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Weight Loss - Add Protein To Add Muscle

10:59, 22/12/2007 .. Link

More Protein to Gain Muscle

If you are working out daily and looking to add more muscle, you're probably asking yourself what I should be eating in order to maximize my muscle growth. Many people are constantly looking for the perfect blend of food and exercise to gain shape and muscle quick and easy. Here are some tips.

There is a misconception that if your trying to build muscle, you need to add lots of protein to your diet. This is only partially true. While it is important to get your daily regiment of protein in your diet, you do not need to add lots of protein to your diet to gain muscle. You do not need to eat large to be large. If you are adding too many calories to your diet, you might not be gaining muscle but gaining fat instead.

The recommended daily allowance of protein is only 50 grams. That is actually only 2 ounces. Many people think you need to eat a cow; instead it's only a can of tuna. If your body building, many doctors recommend a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, cereals and low fat meats. There is no reason to drastically change your diet habits in order to accommodate your body building, unless of course you have horrible eating habits. So if you want to increase your muscle, don't worry that your not getting enough protein.

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Weight Loss - Add Protein To Add Muscle


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