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9/1/2010 - Faith in wow game - wow gold

The beginning of the journey in wow, each gladiator comes from the low lever to high lever, each gladiator does his best todo more practice to be perfect. Each Gladiator has heard the words. Maybe some people think that that's all nonsense, actually, i just want to tell you that these words, gladiator is the same asAnd Do You Want Buy WoW Gold? us, is also only a regular player, do not think Gladiator has many special talent than us, and he has the best technology, perfect equipments, in fact, if we can identify ourselves, anyone can become a gladiator. If even you do not believe you can be a gladiator, but also who is expected to do?Article wrote by get13th From Wow Gold, I ever had a experience, one of my friends ask me to help him paly the game, I do not want to play the game, as I think I will fail in the game, however, He insisted that I play the game instesding of him, and he said I will be a good gladiator, when I encountered such a situation, I have no choice to do, only paly the game with the trust of friend. They told me, I believed you are a gladiator. at last I become a gladiator naturally, which is just faith in wow game. Talk so much, in fact, the experience has verified that want to tell you, we And Do You Want Buy WoW Gold?should know our own position, choose teammates carefully, which will help we finish the tasks more efficiently. Build our own team, we should have had this understanding: we are captain and we are a coach, the team is ours, let teams bring our success, you have to point the way for the team. I often say to teammatesthat in the field, unless I do not give orders, as long as I have said, you have to do as I said. Even the fire pit, you have to jump then ask me the reason. A team shuold be with a clear command, if not,it is very difficult to achieve the pace of reunification. this is the power Des clients aiment non seulement la qualit mais aussi Wow Gold en solde.of faith in wow game. Though playing the wow game, we can recognize the faith is very important, such as understanding, persistence, confidence, all in all, we should have the faith to acheive the appointment in wow game, faith in wow game is aimed to get more wow gold. Do You Need To Read Related Articles ? WOW GOLD168 WOW GOLD107 WOW GOLD61 WOW GOLD60 WOW GOLD80
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1/1/1970 - A few issues that common forge gives morbid of 70 class size

My SM trumpet drilled eventually 61 class, and was used be less than time of a month, sensory comparing drills at first which ZS when a lot of more relaxed. Drill ZS spent time of 2 many months to 60 multistage at first. And come all the time, the maintenance that online time still stabilizes my game is in everyday 3 control to 4 hours. It is OK to there is good-sized area now of course very big accelerate the rate that upgrade, but this also is a respect only, doing the efficiency that the task achieves to enhance ability greatly than before is to want an element only. Recursive subject: The person of 60 multistage has had the which trumpet consortium that I am in very much, then group a forge team, but structure of member of consortium of your young scrutiny can discover, the member of 60 multistage is admittedly much, but neither one can fight strange occupation, can look for T from outside only then. Differ meeting, DZ of the 63 class in the team says he has found T, it is a 70 class QS. Hear 70 class QS agrees to take us to go forge, the heart thinks that affirmation is relaxed all the more, originally I foreign lands with treating the identity to fall for the first time FB still becomes aware have pressure, was at ease directly now. QS takes a line, I saw next equipment, be firm the QS of environmental protection chasten of 70 graduation. What we fall is common forge, and after still be being weakened, additionally he has level to be over there, other equipment, endowment is negligible. In 70 class big QS guide this next small SM, and small DZ, small FS, small QS entered forge this. Coming up is A for certain blame, is the belt of 70 class controlled even do not let person laugh drop front tooth? Original is 2 are blamed one case, eldest brother of 70 class QS calls me to treat him together with QS, I am received at that time those who become aware is redundant, think one individual therapy is completely enough, then I am to be in as far as possible of output. When only 2 are blamed, 70 class eldest brother has the appearance that lets small rabbi OT, nevertheless we were not cared about, 70QS did not pull strange reason carefully to cause think. A little while, go to a few the belt is impish groups that strange over there, 110SS is ambulating back and forth quite, QS eldest brother is plunged into directly into push quite in chopped, and just running quickly one is being chopped quite, downright treat with indifference is impish the attack to him. Very fast 110SS also discovered him, and alarmed other a few groups of belts are blamed impishly, QS eldest brother is very fast by impish Ko, destroy team...QS eldest brother begins to complain we have two cure to be in charge of bad he, I did not say what more, after all family 70 is to take us. After this, he is pulled quite basic was to lose dedication, aim at to be chopped quite madly next, also do not answer pull, a few ADD, still ignoring those long-range laws right-down every time is strange, especially impish the attack to him. Because a few leave him further quite, his consecratory and ultimate effect does not arrive, the comparison that we treat again is painstaking, treat OT a lot of times actually, next of 2 cure hanged, along with destroy again...After destroying 3 times, also did not kill old 1, I see no less than going to really, say to him: "Although we need not be controlled,kill, but with us the ability of the team can pull a group to blame only, and you want be pulled quite, control good animosity not to let hit us quite. Control good animosity not to let hit us quite.. Who knows his answer is however: "I was pulled, I am being hit all the time blame. I am being hit all the time blame.. I say: "You are to be being hit strange, but you however never switch target. And you always are plunged into bring into strange caboodle one large quantities of, had you fallen to foreign lands FB? Had you fallen to foreign lands FB?? At this moment QS eldest brother gave me one lets me very the answer of thunder: "Foreign lands I issue FB rarely, on the earth nevertheless I had issued a lot of, and I look take me to issue these this the sousaphone is pull a big to blame! Why do I pull to be hanged? Why do I pull to be hanged?? Look, I am dumb the mouth is not had language, look this player is a snack player that is risen by good-sized belt, it is to do not have any experience to FB. Think forge is old the bomb of those one technician after, and old 2 in front a few that when put from bagnio are strange, what we may destroy is more miserable, then I offer on the spot dismisses authority, do not have those who think of me to offer everybody very approve of, the travel with respect to such forge ends ahead of schedule! After doomsday echo is updated, online number compares our area it seems that a lot of more in the past, and majority is 3 those who swarm into is new player of a batch of introductions. Server now and then the case queueing up that begins to appear to just that will attend a meeting an area this year in April again actually, the amount that visible new player swarms into is absent a few! Look like this to approve a player very loving and good-sized belt brushs FB. See only consortium of a lot of trumpet is built, the belt with their compulsory majority is worn trumpet is brushed removed small FB, additionally a lot of major take brushed FS, QS also is unripe enthusiasm grand. Doomsday echo is fast nowadays in January, newcome player is very much for a short while with respect to 70 graduation, this also happened subsequently and the problem that come, for instance we leave the question of forge. At the outset we this batch of 2.4 players after, basic very good already blend in WOW, hope this batch of 3 players after can resemble us this batch of 2.4 people after are same, as soon as possible the big family that holds WOW comes, cast off snack to upgrade as far as possible the negative effect that means brings. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - The manner that BLZ balances to arena and PVP, a few profession is fluctuant

The outbreak in arena is harmed(we) special of the should be all-around trial team to battle ability that agrees with arena. But we also were heard enough come from more at those full tenacity players complain, pure harm is not so useful in arena. Accordingly, all professions hope to have control, oppose control, have the difference between method fill profession, method interrupts silent perhaps and so on. The value instead that harms itself was reduced. Even if you also can see players now very be happy to see the match of arena need not be hit easily on 20 minutes. Arena is right now perhaps the speed of the second really too fast, nevertheless we still think control skill and the La Ye that use up cure are the foundation of this game. We think we can find the balance place of arena, and won't more difficult than what everybody imagines. Tenacity and erupt harmWanting the balance that searchs arena to nod is a very hard work, this depends on greatly what you play is what profession. Occasionally the player cannot prevent the cure of adversary to make the battle procrastinates to spend war thereby, hit a long time not the dead. Output profession may feel oneself very failure lays a certain person all the time namely because of them (or refuse hit natural gift) did not bring significant result however. And the circumstance is antipodal now, you can very fast it solve a person and treat a likelihood to who trouble to add blood even is better to solve a person and treat a likelihood to who trouble to add blood even. Tenacity can bring a change. Should remember PVP is installed not only have tenacity, and the output that PVP holds is compared under not tall, you not only can fight more hit, the assault force of adversary also decreases somewhat. In addition, after passing a few seconds crucial alive when you, the pattern of the battle can change afresh again. Whether can tenacity bring such change? This also is the issue that we are considering now. If you noticed the PVP of WLK equips you can discover these equipment are in tenacity gave more equipment grade on this attribute. In the past you can pass PVP outfit to get tall tenacity and tall harm at the same time, but this conference is very difficult in light of now. If bandits wears a lot of PVE to go after harm so is what can he change exceedingly fragile (the be over of 4+4 times? ) . Of course this is not to say to because PVP outfit is far still,be done not have now gain ground. Change when everybody more fight the person that PVE equipment relies on to have a meal when hitting to will have very large inferior position. (the weapon is an exception, it is for now at least such)I still should reiterate we did not say present erupt harm is not quite tall, we just continue to observing. Of arena and skill measureWe and very much player are same very have deep love for arena. But we do not like players to always be professional balance demarcate inside a so little scope. Final, we hope the key of PVP is met in a way to battlefield even world PVP is stood by. We think battlefield compares arena more press close to is demoniac the gut of animal world (BLVS LM) . The technology that arena photograph is its can better test player to the largest dominant position at battlefield assures us to be able to supply best equipment to those best players thereby. And the award of battlefield is opposite for be about many of in a popular style. Our in a planned way changes this kind of condition. We do not hope to want to change those arena players accordingly play a way, we just hope to be able to let other player can highest grade of more opportunity bring into contact with equip. The different and affirmative meeting between the profession produces an effect to the expression of arena. At the same time this kind of difference also is met very big to final tactical generation impact. It is informal that we think to want to let the cost that 3 professions can form powerful group is too big. Not be to say certain profession abandons bavin namely here, nevertheless you should be clear that your combination should have minimum characteristic and advantage. You feel to have in a lopsided game reallyAny " technology " but character? I think we still feel this game has a technology very much. you think so much horn fighter is as it happens only anthology was opposite the profession perhaps relies on what luck obtains this build to hold purely. The team of the wicked law herd that for instance we let 2 equipment are same is right battle, I do not feel victory or defeat is certain is half-and-half leave, if among them the word that covey is world first team, so ending just is ground additionally to press namely. This is " technology " . Control technical abilityControl is not a bad idea. And harm also is not. We devised so much harm mastery of a skill or technique, but some players still think unadvisedly they must skilled go let cure shut up. I am not to talking about S5 or S2-S4. I just say generally speaking, should meet in the battle of arena appear a lot of element, for instance: Control, cure, silent, blackart is used up or pure DPS dies one person. Endowment is formedWe always cherish specific idea when design endowment is cultivated. Our can corresponding endowment strategy will adjust the setting that endowment cultivates appropriately. Theory comes up say the player can be rarely on connate choice beyond our expect. Nodded a lot of bits of chasten than riding like a grandma but still can mix divine same grandma, or an element SM ordered a lot of a lot natural gift. . I just say theoretic player won't let our unexpected, but be not in fact such. The team of arena matchsLook in me what the team matchs a system to do is first-rate, it can make you encounter the adversary with your technology close. With you the adversary of technical close raised the possibility of your play away to battle. It won't make those tall play only support to reap dish bird to advance all the way, make powerful group and powerful group right touch those who will assure horny fighter honor to contain Troy however. What I want to say is to have some of proud player they are very relaxed finished the task and carbon, become them next PVP of fight in some places one by one when what they are defeated is very miserable. This is a completely different experience, mentally comes to those who say this influence exceeded their itself to anticipate. (if you are tall,play of course or you do not hit PVE so this impact will be little much)Professional balance and player feedbackThe thing on the data that should collect us and forum is done truer is difficult. The player has enough time to jump out to say " XX profession is BUG " , but basically make when us there can be a flock of people to come out to say again when adjusting " this NERF is too big " . I have those who see great majority the player can say this NERF or can be accepted rarely. Depend on the test of ourselves and we are met is not pair of gush on forum more. Of course, because different data always appears continuously on forum, we also can depend detect afresh whether is our data belonged to solid. What some should point out is a player between experiencing is different. The data that we collect more time is to come from at pair of battle between Gao Wanzhi. For instance the hunter needs the profession of the operation this quite, your fighting capacity may differ because of your technology very far. (the original intention that this is BLZ, hunter friend does not want gush I)What what I want to say is WOW not be a simple game, the result that a certain skill of BUFF brings 10% times may be far more than 10% so simple. The profession altersWild D tank: We won't be met because of wild D revive and have penalty to its TANK ability. I respecting wild D can have done different business recently and in this process his a lot of skill do not repeat with other TANK professions. Accordingly we won't give ursine TANK more technical ability again. We do not hope small D photograph has the advantage on more skill to other TANK. Renascent likelihood is in your skill book or movement on, calculating it is not skill of a TANK. Different profession can have different capacity, we hope this is planted the occurrence of the circumstance. We hope 4 professions can do MT. We had neared this end very much, but how can when we must want to consider a thing to appear in a suit, change. Hunter: The influence pet with chivalric can correct BUFF. Priest: Of dark herd abreaction possible meeting is adjusted. Magician: We are discussing with diabolical law blast the effect that will do away with limitation to act. Soldier: Addiction wrings predestined relationship of of of Rui Jun of of of Kang Mou to skip O T when do not go to responsibility quite on the weapon. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - One the individual's server

