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• 6/6/2012 - New Net Name System Mired in Controversy

New Net Name System Mired in Controversy


If you want to own your own top-level domain you have until Friday to submit your application (along with the $180,000 fee). Once the deadline passes, that is it for the foreseeable future.

The original closing date was April 12, but this was extended had to be to be extended by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, the Web's names regulator, after it found "unusual behaviour" in its systems.

The most dramatic shake-up of the internet's naming system could see the introduction of over 1,000 new "top level domains". Top-level domains (TLD), as the name suggests, refer to the very top of the Internet's naming system and include the 22 generic TLDs such as .com, .org and .net. They also include the 250 or so country code TLDs (such as .fr for France, .de for Germany or .ru for Russia).

Last year, ICANN agreed to throw open the naming convention, so that anyone with the money, the technical expertise and the ability to prove their competence can own any new TLD. The plan is to allow the introduction of the so-called ".brands" so that, for example, Apple AAPL -2.82% could purchase .apple (rather than www.apple.com). More generic extensions, such as .music, .web, .beer, .pizza and .sport are also available.

When new registrations closed on March 29, there were 839 registered users on the system; a user can apply for up to 50 domains. ICANN will announce the details of the process in the week beginning April 30.

The plan to open up the naming system has been mired in controversy. The U.S. Association of National Advertisers sent a petition to U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson expressing "strong concern" about the proposals. "ICANN's action was taken despite widespread and significant objections raised throughout the process by many in the global community of internet users," the petition said.

Signatories to the petition included Adobe Systems, ADBE -1.10% American Express, AXP -1.31% Burger King, Coca-Cola, KO -0.39% Dell, Ford Motor F -1.24% Company, General Electric GE -2.18% Company, Hewlett-Packard, HPQ -2.11% Johnson & Johnson, JNJ -0.95% Procter & Gamble PG -0.42% and Publicis Groupe PUB.FR -2.08% .

However, Peter Dengate-Thrush, who was Chairman of ICANN at the time the organization was steering through the changes (he stood down in June 2011), stood by what ICANN had achieved. "It coming up to a year since I left. I don't think there is anything that we could have done, or should have done differently about the process. It was an unprecedented set of negotiations between the board and the governments of the world."

The move also angered the U.S. government. ICANN's application to the U.S. government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration to renew the contract to run the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which underpins the internet's numbering system, was rejected on March 9, even though ICANN was the only applicant. The contract has been temporarily renewed until September.

Although he no longer speaks for ICANN, Mr. Dengate-Thrush said the failure to renew the IANA contract was not a significant issue. "I am reasonably confident that ICANN will end up running the contract because ICANN has been built by the international community to do its job.

"[I] Just see it as a reasonably straight-forward commercial negotiation between parties to get to where they want to. It is not a threat to ICANN. The threat to ICANN would be if the global internet community said we no longer want to use the ICANN process as the forum for developing internet policy. ICANN's job is to make the policy for allocating addresses.

"One of the points the US Department of Commerce raised was functional separation, so they might want a bigger firewall between the policy work that ICANN does, and the implementation work it would do with the IANA contract."


Twenty Percent Of American Adults Never Use The Internet

Author: Jessica Grabert

With the Internet widely available for use in homes, schools, and in public spaces like libraries, one would think nearly all of the American population would have at least checked out the Internet at least once or twice. Turns out, reality is much farther from the truth: according to The Pew Internet Project, one in five American adults never go online.

If babies and maybe puppies were involved in this equation, the numbers would be a little less shocking, but since we are only talking adults, the figure is far more harrowing. According to the study, most of the adults who do not use the Internet live in households where no one uses the Internet. Even more problematic, most responders to the study have no interest in any online activity, stating the Internet is not useful or has no germane content.

The news is not all bad, however. Despite the issues still present with the digital divide, Internet use is increasing across the board. According to eWeek, in 2011, only about half of Americans had Internet access and now 62% have the much faster broadband access. Now, even lower income groups and those with no college education have been increasingly using the Internet, mostly due to the wide availability and easy access of mobile devices.

Despite the obvious presence of a digital divide, the numbers are certainly improving. If you flip them on the head, the glass is even half full.


As if Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone didn't have enough problems

Nokia has enough Lumia 900 marketing problems, without twitter making more. The photo with this post is pretty self-explanatory and shows how nasty promoted tweets can be.

