suggest that you do the battery calibration and see whether you can solve the problem, as follows, if the calibration is not accurately display after power, we recommend that you reinstall the system, may be the electricity causes the operating system to display no. Calibrate the battery on the laptop has two steps: battery discharging, until it becomes empty. The battery is fully charged. Battery discharge: in order to use the batteries correctly discharge, need to disable all power management settings in Windows. 1. click « start », then click « set ». 2. click « Control Panel ». 3. double click « power options » (sometimes referred to as « power management » or « power settings »). 4. « power schemes » changed to « always open ». In addition, make sure the « turn off hard disks » and « turn off monitor » and « System standby » and « dormant » (if applicable) are set to « never ». 5. Select the « alerts » tab. 6. deselect all check boxes selected. 7. click « OK ». such as HP Pavilion DV5-1235DX Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV5-1251NR Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1030US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion DV6-1053CL Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G60-120US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G60-125NR Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G71-329WM Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G71-340US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G71-343US Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G71-345CL Laptop Battery,HP Pavilion G71-449WM Laptop Battery. Unplug the power cord from your computer, leave the machine power on until gradually closed due to power consumption. This may take several hours. At this point, the battery is fully discharged. Battery charging: in order to charge the batteries, just plug in the power cord again, and then turn on the computer. When the battery is fully charged, the charging light will turn off. Complete charge/discharge cycle once again. Batteries now fully calibrated fine.

Everyone said notebook prices! A dual-core as long as more than 3,000! Friends do you want to have good things to you? Now what are the price again! fix hp battery Notebook prices! Ever thought of how to drop! 4 words! Cutting corners! My friend bought hp battery life. is just like you! 6 months on 80%! Must tell you a notebook to be durable quality you want to buy more than 7,000! Don’t think cheap! The word is contradiction! Horse runs fast horse to eat grass! How is it possible! How much everything is how much the harvest! Sell it! To buy top-grade! Assurance on not how much quality!

More at : www.udtek.com

How to clear compaq presario cq62 fan by yourself

07:09, 7/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The notebook with a long time,(the presentation of the notebook is my personal use association compaq presario cq62 fan) will slow response, may be system too much garbage, and may be it "fever". Here the "fever" actually refers to the notebook cooling is the problem, is to focus on notebook fan in dust, fiber adhesive in the circuit board, or blocked the diffuser. If your laptop computer fan on the shell is can be removed, it yourself under the clean it, the effect is very good.

Tools/raw material

Screwdriver (more for the plum blossom mouth)
Cloth (glasses plate best)
Cotton swab

1.Remove the notebook external power and battery, remember, must make electricity had cut off;
2.Dismantle the notebook fan shell on the screw and remove shell, then can see shell internal have a lot of adsorption of dust, first with a rag to clean shell cha;
3.After take off notebook shell, with dishcloth sticky cha to fan surface dust;
4.Dismantle the compaq presario cq62 fan screw in the photo, the red box built-in key cleaning area;
5.Now clean the formal cleaning, first of all to see not clear the status of the former, it is very dirty.
With paper towel covering the circuit board, use a small amount of water with the cotton swab cha fan on adsorption of dust, it is a kung fu live, put on it a few times
Then use tweezers clip out everywhere blocked chunks of fibers,continue to clean up diffuser, this is the most dirty, is also the most influence heat dissipation place, first paper covers the diffuser the circuit board, then use a small amount of water viscosity of cotton swab, gently stick to compaq presario cq62 fan outlet of dust.the cloth to put on the dust on the surface of the circuit board, must use dry cloth gently brushed, do not force, more do not want to put on the clean and dips in water;
6.Can remove the screws are put back after cleaning the later, the first is fixed fan two pieces, and then back cover on four pieces, successfully!;

Because of the notebook models of different appear fan not removable case situation, here tells the method does not apply to all laptop computers.
Clean up the compaq presario cq62 fan needs certain DIY ability, please consider as appropriate.
To completely cut off the notebook power supply.
In put on the internal circuit boards when the dust of avoid by all means do not water;

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about batteries life longer - udtek
UDTek.com Announces a Large Christmas Promotion on Top Laptop Batteries
battery life of pavilion series from udtek
How to clear compaq presario cq62 fan by yourself


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