Did not think of an accident opportunity, let me experience one the individual's server. In the angry day that awaits witch bewitching king, some busying strong reputation, some busy moves become success, of experienced trumpet more be absent a few. And I, do not know what to should do really, prestige, achievement is right for me, attract not quite, leisure time also browses new material piece all sorts of information, understand new major, new mastery of a skill or technique and recipe, there is a basic idea first in cerebrum. When seeing alchemic particular welfare, his mind disturbed a bit. This welfare is: If you are drunk mixture or yourself can make drug, so duration is double (drug becomes 2 hours by 1 hour, mixture becomes 4 hours by 2 hours) , at the same time the effect also increases somewhat. And can make liquid medicine of the supernatural power that drinks inside arena for oneself, life, this can be only the prerogative of personage of refine gold major oh. Really good, if have a number,be off-the-peg refine gold good. Want to go presumably, I still have date of female SS of a the soul of a deceased person is off-the-peg refine gold really, nevertheless 2 do not play many years, grade stays in 60 class. That date is in quicksand mallet, leave at that time over there the reason is very simple, BL person is too little, take quickly into ghost, the thing does not sell on valence, the carbon below the group calls insufficient person 2 hours. Actually, I still like to play SS very much, and I the old name that this SS date is inchoate Aizelasi, that calls root of a ~~ Zheng Miaogong. Oneself do the scared horse job of SS step by step, still have all at that time task of multifarious and laggard a few doors, include Hei Long MM, the heart of frit fire, hei Yi, had done. Flat turn this date come over to play. Say to do do, I go up first see this dusty SS sign, the person that takes quicksand is little, experienced class moment nobody is grabbed strange, can drill one paragraph turns again first come over. SS date stops before the bank mailbox of abstruse city, go up the announcement that the line grows a row to cannot find a part namely, estimation is to turn took, in improving a plan because of 4 areas, quicksand mallet amid, see government-owned net say to will be taken quicksand in December last be about to arrive entirely additional of a server. I examined the major of this part and equipment, refine gold and tailor 300, t1, T2 returns those who have remains, ZG to mix outfit, this is in at that time can be more popular actor's costumes, ah. For a short while, once belonged to the mind on the memory Dou Chong of SS. . . On vast snow-field, the person that bony female the soul of a deceased person is accompanying empty sky to go goes alone, cloak furls, splatter Xue Chen is abreaction. Find call to sit riding pushbutton, in a glow, scared steed absolutely dirt and go. Will to umbra breach be in the professional skill that learns SS, those new mastery of a skill or technique that TBC adds newly later I am trashy over- . When ordering natural gift, I gave painful department 51 a little bit. Because write down the anguish that when getting experienced before degree, chooses, save quite blue, singles is very fast also. Increased endowment, I remember suddenly embed vulture article even. Riding a horse, I go straight towards auction travel continuously. Choose vulture language, find magician, click a search, strange, show did not find article. Can be my dot fault, I close auction window, open afresh, choose again, search, still show did not find article. I stayed quite a while, cancel article category, search all article directly, show before me, still did not find article unexpectedly. , has this server done not have a person? My this ability remembers, from me the line begins, had not encountered a person. Disease runs go out, ride mount a horse, I turned in the abstruse city with big Nuo circuit, besides the NPC with individual mobile machinery, everywhere a deathly stillness. . . I am in trade cry in channel: "Somebody? "Somebody?? Did not reply. I group group cries: "Is somebody in? "Is somebody in?? Those who answer me still is a deathly stillness. Abruptly, I feel a cold desire. Kind of dreariness and sadness had wided slowly my heart, bustling town, beautiful day, all these is so visional nowadays. "After a lot of years, I stand in the coast of stone of erect swim of a refine, look out sea, look out my kingdom, look out submits oneself to the rule of at me child civilian, what world of look out every rises and fall is blatant, the graupel snowbird of look out sky, burst into tears. " (" unreal city " )A kind of inarticulate feels, if you do not have all alone station to be in that as before in flourishing world, won't experience the sort of feeling. Played game, net of the official on me consults the news that 4 areas take, took time to lengthen so, remembering looking previously will be December many 20 are about to shut quicksand the server of mallet, do not know what reason is lengthened again later on January 6. Because concern shuts a server, the player basically is before December 20 oneself were transferred first, the player that did not turn estimates even if N is long the dead number that does not attend, the ghost that be worthy of the name is in present server is taken, remnant I am one. Understood a reason, I feel amused to rise gradually, before January 6, quicksand mallet will have my player only, this is how interesting thing. Do not have a person to disturb, grab without the person strange, estimation does not have even the enemy. Although cannot issue carbon, do business, but the efficiency of experienced class how this are tall! Afternoon, went up game, as usual is preexistence cry in chatting channel: "Somebody? "Somebody?? Believe firmly after doing not have echo, I from tongue way: "Nobody. "Nobody.. Ah, amused. Hurrying off to before foreigning lands, I run to barber shop, rectified 3 towering small plait, very pleased with oneself hopes to look at his new form, of really enough Lei Ren. Not, most thunder pours him, which have an audience to look. Without giving thought to, oneself garden, I want how to be done how to do! C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - The Sa of 3.0.5 version is full - demon Wu Shuangxiu

Be in " demon animal world " newest 3.0.5 version " the echo of doomsday " in, the player is OK experience of have a taste of what is just in season is brand-new all sorts of 80 class endowment. Full to Sa for, brand-new 80 class endowment is in showed level to bring fresh free pleasure: The affiliation that restores to fasten torrent satisfied Sa to lack what treat a method continuously to complain for years completely read aloud. The element fastens lightning catenary of cooling time shorten and the affiliation that blaze shake attacks, changing yuan of Susaman 4 arrows one catenary is inherent output mode while, increased the output capacity of oneself greatly. Enhance the affiliation of department lava bash and eddy weapon, make Sa full the firm role of Wu Shuangxiu of the demon in be close to traditional figure more. The element isElemental oath: Your magic arts explodes attack make beside you 100 maniple inside or group member obtain radius oath effect of the element, magic arts explodes attack odds to rise 5% , continuously 15 seconds. At 2 o'clock endowment, if it were not for equips or the elemental Sa with too poor moral quality is full, can regard this effect as completely the buildup of permanent the effect. Not only law faculty harm outputs a profession, it is divine knight, OK to restore the remedial profession such as Sa be benefited from which, and its cover range is 100, those who change character is OK implementation full-court is indiscriminate enhance the result, all in all endowment, go out surely! Astral group is changed: After you are affected by insensible, fear or silent effect, you enter astral group face, in insensible, scared or silent during all harm that get are reduced 30% . At 3 o'clock endowment, be in completely considering elemental Sa of PVP domain low live force, this endowment appreciably promoted our viability. The effect, excel a little without. . . Day angry totem: Beside the person that use a method value of a life is call the day angry totem 5 o'clock, last 5 minutes. This totem can make all round the magic arts intensity of the maniple inside 40 limits and group member raises radius 100 a little bit, explode attack odds to rise 3% . At 1 o'clock endowment, 3 explode 3 hit the target became 3 explode 140 laws injury, current edition tells distinction originally not quite, be times of SW of the whole people anyway. But when will facing the Raid copy that provides challenge sex more henceforth, the might that this alters will appear gradually, completely round after all out of the void out of thin air became much 140 laws injury is not sportive. Storm, earth and blaze: Make the cooling time of your lightning catenary shortens 2.5 seconds, the cannon-shot that earth shake attacks lengthens 5, the abidance that intense blaze shake attacks harms a quantity to rise 50% . At 5 o'clock endowment, the harm with the elemental full Sa that rises greatly outputs ability, subsequently and those who come is to outputted a loop to produce major change. In the meantime, as a result of the occurrence of this endowment, elemental Sa also dropped greatly to express demand completely, traditional law injury and law explode for the first requirement with elemental full Sa. Thunderbolt storm: The thunderbolt that your call falls from the day together is your perfusion energy, atttack all round radius all enemies inside 10 limits. You recover the supernatural power cost of 5% , all enemies that are atttacked get 566 be harmed to 644 bits of nature and be repelled 20. At 1 o'clock endowment, see bigger effect depend on PVP domain at present. As to PVE respect, above all many kinds answering blue method nature actively is good. Next, in certain and specific hour (for example seamount is small blame group of out of control cruel go) , the storm shock that helps wind with a exterior leaves group strange, that vision effect also grabs an eye absolutely. Restore a departmentThe force of tide: Make your cure wave, sub treat wave and remedial catenary explode attack odds to rise 60% . Treat every time explode attack can make this explodes attack odds addition effect to reduce 20% . Continuously 20 seconds. At 1 o'clock endowment, its itself brought considerable magic art to explode, subsequently and will still water aegis is used up in order to increase a blue result, mean the Raid Central Africa in future to often agree with the circumstance with certain treatment great strength. Say simply, can regard its as one does not take up communal cooling time, of 3 minutes of cooling time act the role of freely article. Purify the soul: Purify the soul of a friendly square target, move to mix 1 to curse the effect except effect of a toxic effect, a disease. At 1 o'clock endowment, it doesn't matter can say, the tank car of Sa full edition, should work later much. . . First ancestor anabiosis: The remedial wave that becomes you, sub cure wave or lotic generation explode when striking the effect, zu Zhihun can appear and one helps you first, it is instantly all round the friendly square target of lowest of value of the life inside 40 limits or group member treat radius, this remedial capacity is equivalent to generation exploding 30% of the remedial wave that hits the effect or sub cure wave. At 3 o'clock endowment, our Sa also has baby completely, still be intelligent edition, and do not suffer harm not to take control, work to take money more little. Want to get the BB of edition of this set limit to, you need to satisfy two requirements only: 1. Pile a law appropriately to explode. 2. The cure that joins you circulates and try remedial wave and sub cure wave to be used to, next, pray. . . Surfy: After your discharge treats catenary or torrent, your odds that treats wave or sub cure wave to have 100% the next time obtains the time that use a method to shorten the effect of 30% . Additional, the remedial addition effect that your remedial wave gets rises 20% , the remedial addition effect that your sub cure wave gets rises 10% . At 5 o'clock endowment, the storm that fastens with the element, earth and blaze are same, belong to real conference to change the endowment of inherent cure gimmick, had used you to be able to discover feel just like a fish in water, those who use is unaccustomed you can feel how so at odds, but as a whole, this is a meeting let restore Sa full the easier endowment that faces all sorts of complex situations. Lotic: For friendly square unit restores 639 be worth to 691 bits of life, continue to recover amount 500 a little bit inside 15 seconds life value. Be in 15 inside, you are direct to this target the next cure catenary of discharge will gobble up this to treat the effect continuously, the effect that makes treat catenary rises 25% . At 1 o'clock endowment, is Sa full people be to say to did not restore magic arts continuously all the time? Came now, complain read aloud an end. . . Enhance a departmentAggrandizement wind angry totem: The effect of quickness of fighting at close quarters that makes place of your wind angry totem is offerred rises 4% . At 2 o'clock endowment, farther aggrandizement originally very powerful fighting at close quarters assists wind angry totem action, with the wind that needs character anger comparing rises, this is more stable to the help of output. Aggrandizement storm is hit: The number of specially good effect that makes storm is hit increases 2 times, cooling time reduces 2 seconds. At 2 o'clock endowment, strengthened the storm that core position is in in enhancing Sa to output a loop completely to hit further, pledge with the aegis endowment sex that restores Sa Manjiang to change the earth similar, the natural gift that gives surely. Eddy weapon: After causing harm when weapon of your use fighting at close quarters, catenary of wave of blowout of catenary of your next lightning arrow, lightning, lava, sub cure, cure or remedial wave have certain odds (than grade 4 more effective) obtain the time that use a method to shorten 20% . Can overlay is most 5. The effect lasts 30 seconds. At 5 o'clock endowment, law injury flows enhance the beginning with full Sa, will enhance the equipment with full Sa to choose relative to Yu Lie's person word henceforth also more will clear. Haggard wolf fetch: 2 ghostliness wolves are call Sa full flamen fights, continuously 45 seconds at 1 o'clock endowment, sa begins to become completely have love, we got many new baby. For instance this, pull wind hit frame come or a little of good, go trying. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Classical combination whether revive? Tactics of knight of wicked herd Vs DK/

