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Beauty is My Duty

24/5/2014 - Caring for The Skin Around the Eyes

It was under the eyes of the first wrinkles appear , so that afflict us. This is understandable in the eye area is very thin layer of the epidermis - only 0.5 mm. In addition, the eye is almost no sebaceous glands, "soft pad " of subcutaneous fat and very little muscle in support of its elasticity.
And finally , our skin around the eye is constantly in motion : we blink , schurimsya , raises his eyebrows , stretch it when we smile . It turns out that since 20-25 years, this area needs special care , which includes cleansing, moisturizing and toning .
Useful web resource for skin care http://skincarehqp.com/
• Typically used for removing makeup special milky lotion . The latest tools for removing eye make-up are two immiscible liquids : the top contains ultra-light oil that remove waterproof makeup , the lower containing soothing botanical extracts , removes "normal" makeup , and along with irritation.
• Use a cotton swab soaked in butter and fatty creams justified only when applying waterproof makeup .
Skincare Eye
• When removing makeup movements should be soft , be careful not to stretch the skin - two cotton swab , moisten with milk and apply on eyes for 40-60 seconds. Then remove makeup move downwards .
• To moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes using special creams, lotions and gels. For dry skin creams are more suitable : they make up for the loss of fat, which is lacking in the area around the eyes, smooth wrinkles , caused by lack of moisture and make the skin surface smooth and elastic. Avoid creams with lanolin as because of his skin around the eyes becomes swollen and blush.
In any case not spread the cream on the eyelid skin ! It must be applied pointwise .
• Lotions quickly absorbed through the skin by facilitating composition. They also smooth wrinkles , make the skin shiny, smooth .
• Gels the most effective and useful if the eyes are prone to swelling , have increased sensitivity or if you wear contact lenses. Gels can be applied on the eyelids.
Skincare Eye
If the eyes are swollen after sleep - this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Many women who are waking up and looked in a mirror, sighs : " All night sleep , and look as if he walked up to the morning! " Puffy eyelids , dark circles under the eyes ... How to freshen up ?
• You can apply cold tea bags with black tea. Bags brew with hot water , cool in the fridge and put it on your eyelids for a few minutes. After that , apply a thin layer of cream. Then do morning exercises , ran . Sweating and exercise in conjunction with the lotion quickly eliminate edema.
• Assist and special "ice " mask - plastic bags filled with gel. They are sold in pharmacies. They were stored in the refrigerator , and if necessary a few minutes is applied to the closed eye.
• Use vegetable mask : mince parsley roots , resulting slurry apply on eyes for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
If the above methods do not help , consult your doctor nephrologist : you may have something wrong with the kidneys .
Bags under the eyes - and it happens often ! And well ... I want to look
• Sleep so that the head was slightly above the body.
• Do not use greasy creams under the eyes, they only increase swelling .
• Do not abuse the sharp and savory - it leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body.
• Take regular contrast compresses decoction of sage 1 teaspoon sage herbs pour 1 /2 cup boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, strain and divide into two portions - hot and cold . Put two gauze in a bowl with hot and cold water. Apply alternately cold , then hot compress for 10 minutes. This procedure was performed at bedtime for a month. Similarly, you can make a compress of chamomile or fennel.
