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• 13/12/2014 - Angel Tree Program in need of children¡¯s clothing

 The local Angel Tree Program is in desperate need of children’s clothing before their impending deadline, and they’re asking Clarksville for help.

Jill Crowe, organizer for Angel Tree Program, said there is a shortage of boys and girls’ clothing sizes six to 16. The clothes have to be newly bought, and there’s no specific type of clothes needed.

The deadline for donations is Saturday, Dec. 13, and donations can be dropped off at their warehouse in the Kroger Shopping Center on Madison Street next to the veteran’s outreach Christmas store.

Part of the Salvation Army program, the Angel Tree is asking for donations to be dropped off anytime after 1 p.m. Saturday.

Clothes can also be left at the family store and distribution center of the Salvation Army.

Although the trees in the mall are taken down, Crowe said there are still angels left to be adopted. Volunteers would have to pick up an angel’s list on Saturday and bring back their donations that same day in order to meet the deadline.

A few more items need to be brought in for families and children to have a special Christmas and Clarksville can help.

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