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Talk About NFL Team-Cleveland Browns

03:28, 4/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Today, the Cleveland Browns jerseys are popular among football fans everywhere. The Cleveland Browns are a National Football League club that competes in the American Football Conference's North Division. Established in 1946 and named after the team's first coach, general manager, and vice president, Paul Brown, the Browns at first were members of the All-American Football Conference. After totally dominating that league the Browns were allowed to join the NFL in 1950. Cleveland went on to win four titles but as of May 2009 have not won a championship since 1964.

The NFL's placement of an expansion franchise in Cleveland just four seasons after the original Browns left for Baltimore and became the Ravens was applauded through the NFL community. Few teams had more loyal fans than the Browns. They became known for wearing dog masks and throwing bones at their opponents.

The "Kardiac Kids" were one of the most exciting teams in NFL history. The Browns were led by NFL MVP quarterback Brian Sipe and were known for winning close games late in the fourth quarter. Nine of their 11 victories were by 11 points or less.


Modell's decision to move the Browns from their beloved fans in Cleveland was met with such hostility that the owner could not return to Cleveland for years. The fans had been exceedingly loyal to the team, filling the huge Cleveland Stadium every week. While Cleveland politicians may have kept Modell from getting his new stadium, it seemed unfair for the fans to have their hearts ripped out when the team was moved away.

Jim Brown was a brilliant running back who retired at the top of his game. He could have played for at least four more years, but he decided to retire and pursue a career in Hollywood. Now, Souvenirs, apparel and collectibles featuring Jim Brown NFL jerseys and likeness number are popular among football fans everywhere.

As proficient as the 1980 Browns were at winning close games, they lost the divisional playoff game to the Raiders 14-12 when Sipe threw a late interception into the end zone. The pass was a risky one and the Browns could have one the game with a late field goal had Sipe played it conservatively.

The back-to-back losses to Denver in the AFC championship games following the 1986 and '87 seasons were heartbreaking for Browns fans that have never seen their team go to the Super Bowl.

The Browns returned to Cleveland in 1999 and got the beautiful, new stadium that Modell always wanted. They have been to the playoffs once since their return to the NFL and have yet to show signs that they are ready to relive the team's glory days. They have been inconsistent on offense and ordinary on defense. Their loyal fans badly want another championship team but they will apparently have to wait at least a few more seasons before the team reaches that level again.

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From: http://www.ehow.com/about_4675117_the-cleveland-browns.html

Editor: Vivian

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