• Try to 1-2 times a week to make a mask of grated raw potatoes: wrap in cheesecloth pulp and put it on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

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10/5/2013 - Nourishing Face Mask

Women for Beauty widely use a hydrating cover up for the experience, the formula of which may contain different ingredients. Depending on the type of epidermis covers are quite different in composition. Typically, they are used from the chin to the temples on the basic massage lines, from the middle of the forehead to the temple, from the root of the nose to the ear from the upper lip to ear. It is better to eliminate the cover up with cotton made of wool soaked in cool the water or special wipes. Masks are used to thoroughly cleansed epidermis immediately after preparation. After applying covers try until its removal to keep moving. Mask for oily epidermis, which has wide pores Mask formula of talcum powder and kaolin. Mix 10 g of clay-based with talcum powder, add 1 - 2 tbsps of low-fat dairy products. Implement to deal with the resulting slurry for 20 moments. If needed drying impact, instead of dairy products do combination of 20 g the water, 15 g of vodka and 5 g of glycerin. Recipe cover up zinc, talcum powder, and kaolin. Mix 10 g of zinc ointment, 5 g of talcum powder and 10 g of clay-based, dilute with the water to a homogeneous slurry. Implement a healthy cover up for 20 moments directly on the experience. Mask relaxed ageing epidermis with wide pores Recipe protein-lemon cover up. Whisk in 1 proteins froth (glass dishes), add 10 - 20 falls of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice, add 2 - 3 falls of menthol oil. Next, mixing constantly until the type talcum powder slurry. It is useful to lube the epidermis healthy lotion dry before applying the cover up. Once the cover up dries out a bit, use a second and then a third part to enhance the action. After 20 - Half an hour, the cover up should be removed with a bath towel moistened with the water. The formula for honey-lemon cover up. By 30 - 40 falls of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice, add 1 tsp. of fluid sweetie and a little more than a tbsp of white-colored clay-based. Mix until all the the water slurry. Apply a healthy cover up on your experience, clean off after Half an hour with cool the water, rub orange. At the end attach a few periods cool compresses. The formula for the curd cover up. Mix 2 tbsps of cottage type cheese with 1/2 tsp. of fluid sweetie, 1/2 egg. Then whisk the combination to froth. It is necessary to lube the throat and experience, eliminate after 20 moments, use a cool pack 2. Mask for dry ageing skin Recipe yolk-honey-oil cover up. Mix egg yolk with 1 tsp. of veggie oil and 1 tsp. of fluid sweetie. Implement to deal with healthy cover up with three layers. After Half an hour, eliminate the cover up should swab moistened with the water. For greater impact, for 4 - 6 several weeks of the cover up should be used 1 - 2 periods a week. After 2 - 3 months course "maskoterapii" useful to repeat. The formula for honey-glycerin cover up. It is necessary to mix 1 tsp. sweetie, 1 tsp. of glycerin and 2 tbsps of the water. Add flour mixing until sleek. Nourishing cover up should be left on for Half an hour. Use this cover up 1 - 2 periods a week for 4 - 6 several weeks. Recipe Yolk oil cover up. One broken egg yolk mix, mixing constantly with a heated veggie oil. Then, add half a tsp. of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice and the water. An assortment of 2 - 3 part is used on the experience. Take away the cover up should be about 20 - Half an hour, rinse the experience with cool the water. Implement the course as described in the previous covers. Recipe hot oil cover up. Heat the veggie oil 30 g, and lower it a thin part of cotton made of wool. Wool apply on the experience, use a top plastic napkin and bath towel. Keep healthy cover up for this formula should be 20 - Half an hour. Mask for dry ageing epidermis and wrinkles stock Mayonnaise formula for the epidermis. Divide half the yolk and gradually add 15 g of olive oil. Gently massaging the epidermis, use a healthy cover up on the experience. After 20 moments, eliminate the hot the water. Recipe Hot cover up of flax meal. In 1 cup of the water should boil 3 tbsps of flaxseed until the jelly. When the porridge has cooled must add 1/2 tsp. of sweetie and olive oil, or oil of vitamin A healthy cover up is used to the throat and experience, topped with polyethylene and harbor bath towel. After Half an