Leave surpass two weeks, very apparent knight / dead knight is current heroic profession, rabbi / after the hunter tightens therewith. Before WotLK is released I had said damage / preliminary thief is most most the medium estate of the balance, really current we were occupied on SK-100 about 11% . The harm after changing with vital part fighter when people Nakesamasi equips can become low, and people can get used to present match rhythm slowly. In what can foreknow I think bandits can be occupied in the future 10% the left and right sides. After be being weakened severally when DK/ knight, battle (art) / heart is in that way classical combination can be returned to afresh, additionally I also cannot see any umbra footsteps are met by the evidence of large-scale Buff. But the fascia that I still hope this skill can become us in a certain moment of WotLK. Be in what I face tall section to include art herd inside a lot of combination are very comprehensive, injure enemy is real too onefold, lack mobile capacity / viability lets us necessarily cannot the top of covet SK-100. Current, the knight of 49/0/22 is the best cure in 2v2 and 3v3 apparently very. Free hand can remove insensible and honest it is influence game balance, the hand of the holy aegis skill with very chief CD and protection is in the fast competition with such rhythm action is huge. Considering your Huang Zi harm compares harm of wrongly written or mispronounced character to want much, force blesses the DPS of promotion to want to be more than wind angry totem. Find any reason very hard to choose other treatment profession really now. (I can say wicked law rides herd of the law that compare a thief even a few stronger) even if be Realz the clerical teammate when Philadelphia gains the championship, toez is drilling knight. Although blizzard will be very fast,make completely to Sa a few alter, but I still change the guy with experienced full Sa for refuse Deluyi people feel regretful. Although the team of wicked law and so on also can eat off many combination, maintained oneself position, but they but unlike DPS/ cure can sit firmly euqally the first. If you do not know how to make the equipment of thief of injure of a standard,this also is / combination, I can recommend the reason that Boozt configures. He is hitting at present the most powerful bandits combines: Thief / divine knight and thief / DK/ divine knight. He has 500 tenacity probably now, courage failed at 2 o'clock, still wearing a battle Great Master, he is quite accordingly strong. What Boozt drills is a project. In addition he still is Europe it seems that there is very powerful success to lead in first-rate battlefield team. And other in former days bandits hero photograph is compared, he can get used to new change more than someone else, he fights in highest section, because, is not lopsided full of remorse. That we these not playing how does the person do to heroic occupational? In the past two I spent many time to hit inside week combine without occupational of those two heroes, kurosaki mulberry gave me what make classical combination to be inspired not less. (tell the truth nevertheless, if can get a pair of top class knights / the favour of DK, I do not know to still can continue to make present combination) yes, his PvE equipment is very strong, also be in and the best player in battlefield group fights together. Although such, wicked herd with 81% get the better of rate dozen on 2144 quite breathtaking still. 82% get the better of lead a wicked law herd to hit on 2120 also be such. Arrive from butyric gentleman the Emolol of DGFG, I see the bandits hero of herd of law of a lot of dozens of thieves cannot gain a success, nevertheless Kurosaki still is this classical combination to maintain lease of life. I have an opportunity that talks with Kurosaki today. I do not envisage Jasi to draw up in that way of harangue interview, when myself hits wicked herd, be in 1900 section are mixed by DK/ knight hunter / treat a team to hold off, I am so blunt talk about this topic with him. I also can ask some of question about wicked law herd later, but the behaves me impression that still is their thief herd is deeper. How do you use 1. knight of DK/ of wicked herd conquerSecond of staggering blow DK kills a knight, the priest should be used break up liberate you, also get auxiliary DPS knight. Use you quickly all control skill chain DK, hit the hubble-bubble of a knight, next dry ghoul, stick DK to let a priest get the chance that breath, in destroy a knight at a dash. The knight is 49/0/22 endowment commonly, if you break up fast word, break up very likely greatly can be successful. Kurosaki is very clear he the success of this kind of tactics depends on the best PvE in his dress game equips. Advanced in a few sports season, he is wearing PvP outfit all the time, what that moment wants hardship is much. PvE is easy now, we do not wear some of PvE outfit without any reason. He is very clear also the DK/ knight with perfect play can beat them easily, put on when the knight especially when a lot of tenacity equip. However, tall section has knight of so much dish bird DK/ namely, it is better team to also did not choose the most well-advised tactics. Wicked herd began to exist from S1, their tactics more high degree of professional proficiency. Be in enough when much elite DK/ knight appears, I think also will be the day that balance patch publishs. Do you use 2. wicked herd how conquer hunter / knight? Had not hit really, because hunter of the king of beasts is very fast can clerical fan the air blue. Nevertheless, because these team levels are finite,still be. If the priest can break up good knight, ko likely still before clerical sky is blue his. You need all blue use in the ability on chivalric body to get a chance. The priest of Kurosaki, wataf also is current the best priest in battlefield group. He has 826 tenacity now, double Dps rank meets if Kurosaki has been assisted already more than sufficient. 3. why are you compared other is the bandits that makes classical combination strong many? What is your successful hang? Kurosaki: I have the high level teammate that wearing best outfit, still have equipment of complete set PvE. I feel I am a team occasionally medium short board, because I am in a CD by the second. I just am accomplished as far as possible finally, do not pull everybody's hind leg. Actually, I want to see classical combination can weigh those TBC very much really shine green, I also believe a soldier / magician / priest / the actual strength that Deluyi can regain them very quickly. Tenacity of this need complete set equips, still have can get used to new environment, offer the teammate of enough support. What although Serennia Yours Excellency,DK plays is very marvellous, but I still think the contest below the line won the home mediumly 2009 will be those stand fast him occupational people. Blizzard had been in 3.0.8 in make a lot of altered. Come again occupational meets 9 patches be changed completely evenly. Keep him professional people, must remember: The knight is the Wang Zhe of one sports seasonBandits is when one sports season most delicate in healthEverything by blizzard decisionC ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - " demon animal world " heroic carbon drops violet lapidary general view

White stone of smooth fire of rainbow of Tartarean fire city wall + 11 cure + 4 laws are cruel (red or yellow) boast day chalcedony + 5 defence grade + answer blue at 2 o'clock / 5 seconds (Huang Huo is blue) firm chalcedony + 6 endurance + 5 tenacity (Huang Huo is blueC ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - From American constitution build look Blz is at present right wicked design

Looked to say the book that American history and his constitution build originally these days, a few basic ideas of the person that makes American constitution at the outset were said inside. As a whole, the president confronts in constitution restrict, in the final analysis uses influence do evil to prevent a president namely. Since a country needs a president, the function that should make presidential exercise normal so, must gift the president's very great power. And once the president has very great power, if the word of do evil, the harm that brings to social country is greater also. So how to prevent this one circumstance to appear as far as possible? The word below: When devising constitution, accomplish a president with respect to forethought on this seat is a hellion, so the constitution of set, come to the president consider according to a hellion, let him already can exercise is normal function, cannot use influence to jeopardize a society again, a lot of clauses come to set limitative president. Good, told the history, the thief that will see Blz design again this profession. Very regretful, advisability is mixed like the ancestor that Blz drafts American constitution at the outset as them foresight. So far, the thief is the profession that stems from where the wind and the waves are highest to suffer controversy all the time, if ask, most who is of Bug? Everybody replies: Chasten 7. Ask again next: Who is what think Nerf most? Most person should reply: Thief! (titter, perhaps among them be mingled with wears another kind of sound: Qian Qian. . . . ) why such? Thief professionalism and with, thief can lurk, if medium position is in in JJC and 1v1,decided a thief, so outdoors is strong profession, if advantage position is in in Jjc and 1v1, so outdoors is Bug profession. This kind of description is clearly, and 3 before, the thief is advantage profession in Jjc, so outdoors quarrelling sound. So what do this have to concern surely with American constitution legal system? Apparent, blz is inferior to their ancestor, their ancestor considers the president into a hellion, but Blz is only however with an average player, the mood that is player of a Pve even will see an enemy. The profession that such designs come out, to average person, of course it doesn't matter. But if be,one is fond of field Pvp, saying even is in order to disturb, homicide, destroy for happy player hand in, completely different. A player that is fond of field Pvp uses a thief, so the actual strength that depends on a thief, can the homicide of outdoors unbridled, if he still contains the idea with puny ride roughshod over, can make a person complete do not do the job so, trumpet cannot raise level. More important is, the other side does not have method completely to this, above all although Man Xielan, the success that also has had half extremely is led, can defend your body extremely next, next you seek a gang person, kill not dead traitor however, next carry of your dog excrement will kill a thief, also do not have a law to defend a body. These words are gibberish, I do not want to say originally, but it is argument must say, irritated. Halloo downstairs, such more than it is a thief, still have person of a legend, 3 elder brother. Regrettablly 3 elder brother are special case only, the rabbi that you S4 covers plays high, a few dare pat chest to say he can run to a group of people of same interest of advantage the other side feudal kill trumpet, and doesn't the other side catch you? Not say 3 years, hold to a chapel to be not defended namely body, also calculate not the world goes past master. And any thief, can accomplish this easily. Said so much, when BLZ is designing a profession namely, did not have so strong capacity considering the thief at all, if fall in to be fond of Pvp, homicide desire is met in strong player hand how, can cause what effect to game and other player. Blz does not guard the body regards as annoy, because they think this are solved very easily (above all you can try to revive secretly restore to be killed instead, also can call a person again) , regrettablly this do not have solution to current thief. In fact, it is to consider this before Blz, so he gave a thief 1v1 only the capacity that in comparing, leaves (before TBC) , the stylist that is later only does not have predecessor clever and with. If want to design a profession, be about to consider this profession to fall in all sorts of extreme player hands to be able to have what consequence above all, for instance enthusiastic Pvp lover, the Pve player with excellent technology (believe everybody is right the capacity of single person Aoe of Fs is not new, not bad in the past, only if the poem is picturesque the sort of Gao Wancai travel, there was the squall of 85% now, who is OK, pardonable should weaken) , is not to consider merely common, average player, cannot answer all sorts of states so, hit a patch in disorder only. If at the outset American constitution did not consider this, stage of so false as above a warlike president, not say middle east, reckon world war can be hit. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Information of Nuo dark heart (3) -- it is a friend, be still turkey?

Finish the task of tundra of all north wind, I am done not have according to how-to go keel is wild, however flounder went afraid wind firth. Going up from the road that avenges mesa to add Mander toward new A, I know eventually " king of witch bewitching TV " in appear that paragraph " punishment male big advocate hutch " be how to return a responsibility. (click can see big picture)What show in red circle locally, have one swarm special " puppy " -- firth turkey. Everybody sees puppy more, and so on of frog of what bunny squirrel. After general puppy is chopped dead, leave a normal body to go up, firth turkey is different, after they are chopped dead, become directly " ripe " ...Next, if you can make 15 inside 3 minutes such " chicken of appetizing nurse a fire " come, can manage a success: This achievement, the country takes an interpreter to be " the doomsday of turkey " , everybody is OK oneself go making a system " integrated " look in the project. Be worth what carry is, in that one split second that achievement reachs, you are met by one swarm " angry turkey " besiege, can be not frightened oh Besides special turkey, afraid wind firth still has a lot of very bellicose animals, like the horn boar of affray and goat for example. (click can see big picture)In Kalimuduo or the eastpart part is regnal, you can see the circumstance that bunny is bitten dead by the wolf possibly now and then. Nuosende's wolf is more fierce, dead reindeer is bitten inside ten seconds or be horn boar such big build animal also be nothing difficult. I ever received the job that reduces boar of some kind of horn in the village of sea-ox person uncle once, the result walks back and forth even if cannot find, final ability discovers, actually they just were brushed come out to be bitten dead by local wolf, kill so that I return so that fight a wolf first... C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - ~ beefeater is dim the city writes down ~

Passed one day, it is a late night likewise, it is devildom knightage likewise, aggression is dim. We do not have big consortium support, without luxuriant equipment, not full group. But, we defend, of course, I am not to want to say we have how how powerful, because everybody also knows present Boss,be 83JY (acquiescent 255 level) . But, our effort also is see. We from controlled at 12 o'clock probably begin to defend, alliance is a labour union that has an organization, equipment foundation is better, basic it is T6 or of S3.s4 level, and our equipment is uneven, and and the program of neither one whole, everybody is in of the again and again run cadaver is renascent in dogged resistance, december 31, 2008 is between present tense before dawn at 5 o'clock, the alliance in 4 hours revives 5 times in all, every time is luxuriant by exterminate. I for many times pour allied person lot, hold everybody's blessing in the palm, living come back many times, here I am thanked " female therefore female ugly " " hematic steamed bread of corn " two people add blood to me, save me to revive. Thanking what their ~ laughs is, an allied now player comes actually our Ut chatting ~ is breathed out. Not be to want to say what alliance is rubbish here, tribe is bovine B, just want to say solidarity is force. We are savage, without normal organization. Only one has deep love for the heart of own a group of people of same interest. Thank. Attached drawing: Come late. . . . Learn that ~ to breath out, final kingly escort ~The thank suckles girl ~C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - The dignity of bandits