The smartphone went on sale from AT&T April 8 for $99.99 -- that's quite a good price. Then almost immediately users started complaining about Internet connectivity problems, and Nokia quickly responded by making a magnanimous offer: $100 back to the people who already bought the phone and were willing to install a software update. Anyone else: Phone replacement. Meanwhile, Lumia 900 is free to new buyers until April 22. Okay, so why is there a promoted tweet in my feed on April 15: "That's right!"

Sure, it's a March 26 tweet, but there's no place for such an offer when the phone is free nearly three weeks later. Many people won't look at the date stamp. Small plus: Customers expecting to pay 100 bucks but finding the phone costs nothing once at AT&T. They should be happy campers. For others familiar with the temporary free offer, there could be confusion and reprehension.

I don't know how these promoted tweets work, so it's all a mystery to me. Would someone more knowledgable than me like to explain this?


Soldier Crabs Used to Create Computing

By David Murphy

No, the next computer you purchase isn't going to be powered by crabs. Nor will any physical computer on this Earth likely construct its logic from a series of slow-moving crustaceans.

But that's not to say that it's impossible to do so.

Researchers at Japan's Kobe University and the United Kingdom's University of the West of England have conjured up a system for defining computer logic based on the real-life movements of a bunch of crabs. Soldier crabs, specifically, whose natural tendency for swarming can be exploited in a maze-like environment to serve as living representations of AND, OR, or NOT functions.

Lost yet? Here's how the experiments worked: The researchers first built a series of gates two "walled" tunnels that fed into a single walled tunnel. Crabs would be placed into each of these walled tunnels and, as a result of their natural movement, follow the walls up to the point where both combined into one. The crabs would then combine their individual swarms and velocities and continue down the new, single tunnel.

In other words, the crabs recreated an "OR" function: The two tunnels the crabs were first placed in are analogous to saying, "Show me pictures of kitties or puppies." And the merger of the "kitty" and "puppy" tunnel would be the direct result of the query, which the crabs analogous to data would walk down.

The researchers found it a bit trickier to replicate the experiment with an "AND" gateway two paths converging into one, with the crabs ideally ignoring two other paths representing the outputs "NOT AND" as well as "AND NOT." They didn't go quite as great a job on the "ignoring" part of the experiment, but the researchers believe that results can be improved, "by creating a more crab-friendly environment," writes Wired's Olivia Solon.

The crab experiments are the biological equivalent of billiard-ball computing, or the idea that the collision of balls and walls (assuming they never lose energy) can mimic various computations. The crabs needed a bit of a head-start in their computational sessions, however. Researchers used shade, or the crabs' natural fear of birds swooping down to eat them, to encourage the crabs to get computing.


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• 3/11/2010 - Global chip market growth speed digital power

Global chip market growth speed digital power

With notebook computers, servers and digital television (DTV) applications such as growing use of digital control of power semiconductors, the market will certainly be in the next three years, from the newborn stage, started to grow rapidly, to 2011 revenue will reach 904 million dollars.

DPM DCP dominated sales growth

Power Manager (DPM) and digital control of power (DCP) belong to the scope of digital power. iSuppli Corporation of the DPM is defined as “the use of digital information to manage the power system and the overall function of the power of the device within the system.” With DPM, digital signals can be used for communication between the power to monitor and manage power-up, timing control, load sharing and balancing, fault status, hot swap, maintenance problems and other features. DCP control power of digital technology is used within the power switch, which means the earliest possible implementation of the analog – digital converter, in order to supply all of the feedback and control functions are processed in the digital domain.

DPM currently dominates the digital power market in 2007, accounting for about 77.8% of sales of digital power. This is because the DPM semiconductor present for most DC / DC (DC / DC) applications is an effective intermediate solution. DPM vendors are working to define the bus and its product development more friendly design interface, which allows DPM to control digital power market.

iSuppli predicts that by 2011, global sales of DPM and the DCP will rise to 904 million U.S. dollars, almost 153 million U.S. dollars sales in 2007 to 6 times. DPM will remain in the digital power semiconductor sales accounted for the largest share of annual sales will reach 613 million U.S. dollars in 2011, while the projected 2008 annual sales is 174 million U.S. dollars, 2008 -2011-year compound annual growth rate is 52.2%. However, DCP will be faster sales growth in 2011 annual sales from 60 million U.S. dollars in 2008 rose to 291 million U.S. dollars, a 69.3% compound annual growth rate.

iSuppli Corporation that, DPM the next 3 years will be low-end notebook computers and other devices to achieve even greater success. Meanwhile, DCP will account for more high-end servers and other equipment market.

