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mijn agenda30/3/2006

06 april 2006 gespuis om 12.00 felix de kat
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chap 327/3/2006

door het ontslag ontwaak ik uit een droom wereld, zelfs mijn inspiratie om nog iets to te voegen aan deze weblog is op nul belandt.
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ik ben vandaag ontslagen en totaal van streek

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chapter one23/3/2006

Happiness is the only requirement for a human life but how can i be happy if i don't know who i m. 

I m 37 yo but the human fysical body is at least 6000 yo. I have no memories of past lives. I m not aware of any makers of the human body and also i do not feel pressed to respect or thank any creator.

Instead i feel totally free to choose what kind of a person to become. The freedom to create my very own life. Freedom is what all humans wish to achieve when they make choices in their life. But the reality is that i m not free, i became aware of my suffering. This suffering day by day alters my view of life, i become more and more aware of what i want and what i don't want. This suffering makes me aware of myself, my deepest whishes. It presses me to choose a destiny, either i become a person fighting against evil or being ruled by it as most others did. I have to identify myself with one of these two choices. This is like choosing between two bad things and not knowing what future either choice will bring u. Like anyone i have to choose all by myself with no help or wisdom from anyone.

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