At present this endowment is put in Bug, if there is the person that choose the move under water of this endowment at many o'clock in the group, so the double hit check the number that you acquire is met times add. Also have two person that give the move under water of dignity namely, appear explode after attacking, you can gain point of two double hit, you can obtain the person that 3 give dignity move under water 3 check the number. When this means the person that there are 3 move under waters that give honor in group of 25 people carbon, basically won't lack double hit check the number, repeat what you need to do namely press bone pushbutton, output a list of names posted up to ascend a top in harm. The person that the group carries the move under water of on many dignity now makes battle difficulty is reduced greatly. This Bug is actually at the beginning of the month had been discovered, blizzard had claimed this is not design intent, and the individual lurk in the team person because teammate explodes,attack obtain double hit dot more and often to be not Bug. Can foreknow this Bug will be amended, but it is lurk at present person this carbon does not suffer wait for see occupational harm output is orgiastic. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Give how does ~ of New Year gift promote to a high office in vain as a child small black

Think us in those days CWOW is fair when measuring. . . Seal a 45 class. . . In those days we very dish, because many companions play to did not appear this game to leave WOW really. . . And nowadays, a few players of CWOW already very profession, game environment also very slant profession, how new personality suits is a difficult problem. . . They often work hard drill a date, full grade. . . Discover him whats did not understand however. . . Do not know what to do. . . Begin experienced trumpet again. . . Be I public spirit really. . . . Trumpet each. . . Of caboodle taller than hill. I am Xiaobai, I with Xiaobai people the perspective will introduce WOW. . . Ace people, need not look completely. . . In your eye, I introduce. . . It is nursery school course completely. Demon animal world, this game is very perfect, resemble another world. . . Have him culture. . . Have oneself belief. . . Have oneself life. . . Before the novice plays WOW first again, can go inquiring the history of animal playing monster on the net, epic kind of heroic tale is certain can touch you. Will choose after all to play why to be planted according to oneself comprehension a group of people of same interest, at the outset I am by the companion of cage of Sa Er rescue, lead tribal beat back the mankind slaughter and diabolical bondage the sort of fight brave and touch, although they are animal people, but high however. . . Have free belief. Hell is blusterous. . . In howl bathed in blood fights bravely. . . Behead killed devil, oneself also shed last blood. . . What the last hour of his soul also changes accordingly is pure, he saved himself to also save animal people. Available everybody can go the hold a memorial ceremony for of massacre demon gorge of grey cereal this hero. Likewise allied history also very move one to praises and tears, especially Wuseer. . . Be worthy of be the emissary of holy light, the hand knightage beat back of the silver that he leads is worn the day is slaughtered, live in what forefront is the mankind life-and-death fights bravely. After knowing the history, after making the choice from personal a group of people of same interest, be about to choose a profession. I want to remind here, the profession is not had lose by force, have the player that loses by force only, any groups do not discriminate against any professions, the teammate that they are afraid of the pig is same only and the adversary like not awe-stricken god. Once you make a choice, be about importunate plays go down, must not quit drill again other profession. I introduce these professions simply: 1. Soldier, can use any weapons, wearing any armor, wear the most powerful board nail commonly. Choose this occupational person, must have a brave heart, must have bright sword mind, because you stand in foremost face forever, forever the first bears down on the enemy, know perfectly well meeting to sacrifice to also want quick strong past namely, also want to die on the road of assault to death. In PVP respect, people can say the soldier is cannon fodder is mobile honor, but truly clear soldier of the player of every skill, below the case that has certain equipment, the soldier is very terrible. Say the soldier is rubbish, often do not know WOW. In PVP respect, output soldier is not done explained. . . General you are a tank, you are the core of the group, a good soldier can alter a consortium. Your choice often represents the future of consortium. . . . Equipment is preferential of course you take. Begin respect is very simple. . . But it is not easy to enjoy essence of life, need very tall judgement and recognizant.2. Rabbi, inherent chef. . . Super strong control capability and powerful output, but can wear cloth nail only, can take single hand sword Dagger law battles demon battles. Experienced class puts a law on the ice commonly any better. Begin is easy, this profession amount is huge. . . General full grade obtain employment is very difficult. It is easy to make money. . . In PVP respect, general any teams won't be repellent a good rabbi, if your gimmick is enough sodden. . . That is very difficult. Need the professional.PVE that certain rhythm feels. . . Do the mess cook's thing namely, it is the gush BOSS of risk one's life needlessly. . . Of course. . . Should know control. . .3. Priest, often the girl employs this professional quite much. Experienced class uses dark herd commonly. Full grade is PVE plays divine herd commonly, PVP is herd of Buddhist monastic discipline commonly. . . Still have a few dark herd. Start is not bad, it is not difficult to enjoy essence of life. The key wants namely serious. . . Clerical experienced class is not slow. Do not think the doctor won't commit murder. . .4. Magician, experienced class chooses diabolical natural gift commonly. Once heroic profession, now although was weakened, but still very powerful. You can have diabolical associate, OK still the devil of bondage hostility. Can provoke Tartarean anger. . . Can enrol diabolical beefeater (altar) especially good 5 anthology 1. . . Watch whose lucky game. Inherent candied machine. . . Wear cloth nail. . . But blood is thick like preventing war. . . And can demon of call fawn on. . . Inherent SM queen. . . Call you the strong level that burns with righteous indignation forever. Begin is medium, .5 waits in enjoying essence of life. Bandits (lurk person. . . Harmonious force ah) , wear Pi Jia, with dagger of odd hand hammer of single hand sword. . . Powerful control ability, persistent powerful output capacity. If should play good bandits need,very good rhythm feels. . . A good bandits resembles the Great Master that is dead art. Have preeminent artistic feeling. When any professions are falling into the rhythm of bandits, have blind lane only. Approximately perfect bandits is a god. Above is bandits ace, and novice. . . Very difficult. After need understands each profession technical ability, the long horizontal.PVP side that accumulates ability to play a robber does not talk more, secondhand bandits is very much. . . In battlefield. . In arena. . . Outdoors. . . The adversary that everybody does not hope everybody is encountered is the bandits with an outstanding operationPVE. . . Bandits overruns. . . If you attend mobile time stability, of the equipment that I believe to you can be mixed in him heart. Begin is simple. . . The person that enjoy essence of life is difficult. . . Those who play those who resemble a god is more difficult. . . . Those who make a mind is extremely difficult 6. Knight, it is the emissary of holy light actually, itself is the profession that has sense of justice most, having powerful defence ability and inapproachable. . . What the knight that outputs very powerful also.3.0 has changed is very powerful. . . . A word. Begin is easy, in enjoying essence of life, wait. Suit new personality to play.PVEPVP. . expression is likewise powerful, appear as cure commonly, prevent next ride, output finally. . . .3 fastens endowment 7. Hunter, long-range physics outputs a profession, powerful endurance, having very tall harm, what can catch a beast to become a war is companionate. . The king of.SOLO, experienced class is convenient and easy. In PVP respect, battlefield holds out bright, JJC differs some of.PVE is. . .LR does not need too much, but lacked bad also to do. . . New personality plays LR to want to know a distance, want to be able to be put trap and aspic are blamed and dominate scene. Notice to learn to control animosity, understand the LR of above thing, I believe you can have position in any groups. Begin is easy, it is not difficult to enjoy essence of life.8. De Luyi, the guard person of nature, look be like actual strength middle, but potential faculty is very powerful really. Also be to have the profession that can enjoy a sex most. Can turn seal cheetah into big cat (output) black bear. . . . Large tree (connate) . . . Quail egg. . (Endowment. . Resemble an egg roundly) owl (flight configuration) the play method of 3 endowment is completely different. There is good performance in PVP and PVE. Begin is easy, play it is not difficult to understand. But truly good small D is very few, every server won't exceed 10 people, the small D of the sort of operation. . . Clavier already the clavier that sublimate became piano, fight to be able to regard what an artist is playing age of a Jing as to make.9 every time. Sa is full sacred, the control person of elemental force, enhance endowment to be first-class experienced class talent, enhance endowment to output endowment for fighting at close quarters, harm is powerful. The element adds the department that it is a law in long-range output, output is powerful. Restore to be the powerful person that treat, not of common group brush ability. Totemic effect is more powerful. All sorts of corresponding fighting gender and control can pole, . . . What want you to insert only is accurate. . So the other side is caught certainly mad. But capability of attack of antagonism close body is not strong, beat back calls ability not strong. Also be the choice of good recreational player. Begin is easy, it is not difficult to enjoy essence of life. Above does not involve high-end content to each occupational comment, be elaborated completely from primary angle, after new personality chooses good profession, be about hard play go down, go more carbon, you can know a lot of friends in carbon process, want not always to call others to take, in that way word, you are full class also is small Bai Yi. . . . Nobody can take an encumbrance to go of the activity. . . Want to become small black. . . Be about to rely on oneself slowly play come out, play a game to pursue happy namely after all, the fun in experiencing game slowly. Finally, I want to say next battlefield. Complain via hearing a lot of people recently, present battlefield goes in namely homicide, without the organization. . . In a state of disunity. . . Know to chasing after a person to chop. I want to tell next returning the person of not clear battlefield. You kill 100 people, the honor that does not have battlefield to win is much. The allocation of old player in the team listens after going in, had done oneself this thing that do, before battle start shooting, you should understand, I take ground is to gain a victory, not be to throw a person. Want to chop a person to go field, do not make one who brings disgrace on his group. Wanting to go front, value enemy my form, the aggression way that makes constant change and defend key, still have. . . When having the job that sees flag, do not want to escape, want to stand actively below flag, victory of a battle comes down, you won't be less than the personnel of advanced line of how many honor. But you made altruistic contribution for battle victory however, after every victory, small black people the player that can be a victory silently to make contribution for those shows respect. Good, say these, hope novices can be very fast become in vain as a child small black. Do not follow suit, especially puissant party conduct. . . Remember, equipment is less important. What others values forever is your bearing morality and operation consciousness. Had them, the thing that you mean is time problem only. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Politics invades a net to swim " demon animal world " into the first selection that play a bank note

In recent years since, as the bitter fleabane of industry of the game on the line suddenly develops, appeared in game advertisement of a lot of as weak as the computer related game strong put oneself in another's position are not a queer thing already, and nearly 9 years, just just ended before long American president general election, during the election, the adviser of candidate people very fast nose broad player a group of things with common features group this ticket source, come out presidential candidate is used " demon animal world " game a group of things with common features group will do candidate questionnaire to analyse investigation, analysed participated competitor even. And candidate of more than president, also some of politician uses Yu Ou the United States is famous degree of game on quite tall line " the 2nd life " will play a bank note, for example Hillary overcomes Lin Du, yaohanaidehuaci and use " demon animal world " will hit Paul of republic Dang Luoen of advertising United States, was to use buy of the game on the line to publicize his into the gimmick such as the gender, the hope can make fun of from line advanced position a group of things with common features group pull take more polling. Certain game manufacturer also is happy to assist, it is collection even the scenery in the game product that expenses will come change his, metope advertisement is waited a moment. Foreign player reacts of late, the state that this kind of politician invades the game on the line they are not happy see, they do not hope game firm received the fund of these politician, should poll in the ballyhoo in game next of whose and so on, also begin to come out in the country such as Israel similar incident. Player of animal of a demon expresses, although they have,ever had looked similar the player cries greatly in game: "Voting Ba Ma giving Europe " case, but when the in creating game washs the faze person such as frequency state that covert, they can feel right to this candidate feels instead feel disgusted quite. The demon animal player of an abroad so saying: "Although I am not repellent the operation method of these politician, they want even if to parade in group of windstorm city group, I do not have too big opinion, but do not want group group to run please arena melee advertisement publicizes him, I do not want to see this absolutely. The political market that watchs Taiwan instead still has no outstanding example to appear, if with the whole game of Taiwan big environment looks, the game firm that assures free system very hard won't collection expenses will undertake game buy enters sexual be on sale (premise is to have produce game ability oneself, acting accredit modification influence amounts to permissive limits) . Player of the game on broad line a group of things with common features group already became politician people love most, although a flock of this young players with arable young weed are good way, if future has so advent of a day, expectation politician people the environment that must not destroy play and oneself figure. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - " the anger of witch bewitching king " the analytic summary of professional skill accrual

