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It is your stay are

02:45, 6/12/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

It is your stay are used alone, Wang Yuechan in this hostel does not focus on how to get along with everyone, nothing of the time to read, care to her friends relationship is also very dull. Always Wang Yuechan and Liu Zhao and usual stay in a hostel, other people will steal slipped out of a late night snack or doing other activities. She actually appears in here today, Liu Zhao felt weird.

Liu Zhao turned down the sound q eat are made Su Zhuo: "Wang Yuechan how to? Usually she will not take part in this is very likely not all light to be sternly criticized the activities? ”

Su Zhuo's home in this city, recent stomach there are bad not long ago, every day by parents forced to go home and eat bland food, also oversaw her noon, nearly suffocated her. Today finally recovered, returned to the dormitory. Now able to let go of eating, of course, have to eat a high, who is also her Wang Yuechan Wang Richan. Her vague answer: "How do I know, it seems to be spend Yan Yan met called to the bar in passing them along the way. What may I do light, bright you are really not be sensible sth Fast eats, Ah, the shrimp eat sth "

Liu Zhao silent turned his head and found Wang Yuechan were watching her and could not help but yizheng, rises a familiar feel. She hush yourself, your care friends not familiar at all? Was playing around the abnormal behaviour to the to see who all feel like the people in the game.Thermal paper Ladies shoes Wholesale corsets Wholesale corsets Wholesale sexy lingerie

Liu Zhao was lost amid

02:39, 6/12/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
Liu Zhao was lost amid hostel suddenly was vigorously to kick open the door, she trembled, originally I thought of was pulled back to reality, so she was almost falling from a Chair.

"Bright tonight sisters plan to collective escape late night snack, spend Yan Yan guest, are you going to? "Su Zhuote loud was to kick open the door at the same time came, it sound sweet greasy greasy" bright "is to let Liu Zhao vertical fine fair on the human body.

"Eh, Su Zhuo, evil don't you sick? Bright long bright short and does not understand people who thought we were gay. "Liu Zhao plaintive look back, maybe not shaking, in short, her eyes were shocked and the Soviet Union with burning a big jump.

"Wow, Liu Zhao what's wrong with you today, women and wave of resentment so strongly, is not in the game are you ' honey ' cursed? Or he was divorcing with you? "Su Zhuo said also exaggerated touched her face. Su Zhuo in play that called the dream game, so Liu Zhao and her ' husband ' relations, which is more familiar.

More serious than this! Liu Zhao unspoken criticism in the heart, not divorcing, his wife to turn white.

Liu Zhao without words, the opportunity to eat their own paws out of tender bean curd, and say "rubbish why do so many, not to do a late night snack, go. "And then took the lead in up and walked out.

Liu Zhao is not going to follow them out normally, but this time she's in a really bad mood, so we wanted to eat to vent their emotions, anyway, does not need her pockets.

Since this time have been access control, so they can from the dormitory building on the back wall of the dog holes drilled out, it is said that this was Su Zhuo masterpiece. Such a long time without being discovered that it exists, can really be a miracle.

Downstairs quietly, move to cover up the dog hole in the stone, both completely flummoxed through less than half of human dog holes.Mobile Repeater Cell phone amplifier Signal booster GPS Tracker GSM Repeater

To love children here

02:28, 6/12/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
To love children here newcomers a vest, a

Issued is uneasy because it is said that post here are second sinking ==

This article non-gossiping Mary Sue does not require spraying comments I will humbly accept

More slow probably hang even though that something must be indefinite but the end date so not ready to squat bobbin of the pit is still better than

Modern online game that is not what this article is the holographic entity operation Ah what a traditional keyboard online

This is a small white to the novel cannot accept small an unannotated Edition of a book can go out but don't say drastic words my heart is not very strong

I will not abandon this can be guaranteed even without people I will continue to read more

Like this article to be patient but please don't say landlord abandoned or something

And then they talk so much hope that we keep all there should be a quality so I write have a great time you have to have funmarine fender Rubber Fender GM TECH 2

