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هتل فلامینگو کیش

Hotel Flamingo Island

Flamingo Hotel 4 star hotel in the heart of the island of  Kish  is located and looks like a dolphin. In terms of access  Flamingo Hotel, Kish  to shopping and entertainment venues are located in a unique position. The hotel has about 200 rooms and suites and villa rooms in phase 1 and 2, which has 180 beds.

Facilities  Flamingo Island hotel  include a restaurant, conference hall, cafe, beauty salon for women, Massager, Coffee Shop lobby, coffee shop overlooking the lobby, 24-hour room service, traditional tea, laundry, mini-bar and safe, the use of satellite channels inside the room, island tourism patrol, patrol markets, parking lots and sports halls.

Address of the Hotel Flamingo Kish:  Kish , Iran Amir Kabir, Iran sea

Hotel Flamingo Island

Hotel Flamingo Island

Hotel Flamingo Island

Posted: 12:05, 27/12/2016
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