Mining: Skill: Tough Rank6 raises life to be worth upper limit beneficial of 500 check and accept: 500hp of cure of Dps 500hp of magic arts of Dps 500hp of Tank 500hp physics -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- : Skill: Anatomize Great Master Rank6 to rise cruel hit order and degree beneficial of 25 check and accept: Cruel cure of Dps 25 of cruel magic arts of Dps 25 of Tank 25 cruel physics 25 cruel Ps: Uff of Tu surname b, I come to the word of true Buff again newer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ,Refine gold: Skill: Hour of 970hp/4 of hour of 650hp/2 of mixture of blood of stone of use effect of major of gold of refine of use effect of major of gold of refine of blame of name of mixture drug mixture is endless hour of 162sp/4 of hour of 125sp/2 of mixture of megalosaurus of austerity of hour of 244ap/4 of hour of anger mixture 180ap/2 is pure accrual of hour of 51mp5/4 of hour of 38mp5/2 of evil spirit mixture: Dps 37sp of magic arts of Dps 64ap of Tank 320hp physics treats 37sp or 13mp5 is listed besides above place, mixture time lengthens continuously still can a few more managing gold coin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- : Peculiar ring adds evil spirit: 32ap/19sp/24 is able to bear or endure to in all two ring can add profit: Tank 48 is able to bear or endure Dps 38sp of magic arts of physical Dps 64ap treats 38sp -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ,Inscriptive: Peculiar shoulder adds evil spirit inscriptive and professional peculiar shoulder adds demon to be not inscriptive major to be able to add evil spirit with shoulder 52 dodge + 20 dodge of 15 defence + cruel accrual of cruel 24sp + 15 of cruel 61sp + 15 of cruel 40ap + 15 of 15 defence 61sp + 6mp5 24sp + 6mp5104ap + 15: Dps 37sp of magic arts of Dps 64ap of physics of Tank 32 dodge treats 37sp -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , : Peculiar artifice adds demon to make leather major peculiar artifice adds demon to be not the major that make a skin to be able to add demon 67sp 30sp114ap 50ap90 to be able to bear or endure with the artifice 40 be able to bear or endure some department fights a gender 60 a little bit not to have accrual: Tank 50 is able to bear or endure Dps 37sp of magic arts of physical Dps 64ap treats 37sp in addition, before the Boss that fight a gender, the major that make a skin can have 60 to nod Ps of the advantage that fight a gender: The new grade that Wlk Central Plains plans to join is roused quickly had been cancelled, the beat of Tbc is invalid to 80 level figure. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - 30 Debuff that demon animal world should add

1, any food and beverage are used more than 3 times in the accumulative total inside 1 minute, will make the player obtains " I am quite full " Debuff, the effect is: The effect that reduces food and beverage to regain life and supernatural power 100% , and the player's abdomen should be met show the account since beat, duration 30 seconds, the effect is met overlay. (the thing has had a head, do not have the effect. ) 2, life value of the player decreases 15% the following after 15 seconds, will obtain " exsanguine and overmuch " Debuff, the effect is: Floating rate, attack speed and all attribute are reduced 75% , the ground that passes with the player on player body at the same time appears bloodstain, exceed 15% to player life value continuously all the time or the player dies, bandage and the soul of a deceased person the volition can remove. (exsanguine and overmuch, can you still hold to? ) 3, use bandage is theoretic can remove immediately all bloodshed Debuff and 2 exsanguine and overmuch Debuff in the clause. 4, the player that extracts drug has certain odds to obtain after extracting drug toxic (have certain odds unconscious, last 30 minutes) or disease (certain odds dizzinesses, last 30 minutes) Debuff. (poisonous beautiful poisonous weeds-harmful speech often is mixed medicinal herbs is long be together) 5, the food that cooking makes, if make hind placed time to exceed 48 hours, it is certain after using to have inside 10 minutes odds can make the player is obtained " have loose bowels " Debuff, the effect reduces life value and supernatural power cost for every 3 seconds 1% , continuously 30 seconds, and the meeting on the ground that the player passes has cinnamon thing to appear. 6, decorticated player, may obtain after decorticating more than 5 times continuously inside 1 minute " disgusting " Debuff, the effect is: Cannot continue to decorticate inside 2 minutes. 7, the player of mining, obtain likely when mining " mine is difficult " Debuff, the effect is: The stone box up that you are gotten on to drop by mine, swimmy 30 seconds. 8, the vehicle that engineering makes, certain odds malfunctions, the player can be obtained " project breakdown " Debuff, can not continue to control vehicle 15 seconds (the probability that happens after use generally speaking is the biggest, midway happens rarely commonly, but do not eliminate exception) 9, the sartorial, player that makes skin, gem and engineering, there is certain odds to obtain in the course that produces certain goods " ah, thorn cuts finger " Debuff, bleed more than, every 2 seconds reduce the life cost of 0.5% , and cannot continue to produce goods, continuously 20 seconds. 10, the player that adds demon and vulture language, add evil spirit continuously inside 1 minute, decompose or produce certain goods more than 5 times, will obtain likely " blackart confine " curse, indulge cannot be applied inside 15 seconds why magic arts, produce any goods, and supernatural power value of the player decreases 100% (if have) 11, animal kind vehicle (it is a horse ah of what) , have certain odds the meeting is crazy, the player can be obtained likely " fall " Debuff, come down from horseback, insensible 3 seconds, the probability that equitation jumps over tower above to show this Debuff is lower. 12, forging and the player of engineering, there is certain odds to obtain in the course that produces certain goods " ah, by burnable " Debuff, every 3 seconds are equivalent to life be worth upper limit the blaze harm of 1% , cannot continue to produce goods, continuously 15 seconds. 13, the player of refine gold and engineering, there is certain odds to obtain in making certain goods process " explosion " Debuff, one-time be equivalent to life be worth the blaze harm of 50% , and be inside 15 seconds cannot continue to produce goods. 14, the player of fishing, certain odds is obtained " ah, whacker fish " Debuff, the effect is: Piscine lever by disarm 10 seconds, gnomish player may be pulled go in water. 15, the player that falls from altitude, if life value decreases,exceed 75% , will obtain " double leg fracture " Debuff, fall and cannot move 5 seconds. 16, swim in certain water area may obtain toxic (each are fenny) , disease (sewer of dim city, NAXX) , freezing (Nuodesen puts the sea, Danmoluo on the ice to put a lake on the ice) Debuff. 17, male soldier or lurk person use broken armour mastery of a skill or technique to woman player, will certain odds is obtained " evil spirit be puzzled " Debuff, control is lost inside 10 seconds. (incivility is not inspected, 18 years old are banned below) 18, the soldier's assault also has certain odds to make he is obtained insensible the Debuff of 1 second. (strong too fast, oneself also struck a head) 19, occupational of fighting at close quarters atttacks skill, once be dodged by the other side, will certain odds is obtained " the weapon drops " Debuff, oneself by disarm 3 seconds, equipment weapon catenary can avoid the happening of this kind of problem. 20, lurk person wring larynx to be able to make player of the other side is obtained " aphonia " Debuff, this player cannot publish any opinion on public affairs inside 1 minute. 21, what rabbi uses above 3 times continuously inside 1 minute is phlogistic explode after art or intense blaze storm, will certain odds is obtained " ignite the upper part of the body " Debuff, every 3 seconds are equivalent to life upper limit the blaze harm of 2% , continuously 12 seconds. Look like the torrent with full Sa to be able to solve this problem. 22, after rabbi is using flash method, will certain odds is obtained swimmy the Debuff of 1 second, why is Dai Ren versed in Cheng glasses can avoid the happening of this kind of problem. (shine too quickly, oneself are dizzy also) 23, Deluyi's bug group Debuff has certain odds to be able to beat from a player another player. (bug bug is volant) 24, Sa uses catenary of lightning arrow, lightning or thunderbolt storm to will certain odds is obtained in damp environment completely " short circuit " Debuff, 50% what the player will be harmed in the accumulative total inside 5 seconds by this second skill. 25, soldier, bandits, hunter is using firearms gunshot time, will very small odds is obtained " card fire " Debuff, this firearms cannot shoot inside 10 seconds. When soldier, bandits, hunter is using Gong Nu to shoot, obtain the odds that has minimum " break string " Debuff, this bend crossbow cannot shoot inside 15 seconds. The odds that engineering player obtains afore-mentioned Debuff is very low... 26, the certain bomb of engineering (for instance big bomb) , can make player and hostile target are obtained " scamper flies " Debuff, perpendicular or transverse fly away a paragraph of distance. Invalid to bovine tribal chief. (see my Y not scamper flies you) 27, lurk person after using back thorn and bone, will very small odds is obtained " ah, my weapon card lived " Debuff, advocate hand weapon by disarm 6 seconds. Decorticate the player won't have similar case to happen. (not necessary so forcibly) 28, the Debuff instead of Deluyi's typhoon blows the person 30 toward the sky, and purify its AOE and harm effect. (the fascia skill of Shan Ying of OK and referenced ZAM) 29, inside 30 seconds by rabbi put to good use 3 times above is out of shape the player of art, will obtain " shrink bone is ill " disease Debuff, each pace shift has certain odds to be nodded harm by 78-126, continuously 10 seconds. 30, inside 30 minutes, kill with one's own hands same player 7 above, will obtain automatically " the war is commiserative " Debuff, any attack are invalid to player of hostile a group of people of same interest. The effect lasts 2 minutes. C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Tell foregone the other: Skill of blackart of each profession resistance arranges 80 class

1. blackart is decreased kindRide to deathMagic arts is deflective: Nai of Ji of Tuo of Xiang of provide for of a list of things of fruit of of Qi of bits of Su of of Song Mei pliable but strong falls be troubled by benzene to the that read rips spirit of?0% austerity to enrage: The demon that Tuo?% gets is hurt. Icebound pliable but strong: Orangutan of of Tuo lean close to rips?0% , continuously 15 seconds. The aegis of bones of the dead: Tuo?0% is harmed, in all but become effective 4/5 second. Blackart suppress: of which of Tuo Ji Nai rips?% . Turn over blackart shield: The blackart of Tuo?5% is harmed. Continuously 5 seconds turn over blackart area: Tuo Yu swims harm of blackart of Qi Nai?5% , continuously 30 seconds, upper limit 10002*AP. Emperor ridesThe body of divine bless, the harm of 50% suffers only after the possibility that has 10% is atttacked. The anger of the justice that aggrandizement crosses: Nai falls orangutan you rips ?% . Divine the person that guard: ?0% of Nai of pharynx of bless of dispatch of a cricket of have diarrhoea of Bi of the Song Dynasty harms move. Shelter blesses: The harm that Tuo?% suffers. The person that defend fierily: When?5% of admonish of low , decrease the harm that get 30% . Holy light guards: Tuo Ji Nai falls the shield that Mu rips knight of?% Temple of God: Tuo Ji Nai falls accept rips art of bless of?% emperor: Tuo Ji Nai falls accept rips?0% , continuously 12 seconds. SoldierDefense posture: Tuo?0%/16% magic arts is harmed. Aegis wall: The harm that Tuo?0% suffers, continuously 12 seconds. Defend: Tuo companions accept of Nai of pharynx of bless of brightness rips?0% , continuously 6 seconds. Cautionary: Accept of Nai of pharynx of Tuo Yu bless rips?% . Drew is depended onHerd bodyguard: Tuo Ji Nai falls accept rips?2% primitive and tough: Nai of pen of allow of joke distant and out of sight is orangutan to rip?0% to chase nature: Nai falls Mu paragraph rips ?0% natural and perfect: All harm of?% of Tuo of moth of Jie of Nai award , can fold 3 times, continuously 8 seconds. Bark art: The harm that Tuo?0% gets, continuously 12 secondsHunterGuard master: 5% harm that suffer are decreased when Long Ying of? of principle columns of a hall is guarded. Live natural: ?% of Tuo Ji Nai is harmed. BanditsThe shadow of Fu body: Tuo Ping paragraph fall from the sky rips?0% . Possum: The Huaihe River asks beat door?0% of archives of of Chang of limit of Da of of fatigue Bao grave, obtain most the 90% effects that decrease an injury () of influence sufferring pliable but strong, continuously 3 seconds. Steely courage: Joke distants and out of sight the courtyard besmears?0% of Song of salary of of annals quicklying thorn is decreased. Courage fails: The harm that Tuo?% suffers. Sa is fullThe element defends: Tuo Ji Nai falls reed of divide evenly of act procuress rips changeover of group of?0% star: Joke distants and out of sight of quicklying thorn of annals of simian besmear talking about leads Chang to rip ?0% . Sa Manzhi is angry: The harm that Tuo?0% suffers, continuously 15 seconds. RabbiColorful protective screen: Accept of Tuo Ji Nai rips?% . Freezing heart: Tuo of of Mu of Tuo Ji Nai rips?% . Blackart restrains: Tuo Ji Nai falls dot of?40/360 of Mu TuoMagicianIncorporeal link: ? of bail Li partakes 20% harm to bestow favor on. Diabolical knowledge Great Master: Subtle suffers from ? to reduce the 10% ways that get to hurt / diabolical beefeater is activationed, decrease suffer the 5% harm that suffer. Empty air defence protects: ?0% of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of have diarrhoea of children's hair of barren may make this fastens magic arts to be harmed to you decrease 60% . PriestPainful suppress: Accept of Tuo Ji Nai rips?0% , continuously 8 seconds. Bestow: Stew? powerful effect and mortify make the harm that the target suffers is decreased 2% , can fold 3 times, run 8 seconds. Note sign only: Nai of bed of Jie of of a drum used in the army in ancient China falls the Ba that seek thinks of Tuo?% , can fold 3 times, run 8 seconds. Abreaction: Accept of Tuo Ji Nai rips?0% , continuously 6 seconds. Magic arts protective screen: The magic arts that?0% suffers is hurt. Fight a gender kindRide to deathAusterity aureola: +80 fight blackart to suit completely: Rate of machine of?30 of have diarrhoea of children's hair of barren can fasten the promotion that fight a gender to this, fold 3 times, run 18 seconds. Drew depends on haggard impress + 54/76 is fought completelySa is fullFight the totem naturally + 130 nature fight the totem that fight fire + 130 fire are fought fight cold totem + 130 ice are foughtEmperor ridesAusterity fights halo + 130 ice fight fire to fight halo + 130 fire fight umbra to fight halo + 130 dark fightRabbiRabbi protects armour + 40/60 fights blackart to draw 80 rank completely + art of 80 Quan Kangbing nail + 40/60 ice is foughtPriestUmbra defends + 130 dark fightHunterGuard naturally + 130 nature fight subtration art to hit the target / counteractive kindDrew is depended onEnergy is balanced - 4% magic arts hit the targetRabbiAggrandizement flash: Decrease inside second of makings foot? 30% be hit. Emperor ridesDivine volition - 4% magic arts hit the targetBanditsBe aware of - 4% magic arts hit the target umbra cloak - 90% magic arts hit the target, 5 secondsSoldierAggrandizement magic arts is reflexed - 4% magic arts hit the targetAbsorb kindPriestAegis of true character art sucks 2230 foundations to harm.30 second divine shelter is sucked be equal to cure cruel attack 30% harm, 12 secondsRabbiSupernatural power shield sucks 1330 foundations harm, 60 seconds cold ice protects body to suck 3300 foundations harm, 60 seconds defend group of igneous phlogistic cement sucks 1950 burn, 30 seconds / the 30% opportunities after aggrandizement are absorbed completely defend cold ice writtens guarantee the bound sucks 1950 ice injury, 30 seconds / the 30% opportunities after aggrandizement are absorbed completelyEmperor ridesHoly shield target suffers harm to suffer aegis to protect every time, suck 500 injuries, 6SMagicianUmbra defends cement group sucks 1950 internal injury, 30 secondsReflex kindSoldierMagic arts reflex will issue a magic arts to rebound, 5SRabbiFrit phlogistic shield defends cold ice / 30% machine lead group of igneous phlogistic cement rebound blackart. Immunity kindRabbi10S of immunity of cold ice protective screenEmperor rides12S of immunity of holy aegis artC ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Stars consortium strategy of the Gou Si in the eye BOSS Ma of 25 people eternity