hour, the cover up should be washed off with the water, then rinse with cool. Recipe Fungus cover up. It is necessary to pound 10 grams of yeast with heated dairy products and veggie oil to form a slurry. Implement a healthy cover up on your experience, clean off after 20 moments with the water. Mask with saggy epidermis aging Recipe fruit cover up. 1 tbsp of oats blended with the fruit juice of 1 tomato, peach, cucumber, orange and dairy products to produce a slurry. Implement a healthy cover up on your experience for Half an hour. Recipe of the proteins cover up. The cover up for this formula is only used when you want to quickly experience looked sleek and taut epidermis. For example, before the ceremonial event. But not more than 1 - 2 periods a month. Break 1 egg whites to a froth, add the orange epidermis and finely chopped 1 tsp. of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice. After add 1 - 2 teaspoons of bran, combine to form a slurry. Implement the cover up on your experience for 10 moments. After 10 moments, use a cool pack on top to cover up softened. After using cool the water to eliminate the person. Recipe protein-honey-oatmeal cover up. By 1 tsp. of oats, add 1 tsp. of fluid sweetie heated. Then a bit of chicken proteins, broken to a froth. Lubricate the feed throat and filter. After 20 moments - eliminate with the water. Recipe of tomato cover up. By the fruit juice of 1 tomatoes add a little oats and egg yolk floor. Beat until sleek consistency. The cover up is used for 20 moments, then rinsed heated and then - cool. The formula for carrot cover up. 1 tsp. of oats, 1/2 egg yolks, 1 grated carrot combined and used for 20 moments. Wash off with heated healthy cover up, then cool the water. All covers are well combined. Whitening cover up the presence of spots, freckles The formula for honey-lemon cover up. Strain the fruit juice of 1 orange, mix with 2 teaspoons of fluid sweetie. Nourish their napkins (3 pieces) and connect with the experience, replacing the other 15 - 20 moments. Wash your experience with the water. The cover up can be stored in the refrigerator 7 days. Only use 15 - 20 covers in a day. If the epidermis is dry, pre-lubricated with a healthy lotion. Pergidrolevaya cover up. Fat blended with 1 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide to smear the experience for 15 moments. Yeast cover up. Mix the yeast with the water to form lotion. Coat the experience for 15 moments. Remove with a damp cloth. Only 15 - 20 covers in a day. Mask for dry, ageing epidermis and foot Recipe yolk cover up. One egg yolk and a tsp. of oats stir until the porridge. Nourishing cover up is used with a soft brush on the experience. After 15 moments, eliminate the hot the water. At the end of the contrast bath - Wash your experience with cool the water. Here is suitable cover up Yolk oil, hot oil, mayo, yeast, hot from the flax meal. Mask for oily epidermis with youthful acne Mask formula made with white-colored clay-based. It is necessary to dissolve 2 tbsps of white-colored clay-based powder with 20 - 30 falls of alcohol and 10 - 15 falls of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice - to produce a slurry. Nourishing cover up is used to the 15 - 20 min on the experience, then removed with cool the water. Talc cover up. Mix talcum powder, white-colored clay-based, starch, add 1 g of boric acid. Dilute with the water (better oxygen) to the porridge. Implement the cover up on your experience for 30 - 40 moments, eliminate with a dry swab, clean your experience with cool the water. Mask for all skin Recipe cover up of sour lotion and cottage type cheese. Take 1 tbsp of sour lotion, 1 tbsp fresh-curd, 1chaynaya tsp. of salt. A combination of 15 - 20 moments is used to the experience and the experience should be washed with heated, then cool the water. The procedure is conducted 1 - 2 periods a week, for 4 - 6 several weeks. Mask formula oats. Mix oats with dairy products, put on 20 moments to the experience, before removing the softening of the cool the water. Recipe lecithin cover up. Mix in a glass half a tsp. of sweetie and 1 egg yolk. We add 3 - 5 falls of olive oil, 1 tsp. seeded flour, 10 falls of freshly squeezed orange fruit juice until the porridge. Draw for 20 moments. Take away the need cool the water, then lay a cool pack. Tonic action has on the epidermis, fruit cover up, yeast, yolk-oil, covers of medicinal plants. The calming impact is a cover up of medicinal plants, for example, lime blossom and chamomile. Use more healthy facial cover up recipes are presented above.
