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Drivers Polarized Sunglasses

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What people wear ray ban outlet sunglasses all year round sunglasses longest? Answer three kinds of people: the first is a big star will go out wearing sunglasses; second car drivers often wear driving mirror; third is often engaged in outdoor sports. While motorists doubled in increased essential safe driving, anti-glare polarized sunglasses are more popular today to talk about the aluminum-magnesium material driver driving polarized sunglasses, men choose.
So what is the aluminum-magnesium material?
Of course, said aluminum-magnesium material for sunglasses frame material. Some merchants aluminum-magnesium material advertising for aviation Mg, Al, in fact, a wide range of generalization is the aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its hard and lightweight, low density, good heat dissipation, strong resistance to stress, high-tech products can fully meet the highly integrated, lightweight, miniaturization, drop the collision and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation requirements.
Aluminum-magnesium material frame sunglasses, has the following advantages:
1 Light irrelevant, amassed plot real
Aluminum magnesium materials of aluminum-magnesium frame material by air, compared with other metallic glasses, very light, but the same the amassed plot real.
2 will never fade, stylish and elegant
The situation of the ray ban wayfarer aluminum-magnesium material, the use of vacuum ip plating, aluminum-magnesium mirror legs shiny soft, rust-proof wear-resistant, does not fade, in fact, elegant texture, favored by Amy.
3. Hard and lightweight, easily deformed
Aluminum-magnesium aviation material hard and lightweight, low density, excellent resistance to stress, its hardness is several times more than ordinary metals, weight dropped significantly, while the mirror leg rebound performance.
4. Isolated electromagnetic perfect anti-radiolysis
Aluminum-magnesium material sunglasses, neither rust has excellent pro-biotic, does not cause discomfort to the skin, due to the special nature of the material, but also cut off from the life of electromagnetic radiation, is the best choice for outdoor and car.
Share 2 aluminum-magnesium the men drivers driving mirror, polarized sunglasses
The first paragraph is ray ban outlet of magnesium aluminate men drivers driving mirror share to favorite brands control the too proud loading b control, the brand leader. The second paragraph is Ying Wei Diya Al-Mg drivers driving mirror, to share the reason is high quality and low price, this brand is the same with recent domestic brand of its own plant and shops, you can take a look at the details.
Today, the aluminum-magnesium alloy frame polarized sunglasses into the fashion business classic atmosphere, smooth texture, more aluminum magnesium materials not easily deformed, not allergic, the light irrelevant functionality by many business people as well as fashion Daren control of the favorite. The network electricity supplier, the aluminum-magnesium frames chauffeur-driven mirror is also the leader in sales in the spring and summer season of light pollution raging, you may wish to change an aluminum-magnesium frame polarized sunglasses to feel it!

Myopic choice of sunglasses

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Nearsighted How to wear cheap oakleys ? Which is more convenient? Here to introduce the five solutions.
1, plus a clip sunglasses or sets of mirror
The clip style lenses folder chip lens
Myopia sunglasses is additional outsourcing sunglasses clip on the other in their own glasses of plug-in folder chip, economic, switching is also very convenient, plus tablets turn on the turn will be able to switch directly, but not many outside with the kind of clips very often, and the original mirror nearly fit there are some differences. There specifically for the specific frame design myopia sets of mirror sunglasses outside sheet iron absorption, while the size of the outside of the lens is fully installed frame design, so that will be very beautiful, also very convenient disassembly.
2, with a clamshell sunglasses
Clamshell sunglasses clamshell sunglasses
The glasses is actually a clip and myopia did it on a pair of glasses can be turned on and turned down the switch, because directly on a pair of glasses, individually designed style will be very stylish and suitable for strenuous exercise. If you enter a room or a dark place, you can set off the front cover. Directly with the view myopia piece, but there are shortcomings is not normal myopia rack, so still need two pairs of discount oakley sunglasses .
3, equipped with a degree Lenses
The discoloration sunglasses discoloration sunglasses
Photochromic lenses, it was also known as "photosensitive lenses. Because the chemicals of silver halide is added on the lens, so that the originally colorless and transparent lenses encounter glare becomes colored lenses. The finest quality is the sixth generation of Essilor esp Transitions color film. Degree of discoloration and restore the chroma in the sun is good, but the price is also high.
4, select dyeing sunglasses
Dyeing of sunglasses is actually a general optical lens sunglasses colors can help block the strong light. Lenses color a lot, choice, note that tea tablets, grey, light green and other colors of lenses is the best place. Note When using the glasses, outdoors, but indoors the best swap ordinary glasses, because this lens pivot rate insufficient, increase eye fatigue, which affects vision. And when equipped with the glasses you need to select the professional optical shop, because this dyeing cheap oakley sunglasses are usually ordinary plastic lenses for myopia dressed and dyed to form again, due to the number of different, often this dye single pay processing, color stability and large differences in the size and level of optical shops.
5, wearing contact lenses sunglasses

