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wow warcraft

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WoW: The Barber Shop - Posted at 09:32 on 9/1/2010 by xiaoli

The Barber Shops are available in many of the major cities. Each will charge you the same amount and have the same variety of hairstyles to choose. After stepping into the Barber Shop, you will notice a Goblin will be standing in the very middle of it,wow gold  along with several chairs ready for you all around the room. On the contrary what many would expect, talking to the Goblin will not let you have your haircut.

You will be able to select from hair styles available to your race - you will be given options ranging from the ones you saw at the character creation screen, to a few new ones added with the Barber Shops. There is a possibility more will keep on being added in future patches.

You will be able to change the color of your hair here to all those other cheap wow gold colors you were offered during your character's creation.

Since it'd be unfair for low-level people to be excluded from this type of content, Blizzard has scaled the amount of money required to change hairstyles and features to the character's level, so while a level 70+ character may pay anywhere from 8 to 15 gold for some haircuts, the low level players will see this same price but in silver. Not to mention, the first time you get a haircut, you will get the Haircut Achievement, worth 10 points.We have wow gold for sale and wow powerleveling service to player. These can help you reach to high level and be powerful in WoW.

The Barber Shop is the first of the looks-changing features we get in World of Warcraft. When Blizzard has recently stated that they plan to introduce more ways to personalize your character, from Patch 3.0.2 on, you will be able to access many new features to have your character looking just right, hair-wise. Additionally, our website sell wow gold instant delivery to player.
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Blue quote: large catastrophes in the Bear T talent and attributes will be adjusted - Posted at 02:13 on 26/11/2009 by xiaoli

Blizzard spokesman for the
Druid: Large catastrophes in the wild De Tanke wow gold

We talked about before, Druid in Bear form can also be under attack from the forces to obtain strength properties. Strength does not appear on the skin-nail, but also there is no one equipment, strength and agility will also have two properties, so give them a real plus access to the two unlikely. Tanks necklaces, rings and cape, also will have the strength properties, which are four tanks will be very attractive.

Almost all the items in the game will be subject to change. In many cases, in many cases is just a (simple) to remove the process, for example, agile + AP's replaced by a pure Agile Armor wow po

So, with new talent and the emergence of new properties of the system, so do not worry about the old equipment and talent in the new property system, what will happen next. Equipment and talent in many cases will change.
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Game qualifications for your job extra points it? - Posted at 01:49 on 20/11/2009 by xiaoli

 Gold 9 silver 10 and ushered in the employment peak. Even in college and then like to play games, well aware of the severity of this moment, for fear of giving a "Wanwusangzhi" image, but dare not admit that they "amateur interest in playing games."

    However, there were some foreign experts and professors believe that graduates are playing the game the ability to obtain might help them find a job.

    One embodied in the "Pc World", by the "Casual Friday" columnist and "Pc World" written by Darren Gladstone, senior author of the article has recently been widely reproduced, but also translated into a number of domestic game portal website. This article is intended to "show the game positive and useful role in society and in the economic crisis of the moment for those who love the game love life but worried about the future is full of new graduates to provide help and encouragement."

To learn social skills in the game wow gold

    "I organized and led 50 of the Society's team of three times the smooth Naxxramas opened up a copy of ... ..." Maybe you never thought had not seen anyone put such a load of deeds job resume, but does anyone thinks of himself " World of Warcraft "in the role of class and race were so written. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-educational and entertaining program director, Professor Eric Klopfer said, there are a number of studies have focused on people in the game can get the real capacity. And you rub in the Warcraft world, apart from a fireball things, learn anything at all?

    Klopfer Professor of the University of Wisconsin Constance Steinkeuhler issue. She "proved that people play" World of Warcraft, "the process of learning and practice a variety of practical skills - data collection and analysis, team spirit, plan development, resource management and allocation, and even the team motivation and management." If the "Network game" ignored words, an ability to write any of the above in your resume will make recruitment unit who shines.

    Of course, "Gears of War 2" and not a substitute for vocational skills training (unless you work really need to use saws). But there is evidence that the task with a full line and the team really can improve the content of the game that people in the real world ability to work. The article, Mollick take a simulated management game "Virtual Leader", for example, pointed out that the game was played by a number of months after the work efficiency can be increased by at least 25%. Of course, the current mainstream games positive research is still in its infancy.

Employers who do enjoy the game? cheap wow gold

    MIT Sloan School of Management Fellow and "change the game: video games can affect the future of the business," a book co-author Ethan Mollick said that "in the modern office environment, electronic games, also with the stigma of shame is a Taibuyinggai. "However, we can not ignore the fact that many employers are still of the game as a lazy, synonymous with escape.

    Therefore, the economic grieved for now, how do you prepare? The article, the authors mentioned earlier, several professors and scholars to a few high-quality resume as a blueprint to tell you how the game finishing touch to your resume.

    However, a simple imitation is not desirable, especially in the mainstream society to accept young people to sing K hobbies are clubbing or watching Gouxue sensational dramas, has chosen to think that playing games (especially online games) in relation to age of incorrigible To the sake of your future, you still try to engage in better sound. If you really want to tell each other in the game you learn a lot, they will certainly make the recruiting officer know that you are only in their spare time playing games instead of working time.
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