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The everyday life of BB

My first blog.... aaaahhhh how sweet

Afternoon y'all. My first ever blog. Nothing interesting probably but better to have it accessible on the worldwide web rather than writing it down on a piece of paper and throwing it away afterwards.

Whilst I should have worked hard at the company I work for and having absolutely convinced all my colleagues that I am doing so, rather today I have spent most of my time daydreaming about my dream: owning a small farmhouse, a modest piece of land, no neighbours in sight, few pigs, gew goats, etc.

Interesting what you can find about this subject on the internet. However, the type of folk that puts all the stuff on the internet about selfsufficiency is a little too soft for my liking. Me, I am just fed up with the pressures of every day life as the Head of Sales of a company of 200 people. The email, the phone, the useless meetings. In short: I am fed up with putting up the act of a (little less than) perfect HoS and I want to get just a bit closer to nature.

With this blog I hope to get reactions of people who have a more or less similar idea or feelings, but please: not the soft and easy types. I am not the kind of person that believes in love, peace and happiness. Yes: these are perfect ideals, but that's what they are: things to strive for. And not more than that.

And from possible reactions and possibly correspondence I hope that I will be able to shape my life more towards the ideal that I have described above: a simpler life. Not necessarily an easier life, but simply simpler.

The problem is: I have the means to do it, but keep bitching about me not liking my current situation rather than taking the (huge) step. Fear of reactions from friends and family, more financial insecurity, a girlfriend that is not really excited about the idea, a one-year old child that should not be deprived of a good education. Summarized: I have an itch, I think I know how to scratch it, but am afraid of the consequences.

So, please people of the world: all your reactions are welcome as I shall try and keep you up to date on the progress of my daydreaming mindgames.

C ya.

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- My first blog.... aaaahhhh how sweet

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