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10/5/2013 - Exercises for Strengthening the Leg Muscles

Exercising improves mood and mood, eliminates the feeling of exhaustion, prevents exhaustion. If you do the workouts every day and do not be lazy, then for a few months it will improve the functionality of the body, affect the appearance of the movement will be more pleasing, graceful, harmonious, improve gait and will have a positive effect on the muscle tissue of you. Exercises to enhance the muscle tissue of you, we learn from this publication. To achieve maximum effect, you need to do these workouts at least 3 periods a week, it is better to do every day, morning and evening, for a few months. For the very first time during the first 3 weeks, do it again each work out for 5 or 10 periods, everytime increasing the number of sets and reach 15 or 20 periods. If you want to get you were the correct form, it is necessary to enhance the muscle tissue of the calves and thighs, to achieve the elasticity and flexibility of ligaments of the ankle and joint joints with special workouts. Exercise for beautiful legs 1. Lie on the right part, will returning his head bent at the elbow side. Then increase the sorted remaining leg above as possible, depend to ten. Repeat two more periods. Repeat work out the right feet. 2. We are staying in the same place, Raskin side in side, legs somknite and increase up at a right position to the ground. Then, gradually and as much as possible Spread you, do not separate from the ground upper torso. Then gradually crossed her legs, then somknite. All traffic will do it again 10 periods. 3. We sit on the ground with you together, and add in a relaxed, hands and withdraw upremsya ground. Increase the leg at some point. Do with a deep breath and fold your joint. We make a round motion with the tip of the extended feet. On the exhale, reduced leg, gradually straighten it. Execute each leg 10 periods. 4. Stand up directly, keep you together, hands divided the sides to neck stage. Pull one leg forward, put her on the back heel, then increase and reduced it, do it on the road a round motion. Execute each leg 10 periods. 5. Keep you together, hands divided the sides to neck stage. One leg is retracted, and then gradually increase it to the stage of the joint of the other leg, then gradually reduced. Execute workouts, alternating legs, do 10 periods. 6. Stand on all fours, take side directly in front of him and upremsya hands on the ground. Pull returning with one leg and fold the joint, increase it up, then drop the. Execute 10 periods, different legs. 7. Keep you together, hands held in front of a shoulder-width apart, hands up against the ground. Lift the waist, take without bending one leg returning, then gradually increase it up, and gradually omitted. Complete 5 periods, different legs. 8. Upremsya hands on the ground, legs directly. Pull one leg to the part, then gradually increase it, fold at the joint, gradually reduced. Execute 10 periods, different legs. 9. Lie down on your returning, keep you together and hands apart. Increase the leg at a right position to the ground and linger in this place for a few seconds, then gradually reduced them to the ground. Do the work out 15 periods. 10. I will lay on the ground of small items, and collect their feet, this work out is for those who have flat legs. 11. Take a ride sole of the feet cylindrical object, for example, a thick pencil. 12. In the sitting place, walk first on the outside of the feet and then on the inner part of the feet. Then're like pumps, then on his feet. 13. A minute or two knock pumps on the ground. The meaning of this work out is that the way you "overclock" the lymph and blood. Exercises to restore the balance of the body, to enhance the leg muscles 1. Beginning place - status, legs together. Put your right feet on the toe and remaining feet put on a full stop. Making the rolls from toe to back heel, turn my legs. Weight is transferred to the feet, the back heel off the ground. Repeat the movement 6 or 8 periods. 2. Starting place - status, legs are together on their feet, hands rest on his seat. On the depend of one, two'll take the remaining leg to the part, on the depend of three, four returning to the starting point. The same thing will do, and the right feet. Keep your returning directly. Repeat 6 or 8. 3. Beginning place - status, legs are together on their feet, hands lean returning in my seat. Execute squats on the feet, pumps touching the ground. Keep your returning directly, do not tilt forward. Repeat 8 to 10 periods. 4. Beginning place - status, legs together. Making smaller steps so as to move only in walking legs and legs and thighs while remained stationary. Walk as much as possible. 5. Beginning place - status, legs together, hands lean returning in my seat. Bend your knees, do poluprisedanie and sorted again. The pumps do not separate from the ground, keep directly, feel the calf muscle strain. Do this work out 6 or 8 periods. Now we know what you need to do workouts to enhance the muscle tissue of you. If they do every day, so you can enhance the muscle tissue of you, waist and legs to do the correct form.
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