Sunglasses lens material classification¡¡

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In fact, the material sunglasses have been more important than the shape and color of the sunglasses, really good ray ban outlet sunglasses, in addition to the gorgeous appearance, also should have a good anti-UV anti-glare, but also to have some anti-impact performance. These are determined by the sunglasses lens material. Sunglasses lens materials can be divided into: plastic lenses, glass lenses, polarized lenses, color lenses.
1, plastic lenses
the uv400 resin lens the uv400 resin lenses
This is a lot of sunglasses brands like material, lightweight non-friable it is the most obvious feature plastic lens UV protection function has not been any treatment to be significantly better than glass lenses, plastic lenses should be more simple in color processing . The disadvantage is that it is the wear resistance of plastic lenses, lens scratches easily, easily deformed when hit, so for its maintenance to be more careful.
Plastic lens material are mainly three kinds of resin lenses, pc lenses, acrylic lenses
2, glass lenses
Glass lenses glass lenses
Glass lenses is the most prominent advantage is we often come into contact with the ray ban wayfarer glass lens optical performance is very stable, which is consistent advantages of glass lenses used in glasses is the same, there is glass lenses, not easily deformed, will not subject to the influence of the pressure of the frame. Glass lens drawback is easily broken, broken easily damage the eyes. Tempered glass lens, newly developed performance than ordinary glass lenses prominent and more, can also be regarded as a security lens.
Glass lenses and plastic lenses glass lenses and plastic lenses contrast
3 polarized lenses
Polarized lenses polarized lenses
This is the use of polarized sunglasses lenses, polarization principle, the use of light from the glare of the parties barrier outside the lens, so that the line of sight is clearer, more secure driving trip. In 1937, the United States edwinland Bausch & Lomb invented this lens is then applied to a wide range of polarized sunglasses which I also take this chance to create their own Polaroid Corporation.
4 color lenses
Photochromic lenses color lenses
Are more light-sensitive lenses, because the light changes, the color of the lens changes accordingly, so that the eyes can adapt to different environments, in bright light, color lenses color will deepen, according to the light, the lens color will automatically shallow . Such lenses have been applied to the myopia sunglasses color lenses form is also considered to be the most convenient and the most beautiful myopia sunglasses to be more popular than the clip type.
If you choose ray ban outlet sunglasses just fashionable, this view you must promptly change over the sunglasses most fundamental role is to protect your eyes away from ultraviolet riots, a lot of people because the only fashion shape choose sunglasses with UV protection This sunglasses has been classified as a low-quality sunglasses, in fact, strictly speaking, none of these glasses can be called sunglasses. So to be more concerned about the choice of sunglasses, sunglasses lens material as well as their corresponding functions, chooses a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses color choice

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Colorful frames called dizzying, changeable characteristics not only in the frame, the lens has also started many new attempts to color, such as pink, dark green, and the like. Of course, the colour is mainly concentrated in cheap oakley sunglasses , myopic glasses lenses also have addressed this point, but the rich colors of the frame a lot, and especially the popular mix of the two colors. Such as the red and the black, black and white, blue and green, and so on, all the conflicts really colors mixed together, have a distinctive effect.
Common sunglasses color pink, gray, brown, green and yellow five various colors slightly different. Function to consider from spectroscopy and sunglasses shade, lens color light gray excellent, followed by a dark green, amber (brown).
¡ñ gray lenses: can absorb infrared and 98% of UV. Have excellent color reproduction, and can be effective in reducing the light intensity. The professionals preferred color.
¡ñ pink lenses: can absorb 95% of the ultraviolet and short-wave visible light. Of the the glare shielding effect is poor, does not play a greater protective effect than generally colorless lens. Wearing cheap oakleys comfort and more from the psychological benefit. More than beautification and modification capabilities.
¡ñ green lens: series represents color and gray lenses, it can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% of UV. But will cause some color, its barrier effect of the light gray lenses slightly behind, Overall good protective lenses.
¡ñ brown / brown lens: the absorption spectrum and green lenses almost, but absorb more blue than green lenses. But its color distortion of the gray and green lenses to far greater satisfaction slightly inferior to the gray and green, but it provides another choice of color, and can be slightly reduced halo of blue light to make the image clearer.
Yellow lenses: absorb 100% of ultraviolet rays, penetrate infrared and 83% visible light. Its biggest feature is to absorb a large part of the Blu-ray. Yellow lenses absorb blue light, the scenery of nature more clearly, the yellow lenses commonly used as a "filter", and even night vision discount oakley sunglasses , but still lack sufficient evidence to support the "yellow lenses night increase as This argument.

The Bracelets optional Suggestions

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Bracelet is a classic jewelry, women often think of wearing them on display distinguished. Bracelet different because the wearer has a different size, and therefore at the time of purchase, must be measured beforehand the size of the wearer's wrist. Generally, bracelets, tiffany outlet bracelets are not suitable for wearing at work, for fear of collision damage. Therefore, if you intend to regular wear, in addition to pay attention to maintenance, the purchase should also pay attention to their durability.
This is a classic bracelet, you will also find a variety of styles of bracelets, such as a chain bracelet, or wheat-like bracelet. They are made by a variety of metal, such as Sterling Silver, 18k gold, platinum.
Pearl bracelet with strong traditional means, cheap oakley sunglasses can match with any clothing, also includes pearl necklaces, pendants and pearl earrings.
You can choose a simple form of the bracelet can also choose to select the more cumbersome style. Their bright metallic luster impressive, they collide the sound melodious.
To attend as graduation or promotion of such formal occasions, gave her a pearl bracelet. As for the birthday of this occasion, gave her a bracelet or a bracelet to wear. They are very suitable for summer wear, also wear tight sweaters in the winter wear. Chain bracelet for any occasion is more personalized gift. With this charming bracelet, you can continue to work on special occasions to give her some amulets as a souvenir. Personalized gifts or engraved above signs.
Jade beaded bracelet, can be described as a blue classic. Bracelet color to highlight the skin of the hand, but this bracelet is more suitable temperament fresh crush their temperament does not match the wear will inevitably tacky.
Different materials mix and match together, personality style, suitable for different types of girls. The pale orange beaded reveals the deep feminine. Black and white tiffany and co outlet beads, but revealed little girls feelings, can be described as wild bracelet.

