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mobile phone tablet pc

ZOPO ZP100 4.3 inches sharp ASV HD screen

06:41, 14/6/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

ZOPO ZP100 equipped with a 4.3-inch Sharp ASV HD screen, display is outstanding. ZOPO reached a 960x540 resolution level, color saturation was 90%, mainly in the sharpness and contrast aspects of the upgrade. Thus showing a realistic picture quality. With multi-touch technology, so that the user's screen operating experience better.

Back of the phone has a 5.0MP camera design, and equipped with a dual LED flash. The camera consists of a gold ring wrapped, it can better highlight the whole camera. The speakers are located on the right rear of the camera, you can avoid the body while holding the speaker blocked to happen.

ZOPO ZP100 body appearance or distinctive, and ZOPO ZP980 naked eye 3D models compared to, I believe ZP100 body is more dynamic, more technological sense. Open the back cover of the phone is also more intuitive way, the bottom of the screen you can see the groove on the back cover.

ZOPO ZP100 phone uses a mainstream Android2.3.6 operating system, the official said the follow-up can be upgraded to Android4.0 operating system. ZOPO ZP100 has a lock screen interface is closer to the native Android system interface, and not too complicated functions to another slide to unlock, slide to the left is to adjust the sound.

In the photo, ZOPO ZP100 has a 5.0MP camera. First we look at camera support functions. Into the camera, you will see the function bar supports special features. IPhone4S single camera mode and different, ZOPO ZP100 support ordinary camera, video camera, multi-angle shooting, panoramic photos and automatic scene detection. At the same time, you can also attribute for the image, color effects to be adjusted. The benefit is that you can let the camera function largely replaced the role of third-party camera applications. The following is the actual photo proofs, showing 5.0MP prime imaging results is satisfactory.

ZOPO ZP980 is Ali cloud the latest flagship phone

06:46, 7/6/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

ZOPO ZP980 has appeared in the ZOPO official website, with a 5-inch 1080p screen, using MT6589 quad-core processor, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB storage space. In addition, it also provides a 13.0MP camera and 2000mAh battery elements.

Ali Baba and ZOPO will cooperate officially released next Monday Ali cloud OS is running ZOPO ZP980, together with the launch of there ZOPO C2, ZOPO C3.

As Zopo ZP980 did not use 2GB RAM reason may be the major manufacturers there is no way it is to be optimized in the MT6589 processor 2GB RAM usage, leading to 2GB RAM "high models with" not as good as 1GB RAM running points of the "standard models. "ZOPO C2 thickness of only 8.5 mm, and is currently more popular ultra-narrow frame design, more fashionable appearance

ZOPO smart phones has always been such a high-profile price, but sales still good. Now Ali cloud decisive support, I believe that both will be able to work miracles in the second.

ZOPO C2 2G RAM flagship version on June 3 presale

07:07, 3/6/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

ZOPO mobile phone models this year's star shine ZOPO C2 recently described, starting extraordinary Standard Edition online trading volume for ZOPO mobile phone sales but also to create more user attention. Today ZOPO 16G version was already going on sale officially began on June 3, while the official recently announced a more powerful version of the flagship specification will also be on the same day on pre-sale.

ZOPO C2 Ultimate In addition to memory, the other specifications are the same as with the 16G version, also equipped with MTK MT6589T quad-core processors, main frequency up to 1.5GHz, 5-inch IPS wide fit screen resolution up to 1920 * 1080, equipment Deputy 5,000,000 13,000,000 pixels and the main dual HD camera, removable battery capacity of 2000 mA, built-in gyroscope, electronic compass and other sensors. Memory area will be upgraded to 2GB of memory to run, and the internal storage space also reached 32G, and support for extensions. Furthermore ZOPO C2 32G Ultimate and ZOPO ZP980 as two phones redesigned cover, but will still be 8.5 mm thickness. Like ZOPO C2 friends can go ZOPO official website look, starting only limited to 1000 units.

THL W8+ using the popular sleek body design

06:50, 27/5/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Thl Mobile Phone nearly two years fast development of Chinese mobile phone brand experience stores line the specifications expanding. The other hand, the recent new machine THL phone is endless, the main or quad-core products, has been listed on the THL W7 quad-core version, THL W8, THL W100, etc., to reach this stage and mobile collaboration, the first TD models THL T1 will enter library of China Mobile, the high-end models aspect, THL phone follow-up there W8+ and THL W9 and other products will be faster than the market.

