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14/1/2010 - God of War question

God of War question: God of War talent in the PVP aspects of the Yao, for example, anti-war play Master (of course, is just an example)? Master really is no way for high-end fighter. There are many skilled fighters stunned, silent, the body get rid of fixed effects. Therefore, their teammates (for example, hunters) in the target when there is no defense capability became a fierce fire. PVE it from the point of view, we have five people in the design of aion kinaha copy of a copy of the time with the team simply did not consider the tank will go to point to this talent (or so that they do not have to copy the body of the pitfalls and be a headache). We understand that in some exceptional circumstances it would be useful, but we feel this is not in any PVE situation the only choice. PvP in the anti-war This is a great middle of the span. Player's habit is to look at things in general from the extreme conditions. Yes, we allow anti-war engaged in PvP, and is likely to continue to allow them to take shelter. Weaken them because they are too strong, and not to let them into the waste. Can not make everyone on the WOW forums have the same opinion. I mean, those anti-war PvP, both sides are a little too impulsive members. The one hand, some people raised, or persist in emphasizing the prevention of war in the Guards in PvP, or at least difficult to deal with, while at other times, we have repeatedly posted, only to explain: those who cry anti-war non-stop PvP vulnerable people overly pessimistic. These arguments like those thieves, "but we should have a high damage", like even if they are DPS than the other members of the team than a 2000 feel nothing abnormal. Yes, you are playing PvP, you want to PvP, but can not fully become part of your world. If you just do not wow powerlevelinglike PvP anti-war, and worried about my Tank capacity has been weakened, then I can understand. But you should understand that I have the intention of those words. WOW was that contains both PvP and PvE aspects of the game. Not because you are not interested in one aspect of them, we would not go to take care of that aspect (and, again, we do not want to weaken the anti-war capacity to carry the blame). God of War weaken analysiswow power level let us first take a look at the skills of the god of war changes. Such a revision would weaken the ability of soldiers PvP Mody? There is no doubt, yes. We undermine the God of War because, in addition to coma and disarmed, limiting the effect of moving you to escape the scope of anti-war primary means of attack. But the contrary, in the possession of the fixed body, to interrupt, silence, and so control skills after the Anti-War With God of War can also be the Master the skills to get out of the ice-loop control, allowing fighters from all angles in a dominant position

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17/12/2009 - A lot of friends are in the above reply

This article I have been on my log inside, a lot of friends are in the above reply, today I put it on my 30 when he entered my will, "novice small German one, Nice to meet you." I am pleased to smile, superimpose him a few packets. I am 37, he was in the western wilderness, "the boss how this natural increase that?" I smiled and let him point a wild battle. I am 47, he was in the death of mine, "the boss Master grab my wand, crying." I laughed, Wow goldwith his brush in a flint. I am 61, he was in Gnomeregan, "Boss, the soldier not as good as you ah." I am proud to smile, mop of Gnomeregan. I am a hero of the mixed plates, he Gadgetzan, "the boss where to buy pet tiger riding ah? I want to ride." I unrestrained smile, told him after the mailing of 100 gold coins. I open up wasteland Karazhan, he was in the winter Fountain Valley, "Boss, this is a bear I do dishes, eat people." I am pleased to smile, every time before opening will eat a bunch of strange. When I open up wasteland karuur his knife Mineyama, jumping in front of me, "the boss brought me Wanba." I am helpless smile, saying that waiting for you 70 will take you. I have urgent AFK for a week, he was in Alterac Valley, "Boss, you see, and now I have a purple loaded!" I'm bitter smile, finished the main force is almost back. I can not afford to Karazhan group, he was in my regiment, the "boss, let's Where to play?" I'm speechless smile dissolved the association. I rest for a month, so Wow gold kaufeneverything is stabilized, then back to World of Warcraft to join my friend's will, began to 7:30 every day activities, 12-point dissolution of the day. My equipment upgrade very quickly, but the heart but very empty. The previous casual will be the shadow that always appear in my mind, aspire to? Miss? I do not know. Lu is my own election, no matter right or wrong, go on bar. After day event ended, tired I went back to furnace, received a few e-mail ready to roll off the line group of a sudden it was me. "Boss, I am!" "How are you?" "How not say that?" "Boss, you never have had an opportunity to increase the blood, let me add one plus it." At that moment, I knew what was called the Tears under rain.

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