Rapid growth in the notebook field DPM

From 2008 to 2011, the fastest growing digital control of power semiconductor applications will be a laptop in the DC / DC converter. 2011, the field of global DPM / DCP revenue from the 12.1 million U.S. dollars in 2008 rose to 149.8 million U.S. dollars, up 131.3% compound annual growth rate. DPM will be the largest component of operating income, operating income in 2008 accounted for 73.7%, 66.3% by 2011.

Even in 2011, the market will still be room for further growth, will be only 10.4% of notebook computers in the DC / DC conversion using digital power semiconductors.

The demand for improved efficiency, digital control power semiconductor applications in the field of notebook computers has been rapidly expanding. With the new generation of more powerful microprocessors are used, the importance of battery run time increased, efficiency is more critical than ever. DPM in the notebook area is another reason for the rapid development of laptop sales is more popular than desktop PCs.

2011 high-end gaming PCs in the field of DCP / DPM revenue from the 1.2 million U.S. dollars in 2008 rose to 11.3 million U.S. dollars, up 110.1 percent compound annual growth rate also.

DCP will dominate the server space

Growth rate immediately after the notebook computer digital control power semiconductor market will be high-end server, 2011, the area DCP / DPM revenue from the 2.9 million U.S. dollars in 2008 rose to 28.4 million U.S. dollars, compound annual growth rate of 114.3 %.

Over the same period, digital control of power semiconductors in the mid-range server in the field of sales will only be able to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 43.6%, but 2011 will grow to 125 million U.S. dollars, will be becoming the second largest digital power applications, DCP will dominate this area.

In the management of data centers and server center power and cooling encountered major challenges, which is to promote the server using the principal factor in DCP. These facilities consume much energy, and heat generated may sometimes lead to equipment failure, malfunction, some of which come from energy conversion. DPM and the DCP can be used to improve the efficiency of energy conversion. In idle mode, the analog and digital solutions, power consumption difference is particularly marked.

DPM prospects for digital TV

Another fast-growing application areas will be digital TV. 2011, digital TV uses the DCP / DPM solutions revenue from the 11.4 million U.S. dollars in 2008 rose to 39.6 million U.S. dollars, compound annual growth rate of 104.4%.

With the TV screen become larger and larger, the energy required to drive the display was significantly increased, so the power efficiency has become more important. In anticipation of the price cuts DPM will be greater than DCP, so DPM penetration in the digital TV market faster than DCP. iSuppli predicts that by 2011 digital power in the DTV market share will reach 3.4%.

DCP and the DPM is now expected to be large volume, the device can create revenue, so that application of these devices products save a lot of power, and will provide related products providers drive significant revenue.


Via: Global chip market growth speed digital power



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• 26/10/2010 - Wind fuel cell

Wind fuel cell

Great Wall Electrical: wind energy fuel cell market flashpoint

U.S. stocks hit a new low last Friday by the impact of the two cities were opened slightly lower Monday, but rebounded strongly to start soon, especially in Shenzhen, in order to Vanke, the grain, as the representative of gold, led by property stocks, rose significantly stronger than the stock index. Stock index, the petrochemical and banking stocks planes the morning of Budie drag stock index rebounded into the circulation times Merchants Bank (14.62,0.35,2.45%), the performance of strange today, fell more than 5%, but then quickly pull up the afternoon , the rate of bank shares staged a large reversal success of the broader market stabilized. As closing, Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.03%, Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.5%, turnover of 1,100 billion yuan between the two cities, a greater reduction from Friday.

Operating suggestions: After last week, a substantial adjustment, the two cities showed stocks bottomed out in the situation, two sessions held this week, investors should give full attention to the policy level, pre-adjusted to the new theme provided ample room for speculation, should be concerned about the weight cap stocks at the same time, discover new hot market, controlling position to participate. Operation can still bargain involved in the concept of quality of new stocks of energy topics. Such as: Desai battery (7.94,0.44,5.87%) (000,049), Jinshan shares (7.67,0.46,6.38%) (600,396) and Huitong energy (8.74,0.45,5.43%) (600,506), etc. for all to see the performance of the proposed investors focus on wind energy and fuel cells also have the concept of the Great Wall Electrical (7.22,0.29,4.18%) (600,192).

Investment Highlights:

1, the fuel cell concept: the company with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Dalian Chemical and other jointly set up a new source of power corporation, engaged in the development of proton exchange membrane fuel cell production. The company relies on its own intellectual property rights of Chinese Academy of Sciences DICP proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology, will be a variety of fuel cell production technology and product development, commercialization and industrialization of it as soon as possible.

