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App Spotlight: Insightly for iOS makes CRM mobile Insightly for iOS

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You might have the best sales, marketing, and support teams on the planet, but without a solid customer relationship management (CRM) system, your business isn't going to get very far.

Thankfully, there are loads of affordable, small-biz-friendly CRM services out there, and one of them, Insightly, is hoping its new mobile CRM app will help tip the scales in its favor.

Insightly gives you simplified (and amplified) management of your contacts—customers, suppliers, vendors, and other organizations. It also includes project management, event scheduling, a notification system, search capabilities, and social-network iphone 5 accessories integration.

The service was always accessible via a mobile browser, but the new iOS app makes navigation considerably faster and easier.

Specifically, Insightly for iPhone and iPad lets you review, track, and manage everything and everyone in your account: contacts, customers, opportunities, events, and projects.

If you make a call from within the app, it automatically attaches a note (i.e. a call log) to that contact for easy record-keeping.

You can also add comments—in the form of text, voice recordings, and/or pictures—to any notes you take in the field. And anything changed or updated in the app gets synced to the Web version of Insightly, so all your users should always be working from the latest information.

The Insightly app is free, and Insightly itself offers a free account with up to three users, 200MB of storage, and room for 2,500 contacts. More robust plans start at $29 monthly.

I will note that the app isn't much to look at, and the iPad version doesn't really take advantage of all the extra space. Overall, Insightly for iOS is really just the Insightly mobile site, app-tized. But it does operate much more quickly, and I'd say it's more comfortable to use than its browser-based counterpart.

If one of your resolutions for the new year was to adopt a CRM tool or try out a new one, Insightly might be worth a look—especially if you need customer management that's mobile.

Have you found a CRM system and/or app you like better? Tell me which one and why in the comments section below.

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NSW Police raids net allegedly fake Apple, Samsung accessories

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Charges expected to follow.

NSW Police is preparing to charge a handful of people after raids netted thousands of allegedly counterfeit mobile accessories for Apple and Samsung devices.

Police from Quakers Hill Local Area Command spent the past two days raiding five different locations throughout Sydney’s north-west and seizing around 60 boxes of allegedly fake goods.

The Quakers Hill police were assisted in the raid by Trademark Investigation Services and today executed a search warrant at a store in Stanhope Gardens and a warehouse in Granville, where they found thousands of allegedly counterfeit mobile accessories.

The raid also included the seizure of dozens of boxes of clothing, handbags and shoes from stalls at Parklea Markets over the weekend, which Police also alleged to be counterfeit.

NSW Police said the examination of the goods was still underway and it had not yet reached a final valuation of the seized items, but estimated the total amount to be around $100,000.

Authorities were working to determine the authenticity of the seized goods.

“The seizures we have completed today and yesterday will be followed by more in the months ahead,” Inspector Adel Attala of Quakers Hill Local Area Command said in a statement.

“The counterfeit goods trade robs unknowing consumers and legitimate businesses of their hard earned incomes and profits.

“We’re committed to getting fake products out of local marketplaces and will be working hard to catch and prosecute more counterfeit goods traders in the very near future.”

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Brown Apple Accessories
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