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Miss World

1/12/2009 - Russian beauty into the world's most beautiful married women (Figure)

The current "Mrs. World" beauty pageant winner was from the Russian city of Rostov-on-the residents of Victoria 

Founded in 1985, the "world's wife" beauty contest was set up specifically for married women, and "Miss World", "Miss Universe" beauty pageant competitions such as the same concern. According to RIA Novosti news, in 2009, "Mrs. World" beauty pageant in Vietnam, Vung Tau 22, held in the city, the Russian beauties jump out in front.

A total of more than 70 countries and regions from dozens of beauties contest through layer upon layer selection,

The final model finalists are born beauties of the United States, Vietnam, local players, as well as from Russia, an ordinary citizen. The last Russian beauty with a cordial and pleasant Victorian shape and elegance, from the three of them emerge as 2009's "Lady in the world." Defending champion winner, "Ukraine Lady," Natalia Bhishma Lenkova to wear the crown for this year's winner, Victoria laughed in joy.
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6/11/2009 - Liu Xiang, "Shimei" Miss World - Zhang Zilin change rave Model cars

Be held in Hainan, the 57th Miss World elections, from Beijing, China Zhang Zilin Yanyaqunfang, to win the championship. This is the Miss World held in 57-year history, the Chinese players won the first title. Recently, this changed in the past Miss World a gentle, sweet, to wild style "guest" of a Model cars.

The selection contest in the Shi Jie, the appearance, temperament and outstanding Zhang Zilin from the outset to become champions of the popular candidate. Zhang Zilin height of 1.82 meters is the highest one of all participants, is now a company secretary. She was born in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, graduated from Beijing University of Technology, was a sports specialty of Health, has over 12 years of hurdles and triple jump in track and field career, and had trained together, and Liu Xiang. If Zhang Zilin do not enter the modeling industry, perhaps at the 2008 Olympic Games hurdles arena, we can see that Liu Xiang Zhang Zilin plus "golden couple" of entertainment.

Zhang Zilin of China's Top Ten of 2006 models, although the model of the model was a university student circles a lot, but out of famous universities of science and engineering professional models, so that Zhang Zilin really seem so special flavor points.

Zhang Zilin was born in March 22, 1984, height 182cm, Features: Athletics - 100 meters hurdles, Chinese knotting art. Hobbies: Internet, shopping, sleeping, traveling, reading, watching movies, writing, playing games, 100-meter steeplechase, triple jump, swimming, classical and folk dance, listening to folk music.

Beijing University of Science and Technology out of a professional model, Zhang Zilin reputation is already in school during the earthquake. Reportedly, many university students are proud of her, whenever she wants to participate in performances, the students are with each other between the postings on the Internet, came together to join in. There magazine her chao, we will promptly bought another circulation. Sometimes she heard the students to outsiders, said: "Zhang Zilin is our school." Sincere heart will be touched by the warm rising Yi Gu and produced by this brand name strong sense of pride in his alma mater.


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12/10/2009 - "Miss China," Yu Sheng hometown vomit aspiration: to go to South Africa's remarkable self-confidence entry

The evening of October 6, the 59th Miss World contest in China in Shenzhen OCT East came to an end, I sound contestants wins "Miss China" title, and will represent China in the 59th Shijie global finals, fighting Yang was runner-up Yu Weiwei third. China news agency issued photo by Qiang Xing-Zhong Qian

China news agency, Hefei, October 11 (Reporter Cheng Zhanpeng) - 59th session of the "Miss World" China Division Finals ended a few days ago in Shenzhen, Anhui, 22-year-old girl I sound beat the masses, won the "Miss China" crown . She will represent China in early November to go to South Africa, competing for the "Miss World" title.

Hefei, I recently returned to the sound of the acceptance of China news agency reporters Zhuan Fangshi and Dan Dingde said, "Heaven and Earth strangers, there is one person should have a business; life, living, raw day when the ground every day." In November, on behalf of China to South Africa to participate in Miss World finals, not glory, but of duty. This represents not himself, but the image of Chinese women, pressure and power co-exist. She will cherish this opportunity, the Chinese women's self-reliance, self-confidence, beauty, wisdom, smile, to show to the world.