Buy sunglasses face and how skillfully mix?

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A good-quality cheap oakleys sunglasses can not only filter out more than 96% of the sun's ultraviolet rays can be projected from the glare weakened.
According to experts, the sunglasses have uva, uvb two-band ultraviolet blocking all lenses must meet national standards for eyeglass lenses requirements, and the basis for face matching.

The circular faces recipe shaped spectacle frames, so you can make your face look slightly angular. Best not to select a circular frame, or make your face look more round.
Inverted triangle face chin is particularly shrill this face to avoid wearing large glasses frame, otherwise it will only exaggerate the forehead, and small frame would play a role of narrowing the width of the forehead on the visual.
Triangular face narrow forehead, this face, such as select some square frames, it will make your narrow forehead seemed wide, coordinated facially.
If it is biased in favor of rectangular, square face can choose wider ray ban outlet frames, can play a visually shorten the face. If the face is not too long, we chose the more delicate and small frames, such as the lens smaller oval frames can make the face look softer.
Eye-catching position of popular, however, these standards are often not suitable for popular family of two years has been popular, "exaggerated is beautiful, colorful is hymn, pop is even into a film," the years in various fashion eyewear counter placed exclusively large framed sunglasses, the overall design is lighter, more simple. In previous years, the fine lines at the same time also a change in the lens style, revealing the full publicity of the United States, the design of the curved arc glasses more in line with the contours of the face, compared to wear cheek. Some lenses also exaggerated beyond the basic face shape goggles give enough reason for people to play it cool. So buy on the eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.
Popular really acted like a monsoon, what season Hing what is to follow the law, such as this time of year, a touch of colorful whirlwind began to confuse the people's eyes, blue, purple, deep, shallow, people hide looked at the back of their own choosing cheap oakley sunglasses colors from the epidemic around. Even if it is the rainy weather, even if it is early in the morning and then lit bar, the wave of people accustomed to a colored frames on the bridge of the nose, head, make it like a necklace, earrings, only beautiful just.

Constellation jewelry selection

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Aries is the most passion and vitality, because they have the innate talent of communication, plus maverick free and easy temperament, in order to attract a lot of attention. Those inside constellations are rude and the highest, but they also have decent coquetry skills. Therefore, a gorgeous but unconventional, again the body self-diamond tiffany outlet ring was their full self-exhibition space.
The quiet outside Taurus hide bold one. But conservative surface she has been in love in a more passive, less relaxed and honest, but they put a load after a certain feeling, they will invest a lot of feelings. , Taurus has been very patiently waiting for the other half of their lives, they believe: that one day he will understand my mind. Taurus is not a silly girl, who is the best combination of management and a sense of a perfect pair of pure white gold heart-shaped diamond ring that best represent the mind of the Taurus, Taurus men characteristics most have to choose.
The female twin trick largest, most innovative trend style, so they like to keep trying new things forward on the. The double child has a macho sounding name, but they attached great importance to both the mind love communication, most of the two children, once in a lifetime marriage. Each retain their own space is their most appropriate to get along, perhaps this is also a dual female charm. Diamond ring symbolizes eternal and spirits on behalf of her unique expression of feelings, and marriage is always fresh.
"Fate" is crab women who best interpretation of feelings. They firmly believe that their other half is God has long been a good fate, and carefully to the care of this edge, is the pursuit of the dream of their lives. Thus, the pursuit of crabs woman who should be given the greatest sense of security of the crab and women who, they believe that love is eternal. A compact on behalf of the traditional woman, gentle, approachable, and trustworthy round diamond ring is the most representative of the crabs women who wish, like this tiffany charms , has a dull rustic smooth texture, distributing moonlight gentle light, precisely reflects the Cancer woman gentle side.
Super-confident, love the performance, the super to face, super taste, super gracious the most appropriate expression is as distinguished as Queen Leo mm. Leo eager to have a period of dramatic climaxes in the affair, because they cannot stand flat. Large pieces of dazzling diamonds are Leo masterpiece of extraordinary arrogance, strict course to become a haughty Queen when the Lions woman wears this ring.
Legend, the Virgin is one of the most formidable constellations. They are a notoriously picky; love clean, like a fuss, most female jealousy of Constellation. Their pursuit of perfection, attention to spirit communication on the love thing, long for me little love. So, choose a set with the most perfect diamond ring, only the most wear so perfect virgin
"Crossings" often appear in Libra wind intraday. They cannot differentiate clearly the difference between friends and lovers, because they idealized idea of fairness and harmony. Because of their beauty, to lead them to the man hesitated them feel macho to all men and women, but it is not her fault, in the final analysis, that the angel contingent. Highlight the symmetry of a tiffany jewelry outlet diamond ring is definitely a carefully crafted for Libra, which is a difference between lovers and friends the best exhibits.

