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nObOdy cAn takE thiSs pAin Away..!


Have uu evrr LOved sOmebody sO muCh,, iit mak3s uu Cry..=( Have uu evrr n3eded sOmthiing sO bad; uu Can't sLe3p at niight,,.. Have uu evrr triied tO find th3 wOrds But they dOn't cOme out riight hav3 uu evrr,,Have uu evrr(?.* #. have uu evrr be3n iin LOve be3n iin LOve sO Bad,, uu'd dO Anythiing tO Make th3m und3rStand.. have uu evrr Had sOme*1* SteaL uur Heart away,, uu'd giive Anythiing tO Make th3m feeL The Same^. have uu evrr SearCh3d fOr wOrds tO get uu iin TheiR heart(?.* but uu dOn't know what tO Say,, && uu dOn't knOw wher3 tO Start*. _____________________ _____ Have uu evrr fOund th3 One,, uu'v3 Dream3d Of aLL uur Liife*. uu'd dO Just abOut Anythiing tO LOok iintO Theiir 3yes<.$ Have uu finaLLy fOund Th3 One ;uu'v3 Giiven uur heart tO; onLy fOund That One wOn't giive Theiir heart tO uu ((W. Have uu evrr cLOsed uur ey3s &&;; Dream3d That they wer3 There(?.* && aLL uu can dO iis Wait fOr the Day wh3n They wiLL Care^^. What dO ii gOtta dO tO G3t uu iin my arms(}.*,,Baby What dO ii gOtta Say;tO G3t to uur heart(?.* = ( tO Make uu undrStand hOw ii ne3d uu next tO me,,<.3 gOtta G3t uu iin my worLd,, Caus3 Baby,,ii can't sLe3p ((U.*

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Posted: 14:20, 15/1/2006
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the pain of mii [!][!][!]


Itís like a dark, cold night,
without any stars.
Itís like a storm,
and the rain comes down, in torrents.

girls and boys listen up
if you dont like me because i am whow i am you bitches can fuck off
!! i dont need you !!

Posted: 02:20, 15/1/2006
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=>suck <=i'mm a gurl named virginie [!]__ [love]

Dealing with my ownn hate
All i get iz pane [wacko]
Shadowz huntingg mi
All i do iz freakk

Insantity iz getiing closrr
How long can i surrvive

The greed i get from tiz worldd
Iz suckingg my dry
Everyone seamz nice but they arentt

<< I know somone like thatt> :(
I hate himm/herr***

People like that well
Fuck uu all!! [blink]
what will i say<< I hate people like that

Posted: 02:16, 15/1/2006
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   itS my [!] siSteR sarah [!]



heyla meid [!]

wrOm ?
wrOM gade nU weg *snikje*

pff tga moeilijk zijn ze zondr uU ^[!]^^

en dan nOg zO ver !! ier blijvn e :s:s


but i nOw life isn't
anD iT wiLL nevrr bE .

remEmber yOu hAve sOMe fRiendS
aNd oNe Of tHem is yOur littl sIsteR

kga uU zOw missn meid !!

knUffeltjes en kusjjes van a broknheart :> your sister virgken !!


Posted: 02:08, 15/1/2006
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 ****---- nOw its Just mii alOne ----****

butt ! i want just dath you now =>

I ReallY lOve yOU,

*bUt yOu lOve sOmeOne ElsE

whEn i sEe yoU,


i cAnt clOse mY eYes

i jUst wAnt yOu to sAy hOw much yOU

cAre abOut mE..[!]


bUt yOu lOve sOMeONe eLse.
i jUst wAnt tO hEar '' I LOVE YOU ' oUt

             Of yOur mOuth.[!]


I hEar iT iN mY mind,
iTs jUst a sOund
bUt its jUst A drEam

[!] BeCausE yOu lOve sOMeone eLse..

  bUt ii stiLL lOve uU..

kiss .. virr

Posted: 01:52, 15/1/2006
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