Yu Sheng, graduated from the Communication University of China, as an intellectual, as the same hostess Yang Lan was her dream, her income is greater than bookish style atmosphere. She admits that she is an ordinary girl in Anhui, although growing up in art house, year-old starred in the TV series, but she never did dream star. On the contrary, I sound very young tend to judge Chinese traditional culture and a soft spot in her bed filled with books Guoxue Master Nan Huai-chin, "Do not cut the Analects of Confucius" is one of her favorite books read. Was born in Anhui, long in Anhui, the mother is a Peking Opera actor, I was more like the sound of Anhui Huangmei. She believes that Huangmei is the most beautiful country music. If you have the opportunity to introduce to the world Anhui Huangmei, she will be very happy.

It is understood that, as the world's top beauty competitions, the Miss World contest has been half a century devoted to the selection Caimao queen, full of love, an excellent positive women. In order to promote world peace, and set an example of outstanding women and help hungry children with disabilities as the main objectives.

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23/9/2009 - Liu rumored girlfriends playing in the water swimming pool sexy temptation speech Shi Shen

Once track and field masters Zhang Zilin a group of underwater photo staged Shishen temptation.

September 20, Liu Xiang will embark went to begin his Olympic injured fly back again. No matter how successful, and we look forward to Michael in the future will be a step back to the peak of our nation once had, again and again felt. Flying the thousands in the news, there are individuals can not be ignored, she was an influential athlete in track and field, she was a hot frying Xiang trapeze affair his girlfriend, she had put on "Miss World" and the crown, and she is practicing track and field career change entertainment circles Zhang Zilin. She and friend splashing in the water at the pool side Shishen photo has aroused great repercussion of this group photo shows Zhang Zilin proud figure, sexy stuff - really deserves to be called "Miss World" title.


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3/9/2009 - Beautiful city usher in the International Beauty Contest

Yesterday, Chunxi path and a beautiful scenery, and she is the former Miss World Champion Andrew

Body Jiaohao, smiling faces flowery

Started, Chengdu, an entire autumn beauty and love: from September to November, the 49th Miss International Beauty Pageant finals will result in a global city blooming flower! Yesterday afternoon, the 49th Miss International Beauty Pageant final landing the signature of global trials-cum-launching ceremony in the Southwest Division of the Sichuan Shuangliu international hotel investment was held to formally mark the advent of this beautiful event in Chengdu!

Chengdu Five beautiful anchor any Promotion Ambassadors

"Miss International Beauty Pageant," known as "beauty contest Olympics," the laudatory name. Established in 1960, California, from 1968 to held in Japan,Electronic Cigarette Laptop Batteries BMW GT1 Printer Parts and in recent years, frequently "visit" of Chinese cities. Known as the "city beautiful" in Chengdu, this is also the first back to host "Miss International Beauty Pageant" activities. Especially in the last year's Wenchuan earthquake, the current Miss International finals of the theme of "global celebration, charm, Chengdu," designed not only to pass Miss International Charity Fund of the Community concept of the beautiful greetings sent to disaster areas to encourage people to rebuild confidence in love with the United States broke the pass to Chengdu and the surrounding affected areas.

To this end, the competition, especially from Chengdu, Chengdu, the Preparatory Committee of the 15 radio and television anchor in the beautiful promote the election of five ambassadors, Chengdu TV station Channel 2 (CDTV-2) beauty anchor Zhang Qing well selected, while selected There Xue Jin, Yuan Li, Dan Li, and Jun Ye. The five ambassadors dressed in beautiful black and white beautiful dress colors and opt for the launch of debut yesterday, was very eye-catching. According to the moderator introduced, they were represented in the competition are five key words "elegant, intelligent, stylish, self-confidence and love."

In addition to beauty ambassador, the Mainland singers Luozhong Xu also made a special trip to come to add to the fun, for the presence of audiences that song "one coming did not want to leave the city."

Miss International = America + love + the overall quality of

Although early in the morning yesterday, went to a catwalk Chunxi Road, King icing on the cake for the city of Chengdu, the last Miss International winner, 19-year-old Spanish beauty, Andrew appeared in the afternoon,Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|Chinese Furniture when the launch, but still radiant, did not see any out tired of the color. She wore a small gold embroidered dress, wearing a Miss International crown, a pair of heel foot, 10 cm high, red soles Versace heels, but also the focus of her audience.

Andrew said with a smile, is the beauty of Chengdu, has given him plenty of energy. In an interview after the ceremony started, the reporters are all the Spanish beauty how to get very interested in the previous champion, gather around her to ask her to "Introduction experience." Andrew seriously, said: beauty is important, but the love and the overall quality is more important. "Concerned about world events, there is social responsibility, people feel that you are 'international' This profound understanding of the word, are able to add points for you."