Sunglasses for maintenance of common sense

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Picked and chose the oakley sunglasses cheap actually very squeamish, lack of proper maintenance expensive glasses shortens life! You have to protect your sunglasses? Maintenance and general Sunglasses glasses much the same. If the lens stains, grease or fingerprints available special fittings, soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to remove dust or dirt on the lens. Should also often used after wiping the lens detergent. Do not use nails to remove the spots on the lenses. Gravel lenses, rinse with water and then glasses cloth or paper towel. Following the breakdown of a few little experience, and hope to be useful:
Sunglasses maintenance of common sense
Steps / methods
1 when glasses wearing Abstract, please hands seize temples, positive outward picked, single-hand side wearing Abstract glasses, likely to cause deformation, loosening.
When not use lens cleaning cloth, lens facing up and placed in a special bag, beware of lenses and frames to scratch hard objects.
Frame or lens contaminated dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, and other warm water and clean with a neutral detergent, then dry soft cloth.
4. Prohibit long time cleaning the bathroom, soaked in water and placed fixed at exposure to sunlight; against the length of time the current metal edge.
Please fold the left foot mirror
5. Closing mirror.
6. Distorted spectacle frames, sagging, re-use, will cause the affected cheap oakleys lens clarity, dashing to the dealer for a free adjustment.
Plate sunglasses use after a period of time may be slightly deformed, which is a normal phenomenon. The dealer executive rack adjustment can.
Photosensitive mirror of Do not for a long time set aside in the direct glare, otherwise it will shorten the time of use of the discoloration effect, but if the Dreaming is gradually losing its long-term wear and will not change the polarizing effect, you are assured that use .
Sunglasses on the driving the dashboard position is incorrect, in hot weather, the sunglasses litter in the car on the dashboard, sunglasses may heat distortion, almost not heat-resistant plate frame sunglasses.
Sunglasses holder in the top of the head is not right, so that it is easy to pull a bad hook. The glasses do not wear should be carefully removed, placed want glasses when folded, and the mirror up. In order to save many people will not put the glasses case glasses placed in a package or pocket, this is very easy to make things such as keys or comb angular scratching ray ban outlet sunglass lenses, cannot be taken lightly.

Tiffany take you all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery

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The spring season, tiffany outlet takes you all over the world to enjoy the most beautiful scenery. This year ushered in the most famous bracelet tiffany their birthday, in earlier segment has launched its own 10-year commemoration of emotional bracelet. Tiffany also is introduced National Memorial Bracelet series from different pendant features of this country, to express tiffany own unique understanding! Each string bracelet is the country's best business card!
Chinese charm bracelet with red and gold is a popular favorite color and on behalf of the wealthy, prosperity, good fortune and happiness.
As tiffany's hometown, in 2000, the Danes lucky enough to become the world's first group of people wearing tiffany charm bracelet.
The gray cortex bracelet is a modern interpretation of the classic French stylish.
An innovative mix and match colors, and unique details and forms a stylish look on in Germany Charm tiffany jewelry outlet Bracelet created.
Anniversary bracelet with a variety of pink and pale pink, reflect a modern, feminine styling.
Hong Kong
According to Asian tradition, purple is considered to bring wealth and spirituality.
United States
U.S. anniversary bracelet with beautiful pale pink and pale pink romantic look.
Modern look, Australia's anniversary bracelet reflects the internationalization of Australian fashion.
Austrian anniversary bracelet boldly reflected in red and white Austrian flag.
Anniversary Bracelet with Belgium the staggered deep purple to create a beautiful retro style.
The Anniversary Bracelet in Brazil expression of the colors of the national flag and the Brazilian people superstitious nature.
Canadian anniversary bracelet with red and white to create a stylish look.
Clear blue lake with original white house, Greece these colors are fused into a tiffany charms anniversary bracelet.
"Emerald Isle" bold image of the green into Ireland anniversary bracelet

Frog mirror how popular

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Birth of frog mirror, The high-speed development of the new aircraft in the 1920s. Due to the glare and because of the long flight, pilots are suffering from headaches and suffer from Vertigo. In 1929, MacCready ray ban outlet glasses produced a new type of air force general request, protects pilots at high altitudes under the influence of glare, whilst maintaining a clear vision.
Thus, Ray-Ban has successfully developed an equipped with a substantial blocking visible light lenses new glasses. This pushed the glasses in 1936, sold, is a classic pilots equipped with plastic box and lens-shaped glasses. This was the earliest frog mirror.
Frog mirror there are many popular issues, has an interesting analogy in the fashion world--how many frogs in the world, there are many people wearing frog mirror. seen by many people of all ages.
At that time, so many people fall in love with Tom-Cruise, love in his the soaring aspirations of a flight suit, wore a frog mirror Fan.
And most recently, Michael Jackson in order to finance their debts to thousands of treasured items for auction. Which includes a piece of his own images in a central, several historical and cultural celebrities are wearing frog mirror painting--even Einstein even ET, the Mona Lisa is "wearing" a fake ray bans frog mirror, what grounds do we have it?
"Black" n advantage
1. secret sorrow, wore High all night last night, became a black eye after getting up; after a quarrel with her boyfriend in a storm of tears ... ... Imagine if there were no sunglasses, the woman wants to go out there, how others eyes?
2. feel free to the disdain of people roll, to girl Goo although "black" is more or less tantamount to meaning, but as long as your lenses dark enough, you can in this little black barrier behind the wanton killing stare in the neck.
3. pigment can face out over the age of 25, and Yan Street courage were from "black".
4. sunglasses will never deceive, on the contrary, it allows more people to pay heed to his--striking are the stars wearing "black" in the first place.
To put my color sets frame sunglasses? Instead I lined it?
Color glasses are all the glasses in the most fashionable, most choose someone. Clothing choices can also be bold, abstract prints, modern geometric patterns, polka dot, striped shirt and so on, are very appropriate.
"Black", how can you not like a bodyguard?
Look at stars known, "black" per se will give people a sense of distance, so avoid wearing too formal when you usually wear dark sunglasses, color is too dark clothes, such as wearing suits is not suitable for wearing dark sunglasses, that would make people think gang boss and his bodyguards were in the movie. Recommended female clothing details such as lace, bows can be used to reconcile the "black" tough and thick feeling. In addition, in black is a great way to hide flaws or the eye puffiness, eye problems, such as congestion, when there are these problems may wish to take advantage of.
Light lens cheap oakleys sunglasses on the market, how to select clothes? Has its own clothing brand star Gwynne-SW recommended in an interview in light brown, champagne gold sunglasses. Wearing light colored lenses sunglasses during the summer to make viewers more sense of cool. Mix of hot nude color dress, denim or very popular in recent years can be.
Star selection that fits your face shape sunglasses
SW-round face
Bogey: round or angular Sun glasses. Round frames, round earrings or hair combed backward, will emphasize the round face, and should be avoided as far as possible.
To: square, mirror frames wide frames.
Pui-wife skinny face
Bogey: this type usually has sharp jaws and prominent cheekbones, they should avoid wearing a cocked up on both sides of the frame, or frog mirror style because this would only place more emphasis on sharp jaw.
To: light, frame square sunglasses.
Bogey: prescriptions face easy to feminine enough feeling, select box Sun glasses should be avoided.
To: round oakley sunglasses cheap or frog mirror, some wide box edges can be rough.