Far in the future

04:33, 14/9/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
After entrance examination time is so tough, I so Miss Chi Jun recalls, not his not around, just when he left there for a second, my thoughts began. ­

My first time and he had a quarrel, he reported the same school as me, I do not want it? But I don't want to miss him. ­

Far in the future, I know he loves me, but I just don't know how far. ­

I was so stubborn, but weak. ­

Mo Xiaoyou school quite near my dorm, he every day I, hand carried my favorite pears, I sometimes asked why Mo Xiaoyou knows I love pears, feeling he only said. ­

Every night I would look at Chi Junyi Daze in the direction of the city, I would be in that direction and Chi Junyi phone, I will tell him that I may miss him, he will also speak would like to see me. ­

Mo Xiaoyou will do same things for me everyday, I indulge in novels he would help buy me dinner. Flat season he will buy many art and landscapes to decorating the quarters I alone. And then carrying his sketchpad left. I would say, small, in order to reward you, I give you do what you love to eat egg fried rice. He would say, as long as salt can you put a little, you'd better eat egg fried rice must be. ­

Mo Xiaoyou will tell me some relaxation and the three of us to childhood, and then said I was the domineering, ordered him to let him help me and to Shu to buy ice lolly, always made him while playing a game "thief" sth be used

My brain is so dull, those happy memories, like I lost in the fog, are so fuzzy, strange like that. ­ Mobile Repeater Cell phone amplifier Signal booster GPS Tracker GSM Repeater

School of physical culture week went

04:32, 14/9/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
That day sitting alone near the River, watching the distant villages. Mo Xiaoyou holding a rose come sit beside me said to me: I know a girl, her name is Xiao Yu, has the world's most beautiful smile, soft voice. Look at this strange boy, I just a hint of said that she must be very happy! Mo Xiaoyou looking far away, quietly said: I have been waiting for her return. ­

Original Mo Xiaoyou relaxation and sister's cousin is next door to, only that part of my childhood memories, some fuzzy to me. Plus nine years old high fever so I almost lost all previous memory. I vaguely remember that every time the weekend and to the Shu side, there will always be a boy, maybe he now! ­

The precious I is not preserved, because the high fever, childhood to me, is so strange. ­

Heartache when he rose to my Palm, this is the first I received a rose. ­


Three used

School of physical culture week went, Chi Junyi was engaged in his exclusive band performances, different band is the school band consisting of several music lovers, recalling Chi Jun is the lead singer. In fact, sometimes they are contradictory, delighted Chi Jun Yi is a member of a different band, but have said fears in mind, like his girl is so much, I fear that one day I might be his passing. I love me some random thoughts on Chi Jun recalls that not only a man? I'm worried about those? ­

Three-day cultural week is over, in celebration of the award-winning student at the party, I saw Mo Xiaoyou, begin and his Exchange, he had two paintings took the first prize, heard him say he likes drawing, prepared to study art. ­

Year our high! Girlfriend that night I asked Mo Xiaoyou him? He said that the rain is very good, but she had not been at his side, I can only use the lovestruck man describes him, because awareness Chi Jun Yi Mo Xiaoyou, Chi Junyi said Mo Xiaoyou has been in love with rain, time is so long, long enough to speak from his childhood. I can't help but nestled in Chi Jun recalls spoiled child in her arms as asked, you would like Mo Xiaoyou do? He would say, fool, I love your life does not change. ­ Mobile Repeater Cell phone amplifier Signal booster GPS Tracker GSM Repeater

Ye Qing likes the quiet in the library

04:28, 14/9/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
The man, the memories, missed, does it really go back up? Who that silent, if words cannot change anything, it does not say anything, look at all in silence. ­

"Two people, one world" used

Ye Qing likes the quiet in the library, will themselves in or sad or happy world of fairy tales. Like floating flower of the season, has left her Mo Xiaoyou. ­

She is childish and Mo Xiaoyou playing rock, paper, scissors, fabric, each silly little Woo was lost. ­