Of course, in addition, some technical preparation is also essential. Andrew disclose their race at that time, the pre-specifically participated in the make-up, modeling, etc. professional courses to ensure that the most beautiful of their own to appear in front of the judges.

Genuine pearl on the crown of gold

The 49th Miss International in November production, Andrew has just been admitted to the universities will soon return to their daily life. "I am very interested in the fashion industry, models are my Bank. But the university is that I chose journalism, I want to do after graduation TV host."

Elected to the new Miss International, the Andrew also make a beautiful crown on his head, "pass" go. She told reporters that the crown valuable above Zhuiman pearls and gold ornaments are genuine. "Only the Miss International crown, next term down-chuan, is a very precious souvenirs." Meanwhile, Chengdu has also sent ahead of Andrew, a souvenir: beautiful giant panda plush toys, panda T-shirts and panda Litter CD-ROM. The souvenir is a progenitor: in 2007, Chengdu gave Spain a pair of cute giant pandas, "Bing Xing" and "flower mouth", Chengdu and Spain's "giant panda's fate," this is also formed.

Hashimoto Bo Wen: "I marvel the beauty of Chengdu"

As a representative of the organizers of this competition, the Japan International Cultural Association special services director Hashimoto Bo Wen arrived in Chengdu the day before yesterday, after yesterday morning they had looked carefully at the competition venue: Shuangliu Tennis Center Chuantou International Hotel. In an interview after the ceremony, Hashimoto Bowen said: "We are in Chengdu venue for such an international feel very amazed. Also, heard that Chengdu famous beauty, although I have not had time traveled to this city for themselves , but in today's launch ceremony, I saw the promotion of ambassadors, including the audience, many journalists who have been beautiful enough, so I Finals, held in Chengdu, is full of confidence. "

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30/7/2009 - Cheongsams become the 59th Miss World contest in China the main game apparel

white sweet gesture

In recent years, at the banquet, awards, promotional show, as long as there is the Chinese people in, you can see the shadow of cheongsams. 2000 Cannes Film Festival wearing a red cheongsam dress China's Gong Li, to "In the Mood for Love," Maggie Cheung dressed in a cheongsam. Sophie is also concern among Subtle Oriental women are dripping display, which in addition to personal temperament between, the natural can not deny that the lingering charm of cheongsam, especially when the women dressed in Oriental cheongsam dignified when, elegant, gentle temperament of the Chinese was reflected more fully, showing the east of the charming female body and the curves Linglong ... ...
Cheongsams beautiful appearance
Cheongsams beautiful appearance

Chinese women cheongsam dress culture is a typical sign, not only in the overall shape of the style in line with the characteristics of Chinese art in harmony, at the same time with the way east into the decoration, the charm lies in its unique cultural connotation that it contains, so able to play the leading role of the Chinese national costume, a long time without failure Sheng.

Red flowery beauty smile
To sum up, the 59th Miss World contest in China more than an important competition of the Chinese cheongsam is scheduled to fight performance-oriented apparel, but also for a better display of Chinese culture to the world, showing the unique beauty of the Chinese style. Would like to cheongsams in the Miss World beauty under the leadership of China, up with the times, carry forward the civilization, revealing the self, which embodies the virtues of evolution between heaven and earth together for a beautiful rainbow. Would like the Miss World beauty and cheongsam with access from the past and the future, to connect from the life and art, the vision of the United States, the United States and the world of charm.
red flowery beauty

beauty full of confidence

The competition to enter the semi-finals of the Beijing conference 50 beauties, there will be workshops Beijing Handball designers, design using three-dimensional structure, according to each individual's temperament and physical details are carefully tailored for the beauty competition cheongsam fine material, well-tailored, fine production, every cheongsams cohesion will become a work of art in Chinese culture, so that beauty from scratch, neck, shoulder, arm, chest, waist, hip, leg and hand, foot, constitute a large number of curves ingenious combination of the perfect whole, but also the Oriental beauties are perfect embodiment of quality, so that "meaningful beauty" symbol of China.

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8/6/2009 - Manchester United King of Miss World fans turned ironic C Luo missed the World Cup

Late last Saturday, the South African World Cup qualifiers in 2010 to launch a new round of competition, the first European team beat Portugal 2-1 Albania away. This is what this thing is not a game, the outcome of competition is also expected. However, fans of Albania at the scene but the limelight steal the game, they played in the stands banner creative to licensing each other star of the first C Lo, we have to say to them: the talented too! 