THL W8+ is consistent with the appearance of the two versions, with 144 × 73.6 × 9.9mm size measurements, with a common black and white colors. ThL W8+ using the popular sleek body design, the metal side of the border to join makes the machine a bit more metallic, and the machine is also equipped with an entity HOME key, which in recent years a new machine 5-inch screen is more rare.

And ThL W8 comparison, THL W8+ hardware specifications to the next level, with a 5-inch IPS screen, and the display resolution of up to 1920 * 1080 FHD level up 441PPI far beyond the retina level. Running memory has not changed, still 1GB, but the ROM increased to 16G, the general users who can not install an external memory card. Furthermore W8 + camera hardware is also more powerful, the aircraft is equipped with 5.0MP front + 13.0MP dual high-definition camera, and runs its own custom Jelly Bean Android 4.21 based system. But most people concerned or THL W8+ original MT6589 pgrade to the MT6589T, virtually enhance the market competitiveness of the aircraft, the performance improvement is certain.

Huawei G700 2G RAM fastest listed in this month

06:47, 16/5/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Huawei mobile phone G series this year has launched a variety of four-core machine, such as the use of quad-core platform MTK6589 Huawei G520, as well as another '000 quad-core G525, but the configuration of these two models are far from satisfactory, difficult to arouse many "pollen" desire to buy. When the the Huawei G700 message out, the higher hardware specifications naturally became the focus of attention, a few days ago, there were indications that Huawei G700 is the fastest and is expected to be officially listed before the end of the month, is now displayed in the online store.

Huawei G700 will launch Unicom and mobile versions, both internal code the Huawei G700-U00 and G700-T00, known Unicom version of the higher specifications. HUAWEI Honor U8860 Phone will be equipped with a the MTK MT6589 quad-core processor, of course, the most important is the memory of the Unicom 2G RAM +8 G ROM combination, this is a very rare combination in the mid-range models of Huawei, but the mobile version of the memory to be low as 1G RAM. In addition, two versions of the 5-inch HD resolution screen, 1300000 +800 megapixel camera, running Android 4.2 version of the operating system that supports features such as WIFIDiplay.

Concern G700 body thickness of only 8.95 mm, and look at the photos of the real machine is also designed to be very correct, the fuselage has a large curvature, should bring a good feeling.

Huawei honor 3 with A15 quad-core CPU will be listed in June

06:27, 27/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Huawei consumers BG CEO yu ChengDong said huawei huawei will launch this summer a amazing Huawei mobile phone, but when he did not disclose the specific name and configuration information. Today, the latest news from huawei, according to huawei honor 3 will be available this summer, and the launch of according to time to see what he said before the machine should be impressive.

Huawei terminal CSO xu has certified the weibo, according to HUAWEI Honor U8860 Phone quad-core succeeded products for huawei honor, glory and he made it clear that huawei 3 time to market will be in June this year, at the same time, he said huawei honor 3 will bring new capabilities and features, but did not mention the detailed information and configuration.

Be worth what carry is, before the message shows that huawei will be launched this year based on architecture (A15 architecture of haisi K3V3 new quad-core processors, and from the point of the current information, will be in June this year listed on the Huawei Ascend D1 Phone is expected to become the first pick up the sea thought K3V3 processor's cell phone.

5-inch giant screen the new quad-core machine THL W8 youth version listed

07:07, 23/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Thl Mobile Phone terminal market, launched a giant screen phone THL nuclear version of ThL W7+ dual and quad-core version, the hardware configuration of the two phones are very good. Today, THL Zaidufali, launched a youth version of ThL W8, the machine is equipped with a giant screen and quad-core processor, is now on sale in the Chinese market.

ThL W8 youth version is still using the current mainstream of the touch screen candy bar design, stylish and beautiful. Configuration the ThL W8 youth version has a 5.0-inch HD (720 x 1280 pixels) large touch screen and equipped with MediaTek MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core processor, with 1GB RAM and 4GB Flash memory (supports MicroSD card expansion), and equipped with the latest Android 4.2 operating system.

ThL W8+ youth version also has a 3.2 megapixel front camera and 800-megapixel main camera, overall excellent hardware and software configurations, and has both white and black optional colors to meet the individual needs of different users.