Mo Xiaoyou is a fool so he will so many years only like a girl named rain. ­

So who is not stupid? In this age of bustling, so long as Ye Qing and Mo Xiaoyou loved one! ­

Keep going, and finally know, one of the two men are brave! ­



"On distant memory, who is more than you love me" used

I know always, love warm, only Chi Jun Yi can all give me. ­

And Chi Jun Yi began, was in high school in the spring. The English corner, where different flower diffuse, good aroma smells good. ­

Rosy clouds sky that evening, Chi Jun recalled me at English corner, remember that night is a cold wind, spoken English corner Exchange there are few I and Chi Jun recalls that quiet sitting in the corner. Chi Junyi has been very disturbing to use grass next to the hand to take in hand, to release their tension. I said, Chi Jun recalls are you like me? Chi Junyi Zheng, smiled and said, yeah, from junior high school just like you, has been a long time. Handsome boys is in front of the Sun, I promised him. Because I have always liked him, long ago. ­

The season is destined to be happy. After I became Chi Jun recalls bicycles carrying a happily ever after. Face gently against the Chi Jun recalls that on the back was, was so warm, as if I have the whole world! ­ Mobile Repeater Cell phone amplifier Signal booster GPS Tracker GSM Repeater

High-fashion photo board cover repair a funny face decorated sportsman Variety

08:30, 4/7/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

LOS ANGELES 16, first issue of "HIGH CUT" shape according to the high repair turned dark role in Hong Kong, like other comedians, the perfect interpretation of the role of both sincere and very slippery. Cigarette dangling from his dark frown of Hong Kong's role, tossed tie funny funny interpretation POSE instinct. Day, high repair for a total of 8 sets of clothes, all are all perfect interpretation.

High repair movie "Heights War" released soon. In the play as the actual leader Kim Soo-Hyuk corner, and Shin Ha-Jun, Gao Xi, Jin Yubin acting. July 21 release of "battle ground" is the Ministry of the total production cost over 10 billion won a war film. Gao Xiu said in an interview, shot in the right thigh had been injured, but also in the January snow to jump into the sea when shooting. He said: "It's like training for the Army went to the feeling. And between the actors filming with a comrade-like friendship."

Kim Hyun Joong broke the news to 30-year-old married sister fans want to get married soon

08:29, 4/7/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

International Online reported on June 20 to Kim Hyun Joong, "To my sister a letter fans," led to bursts of laughter. Two sets of KBS variety show "broadcast entertainment industry," broadcast recently issued 18 single "Break Down" of Kim Hyun Joong's "Guerrilla Date" (generally refers to the artists interviewed in the street in the form of walking, so often large group of fans to follow) programs. Since a large number of fans to witness the elegance and Kim Hyun Joong rush the scene, near Hongik University, paralyzed traffic instantly. It is in this year's "Guerrilla Date" involved the largest number ever.

In the ensuing interview, Kim Hyun Joong on marriage issues, said: "I ​​plan to get married before the age of 30, but now it seems impossible, I thought I would live like adults, but as time goes on, I found that with the gap between adults and farther. "Moreover, he had" sent a letter to her sister fans ", said:" Many fans said to my sister and I got married, I hope they met a good man early child marriage. see my sister very fans the pregnant look at my concerts, I am most happy. "triggered the scene laugh.

Han Zheng Liyuan suspected cosmetic failure old "Smile Queen" change Thriller

08:28, 4/7/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

Zheng Liyuan expression becomes stiff.

BEIJING, June 20, according to Taiwan's "News Today" news, South Korean actress Zheng Liyuan as filming TV drama "My Lovely Sam-Soon 'reputation rose, sweet smile, also won the" Smile Queen "reputation, but since his debut plastic suspicions continued, sharp-eyed netizens recently been discovered and face, but almost always see the cheekbones with towering eyebrows, so she always looks frightened, fans also have this crash.

"Smile Queen" Zheng Liyuan smiled up because of the mouth and deep dimples as personal characteristics, but has less and less angular face, lining of suspected orbital repair two right, let her charm seems very strange, accused of the more the more ugly the whole, fans of horror on her face is also very crash.