Tiffany New York love art tour

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A better bit by bit dense with flowers and chocolate sweet flavor of the festival, the selection of a beautiful and unique gift donation beloved ta sent to convey a feeling of love and cherish, let romantic love token witnessed the sincere emotion. The legendary style themselves freely to the United States, to the sweet perfect Valentine's Day gift from love and romance beautiful incarnation - tiffany outlet .
The charming pink Tenderness memories
Soft pink, never the most graceful love the colors. Tiffany presented the charming colorful Rarity pink diamond jewelry, praise the passion overflowing sweet Valentine's Day, show diamond brand unparalleled heritage. Diamond Ring 2.11-carat pear-shaped fancy intense pink diamond embedded in the design elegant and smooth top of the ring, a bright brilliant Zhenhan pink diamond after a superb cut to show the a full bodied wonderful color, truly passed in rendering feelings of pleasure and harvest precious thing.
The diamonds lit to perfection true love sky
Pegasus Diamond withstand the test of time, true love can be after years of experience of impermanence, still bright, perfect as ever. tiffany and co outlet precious diamond jewelry, its extraordinary beauty, with love to attain elegance desirable ecstatic, pendants and rings of the tiffany, soleste series in particular. Pincushion beautifully cut white diamonds on it, surrounded by decorated with platinum inlaid white diamond 18k rose gold inlaid pink diamond, each one by Tiffany master craftsmen hand-cut and inlaid witness true love pure to true.
Sincere love engraved in eternity
Passion festival, the sweet whisper "i love you", blurted out the moment that is gone with the wind, tiffany, yours series Zeyi fashion modern style expression sweetly, engraved confession touched with sweet warm down, passing love sincere and moving. Flashing a pleasant shiny 18k gold tiffany jewelry outlet bracelet, adorable and i love you and the classic "tiffany & co.", given love a different kind of tempted with the legend.

The mess wearing sunglasses Beware induced glaucoma

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Summer is coming, many people wear cheap oakleys sunglasses to prevent strong light damage to the eyes. It needs to be noted is that wearing sunglasses that do not fit, may cause injury to the eyes, but not everyone is suited to wearing sunglasses, may trigger the onset of glaucoma.
Wearing sunglasses reduces visible light into the glasses inside, pupil returned to nature, resulting in anterior chamber angle narrow, caused by poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long, easy to induce acute episode of angle-closure glaucoma. Occurs in patients with redness, eye pain, headache, vision declined sharply, even sometimes with nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Patients suspected of having glaucoma or glaucoma should not wear sunglasses.
It is understood that the glaucoma also have what is called "high risk groups", over the age of 65, if suffering from a family history of glaucoma, the risk of developing glaucoma risk and very high, as much as most people 10 times times, belonging to the high-risk groups.
In addition, the chances of diabetes patients also suffer from glaucoma. If one eye has been suffering from glaucoma, then the other eye also has a higher chance of occurrence.
Overwork caused acute attack
Except above factors outside, tired excessive, and sleep insufficient, and emotional fluctuations, and diet does not section or binge eating, factors, can effect vascular neural regulation Central, makes vascular Shu shrink features disorders: while oakley sunglasses cheap can makes capillaries expansion, vascular permeability sexual increased, caused ciliary muscle edema, and Qian moved, plug anterior chamber corner, makes room water outflow channel blocked; other hand can makes room water secretion too much, posterior chamber pressure high, around IRIS by pressure forward moved and makes anterior chamber variable shallow, anterior chamber corner variable narrow. Those factors can cause a rapid rise in intraocular pressure, eventually leading to acute glaucoma attack. Therefore, the doctors call them incentives for acute glaucoma attack. The patients eye redness or pain, sharp decline in vision, nausea, vomiting, and generalized discomfort. Pathogenesis of these patients can be monocular or binocular at the same time, often over 50mmHg attack of intraocular pressure (normal intraocular pressure is 10~21mmHg), use your finger to touch felt the eyes as hard as stone. Thus, blue light with the need to maintain emotional stability, life, diet, stimulation with an eye to eliminating negative fake ray bans are very important. Glaucoma is one of the blinding eye disease, symptoms appear when visiting a doctor, treatment effects are not ideal.
Surgical treatment of acute glaucoma generally fit. Through the drugs lower the pressure inside the eye is too high, preventing excessive intraocular pressure damages the optic nerve, loss of eyesight or vision.