China Tablet seek new breakthroughs

08:36, 1/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
After years of development, from single-core to dual-core and then to present four nuclear, China best Tablet PC already from the initial conceptual products to the mature form of product forward, from the beginning to imitate Apple, Google-led international type manufacturers to now independent innovation to seek a breakthrough. But we have to say revealing behind each time industry upgrade or the heavy hardware specifications and light user experience.

At present, China's flat panel industry seems to MP3 industry with a few years ago, caught in the vicious circle of "fight Hardware. Upgrading memory chip suppliers, manufacturers spared no effort in the pursuit of the CPU master chip doubled to increase and enhance the display resolution. Innovative applications and experience, and never mention or even the blind pursuit hardware leading the overall feel of the expense of consumers. Course, the hardware specifications are still our concern, but not the only PIPO M1 Tablet PC, because really attract consumers is a good user experience, powerful hardware configuration is the basis of good experience.

Real good product experience, starting from system optimization, and much more effective than simply Competition hardware to come. However, this also requires manufacturers to spend a lot of time and resources to debug software and hardware matching. Practice time, however long and slow with little slower to make money, do not there is risk, which is why all manufacturers are unwilling to invest the manpower and resources to do.

China PIPO M3 Android Tablet PC no longer simply relying on the Competition hardware and let consumers pay era. If you want in this industry stands down. First need a correct understanding of the users' needs, focusing on the customer, and to invest resources to continue to meet user demand. Spirit to be responsible for the user, the user needs is a solution, not a publicity stunt. Long-term corporate vision, get a good brand reputation, by virtue of the product so as to make yourself stand out among the industry.

The RK3188 Cube four nuclear peas officially listed

08:26, 28/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
CUBE the four nuclear peas 2 is the first sale in the market equipped with RK3188 quad-core master flagship quad-core Tablet PC,¡¾Bicgate¡¿the 10.1-inch 1920 × 1200 Full HD super wide viewing angle Retina Display + G+ G 10-point capacitive touch + 2GB dual-channel high-speed RAM / 32GB storage space / support TF card expansion 2,000,000 + front / rear 5 megapixel autofocus camera + 3-axis gyroscope + flash + Fuel Gauge + intelligent light sensor + HDMI + roll rack design + AAC oversized volume loud speaker + high-performance Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module design.

In fact, the quad-core peas screen is big enough, the 10.1-inch 1920X1200 screen has enough I use someone asked HDMI output effect, but a few days before the forum, and then to test it, just have HDMI cable,Cube U9GT4 Tablet pc quad-core peas 2 HDMI mini port or standard port, hands HDMI cable inserted to combine very tight, not loosening TV look like used to a friend that is a must.

MP4 era HDMI HD output settings, feeling better than more simple, as long as the set-HDMI configuration items open HDMI output, and then select on the TV or the computer to the HDMI output port connection is successful, it is can soon be seen on television content displayed on the tablet. The quad-core peas or the continuation of the 3066 era full interface output, said White is cloning machine, TV or computer display what the latest hardware version has support 1080P full HD output.

Special attention to testing quad-core peas 2 HDMI configuration items have a screen off the eye, and this is to do with it. Of course,Cube U18GT Elite tablet pc is our output HDMI, watching films and television shows of course do not want the machine screen was still lit, power, or will influence the effect of watching it on television. 2 sleep function measured four nuclear peas are doing pretty good, 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds, set, another wake-up screen does not need to press the power button, and only need the next point on the screen can be very convenient oh .

HTC ever Android handset ever launched in the mobile market

08:12, 11/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
HTC Dream is the first ever Android handset ever launched in the mobile market. One can expect an outstanding list of specifications and features from this gadget. This touch sensitive handset operates on user friendly interface of intuitive icons and menu items. This brand from china handset is yet to be revealed, therefore, many specifications are not known right now.

Several tempting features of HTC Dream

The larger touch screen display provides for more widening of displaying pictures and provides quick response.A full QWERTY keypad is there that introduces great handiness while typing messages.Below the larger display screen, some navigation controls are also equipped in the unit offering easiness for accessing applications of gadget.This handset is the result of joint venture of HTC and ZOPO ZP950 Phone and works upon the operating systems of Windows Mobile Smart phones.

A web browser is also flanked in the panel that offers the users for downloading most recent games, screen savers and attractive wallpapers from the internet. Furthermore, it also aids for finding significant information about any particular topic.The users can also send e-mails and instant messaging to their loved ones with the integrated web browser.PC synchronization is also provided by this ZOPO Android mobile phones, thus users can store their important contact numbers and other data files in their personal computer also.