BOSS skill22 million life after 10 minutes violent (BOSS comes on the stage and level changeover can waste bit of time, actual and violent time does not arrive 10 minutes) harm promotes 900% , attack speed promotes 150%P1 (100%-50% )Average charge causes 8000 right-and-left harm to MT. Cabala is spat breath to the front gush of 90 degrees a limits spits harm 18000 the left and right sides, accessary a DEBUFF, the goal that is said by gush after 3 seconds can explode, right all round 10 player causes 20000 harm. Cabala storm is opposite randomly a few targets beyond current T are divided inside field release (be in about 6-10 person, need affirms) , harm 12000 the left and right sides, limits is whole platform. Vortical BOSS flies in sky, coil the everybody inside field to the sky, the system will be acquiescent you are turn in what keep circle, but your eye shot is fixed, god after 1 second, every 2 seconds 2000 harm, continuously 8 seconds. Be attracted by La Long finally below the body (abstruse art of Ge Si attracts referenced Aisuolei) . Call of force scintilla BOSS a scintilla (the ball that appearance is AOE of that meeting in blocking battle of the curator that draw support) , from field brim aerial is nodded 4 times form randomly, high speed flies to BOSS point-blank, should meet when distance BOSS is very close quickly, shift arrives beside BOSS 3 less than when, meeting by BOSS sponge, force of promotion BOSS all assault 50% , but overlay. CD is 20 seconds about. Scintilla does not have any harm, eat dizzy eat repel skill. Scintilla is released in BOSS vortical when can suspend the operation, till vortical end. Scintilla probably 30000 much blood, the meeting after be being destroyed forms a radius on platform 10 strength region, a BUFF that increases 50% harm gets after the player inside area, but overlay, most when I had seen 3 BUFF, lasted only nevertheless 6 seconds just. P2 (12 small attack quite kill)The blade of cabala is released to monomer target, the harm of 16000-19000. Deep breathing releases an AOE to whole platform, every second harm lasts 5 seconds. The AOE that a Xiaofan surrounds blue dragon shield, the target is the random on platform a position, is not a player, the person around can be hit to fly to 10, without the harm with very little perhaps harm (need to affirm) , shield of a blue dragon appears inside field at the same time (the blue dragon shield in referenced KJ battle) , the meeting after entering absorbs the harm of 50% , what shield itself keeps is contractible, 3 shield appear at most on platform, the 1st shield appears in the 3rd can disappear after 3 seconds. P3 (50%-0% )Force goes straight towards v every 0.5 seconds cause 12000 harm to 3 targets, continuously 3 seconds, without CD, but have communal CD. Cabala L is cruel release to a target randomly, radius 10 AOE, harm is in probably 20000 the left and right sides. Tactical flowThis carbon is an alone platform actually, the room that follows MURU probably is so big, a treasure bead is among, the meeting after the battle begins disappears, when BOSS begins, be above platform fly, only the person ability of hold key activations it. P1The harm output with main BOSS is magic arts, so blood of this battle MT has been jumped over more more. After the battle begins, MT pull BOSS for a short while, all DPS and remedial profession run to BOSS center at the back of the tail, this is one sees the grown megalosaurus that won't atttack a player with the tail inaccessibly. The cure that is in charge of those who treat T notices the blood of MT is measured, DPS begins to atttack BOSS with all one's strength, the blood of full group is added after the group brushs what the profession releases in cabala storm, after 30 seconds, the system can promote BOSS call scintilla of the 1st force, nevertheless the 1st scintilla need not is in charge of temporarily, because next BOSS wants to release vortical, after dragon goes up to the sky, DPS profession continues to atttack, need not worry about animosity problem, BOSS is to eat sneer at. After a few seconds, BOSS can coil all players to the sky, group therapy notices the blood that carries all group member is measured, can use the mastery of a skill or technique that is less than 1 second to use a method only in the sky, can be interrupted otherwise. This period is all the player can stand the harm of 8000, be born can have to be less than of 1000 decline harm. Speed of the MT after be born pulls BOSS, someone else speed runs to BOSS assemble at the back of the tail, BOSS can release gush to spit immediately, those who run is not seasonable perhaps run the consequence that the person of wrong way is gone to by gush dies namely. Scintilla comes out with respect to this after dragon be born, DK is in charge of observing the line that good scintilla acts, use death grasp play scintilla the way that leaves an action course to pass greater part line, next fire of DPS profession collect is killed, the profession that has control technical ability must be in scintilla is fast when be close to BOSS dizzy live the shift that it perhaps restricts it, scintilla is destroyed to falling region of a strength is formed on the ground, shift of greater part team arrives inside area increase attack to output, DK continues to be in charge of observing the refresh position of next scintilla, as far as possible next scintilla attack kill positional control to be inside the area that has formed, such word BUFF is met overlay. If have diagonally occurrence scintilla, can kill directly abandon BUFF, once be eaten by BOSS, cabala storm might increases 50% , meeting second drops blood under the profession of 18000. P250% , BOSS can fly on a day, can continue to atttack about 10 seconds control nevertheless, after 10 seconds small strange refresh, altogether 12, 8 skies fly, of 4 fighting at close quarters, on the Xiaotaizi that they fly in, small platform flies to be able to be used by the player after be being killed. Of 8 skies small strange won't physical attack, can use the blade of cabala only, random to ground a player is used, twinkling sends CD3 second, cause the harm of 16000-19000, the player of any aegis that break away from La Long is killed likely by the second. Ground 4 small strange won't skill, can use physical attack to highest animosity only, lay a person very, MT as far as possible the aegis that does not break away from La Long, lest by cabala blade and second of small odd moment are dropped. After MT has been pulled, force of medium baking temperature of DPS profession market kills ground small strange, small what the platform that drops quite atttacks the sky on profession of preferential arrangement fighting at close quarters is small strange, after close station profession goes up to the sky, arrange long-range profession to go up again, the player that flies to the sky should not near the area only won't bear to kill. Ground, the player notices to observe the position of La Long's aegis, when the 3rd aegis appears, the 1st aegis has not disappeared, when recommending the 2nd aegis to appear, not rapid move is changed, when the position looks to choose to enter which aegis when the 3rd aegis appears, such not only the odds that can reduce a player to be killed by the second without aegis condition, more can faster DPS drops 4 small strange, slow down treats pressure. Pressure of cure of P2 inchoate moment is very great, remedial profession notices certainly must not the dead, create a group very easily otherwise break down, DPS profession notes shift, do not stay outside aegis as far as possible, the blade of the cabala of 19000 is OK the second drops any to be not T profession, deep breathing cannot be afraid of actually, should maintain only inside aegis, cure brushs blood a few times is won't of the the dead. P3Kill all small after blaming, whole platform is met disintegrate, the player declines in sky, red the Dragon King appears, to each player claw of day of Mian of a dragon flies sit ride. The battle principle that use means follows bandits probably is same. The skill of claw of dragon Mian day is as follows: 10000 life every 2 seconds return 100 energy 20 energy shortcut key 1 intense blaze is spinal use up energy twinkling delivered range at 10 o'clock harm of 950-1050 of 60 fast to the target emissive bolide rewards a double hit to nod shortcut key 2 intense blaze gobbles up terminative skill to use up 50 energy twinkling to launch Cheng, light an end, make its every 3 seconds are hurt this result by 1500 blaze but dot of infinite overlay double hit jumps over tall effect duration to grow more: At 1 o'clock 6 seconds at 2 o'clock 10 seconds at 3 o'clock 14 seconds overlay of 22 seconds every time met 18 seconds at 5 o'clock at 4 o'clock by the time refresh shortcut key of check the number of current double hit 3 hearten spirit uses up energy twinkling delivered range at 10 o'clock 60 every seconds treat a cause 500 a little bit life lasts 10 seconds reward 1: At 1 o'clock 5000/5 second at 2 o'clock 7500/10 second at 3 o'clock 10000/15 second at 4 o'clock 12500/20 second at 5 o'clock 15000 bits / 25 seconds shortcut key 25 energy twinkling sends the aegis of 5 intense blaze be reduced 80% basises by harm duration of decision of double hit check the number at 1 o'clock 2 seconds at 2 o'clock 3 seconds at 3 o'clock 4 seconds at 4 o'clock 5 seconds at 5 o'clock 6 seconds shortcut key, the player can turn a flight into condition, lose the quick column of itself, become sit riding skill, cannot use the mastery of a skill or technique of oneself at the same time. The player appears below the abdomen of BOSS above all, want open technical ability above all 6, speed assembles to the front of bibcock, had allocated beforehand about 6-7 the person that treat, basically be in charge of the remedial task of whole group, the others person is in charge of atttacking BOSS, this phase very the P3 that resembles EOS, the assault force that different is BOSS itself won't rise, and the player's ability rises speed is by the player skill uses those who will decide, what DPS should accomplish is as soon as possible the DEBUFF on overlay BOSS body, each DEBUFF can increase BOSS every 3 seconds the harm of 1500, that is to say if overlay 20 word, every 3 seconds meet BOSS bear 30 thousand harm. Treat the remedial addition that the profession needs faster him overlay, early days very cure is not seasonable, very easy the dead, the battle jumps over in the future, because treat the ceaseless promotion of ability, jump over not easy the dead. (those who need an attention is, no matter DPS profession still treats a profession, the BUFF of overlay and DEBUFF are alone, with other player not interplay. ) every 15 seconds meet BOSS give off ball of a cabala for the target with a player randomly, right all round all targets inside 20 seconds cause 20000+ harm, cooperate to go up force gallops, kill a player very easily, need avoids it in time. Greater part team maintains concentration as far as possible, convenient hide ball and cure. According to the experience of our FD, the DPS profession of P3 uses 2 heavenly bodies all the time terminative ability is the most effective, although the can faster overlay DEBUFF of 1 star, but because duration is too short, and the player still needs shift to avoid cabala ball, once DEBUFF time arrived to disappear, need new overlay, DPS can sell at a discount greatly, all proposals use 2 heavenly bodies. And the terminative skill that 2 stars select like treating a profession, increase oneself remedial capacity as soon as possible. PS: About skill the use P3 of the aegis of 5 intense blaze leaves bureau when, capacity of treatment of itself of the person that because treat,check is very poor, 3 targets that force gallops the 1st times as far as possible the aegis of use intense blaze, prevent to die, later period does not need to use this mastery of a skill or technique, prevent energy to be not worth the overlay that causes BUFF/DEBUFF to interrupt. StrategyThe first phaseIn the first phase, will fight the Gou Si in Ma in the room by a T in the middle of. The assault force of the Gou Si in Ma is very powerful, but attack rate is very slow. The cabala of the Gou Si in Ma is spat ceasing is X harm. In the battle, platform front can give off force scintilla outwards, the Gou Si in their meeting Xiang Ma is slow and mobile, once their bring into contact with ifs in Ma this, the next cabala of the Gou Si in Ma is spat suck can cause special tall harm, basically meet the current T that the second kills you. Should be in so their bring into contact with kills them before the Gou Sizhi in Ma this are very important. When force fire perianth is killed, they can drop a small-sized aureola that can increase you to harm is on the ground. This aureola is OK overlay, if they are dead,be in same place so, you can win very tall harm addition. Small doohickeyForce scintilla can be died grasp " pull " the DPS to you, so the most well-advised method is to be your group to had designated an overlay area beforehand, appoint to ride to help force sparkle to death next to that area. Once be pulled, can be in their control that place to be killed next. The Gou Si in Ma still can use vortical, this skill can help whole group what make you ceaseless to the middle of sky turn circle. Inside this paragraph of time, the Gou Si in Ma won't atttack your T, but force scintilla still can last to the Gou Si in Ma to move, before deciding you are close to the Gousi in Ma too too in them without fail please, kill them. After vortical end, the Gou Si in Ma can appear in place of a random, and your T also can appear in place of a random, becoming so before the Gou Si in Ma faces T again, well-advised floating conference saves you one life, because the cabala of the Gou Si in Ma is spat,suck meeting second to drop any not quite lucky DPS or cure stand in wrong place when them. AttentionWhen the blood of the Gou Si in Ma the quantity is achieved 50% , the Gou Si in Ma will be slow take off, but you still can continue to cause harm to him, arrive till the Gou Sifei in Ma apogee, in Ma so Gou Si takes off when, use up your main charge. The 2nd phase the 2nd phase from 50% begin to be in this one phase, itself of the Gou Si in Ma cannot be atttacked, the meeting after the egg that this kind of condition makes in the Gou Si in Ma is killed entirely disappears. But, the Gou Si in Ma still can hold battle position. In this one phase, the Gou Si in Ma is met deep breathing from A to Z, create every second 4000 harm, unless you stand in aegis of blue Long Zhi. The attack in this one phase is a room in around the NPC beside the table people. They divide two groups, fighting at close quarters kind with the flight kind. Fighting at close quarters kind meeting shift arrives on the ground, and need pull by T (their meeting second fights blame T occupation) . Die when them, can drop the disc that a player can mount, this disc can make the player can fly, atttack a flight kind NPC. Recommend let fighting at close quarters mount the first disc, divide formation again next. Die when these NPC, they also can drop disc, the DPS that can let you remain is mounted. Flight kind can continue the blade of use cabala of random to ground target, but can be reduced by aegis of blue Long Zhi. Mount disc when you, won't be harmed. The NPC that becomes all taking to go up in disc dies, the player on all disc needs to return the ground to go up, preparation meets the 3rd level. AttentionWhen all flights kind die, harm is caused to the Gou Si in Ma before you can have brief time to destroy whole platform in the Gou Si in Ma. In this paragraph of time, use all old mastery of a skill or technique that you can use, because in below one phase you mount dragon backside,you will not have opportunity reuse. If have successful word,you can be before the 3rd phase destroy the Gou Si in Ma additional 5%-10% blood. The 3rd phaseWhen all flights kind die, the 3rd phase begins (because of fighting at close quarters kind need is killed first, so they should have been killed) the floor that the Gou Si in Ma destroys a room, players can drop to be carried on the back to dragon. The mastery of a skill or technique of dragon uses double hit check the number and energy with bandits. Double hit check the number can be used when special and terminative ability. WarningWhat what you see now is a not clear level description, the description may make mistake, may not be right strategy. In this one phase, the Gou Si in Ma -- in limits of fighting at close quarters, have very tall fight hand-to-hand is harmed and arrange break off harm (the key can put forward below) dragon has of 6 kinds of skill 1, intense blaze is spinal blaze harms 943-1057, reward check the number of a double hit, use up at 10 o'clock energy 2, intense blaze gobbles up terminative ability blaze to pound a target to cause blaze of every 3 seconds to harm 1500, can overlay, check the number of each double hit increases 22 seconds, use up of 50 bits of energy 3, every second treats hearten spirit 500 harm, continuously 10 seconds, reward check the number of a double hit, use up at 10 o'clock energy 4, life is cruel the remedy that gains the person that treat terminative ability promotion to use a method 50% , extend time along with double hit check the number, highest and OK obtain 15000 a little bit, 25 seconds, use up of 50 bits of energy 5, the flight rate that intense blaze fast raises you 500% 6, the aegis of intense blaze is terminative abilityThe flight that protects you sits ride, aegis is met around you, all harm derate that gets you 80% , extend time along with double hit check the number, the longest can last 6 seconds, waste 25 bits of energy, of 30 seconds CD is not quite clear still to the description of this one phase, but those who be worth to believe is every player should have folded 5 hearten spirit to use life to oneself cruel add, but the target changes check the number of can clear empty double hit, life is used before so you need to release 5 hearten spirit to disappear in them next to oneself cruel add. Remember using intense blaze when you maintain your HOT the Gou Si in spinal barbecue Ma, after check the number of 5 double hit use intense blaze is gobbled up, continue again next barbecue. When the Gou Si in Ma will " target " when turning to you, the aegis that you have check the number of 5 double hit to be able to use intense blaze (shortcut key 6) it is very important. Believe you also can use intense blaze fast (shortcut key 5) he is far from before be close to you. AttentionRemember, in any moment you should withhold 25 bits of energy to use the aegis of intense blaze in order to ensure you are OK. If you are chosen to become a target by the Gou Si in Ma and without any double hit check the number, be killed before the aegis that you can have an opportunity to use intense blaze in you. This is very important, perhaps look very strange, but in this one part that fighting, you may be in any time by pitch on. TerminalNext what what you need to do is the Gou Si in attack Ma only, till Alaikesi Dasajia is entered and the end fights. Of this battle drop the gift that comes from A Lai to overcome filar tower Sa, this battle can obtain 2 badges. The ministry branch of exit appears afresh, you can fly. But the floor of this room will not appear afresh. CiteBefore the battle: The people with insignificant * , invade here! You will be abashed, your bold what cannot compensate you is foolish! * besides Long Zhi familial, here does not welcome anybody! Does perhaps A Lai overcome a Dasagan this? Very good, she sends you to your death. You enter * bold-facedly my feudal, what to want to work? Use blackart? Antagonism I? * of of of * yock * I am unlimited here. . . The fact of your place support is in this won'ts do. . . In this territory, I said to calculate. . . I give * your chance. Impawn is partisan with me, perhaps I won't because of you proud and killed you! Howl: My patience had gone to * of of the first phase the limit, I want you from here Qing Dynasty goes out! Some people of * of of the 2nd phase had been experienced painful, my general punishs you now! * of of the 3rd phase succumbs! I think * of of end of the first phase to end your life a bit more quickly originally, but you proved more. . . Restore quickly, I arrived early with respect to anticipation. Your effort is without a meaning as before, you these are harum-scarum, the every talent of carelessness should assume responsibility for this war! I must do my place. . . If this means you. . . Eradicate. . . That suchOrigin: Stars consortiumC ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Nuosende's brigade those gifts that prepare for the hunter

