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Remarks on parental control

Posted on 13/3/2014 at 21:40 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

The description has been made about parenting, educational styles require a clarification of the control. It is undisputed that all parents have to exercise some control over the behavior of their children. The problem appears rather in the intensity, shape and direction control. That is, what matters is how, when and how this control is applied. Listed below are four points about parental control:

The basic criterion for assessing positive control practices is that they lead to the subject arrives to self-manage In this context, the best parenting, educational style is one that is planned from the beginning to become single (in the sense that parents intervene as little as possible).

Thus parental control practices are aimed at achieving self (it is the child who plays) treating the children internalize what they are transmitted. When internalization is achieved is a greater self-control, so parents insist on this aspect that we consider vital in this manual that we saw earlier: the internalization.

On children's obedience and self-control of their children to achieve self-control and autonomy you as parents have to care for and promote confidence, based on a genuine and unconditional love, and must strive to be increasingly obedience (day after day, year after year) more reasoned dialogue and cooperation, although at first there had to be used, because of age or other mandates and strict and precise orders.

On the strength of the children need parental control in moments of his life a certain level of control. Apply the right, at the right time and what must be controlled and self-control facilitates internalization, and is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks you have as a parent. Insufficient control transmits the message that the proposed conduct the child has no value, or even the same parents believe in it.

Therefore, the children do not obey internalized instructed. On the contrary the excessive and indiscriminate foreign control causes internal conformity and rebellion rebellion that has a negative character because eventually turns against the subject himself, since his negativity prevents learning and acquiring new habits.

On the use of rewards and punishments at home prizes and punishments are necessary part of our relational life. It is to emphasize the advantages of the board game iasi awards, praise and accolades over the punishments, reprimands, the corrections and criticisms as a means of controlling behavior and learning as elements. But we note that the formation of the "realistic" self-concept in children requires not only recognizing their strengths, but also its flaws.

However, the use of negative sanctions requires special care to not cause rejection, powerlessness, anxiety in children or estrangement between parents and children. The use of rewards and praise is in principle a less risky means of control and serves to strengthen the positive self-concept and self-confidence of the child.

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