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Pick the Right NFL Jersey

03:53, 31/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

It's game day and your team's game is going to be playing at the local pub and you want to support them! Wait! What should you wear a NFL jersey? But how to pick the right jerseys? OK! The following article will tell you. Let's share it together!

It doesn't matter if you are a collage fan or a pro fan, it's vital that you sport the right attire when game day rolls around. Sure you could sport a T-shirt with the mascot or logo but the entire fair whether fans do that. Die hard fans wear jerseys and step one is finding the commitment to your team to dish out the cash for the jersey or jerseys of your choice. To be a true fan you must make the commitment to mimic your favorite player and a simple tee-shirt drops the ball!

Step two is to always know where your team is at. A home jersey when your team is playing an away game is just wrong and embarrassing! It can be hard to find an away jersey but some searching online will help you. So, get a schedule and always know where your team is at. For your information, away jerseys are generally white with team color trim. So, in the end, a true fan will get a home football jersey and an away jersey or else you might be confused for a "they scored a touchdown; yeah" fan.

Wait...what about throwback week? Usually this one is a tough call which is bad since most pro teams have two a year and most collage teams have at least one. In many cases the team does not tell what jersey they will be sporting until a few days before the big game so you get a pass and can stick with the appropriate home or away jersey. But, if you are a truly dedicated fan you'll figure it out and be the only one to show up at the pub with the right throwback! Nothing cooler than that feeling is there?

Last step for a successful fan supporter is to avoid the pit falls of the popular but athletically ungifted player. We all know who it was. The one player we loved but ultimately let us down and only stayed with the team for a year or two. This ends up being a waste of money because you can never been seen wearing the jersey of a disgraced player that is no longer with your team especially if that player ends up with a different team within your division. Don't confuse this with a retired player. It's always cool to wear a retired jersey but it's best to wait until throwback week.

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From: http://www.ehow.com/how_4590472_pick-right-jersey-game-day.html

Editor: Vivian

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