The christmas this year was in the past, the WLK that nevertheless the country takes also has not come, and sooner or later we will fight side-by-side in cold ice crown. So, expect together in doomsday echo when us when, also will look ahead of schedule, when WLK is opened truly, have what present, can prepare your hunter friend. Or, if yourself is a hunter, so the plan prepares a gift to oneself pretty good also. Fast arrow protects armourIf your friend is about,raise 80 level, so it why to prepare to him is good to why to prepare to him protect armour? Protect armour through making a skin can do fast arrow, it includes arrow of fast arrow leg guard, fast to protect arrow of boot of arrow of wrist support of arrow of coat of arrow of hand, fast, fast, fast, fast armet of arrowhead of shoulder pad of arrow of chatelaine, fast, fast, each appearance needs thick north land a certain number of He Yongheng air. This suit adds the major attribute that a lot of hunters need fully, and concern because of what add tenacity, to PVP lover as much applicable. Look there still is how many deposit in the bank next do according to one's abilities. They can suffer the hunter's gay certainly. Nai Xin Wei 4000 modelNai Xin Wei 4000 model can make firearms lover shines at the moment. It needs a lot of valuable data to make, include to freeze treasure bead and 3 suns lay mirror. Its modelling is not Chang Lafeng, of course attribute is not poor also, attack intensity and explode the addition that hits order and degree can raise DPS effectively. It still has a yellow to insert groove, if you send, still can glance plus immaculate violet Huang Jing or firm hard Wang Zhehu Po bales send out. Accept with a ha overcomes Luo Kui (Loque'nahak)This darling is not quite good catch, ability of dictate of beast of endowment of on hunter need aspect 51 bits of the king of beasts is domestic it. In the beast that it is not the sort of type of course exclusive a tamable, but it is among them exclusive a rare elite, and still be in in Nuo Sen Dezhen animal and frost injury achievement on a list of names posted up famous. Want to catch its word, have to leave on hunter date in Suolacha the basin runs around here and there, praying to find it before others catchs it or killing it. If your girlfriend as it happens played a hunter that has love very much, in those days to rest Ma is first-class a few days (and you also must ground of be in a state of anxiety helps her search) , complaining hunter that's all right is special again now darling... that, beg much happiness oneself to moment. ArrowAndBulletUnless the following patch joined the prestige award with new what again, the hunter in game's at present best bullet and arrow still are engineering production earnings. This also is the forever a matter for regret in heart of hunter of all blame project, but can be a the main chance to you, buy to project player a few exceed safety to make play machine or iron of Sa Long Xie to make an arrow implement can let a friend feel you are an a person with high aspirations and determination, nevertheless, money burns quite if this thing is used for a long time, can say only, there is ideal thing on the world. Be not battle petDoes your hunter friend like to the animal of what breed bring at ordinary times? Can prepare a suitable blame battle pet for him. For instance owl, for instance Long Ying, for instance... cockroach... breed is various, saw you how match. This gift can send now, it does not need to expend much great strength also not very spends money (unless you want to send Long Baobao this kind of thing) , but the effect perfectly. Rustily and spinal protect a handThis ability is truly expensive stuff, the Glass of 10 people NAXX or black sibylline Falinna drop, equipment is bound calm. It is perfect glove simply to the hunter, attribute lets person exclaim well. True lensThis is the thing that need him hunter tries hard, but the excuse that it can think you offer a long-term cooperation -- " hey, I accompany you to brush a brand to change true lens. I accompany you to brush a brand to change true lens.. Friendship clew: Game needs discretion, careful RY, accompany the cummer play in reality pretty good, she won't complain you are staring at battlefield not to help her only again daily. This mirror is good thing to major hunter, morning and evening must consider method take as the point of departure, so, the successful rate that this proposal is accepted is very old. If your as it happens is TANK or cure, group 5 people this easier. Origin: DuowanC ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - Can WOW also resemble this QS so play?

