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needs for raids

07:42, 25/11/2009 .. 1 comments .. Link
The Shaman's role is ranged DPS, melee DPS or raid healer. After a Shaman turns 80, the thing that he/she should do at once is to start focusing on the gear he/she needs for raids. For this class, Enhancement, Restoration, Elemental and dual-specialization members should gear up for raids.
Blizzard thinks that level 80 is the pinnacle of level achievement in World of Warcraft. wow gold But turning 80 does not mean the end of the challenges until the next expansion comes out. There is plenty to do even after a character reaches the pinnacle of level advancement. It is time for him to take on new challenges and gear up for raiding. Shamans have two basic roles they can fill in raids: DPS characters and healers.
Shamans can wear mail, but typically only enhancement Shamans will focus on mail pieces exclusively for their main set. Elemental and Restoration Shamans will focus more on the casting stats of the gear they wear and worry less about armor classes as they often go for the gear that has the better casting stats. The thing is, some things will be important to all Shaman specializations and that is intellect, crit, and mana regeneration. Some stats are specific to each Shaman.
The Elemental Shamans do not need mana regeneration as much as Restoration Shamans do and they should focus less on spirit and more on spell power, intellect, cheap wow gold hit rating and crit rating. Mail pieces with spell power, Intellect and Mana per 5 second rating should make up most of the Elemental Shaman's equipment.
The Restoration Shamans even gain talents in their tree that increase the effectiveness of the healing stream and mana spring totems; they do not have the same mana regeneration abilities that their ranged DPS casting counterparts do. MP5, Intellect and spell power are what Restoration Shamans should focus on when gearing up.
The Enhancement Shamans should focus on armor class, Agility, hit and AP. Tsunomai, a member of the Outcast guild on Doomhammer recommends a hit rating of over 400.
Getting gear is the purpose of the raid so that guilds can face bigger and better challenges, but as odd as it may seem, you can't just come in with the loot off your back so to speak once you hit level 80. Most raid leaders require that you have the appropriate level of gear for the instance, although this opinion is highly variable. There are several ways to get geared up so you're ready to take on Naxx.

like Mages and Priests

04:37, 27/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Due to Alchemy and Inscription are dependent on the resources an herbalist finds therefore Herbalism is an excellent source of gold. Herbs at low level get a lower price at the Auction House but even high level scribes will need a supply of moonglow ink to keep learning the minor glyphs therefore peace-bloom, silver-leaf and earth-root are your best source of gold wow gold  before level 40. Herbalism grants your character the trait, lifeblood, a HoT spell that is useful for emergencies.

Enchanting and Tailoring are great trade skills for casters like Mages and Priests but are less profitable than mining and herbalism. When doing your quests, you'll find cloth and magic items. A World of Warcraft character that has both enchanting and tailoring can disenchant the magic items they find, tailor items they find from the cloth and then disenchant the tailored items.

The result will be a huge stack of disenchanting materials that can be sold directly or used to create scrolls and sold on the AH to enhance items. Some items such as the dreamweave vest can be created cheaply while leveling and sold on the auction house for 40 gold. At higher levels, your character will be able to create their own armor and enchant it, saving thousands of wow gold.

If you find the following items while leveling, you will be much richer when you reach level 40, though you should focus on leveling quickly instead of grinding. gold wowThese items are valuable to other World of Warcraft players because they help raise trade skills or are quest items and players will pay a premium for them at the AH: Elemental Earth, Elemental Water, Flasks of Mojo, Star Rubies, Large Opals, Wildvine, Heart of the Wild and Lesser bloodstone ore. At higher levels, reputation items are Fel Armaments, Bone Fragments, Arcane Tomes and Relics of Uldar that sell well on the AH.


Saving your gold and remembering your priorities as well are the best secret to having gold for mounts and dual specialization. By not wasting gold on items that you don't need, your gold will be there when you need it. You may make more than you spend and stay focused on what you really need for your character, you will be well on your way to having a great World of Warcraft character without bankrupting your main or having to borrow or buy wow gold.

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needs for raids
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