A media player is also engraved in the unit that keeps the users fully pleased regardless of hectic working environment.Most reliable 3G networks are being supported by this wonderful panel for guaranteeing widespread network coverage.For ensuring faster and secured transfer of any files (music tracks, video clips and data files), advanced technologies have been integrated in the gadget. Wireless Bluetooth technology is also included in the feature set of this design that makes it possible to transfer video clips and audio files from and to other Bluetooth enabled devices.    www.bicgate.com is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

Android tablet in 2013 is going to be technology giant Intel

08:26, 23/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
The first among the launchers of android tablet in 2012 is going to be technology giant Intel. Intel representatives have revealed some tidbits about the release of Medfield Atom Android Tablet by their collaboration with Google and Honeycomb. The Medfield prototype android Honeycomb for now is being showcased along with a slideshow. Its performance appears to be outstanding and the design is very sleek and amazing having a lot of resemblance with BlackBerry Playbook tablet.

Another attraction to look for is Game Stop's android Tablet which is likely to hit the stores in 2012 as well. It is widely rumored that the android tablet of Game Stop will be a successful release and will include all the powerful features such as spontaneous interface, a protected purchase organization, excellent streaming and perfect tablet functions. The tablet will be pre-loaded with games and will utilize Game Stop's streaming ability to move console games to the Tablet. In addition, a gossip in the air is that Motorola is planning to release a brand new android tablet for 2012 with extra high quality resolution screen after the success of Motorola Xoom. To beat Apple iPad2 Motorola has put much effort in this tablet. It is going to have a 10 inch screen with a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 making it one of the best quality screen and display devices ever to have been launched.

The popularity and future success of android tablets can be seen by the fact that android shipments are likely to increase by 130% by the next year as compared to Apple's iPad shipments which are estimated to increase by 55% according to android news and forums.

According to analysts, Apple's iPad will still capture the market of android tablets in the year 2012. But Samsung, LG and Motorola's android tablets are going to give a tough competition to iPad. It is also rumored that Microsoft will soon manufacture its own android powered tablets as next generation of Microsoft windows. Just like Android phones have outshined Apple's iPhones and are sold more than them, in the same way android tablets are going to outsell Apple's iPad by the year 2012. Even if it isn't true, Apple must be vigilant to have a tough competition for tablets in future.

Another highlight is that USSA (US Cellular Announcements) have announced a release of seven Android phone tablets in the year 2012. It will include a 7-inch android tablet called Flyer by HTC. It will also include Motorola's 4.3 inch android tablet phone with 1 GHz processor speed. LG will announce one of the most sleekest and lightest in design android tablet phone which will have 4inch touch screen display. Samsung and Huawei will also announce initial android tablet series in 2012. So a lot is coming your way in case you are a tech geek wanting to buy the most innovative and feature-rich android tablet of 2012.   www.bicgate.com is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable tablet pc.

Nothing could substitute SIM Free Mobile Phones

10:51, 22/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
In the world of communication, various options are available but nothing could substitute mobile phones. In recent time, mobile phones have become the fastest and cheapest device to get connected with people around you and living miles away from you.Mobile phones come with deals which are grouped into three categories namely, contract, pay as you go and SIM free mobile phones. All these phones deals have their own benefits therefore the number of mobile phone subscribers is increasing day by day.

Earlier, there were only contract mobile phones in existence but to provide the users with more flexibility and the to fill their kitty with options and? spread mobile phones all around the world.Along with many other benefits of contract phones there are many disadvantages of these phones as well. If you are not satisfied with the existing service providers in case of contract phones, you can not switch to any other service provider before the completion of contract period.

Another, problem with these phones is that users can't keep a check on their service usage and end up paying hefty phone bills. Lastly, there are issues about the connectivity when on roaming.In case of Sim Free Phones they give the maximum flexibility to the users. Here you are free to switch among different service providers easily as per your choice and needs. Moreover, there are many financial benefits of SIM free phones.

You are not forced to pay the roaming charges when you are out of your home network, as these handsets are compatible with global SIM cards.All the big reputed brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry etc. have launched a wide range of their SIM free mobile phones. You can compare various SIM Only Deals and choose any network of your choice any network of your choice and get connected with your loved ones in no time.   www.bicgate.com is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

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