High temperature and drought-induced disaster in Guangxi pine moth outbreaks of severe localized disasters

08:42, 29/3/2010 .. 2 comments .. Link

High temperature and drought-induced disaster in Guangxi pine moth outbreaks of severe localized disasters


Reporter March 25 learned from the Guangxi Meteorological Disaster Mitigation Institute, the Institute has joined hands with Guangxi Senfang station pre-measured forest pest found that, as of mid-March, the whole pine caterpillars (including Dasychira moth) occurred an area of 40.60 mu , an increase of one-fold. Among them, the region has reached an area of serious harm Dendrolimus 3.53 million mu, is 7.6 times the same period last year. Dendrolimus in our region in central and western regions Nanning, Baise, Chongzuo outbreak disaster, Nanning City, is the hardest hit place pine moth. Specifically, the South 100 freeway Longan, Pingguo Duan, Gui Liu Binyang County highway bridge, Lo Wei, Kom Tong Hall section of Hengxian school chairs, Tao Wei, six scenery, tong, Town and other towns as well as the Nanning airport highway seven segment slope forest and other places, have experienced more serious disaster.

Encroachment in the pine moth, the pine needles have been eaten, as if burned too general, the bare one. Pine seriously affected, the reduced growth of timber, resin cut or crops, "sick" too powerful pine will be dead. More frightening is that the current GUI, the Guinan region is close to 5 ~ 6 Dendrolimus age old mature larvae, in addition to severely affected forest areas due to starvation or early part of the larval cocoon, these "prime" has entered the pine moth feeding against peak.

High temperature and drought make it easy for the winter pests

Why will this year's outbreak of pine moth disaster? Relevant experts say, due to early February this year, most of the cities and counties in Guangxi, there has been a continuous hot dry weather is conducive to pest growth, natural mortality rate is low, easy spreading and outbreaks disaster. In addition, high temperatures and drought also resulted in trees in early spring growth of weak, low capacity insect resistance. In addition, the pine moth also has a 4 to 5 years of periodic outbreaks of the characteristics of our region since 2006 after the occurrence of a larger scale in recent years has been at a low level, after several years of accumulated Chongkou base for an outbreak of creating a comprehensive conditions. Professionals also analyzed in recent years due to lack of funds, Guangxi is not a large-scale aircraft control, manual control for the remote mountainous areas, roads, woodland poor hard place, leading to population density in these areas a gradual increase in the formation of insect source to the spreading and the outbreak of disaster.

According to meteorological department forecast 3 April was slightly lower than normal temperatures except Kuei Tung, rainfall into the high side 1 ~ 2, the remaining average temperature in most areas is still high by 1 to 3 into the rain. This weather is still suitable for the occurrence of pine caterpillars. After the end of March, with the activities of wintering larvae, the disaster may gradually appear, especially the northeast of Guangxi entire state, Xingan counties, long-term effects of drought, high temperature, the possibility of significant local or regional disaster. According to projections, the first half of this year, Guangxi pine moth area will occur more than 50 million mu, an area of the whole year will reach 80 million mu occurred around disaster area will exceed 10 million mu.

Forestry departments are carrying out combat operations

Meteorology and forestry union, is a forest pest forecast and new ideas. In the State Forestry Administration and China Meteorological Administration, under the framework of cooperation, Guangxi, Guangxi Senfang meteorological stations in disaster mitigation has been carried out two forecasting products and services. Although the results of this forecast is not optimistic, but the forecast is for prevention and treatment.

As early as last October, the two sides to cooperate when pest forecast and found that the trend occurred in large pine moth, local disaster seriously. Now, Guangxi has produced 150,000 kilograms of Beauveria bassiana to fight against the pine caterpillars. The Guangxi homegrown bio-pesticides, will be able to control affected pine about 60 mu. Now is the spray of Beauveria bassiana, a good time to kill pine moth, at all levels of the forestry sector is also being carried out combat operations, in order to prevent disaster from spreading.

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