Kiss me series jewelry love imminent

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You ever moved so that the moment becomes eternal, like imprint saved this kiss, or the kiss, put her ring finger, to achieve her dream of Princess. Do not feel weird, all this is no longer a dream, 2013, tiffany and co outlet designers once again by drawing inspiration force to capture the moment, cohesion eternal hot kiss applied to the diamond ring on and overcome numerous technology difficulties first Ruby and Diamond tip beautiful kiss on the tip shape, to create the most heart keepsake tokens of love for lovers, love imminent.
The beauty of the diamonds and Swarovski Ruby over the next tip gently touch, like an affectionate kiss between lovers. Ruby symbolizes love warm, pure diamond symbolizes love loyalty, two-color halo intersection, makes luster to flow freely between the two stones, unique on touch design lover interdependent, the best expression of the soul delivered.
The kiss series complete picture presents mosaic of touch, in addition to the requirements of the gem itself culet perfect, also requires the cusp of two gems fall on the same point in order to achieve two sharp precision relative. Therefore the tiffany outlet series using the latest CNC technology measuring, cutting, selection, the same time series use microcontroller mosaic technology, two-tip distance of 0.15-0.25mm, to avoid the collision of two sharp guarantee Seamless consistent visual, allowing consumers to enjoy the 360-degree shape of the dead perfect drill tip of touch. Can be described as genuinely fearless look directly.
Fully appreciate the shape and cut of diamonds, can reduce the maximum shelter let enough light into the diamond internal facets of reflection and refraction, full of fire color diamonds, diamonds more flash bright. At the same time, the style of classic smooth, less filth and lose luster.
Jane Tibetan heart moment dedicated to a loved one. "Kiss" series as a keepsake tokens of love between lovers to witness the love commemorate appropriate. Let you kiss day to accompany ta about any time can feel the temperature fingertips convey. This is the year of "jewelry tiffany jewelry will wake up again classic perfect fusion of emotion and jewelry, tiffany jewelry outlet will be New Year's" Kiss, "2013, the next open loving!

Super Fresh fashion sunglasses in fashion

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Fashion, avant-garde, rebellious, defiant, healthy, vibrant, dynamic infinite, mysterious, reserved, aloof, maverick, passionate, wild, domineering, cutting edge is now complete ...
Have you thought about these words feel very contrasting color, actually can find in cheap oakleys sunglasses! The hibernating Sun finally woke up, Dormant Sun finally woke up and terrible with white skin to UV earned rushing to a close contact with own wishful thinking. Away from its lethality, but also show the fashion personality self, sunglasses are undoubtedly the first choice! Well, in this increasingly scorching sun of the season, you will choose a perhaps representative of fashion, and may represent the practical, perhaps only represent the personality of sun glasses?
With sunglasses, pay attention to the overall effect of the hairstyle and fashion. Travel, exaggerated style thick frame plastic glasses can choose informal gatherings, the official date, and crystal transparent frame doing my first choice. This season very large heavy box plastic oakley sunglasses cheap are also a necessary choice.

The easiest way to purchase and maintenance of sunglasses: Sunglasses should be "dazzle without dizzy, bad quality sunglasses easily lead to eye fatigue, even have dizziness phenomenon. Therefore, we should try to buy some of the well-known brands, in addition to the upper mentioned, known cd, ray ban outlet , calvinguylaroche, jourdan, oakley.
If you is motorists to pay special attention to the quality of the glasses, if you are myopic family, do not worry, you can change with buckle stand, it has turned on the glasses "to see people modeling, now is not obsolete.

How to choose a bright black pearl

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World-famous tiffany and co outlet black pearl of the South Pacific, the main origin of Tahiti, North Cook Islands penrhyn of Lindau and Mani Hickey Island, especially Tahiti, accounting for the world's top black more than 90% of the production of pearl, Tahitian black pearls is therefore known as the "Queen of the beads."
Today, the whole world for Tahitian black pearls crazy, high quality giant beads and Xinjiang and nephrite soared, like, the single easily sold for thousands of dollars; Polynesia old legend, the love just as chaotic deep sea pearl, the heart and soul of each person can be refracted or collection. Black Pearl does not belong to the personnel unseen; it is the Pacific wave’s precipitation and gifts.
Election beads Raiders:
1 small Tahiti airport duty-free shops have black pearl jewelry for sale, Black Pearl chip stone, rattan, fish line whimsy mix of striking, The price more than more than 1000 Yuan. Duty free goods on Tahiti aviation is the last opportunity for selection of black pearl, Japanese and Korean nationals tourists often try to steal finished all of the machines on the duty-free tiffany jewelry outlet black pearl, so start faster.
2 French Polynesia's most international brand is Robert wan, recommended tourists purchase in its flagship store (Black Pearl Museum), this brand of Black Pearl top share of global sales of over 80%.
3 Black Pearl is not a pure black - it is just the surface of the pearl peripheral color. Black Pearl inner mirror gloss such as Malachite Green, blue, bronze, purple, the same considerations are most needed when purchasing black pearls color standards. Most clocks, such as Malachite Green.
A level of 4 Tahitian black pearl diameter 11 to 12 mm the top the giant beads can reach 15 to 18 mm. Global annual output of more than 11 mm high-quality black pearls 60000.
5 Do not use water to clean pearls, because water can enter the Pearl inside the hole, you may make the fermentation, and beads may also be converted to green. Avoid pearl contact with perfume, soap, etc.; do not wear pearl jewelry swimming or bathing. Make-up and then wear pearl jewelry. Have to be careful in the kitchen, because the steam and smoke may infiltrate into pearls, make it yellow. Each wearing tiffany outlet pearls best sheepskin or delicate flannel wipes clean the pearls.