2, wind energy concepts: the company to 51.8 million yuan acquisition of 100% equity interest in Lanzhou Electrical Machinery Plant, the company is mainly engaged in the development of wind power equipment manufacturing and high-end motor business, the development of the doubly fed induction wind generator control device technology leader living in China , has Xinjiang Wind Energy Company, Guangdong, South Australia to provide wind power plants and other generating units, will become a new profit growth point.

3, the main power equipment industry: the company is the industry-leading position in the western region of large electric power equipment enterprises, mainly engaged in low voltage switch equipment, high and low voltage electrical components such as product development and sales. Intended to 55.5 million yuan investment in new intelligent low-voltage electrical control of critical manufacturing processes and technological transformation of enterprise information system, put into production, the annual net profit of 14.54 million yuan after tax increase will mainly increase the generation of new GSC3 series AC contactor, GSR3 electronic overload relay, GSJ3 contactor relays, motor protection capacity of smart.

Secondary market, the stock price up 9.58 yuan from the recent pullback to the lowest point of 6.77 yuan today, the callback rate of nearly 30%, severe short-term oversold, the market outlook is expected to hold two sessions with a good opportunity to start a new round of upside trend, investors can focus attention.


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• 20/10/2010 - Unlimited potential of fuel cells

Unlimited potential of fuel cells

Although fuel cells appear in the eyes of the term time is not long, but its history can be traced back 100 years has had. In 1889, Ludwig Mond and Charles Langer two chemists want to use air and industrial gas manufacturing a functional device that can provide electricity, "fuel cells" is also with their invention is born. The rise of modern fuel cell technology in the 20th century, 60 years, the space shuttle in order to find high-performance power unit, with GE, NASA to develop the first fuel cell in the modern sense - the proton exchange membrane fuel cell, which is the fuel cell the beginning of commercialization. Since then, after 40 years of development, more and more of the fuel cell family, a flourishing population, but also throughout the entire application domain.

Principles and characteristics of fuel cells

Fuel cells are combined into the water by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, and thus does not produce nitrogen oxides (NOX) and hydrocarbons (HC) and so easy to pollute the air the material. It consists of three components: cathode, anode and electrolyte, according to the different electrolytes can be divided into molten carbonate fuel cell (M CFC), solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), alkaline fuel cell (AFC) , phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) and proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) five types.

Fuel cell has several unique properties:

A fuel cell must have energy at work

2 fuel cells can generate electricity only, and Supply the fuel, as long as the supply of fuel can generate electricity, the discharge is carried out continuously.

3 fuel-cell mass and body size is not large, but the need for a fuel storage or fuel switching devices and ancillary equipment to get hydrogen, and these fuel storage device or fuel switching devices and ancillary equipment far exceeds the quality and volume of fuel the battery itself.

Common fuel cell

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) in proton exchange membrane fuel cell, the electrolyte is a thin polymer membrane, such as poly [perfluoro methyl] acid (poly [perfluorosulphonic] acid), and protons can penetrate, but not conductive NafionTM and the electrode base from carbon composition. Hydrogen into the fuel cell to reach the anode, cracked into hydrogen ions (protons) and electrons. Penetration of hydrogen ions through the electrolyte to the cathode, while the flow of electrons through the external network to provide electricity. Meanwhile, the supply of oxygen form the air to the cathode, combine with electrons and hydrogen ions to form water.

Alkaline fuel cell (AFC)

Alkaline electrolyte fuel cell using a stable aqueous solution or potassium hydroxide matrix, and the electrochemical reaction with the hydroxyl (OH) move from the cathode to the anode to react with hydrogen to form water and electronics are slightly different. These electrons first to provide energy for the external circuit, and then come back to the cathode reaction with oxygen and water, more hydroxyl ions.

Phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC)

The batteries use liquid phosphoric acid as the electrolyte, the working temperature than the proton exchange membrane fuel cells and alkaline fuel cell operating temperature is slightly higher, at about 150 ~ 200 ? but the platinum electrode catalyst needed to accelerate the reaction. The anode and cathode reactions and proton exchange membrane fuel cell the same, but because of its high operating temperature, so its faster than the reaction on the cathode of proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode speed.

Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC)

Molten carbonate fuel cell using molten lithium potassium sodium carbonate or lithium carbonate as the electrolyte. When the temperature is heated to 650 ? this salt will melt, producing carbonate ions from cathode to anode, and hydrogen combine to form water, carbon dioxide and electrons. Electronic circuit and then returned to the cathode through an external, in the process to generate electricity.

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)

Solid oxide fuel cell operating temperature than the molten carbonate fuel cell temperature even higher, such as by using yttria stabilized zirconia and other solid ceramic electrolyte, instead of using the liquid electrolyte. Its operating temperature at between 800 ~ 1000 ?

In this fuel cell, when the oxygen ion moves from the cathode to the anode, the oxidation of fuel gas (mainly a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) to produce energy. Anode-generated electrons move back to the external circuit on the cathode, reducing the oxygen, thus completing the cycle.

Development Status

Because the energy and environmental considerations, countries and regions are stepping up development of its own fuel cell program. But because of different national conditions, the focus is also different.

Fuel cell was designated as the United States, 27 one of the technologies to be developed, while the proton exchange membrane fuel cells is one of the key. To this end, the U.S. government set up the hydrogen, fuel cells and infrastructure technologies office. Meanwhile, the U.S. investment fund companies and a variety of fuel cell projects are also given a lot of input.

Japan's enthusiasm for fuel cells as much as the United States, the government investment in this technology is also increased every year. Japan has developed a fuel cell for several public power sector, including phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) has reached the "power" stage. There are also a large number of small fuel cell power generation device is used in hospitals, hotels, guest houses in the. EU in the past 10 years, through the Framework Programme of the auto industry and fuel cell technology development to provide a great deal of research and development support. EU is also increasingly interested in fuel cell vehicle demonstration projects, but unlike the United States and Japan attach great importance to passenger cars as a model, and to focus on the large number of transportation applications.

Vehicle fuel cell research in China has made a good start. "Fifth" period, electric vehicles in the country listed in paragraph 863, was identified as the national one of 12 major science and technology. China is also the Global Environment Facility / United Nations Development Programme to establish fuel cell cooperation projects, together provide about $ 19,800 in financial support. Through science and technology research, has developed dozens of 100kW and above the fuel cell power system for vehicle play a positive role in promoting improved.

The world's first SOFC / gas turbine hybrid system in the University of California, Irvine National Fuel Cell Research Center of running. The total system power is 220kW, 200kW of which came from SOFC.
The System, running not only to send the fuel into a shot in the arm to open, but also to the growing problems facing the world energy provides a new solution ideas.


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• 11/10/2010 - New nickel mine development project

New nickel mine development project

Nickel price slump that delayed the development of new projects, but the market outlook remains positive

London, Oct. 29, according to the message, the industry said on Wednesday, nickel prices have fallen sharply so that the new nickel mine development project delayed due to sharp drop in nickel prices, these items may not be profitable, so that the future nickel market will result in tight supply, and promote higher nickel prices.

Listed in London, European Nickel Industry Corporation (European Nickel) manager Simon Purkiss said Wednesday, "the current financial crisis could bring nickel prices increase again."

LME three-month nickel in May 2007 had hit a record high of 51,800 dollars, which caused many in the global nickel exploration and production projects of new investment boom.

However, nickel prices hit a record high, the stainless steel producers began to use alternatives, nickel demand fell, followed by economic crisis, all commodities are faced with selling and promoting nickel prices fell on Wednesday, 12,300 U.S. dollars per ton.

Albidon said Dale Rogers, CEO, "Nickel prices fell to $ 4.5 per pound (9,921 U.S. dollars / ton), or 5 U.S. dollars (11,023 U.S. dollars / ton) around, about 40% nickel producers are losing money."

Decline in nickel prices, producers fell, financing difficulties forced many producers to stop the pace of expansion of existing projects and delay the development of new mines, so that when the recovery of global nickel demand, the nickel market will once again supply tight.

Dale Rogers said, "estimated that nickel prices will rebound at some point."

Albidon's Munali company is located in southern Zambia nickel mine has begun production, estimated in the first quarter of 2009 reached full design capacity.

Standard Bank said in a report, it is estimated this year's global nickel production (including China's nickel pig iron) material reduction of 150,000 tons of global nickel production expected 140 million tonnes.

Mirabela Nickel CEO Nick Poll said, "there will be nickel project will be discontinued or reduced, as they in the current market conditions, is unprofitable."

"So, the long term, nickel market prospects."

Simon Purkiss said the long term, the nickel market outlook bright, due to come from emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China's demand will increase, while production capacity and other material made to defer the next few years the market supply tight.


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