     As a Golden Globe in 2008 and double World Cup winner, C Luo's club Manchester United this season, bright, one won both the World Cup, Premiership and League Cup. However, C Lo has the performance of the Portuguese team in the doldrums: After the 2-1 win over Albania, who are currently in the first Group 3 win 6 Halo 2 level 1 negative only plot 9 points behind the top 7 of Denmark, Hungary and the second is also 4 per septum.

     World Cup European zone qualifying in accordance with the rules,
Fake Watches Watch Brand Designer Watch Cool Watches Buy Watch Copy Watches Sport Watches Wrist Watches the direct short-listed finals, while the second team will participate in the qualification playoffs. 4 games in the remaining cases, this veteran team of Portugal's poor promotion prospects. In view of Portugal and Hungary still have two direct dialogue that they are much more realistic goal is probably overwhelming Hungary strive to obtain the qualifications to participate in playoffs.

     As for the poor strength of Albania, in the first Ju-lin strong group, I am afraid they could only play the role of school to accompany Prince. At present, Albania 8 wins 3 war 1 negative level 4 only 6 sub-plot, certain to enter the World Cup in South Africa hopeless. Perhaps because of their national team fail to live up to, last Saturday night, Tirana - Staffa stadium the home team fans, putting more focus on who the visiting team. Given the bleak outlook for the Portuguese team win, Albania fans resorted to every means, to ridicule opponents, and the largest card C Portugal Romania has become their main target.

     In the stands, there are the fans played a huge banner: the figure of a Miss World C Lo dressed, he wore the Miss World crown, the printed word Miss World ribbons, holding a bouquet of flowers, only flowery see him,
benz star Ford VCM bmw gt1 Aluminium Powderis very excited. The upper left corner of the banner, then read out Miss World 2010 (2010 Miss World), the top World Cup in South Africa is also printed on the LOGO.

     As we all know, Miss has a double meaning, in addition to the meaning of Ms., as well as the meaning missed. This banner is not hard to interpret the meaning of: the 2010 "Miss World" C Luo missed the 2010 World Cup in South Africa ... ...
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5/5/2009 - Yu Genwei and the model was a model of divorce marry Miss China

邵倩ex-wife is a model, Li Xiaoyang newlywed wife is also a model, model and Tianjin Yu Genwei destined to have a legend of the origin can not be untied. Recently, Tianjin legendary striker, currently the deputy general manager Yu Genwei Taida club officially announced in May that he would held a grand wedding, fiancee Tianjin Li Xiaoyang model. 
     As early as the last day of March, there are media reports that Tianjin legendary striker, currently deputy general manager Yu Genwei Taida Club Tianjin will be out in May and the news of the marriage-mode Li Xiaoyang; but fell as a result of Fool's Day, This news did not cause too much attention
. At that time, Fake Watches|Watch Brand|Designer WatchCool Watches|Buy Watch|Copy Watches|Sport Watches|Wrist Watches|this matter has been one of the parties call "new wife" when Li Xiaoyang, Li Xiaoyang response in this matter is "not this", but did not come face to face Yu Genwei denial; Therefore, this news is true or false people unknown. 
     After several days in silence, Yu Genwei in public to respond formally on this matter, there is the matter said. He will be held in May in a grand wedding, fiancee Tianjin Li Xiaoyang model. It is worth mentioning that, this is Yu Genwei divorced and his ex-wife's second marriage. 
     As we all know, Yu Genwei ex-wife is also a well-known model in Tianjin. The two met in 1996, the two married 98 years. Yu Genwei and football was a model husband and wife in China, in October 7, 2001, Yu Genwei Wulihe goal in Shenyang to help the first time the Chinese team reached the World Cup. China Central Television reporter at the time, is the home of Yu Genwei, the wife took the Yu Genwei  screen tears with excitement, and take the end of Yu Genwei also like to thank first of all, the strong support of his wife, when he was when the media are proud to say that "This dedicated to my wife of the ball!" 
     After retirement, Yu Genwei Taida club as Deputy Director, Tianjin fans also can see his wife, Yu Genwei and model of two-out double income. However, when two of the news of divorce, but very few people know that even many people Taida club also announced that it would Yu Genwei marriage in May, and Yu Genwei learned the news has been breaking up. 
     For the first time in their marriage are broken, Yu Genwei and do not want to say more. As for his own remarriage, Yu Genwei also consistently maintain its low-key style, only to be revealed in May the news of the marriage. As with Li Xiaoyang Yu Genwei know when, Ford VCM | bmw gt1|Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting| know each other until the marriage hall and the outside world does not know. 
     Coincidentally, the new wife, Li Xiaoyang Yu Genwei, and former wife are, like Tianjin model. Will soon be married in May and the Li Xiaoyang Yu Genwei is also well-known models. Height: 170mm, weight: 48kg; graduated from the Tianjin Foreign Studies University, her charming face, body . In the 57th Miss World finals in China, selected the top ten, Miss China was awarded the title of the best talent award. 2006 Tianjin World Cup, local media named the baby, she won the runner-up. In 2007, the economic weekly in the evening version of the award in the fashion the "people of fashion," the title; In addition, she also won the 57th Miss World finals in China, "Hisense Plaza Cup" Competition Second Runner-up in Tianjin, China Finals -- Miss China, as well as Top Ten Award for the best talent. It is worth mentioning is that she or the image of Hisense Plaza, Ambassador, as well as culture Wo Hui signing artistes.
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24/2/2009 - User Exposure: Liu Xiang, ZHANG Zi-Lin and Miss World has collar "marriage certificate"