Four kinds of sunglasses do not wear

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More people wear cheap oakleys sunglasses in the summer, was also put on glasses to color lenses, wear all day long on the eye. There are more young people in the pursuit of fashion, the sunglasses as an ornament, regardless of occasion, eyes from mirrors, over time would result in decreased vision, blurring of vision, severe headaches, dizziness, Vertigo and not long vision and other symptoms. Medical experts refer to these as "sunglasses syndrome". This disease manifests itself to a variety of not feeling, such as early in the part around the eye near the nose there is a clear feeling numbness and tingling feeling, respiratory symptoms become more obvious when, much like a cold, while others feel like bugs crawling on your face, maxillary gingival numb home teeth feeling unwell, skin inflammation caused by poor blood circulation, eyes acid expansion, the visually impaired.
Physiological Anatomy shows that there is a small hole under the eye, called the infraorbital hole, this hole has an important nerve branches, namely the infraorbital nerve of trigeminal nerve. It distributed crack mouth crack the skin between the eyes and nose, head of sensory function. Due to the weight and mirror sunglasses focus oppressing the infraorbital nerve, can cause nerve distribution ranges does not apply, appears in sunglasses 2-3 weeks.
Sunglasses SARS prevention, is to properly select and use of oakley sunglasses cheap . Do not select a large glasses. As such frames are mostly imported, was designed based on alien faces, double pupil distance most of my adult large glasses of the optical Center distances less than imports, wearing the glasses would significantly increase the burden of eye adjustment function, damage eyesight. Street stalls selling cheap sunglasses, make a very rough, lens thickness, uneven color, optical performance is poor, after wear easily cause headaches, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, often worn in this poor quality sunglasses and could easily lead to vision loss. Secondly, as far as possible not wearing large sunglasses. Must wear to shorten when wearing lenses, and take off the lens with the Palm of nasal massage on both sides along the eye box, 10-20, sunglasses were once when symptoms are advised to stop wearing.
Four kinds of sunglasses do not wear
Summer ray ban outlet sunglasses world, fashion, beautiful, radiation, which makes people more like wearing sunglasses, but experts point out that, to exercise greater care when selecting sunglasses, not focused on style, but sunglasses quality problems. Four types of defective sunglasses never worn:
1, features more in sunglasses with UV. Good sunglasses lens, can stop the 99% of the UV. Wear poor anti-UV sunglasses, eyes as seen in the darkroom, pupils will get larger at this time, residual ultraviolet instead of a large number of objects launched into the eye, injury to the eye.
2 sunglasses have not passed the transmission ratio. After wearing the sunglasses will have traffic signals to identify obstacles and could easily cause traffic accidents.
3, unremarked category logo sunglasses. Sunglasses are divided into 3 categories, the one for the sun visor sun visor mirror light mirror, used for decoration and for special mirrors to prevent snow blindness or waterproof surface radiation. If there is no product categories identified, when consumers buy does not correctly identify the use of sunglasses, effect the results.
4, fight performance does not meet the requirements of the sunglasses. Lens easily broken when the external force which swept in, debris for human eyes of fatal injuries.
Experts remind consumers, buying fake ray bans sunglasses to a regular store to buy well-known brands purchased should first try and compare before and after wearing the color change is obvious, the objects color to wear sunglasses to see spurious.

Oversized sunglasses good summer mix

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As temperatures rise rapidly, the light of the sun is shining white "For beautiful eyes gradually. Choose stylish and practical oakley sunglasses cheap, not only to go out for you when traveling block the glare of the sun's rays, it is a must-have item for fashion people with superior styling.
This year's summer sunglasses trick one after another, an unguarded moment, maybe it will be regarded as old fashioned.
This year's summer sunglasses absolutely changes in recent years, the biggest of the year, whether it is the style, color, material, are worthy of note.
With 1
Sunglasses and a baseball cap
a baseball cap, a pair of dark less than eye sunglasses, a handsome, slightly neutral dress in a woman reflected in particular is full of flavor, the woman's slender skinny with a casual dress cool, handsome and cute to the extreme.
With 2
Sunglasses and explosion head
those fun and full of candy colors applied to large frame cheap oakleys sunglasses, full of innocence and childlike, playful spirit definitely let you put it down. Rather retro style oversized sunglasses popular this year, the explosion head and sunglasses each other well, cute and playful and exaggerated.
With 3
Sunglasses with oversized earrings
Take a lovely line of beauty, sunglasses and jewelry with make you more star quality, big sunglasses with exaggerated big earrings, fashion modeling make your face more petite attract more attention.
With 4
Sunglasses with bobo head
Continue hot bobo head spring and summer. Cat-shaped with a retro atmosphere, down eight yurt with exaggerated wide shelf with strong colors, these details will be reminiscent of a "Roman Holiday," Audrey Hepburn that dignified, elegant and somewhat exaggerated star style.
Beautiful to wear ray ban outlet sunglasses in the summer, so you are no longer so bright sunshine, but also gives a feeling oh cool feeling full.

