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a blog about the lastest fashion, beauty secrets and everything that girls like

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fashion winter 2011

What is the fashion of this winter? What to wear and what not to wear?                                                                                                   that's are questions that I hear every day.                                                   Read the list and you'll never ask this winter what is in and what is out of Fashion


  • Plateaupumps
  • oversize sweaters from expensive material and small, tight T- shirts
  • a rock or punky-look
  • Mary janes
  • day dresses ( preferably with bare legs or tights)
  • Low Waist
  • Skinnyjeans (logically)
  • Vintage
  • snake skin
  • The colors red, pale pink and pale green
  • leather gloves
  • Black or White boots
  • fake fur


  • Boyfriend blazers
  • Sweater dresses
  • harem pants
  • military jackets
  • Uggs
  • The color orange and brown
  • High waist
  • Shoes from Converse All star
  • real fur

So now you can walk in style.                                                                                                                                    But remember, you can always follow your own style!

Greetz from C

Posted: 10:06, 7/12/2011
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alright, I will introduce myself cause this is my first blog in English.                                           I'm Chelsea, almost 13 years old and I like to dance, listen music, hang out with friends and shopping.                                                                                                                    So....everyone who hates shopping and fashion and make-up: the best thing you can do is go to another blog, because my blog is going about above.

yeah, my English is not very good, but i'll try to make it understandable                                  Well, that's it i think

xxxx Chelsea

Posted: 09:51, 7/12/2011
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