Before about 2 months, my group group issues YX the sources of energy, brush a book of a biscuit at that time, I got 5 people complete ROLL, right now biscuit has depreciated greatly, the price is controlled in 300G. After my ROLL arrives, the remedial QS at that time begins M I (right now he still is in an ordinary small consortium) , hope I can give him biscuit, he misses his FS mark! I did not agree at that time, because my ROLL arrives, give him without reason. If he wants what take a line with FS date at that time, I am met absolutely free gives him this biscuit book, regrettablly he is a QS. This QS nots comply all the way not forgive, readily of an eldest brother crying, hope I give him biscuit, know FB ends. Hit final BOSS, be about disband, he sees me did not give his meaning, say to buy me with 200G, this is he mentions fund first when asking I want. But he says its hand to go up to there is 10 only now again subsequently a few G, the money that repairs equipment repeatedly is done not have, but he takes redness of skin to make money a little while, etc rich can return my 200G immediately. Those who see him say him is so pitiful, I let him owing my 200G, give him with 100G of cheap market price. For later good connection, I add him to be a good friend designedly. Actually I have the experience that has owed others or others to owe my G a lot of times, fundamental authority can be in return the other side for a short while. But this QS is in the following in 1 many week, often go hematic ribbon trumpet, those who reckon G earns is not little, but did not follow me to had said a word however, never mention it carry return money. The M that I cannot help losing infirmly eventually he, remind him to return money, gotten result is to be done not have temporarily, call me extend a time limit a few days, see him still calculate cordial, I agreed. Spent a week again, I still am done not have when his response, I cannot help again M he, let him return money immediately, still say to him: "I am not to care about this 200G, I am to care about the manner that you owe people thing this kind, if your or else gives me, I can want to brush you in channel. I can want to brush you in channel.. He responds to me: "How, you so look down upon I ah! Not be 200G, a little while I mail to you in the past. A little while I mail to you in the past.. A few hours went, I also did not get his mail, he is right now early however the following line, then I am forced again give u...After 3 days, I encounter him again, my fine long hair asks he wants money impolitely, say to want to trade face to face, otherwise I brush him. At the moment, I think to be opposite this kind of person, had not needed too much and polite kind. What his this meeting agrees is delighted, call bank of my abstruse city to wait for him, when the result trades, he is to give me 150G however. I ask how he is 150G at that time, obviously what you owe me is 200G! He begins go about telling people how hard up one is again: "Elder brother, do you leave 50G to repair equipment to go to me? I do not have money really! I do not have money really!! See him so say, I can helpless hit a string of suspension points, received his 150G, this is also so calculated. 200G wants me to tear actually face is extortionary, oneself become aware cannot open a mouth a bit, if he is become thoroughly really such, am I too heartless justice? My propaganda to the enemy at the front line accepts bit of card later, his M I, then I two argy-bargy begins on the price, he can be a copper cash wants not less, I am lazy at that time before saying the thing of 50G. Should discussing is get stuck first or first G when, he says his equipment is better than me actually, want me first money! At that time me two basic it is brand outfit, it equip without who is better to equip without who say, arriving is him himself beginning to become oneself is equipment is good, did not join the consortium with BL the rapiddest at that time rate of progress namely " snow region emperor " , actually Niu Cheng such. I was not willing at that time, I say: "Before passing our contact of two, trade with you the G after I consider to get stuck first only. " do not have make it with respect to such my buying and selling of two, right now I just understand this boy is not what good thing thoroughly! From now on, I hit any handing in with this person no longer, but I also am done not have special detest him, he what just become aware is not quite pure just. But his behavior that brush screen made me honest see no less than going to yesterday. These days, a few people had brushed him early or late, say he uses name of card selling a site to cheat G. Yesterday evening, some is called wind month to take the player that take is to brush him to said to cheat him 50G more, a lot of people are not believed at that time, think 50G also is worth to cheat? But remember my biscuit book when me that after the event, I believe thoroughly however. When a person brushs him, someone else actually echo, say he is a cheater jointly, the check scheme evidence that someone says to he has him to deceive people is waited a moment, look this person may be cheater really. But him QS appears recriminate, say this a few individual associate with an evil person that brush him cheat trumpet to order check instead actually, still use exceeding uncivilized speech goes brushing screen to atttack these a few people, immediately channel corrupt character bawdry...Suggest when propaganda to the enemy at the front line of a lot of people " snow region emperor " clear portal, the person that they meet scolds a these people to come instead, estimating this QS had been the brunt FQ of consortium, are they otherwise such be partial to? Look this once BL head pushs Yilidan's consortium to follow this QS also is anguine rat a brood ah! I say or state with certainty to be able to be moved toward only in the future with respect to such consortium downfallen, they can have followed it seems that " honorable " became cheater euqally people shelter! This QS was brushed greatly in channel night, send one's respects to others parents family a little while, have a little while say oneself are that that person, phone how many, who not of F can look for him true person PK. He still cries: "Tell you a few small basket, father has a plenty of money, one day can sell 10 pieces of spot check, root of my pressing of your that 50G looks to not be in the eye, think do bad the fame of your dad, you are too tender still! You are too tender still!! After I see the look of his name-calling, begin exceeding and disgusting this person, begin this time to say how oneself don't care about G actually, I just said a word in channel: "Not install X, outfit X meets with thunder P! Outfit X meets with thunder P!! I say again finally, cheater is cheater, how be an upright person even if did not learn. Won't somebody for no reason at all, out of thin air you are brushed in channel, unless they are satiate,maintain! This comes from snow region emperor the QS of the fetch that consortium is called ice and snow, you ask a heart ask oneself, you had cheated the G of others after all, are you to inspect G money to be like muck really after all? I know sina has a lot of we of BL of dream of 9 areas halcyon, hope here or allow authority understanding issues him, his bearing below understanding follows public praise. Phyletic: Hematic demon (female) profession: Holy knight, consortium: Snow region emperor ID: The fetch of ice and snowI do not want to write you originally, but I did not keep back really, perhaps be me bowel of chicken of too little stomach, because of,should be at the outset your skimp my 50G, I am retaliating you nowadays! C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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1/1/1970 - The hunter's light did not come: National People's Congress of 3.0.5 version hunt is innovated

Be in " demon animal world " newest 3.0.5 version " the echo of doomsday " in, already OK experience of have a taste of what is just in season alters to all sorts of brand-new 80 class endowment and skill. To the hunter this has the profession of controversy quite for, while to brand-new 80 class in the experience endowment and skill alter, also alleviated old a variety of enmity since read aloud, let a hunter coruscate of this one profession gives new luster. Skill altersViper is guarded: The hunter obtains viper to guard, fighting at close quarters and long-range attack can recover supernatural power cost, but the harm that you cause also can be reduced 50% . The numerical value that recovers supernatural power cost depends on your long-range weapon speed. The hunter can activation only inside same time one kind is guarded. Viper guards alter, let a hunter was short of blue issue to get very big improvement for quite a long time. Although harm guards the meeting below condition to be reduced somewhat in viper, but fall in the position that holds harm output, ten seconds can restore Man La, the carbon output that allows a hunter can be become almost always motive. Escape: The attempt breaks away from a battle, rearward leap. The skill chickening ribs before this hunter, can let you cooperate trap to cast off the enemy to pull open a distance again when be immersed in fighting at close quarters now, let a hunter won't be immersed in fighting at close quarters to stick the position of at the end of one's wits again. Bright future of the hunter - innovation of National People's Congress of 3.0.5 version huntBeast control isGuard master: Viper is guarded, harm cost penalty is reduced 10% , clever monkey is guarded, the harm that makes you get is reduced 5% , lanneret is guarded, attack intensity addition rises 30% . A bit merer endowment, the guardianship that can make 3 kinds of hunters commonly used gets be strengtheninged so much. True it may be said is good in quality and cheap in price. Encouragement: The pet that becomes you is hit explode after attacking, you have the odds of 100% to regain the supernatural power of 1% instantly. Had this talent, the hunter outputs the circumstance with insufficient supernatural power to will get further improvement. Should knowing to serpent catoptric pet atttacks speed can be very fast, also mean cruel the possibility that attack is larger. Qualifications and record of service: Make your mad wild fury, threatening with pet the cooling time of special skill shortens 30% . Department of the king of beasts cannot not nod at 3 o'clock endowment. The king of beasts is culminating ability the use time of mad wild fury will shorten greatly, mad wild fury of 1.4 minutes is having indispensable effect in PVE and PVP. Be congenial to: The harm that makes your pet is caused rises 20% . When your pet is in activation condition to fall, floating rate rises you and your pet 10% . Pet the addition of 20% harm, remarkable the harm output that increased pet. Make harm of output of pet of beast control department more considerable. And the addition of floating rate, to the hunter there is indispensable effect more for the long-range profession of this maneuverability. Beast dictate: You are very perfectness the beast trains, because this obtained the capability of domestic and special pet, and additional at 4 o'clock pet skill check the number. The beast masters 51 bits of endowment of the department. This endowment makes a hunter OK now domestic before cannot domestic demon tyrannosaurus, the special pet such as Jimeila and lava dog. These pet have taller harm than common pet not only, their itself has some special technical ability, let a hunter be in PVE and PVP with might doubled. Additional increase at 4 o'clock pet skill, the hunter that also can allow 70 class can use 2 pet talent at the same time final skill. Fire isDedicated aim at: The because of be harmed susceptive when making you are releasing solid shot applies a law to defer time to shorten 70% , make your hit the target odds increases 3% . The influence that the solid shot that is located in fire to fasten ground floor to be able to let you is interrupted now scarcely again, the use that lets you also can be at ease below PVP state shoots firm. More important is at 3 o'clock endowment can offer you to hit the target at 3 o'clock, let you easily achieve high-end carbon to hit the target mediumly demand. Aim at accurately: Make your long-range attack intensity rises, 100% of the intellective total value that numerical value is equivalent to you. This at 3 o'clock endowment, the intellectual property that can let a hunter also can the is changed into the hunter attack intensity of 100% , to the hunter of 70 class endowment was equal to at 3 o'clock much the attack intensity of nearly 400. Dead mark: Make the harm that special skill causes to the target that is labelled raises your fire and pet 5% , make your aim at fire, solid shot and kill fire and strange beauty pull gunshot to explode attack addition to rise 10% . Fire fastens the natural gift that orders surely, the harm output that had its hunter rises to a brand-new administrative levels. Jimeila shoots: Twinkling hair, 10 seconds cooling time. Cause the weapon harm of 125% , there already was a hammer to prick on refresh target body in order to achieve special effect. Serpent nails thorn -- cause harm instantly, 40% what numerical value is equivalent to your serpent nailing thorn to already made harm be worth. Viper nails thorn -- recover supernatural power cost for you instantly, 60% what be equivalent to your viper nailing thorn to already absorbed supernatural power to be worth. Poisonous scorpion nails thorn -- attempt disarm target, continuously 10 seconds. This effect can spark 1 minute every only. Shoot 51 bits of endowment of the department, changed what the hunter pricks to the hammer completely to use. In PVE, had strange beauty to pull gunshot to exist, serpent nails thorn to will make one of main output technical ability of the hunter afresh. And the action that poisonous scorpion hammer pricks, let a hunter also have disarm technical ability, need not be fear of close body of fighting at close quarters again. Living isAggrandizement is tracked: All and immediate harm that makes the cause that is traced gets rises 5% . The occurrence of this endowment, let a hunter tracking will be a decoration merely no longer. Live natural: All harm that get are reduced 4% , abstruse art fire, solid shot and explosive gunshot explode attack odds to rise 4% . Endowment let at 2 o'clock while you are reducing harm, can win the promotion of harm again. PVP necessary endowment. Ball cartridge of gun of carry on one's shoulder: The trap that becomes you is sparked by a target from time to tome the odds of 100% , when your hammer thorn is caused harm continuously from time to tome the odds of 6% , make abstruse art shoots to perhaps explode below 2 times your fire does not touch hair refrigeration, do not spend supernatural power worth, also do not use up an ammo. Austerity trap + the new puissant combination that explosive fire will make your battlefield PVP. Wild hunter: Make the atttacks intensity and you long-range attack intensity of your pet rises, 30% of the endurance that numerical value is equivalent to you. Hunters because wore PVP to equip,also won't atttack intensity again too little and pained, the comprehensive promotion that atttacks force also was brought while endurance promotes. Noxiousness nails thorn: If your pterodactyl nails thorn to be broken up, the person that break up is nailed the influence of thorn by pterodactyl, 50% what duration pricks time to be broken up to nail. The harm that the target that the serpent hammer that all you are right getting that you are brought to bear on pricks causes rises 3% . Pterodactyl nails thorn to make the puissant control technical ability in PVP from skill chickening ribs, break up serpent hammer thorn is equal to make oneself controlled. Snipe trains: Be apart from a target when you when 30 above, your solid shot, aim at fire and explosive gunshot harm to rise 6% . Kill gunshot explodes attack odds to rise 15% . This endowment lets long-range advantage of the hunter will get the play of incisively and vividly. Chase maniple: Your abstruse art shoots, explosive fire and solid shot are in explode in there is the odds of 100% to be maniple and group after attacking most every second restores 10 members be equivalent to supernatural power be worth upper limit the supernatural power value of 0.25% , continuously 15 seconds. To the hunter, this endowment can let group member get the supernatural power of whole journey restores, the hunter also will become the supernatural power batteries in new group to remove sizable group to assist the effect to the group. Besides these endowment and skill alter besides, in " the echo of doomsday " in pet system also had the hunter to be updated gravely. What every kinds of pet had him not only now is peculiar and exclusive skill, still received corresponding classified natural gift. You can pass the configures you pet ability with skill optional check the number. Match a feature through endowment, your pet can obtain burn one's boats, sacrifice is blusterous (absorb maniple to harm) , restore growl (restore a hunter 60% supernatural power) , haggard call (add team 10% attack intensity) wait these puissant skill a moment. Thereby, the hunter's pet also will become very useful battle force now, oneself distinct effect has in game. Bright future of the hunter - innovation of National People's Congress of 3.0.5 version hunt C ' Est Pas La Peine D ' AcheterWoW Gold Visa Dans Notre Magasin En Ligne.Article Wrote By JinJin FromWow Gold En Solde, and Do You WantWoW Gold?
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