Liu and Zhang's marriage certificate (1 / 6)
Send mail message to comment to a friend Print version turn off the Internet spread forged a marriage certificate, Fake Watches|Watch Brand|Designer Watch|Cool Watches|Buy Watch|Copy Watches|Sport Watches|Wrist Watches| Miss World ZHANG Zi-lin, "married" Liu Xiang? Miss World when ZHANG Zi Lin quietly "married" to the Chinese Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang?
Perhaps a non-person after another to red, according to the latest issue of Hong Kong, Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|"all of a sudden a week," reports, Shijiazhuang, Hebei page actually appeared Liu Xiang ZHANG Zi Lin and Miss World of the marriage certificate!
To show a marriage certificate, marriage date is December 2, that is, champion Zhang was elected after the first two days!

According to information, ZHANG Zi-lin in 2004 with China's first Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang had百一Hurdle Hurdle training together. In addition, the information did not see the two exchanges have any particular record. Unexpectedly, ZHANG Zi-Lin elected one champion, has appeared online ZHANG Zi-Lin and Liu Xiang's marriage certificate, engage in hands amazing website has strange!
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13/2/2009 - Personalized wedding Jin Xenical full

A perfect wedding is every bride look beautiful. Like a princess as elegant, fresh and moving as if the wizard-like, to get everyone for this break, Fake Watches|Watch Brand|Designer Watch|Cool Watches|Buy Watch|Copy Watches|Sport Watches|Wrist Watches|let him only from his own eyes. In the pursuit of retro classic and perfect taste of today's wedding fashion aesthetic personality and is far better than the past, extravagant, filled with a beautiful scenery. Well-being of you, Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|X431|autoboss| whether looking for a dream wedding then? Rose Love Wedding photography now to help you find the pieces fit perfectly with the body of a romantic wedding, let your life shine out the most beautiful moment of dazzling brilliance.

2008 Weddings are more personalized with the wedding of the year, decided to bid farewell to the classic tail and luxury palace.

the design of wedding dress so bold as to staggering, short, super-hot short, short to the thigh root enough to make the wedding the bride become a hot day, most of the people, not the rules of folding, personalized hat and gloves with a bunt with one wedding design, allows you full .
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4/2/2009 - Miss World healthy eating recipes

1. And more consumption of coarse grains
Chinese Nutrition Society of the latest recommendation, per person per day should be eating about 50g of coarse grains. Because coarse grains contain a large number of insoluble cellulose, not only can enhance peristalsis, Oil Painting wholesale| ornament Oil Painting|so that feces and toxins from the body faster, and have an immediate impact on the treatment of constipation role. After consumption of coarse grains and more water, drink water weight loss is also a good helper, added water and the increase of coarse grains can have it both ways, weight loss easier.