Candy color treasure pendants recommended

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Today's society the rapid development of the material and cultural living standards continue to improve, but the modern sense of happiness seems to gradually decline, the increasingly fast pace of life, house, car, job, salary ...... so modern happiness becomes erratic , many people start thinking about these tiffany outlet factors, they are not happy and eager to return to simple, happy lifestyle also began to find that we ignore small indeed fortunate.
"Small" meaning of the term is small and indeed happiness from essay on Murakami Haruki, from translation into modern Chinese translator Lin Shaohua.
Small indeed fortunate feeling is that small, ranging from 3-3 seconds duration of each one small indeed fortunate. Small indeed fortunate is something: felt in my pocket, that actually money; telephone rings, lift the handset and found that just miss; perfect to knock off an egg; eat my mother scrambled eggs; queuing when you where the team is moving the fastest; finally mind to buy expensive scarf like a long, long time; When you exercise after thoroughly drink iced drinks ... Well, yes, that is it.
They are a little lucky and happy life, flowing in the life of every moment and fleeting beauty, tolerance and contentment of heart, the Thanksgiving and cherish life.
Small indeed fortunate as popular vocabulary, represents the modern desire for simple, happy attitude to life, tiffany and co outlet as design inspiration cordial "the small indeed fortunate Joybo series, people's lives may be small indeed fortunate things stored in so small and exquisite products to deduce the happiness and joy of the people living in small design elements.
Each one tiffany "the small indeed Fortunately" Joybo product bears a simple and happy story, such as: received a lovely bow; the lost little dialog box came warm greetings; see a Meng small animals, the moment there is a good mood; containing pieces of candy, sweet life ...... tiffany jewelry outlet exquisite gem cutting and mosaics, showing the exquisite and delicate taste and different styles of products, to take us to pick up those tiny And indeed happiness, and also took us to find the most simple pleasures!
Much happiness perhaps not everyone has, but as long as you feel for the details of life can touch touch, small indeed fortunate will have mushroomed, first emerged in the heart, distributing fresh aroma gives Mo can indescribable joy and warm happiness. Treasure around small indeed fortunate today, a happy man, facing the sea, with spring.

Color jewelry to create beautiful wedding

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Carat, platinum ring, tiffany outlet six claw set ... these words associated with wedding jewelry seems to have been for decades unchanged, the classic is of course important, but occasionally small detail adjustment may lead the new trend. In 2013, the wedding is in tremendous demand creative, Bridal Jewelry "new tricks" How can we not keep up with it

The color is no longer a gold, silver, white:
In 2012, with the big hot yellow diamond and pink diamond, colored diamonds and precious stones began to slowly enter the bride jewelry. Bride wearing jewelry is no longer confined to the white diamonds and platinum, gold, but with more color gemstones added. Tiffany Engagement Ring carefully crafted.
Ruby extravagance and festivity deep Chinese consumers love. Will also be a 2013 plays for wedding jewelry on the market. Emerald, even the Angelina - Jolie may also be worn at the wedding of emerald jewelry design their own, it has no reason not to red it? Pink diamond since 2012 began large heat, many tiffany and co outlet jewelry brands have started their own design to integrate into the concept of the pink diamond.
Bride Jewelry binding is not:
Although there are still many girls stay in the concept of the bride jewelry classic six-claw inlaid platinum inlaid style. Diversified with the dress type and color of the bride's jewelry styles also need to make some changes. Some with evening dress jewelry can also be used in the wedding.
The exaggerated it anyway:
Stack with the ring, staggered through the different materials in the fingers on the hand, a single ring cannot be achieved, more fashionable sense. The same flowers in the shape of the ring can also appear in the wedding, sweet gift for the bride modeling.
Round diamonds no longer work independently:
Say fashion sense, round diamond is certainly not one of them. In the past two years, more and more couples choose fancy shapes, such as square drilling, such as pear-shaped tiffany outlet diamond.

Sunglasses the wild confrontation UV preferred weapons

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Outdoor enthusiasts have a trouble forever, as long as they are in the outdoors even in winter, the sun still came out people's eyes will keep my eyes open. Oakley sunglasses cheap worthy is the best weapon against ultraviolet rays. The glare of the light may cause considerable injury to your eyes, sunglasses can reduce severe sun damage to the eyes, dazzling light may cause headache, sunglasses 95%~100% filter effects.
Most people still remain attractive for sunglasses selection considerations, regard sunglasses as modern jewelry, when buying glasses for the first consideration of the elements on the outside, even the clothes shops can swing a lot of sunglasses available for purchase to match clothes. Sunglasses decoration features, of course, but its protection is the most important. Because if there is no appropriate blocking ultraviolet rays, long down will cause injury to the eye. UV should be absorbed by the lens, if absorption is not fully into the retina, retinal macular lesions would have, if the absorption caused by incomplete you will enter the water crystals and water lens opacities, and serious eye diseases such as cataracts. So, bad if you wear a pair of glasses, in addition to the absence of protection features, but hurting eyes that too does not pay. How to pick a pair of ray ban outlet sunglasses?
Buy sunglasses should be noted:
Human instinct of self-protection, eyes when strong light, the pupil will naturally be smaller, in eyes of the ultraviolet energy reduction, once there is no anti-UV spectacles, dilated pupils, coupled with the glasses does not have isolating effects of ultraviolet radiation, when eyes open door and let UV entering, damage to the eyes.
Sunglasses can block UV light, is added a special coating on the lenses, inferior sunglasses instead of blocking ultraviolet rays, lens transmittance decrease and make the pupils bigger, UV will be a large number of objects launched into, damage to the eyes. In addition, poor quality fake ray bans lenses also make the person appear eye fatigue symptoms such as nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia.
Sun lens color to light gray, Tan or light of paecilomyces fumosoroseus to a superior, followed by green, amber, blue, red is only used as a solarium or the snow.
By car it is best to use Polarized Sunglasses, because they weaken the strong light of glare.
If you wear sunglasses after, others can clearly see your eyes, then your lens is too light.
When the Sun when it is best to remove the sunglasses, otherwise, our vision will be affected in the weak light.
To the formal shop select regular factory production with anti-UV sunglasses.
Note When you select eyeglass lenses.
Face than a slip of people fit the round frame sunglasses.
Medical experts suggest: when buying cheap oakleys sunglasses, according to judge depending on if it is clear. You want to buy quality sunglasses, please look for the quality of sunglasses brand.

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