2. The best to eat three fruits a day or more
Best to eat three fruits a day or more. The same as vegetables, fruits are a variety of nutrition and a good soluble fiber source. A study of New Zealand proposed that the calorie content of fruit and small, few people would eat these foods and gain weight. They generally contain a large amount of cellulose and water. A navel orange, a bread than a lot of weight, but only 60 calories,Fake Watches| Watch Brand| Designer Watch| Cool Watches| Buy Watch| Copy Watches| Sport Watches| Wrist Watches| while a bread, there may be hundreds of calories. Therefore, fruits should be the main part of a healthy diet, rather than embellishment. Such as apples, oranges, oranges and other fruits are good choices, both easy to buy, but also health.
3. Eat more soy products
Soy products are a kind of coarse grains in, so in addition to soybean products have the characteristics of coarse grains, the one of vegetable protein-rich diet and health for a good assistant. 4. At least 500g of vegetables per day
Modern diet of refined things too much, too little cellulose. This is also the ever-increasing obesity an important reason. Chinese Nutrition Society in 2007 recommended to the Chinese people's daily intake of vegetables to eat at least 500g of fresh vegetables (about 10). Vegetables not only rich in multiple nutrients, but more importantly it is the core of weight loss food.
Cellulose can not provide energy, but we need to intake of such substances, because the cellulose in sufficient quantity, can increase food satiety sense to extend the gastric emptying time, from an objective played an appetite suppressant and reduce food intake of role.
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20/1/2009 - Global Miss Tourism World Championship ended in Germany (Photo)

Global Miss Tourism World Championship ended in Germany (Photo)
Frankfurt time at 11:30 p.m. on January 14 2008-09 Global Miss Tourism World Championship in Germany came to an end.

65 countries from around the world and regional players December 26, 2008 arrived in Oil Painting wholesale| ornament Oil Painting|Germany, after Austria stations, station Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich station station, in the nearly 20-day round robin decided five individual awards, the final 36 players to enter the final award presentation ceremony. Evenings at the scene after more than three hours of fierce competition, Liechtenstein players won the championship, won the runner-up Ukraine, Germany won the second runner-up.

World beauty pageant organized by China as the sole body empowered to enforce the clear water and blue sky of Shenzhen Culture Communication Co., Ltd. selected Miss China was the world's top ten winning and agreed the title of the world's most elegant Miss.

This reporter has learned that the blue sky International Cultural Industry Group is involved in domestic earlier beautiful one of the cultural industry in China organized a number of well-known brand beauty pageant event Fake Watches| Watch Brand| Designer Watch| Cool Watches| Buy Watch| Copy Watches| Sport Watches| Wrist Watches| is the beauty of China and the Asian culture industry leader, blue sky Mr. pageant event as the top representative figures, led by China's Army Corps in Europe, won the pageant's first world champion, the Chinese players to win in Europe, which is the first in China, Mr. Blue Sky is known as China's new election Godfather of the United States. Its players several times in the world-class beauty contests and competitions on the award-winning models. The Miss China selected 19-year-old, is a beautiful girl in Dalian, height 1.76cm, versatile, good at the piano, dance, clarinet and so on, by the end of 2008, she held in Shenzhen 10th World Miss Tourism 2008 International Competition in China Miss has won the election four awards on behalf of the Chinese at the World Championships.
Global Miss Tourism International contest in 1971 in the United States was founded in 2006 by the Blue Sky International Cultural Industry Group, first introduced in China, Baoding by the People's Stadium in Baoding success, when Ms. Wang of China as the world's fourth win in Frankfurt . In 2007 by the Sanya municipal government of Haikou Municipal People's Government and people in Haikou auditorium joint success of the event in 2008 successfully held in Shenzhen. Miss Tourism World contest has a long history, is the world's top tourist events, one of beauty, and Miss Tourism World's Cities, the International Miss Tourism and Miss Tourism famous worldwide, and called the world's top tourism pageant four matches.
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12/12/2008 - Gangjie year's runner-up Miss World candidates hope that the final performance (Figure)

Mrs Yang and a group of new friends to make the swimwear show, a significant aesthetic quality.
BEIJING, Dec. 10, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that this year's Miss Hong Kong runner-up Marian Jan 15, last month went to South Africa, to participate in this year's "Miss World" star auto scanner| auto star scanner| autoboss| launch 431| Electronic Cigarette| X431| X 431|campaign, the finals will be held on the 23rd of this month in Johannesburg, South Africa . A total of 112 to compete for the Miss World beauty throne.

Upon arrival, the arrangements for the beauty of the General Assembly to tour South Africa Attractions around, Mrs Yang most memorable of the General Assembly is scheduled trip to primeval forest, the jeep took them on a daily basis by their own dining room, and sometimes need to drive more than an hour, along the way Can see different animals, flowers and trees, and so on.

And dining areas, sometimes in a prairie, sometimes endless Peak, the scenery is beautiful, Jan Marian, I feel like the students to return to the times, and the students will have a picnic on the outskirts. The General Assembly also arranged for them to live every night in different rooms, each with different themes and characteristics, she also tried to live in a thatched cottage, she was unforgettable.
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12/12/2008 -

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