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Good Reasons To Buy A Gas Rc Helicopter

Posted on 2/4/2013 at 02:27 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Let us put it this way. If you are looking out for a cheap helicopter, then gas RC helicopter is out of the question, since these helicopters are tagged at a high price. In fact, they are more expensive than all other types of model planes and helicopters. Besides, if you are looking for a helicopter with no noise, so that you can fly remote control helicopter it even at night, then think again. A gas helicopter is not like the electric one, which has no noise. Since gas helicopter comes with an engine, it has a lot of noise. If you are looking for a helicopter with which you can learn easily, then find another model, since gas helicopters are not that easy to fly and require more skill.

But having said all this, you should not hang your gloves and give up the thrill of flying these choppers. There is more to gas powered rc cars, besides just their cost and noise. Gas powered model helicopters are some of the most loved and flown models planes today. Both the novices and the expert pilots love them. There are many reasons, why you should buy a gas RC helicopter. If it is not a RTF, as it is the case with most RC helicopters, you will have fun assembling them. You may need some expertise and skill to assemble it. Assembling it will be such a fun and this would excite you to see your dream copter come to life from the scratch.

If you are talking of flying, then gas RC helicopters are hard to fly. But, once you have learnt the art of flying them, you will realize that they are great models to fly. These helicopters can make more and daring maneuvers, filled with amazing aerobics and this means it is not easy to control them, especially if you are a beginner. These helicopters will keep you busy, while flying them because they have a more complicated radio gear that is not the same as that of normal model planes. The radio gear is normally 4 or 6 channel system and comes at a high cost. This means you need a lot of concentration while flying, but it is fun. However, if you are a beginner and you really don't need such expensive plane, you can settle for a basic one like JR 6102 helicopter, which is much easier to use.

Another reason, why you should buy a gas-powered helicopter is because these helicopters resemble real copters in many ways. They are closer to the real ones with their physical configuration and the way they are flown. remote control cars Every pilot will feel excited flying a model that is similar to the real one and this makes flying more fun. It will be much easier to fly ultra-light helicopters, if you master the art of flying RC gas powered helicopters.

RC Helicopter - Most Valuable In The Market

Posted on 11/3/2013 at 03:02 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Esky Honey Bee King 4 6 CH Blue CCPM 3D 2.4GHz 002797 is an Aerobatic Electric RC Helicopter RTF. This model is the among the latest ESky Honey Bee King 4 which is the fourth upgrade version of the world famous ESky Honey Bee King Remote controlled helicopter series. This newer model is available with totally fresh appearance and new canopy as well as features completely simple design. The Honey Bee King 4 is preferred for its increased stability, powerful function and accuracy and gives the pilot a more direct control. E-Sky is known for its 2.4GHz frequency band, which is coupled with advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital frequency shift key Coding Technology. All these features offer the helicopter many advantages compared to traditional 72 MHz transmitters.

Esky Honey Bee King 4 6 CH Blue CCPM 3D 2.4GHz 002797 is an Aerobatic Electric RC Helicopter comes as completely assembled and tested at the factory and it is ready to fly product available. It operates on the 120 degree ECCPM control system and features new High-tech 6-channel RC system. Additionally, the High performance Heading Lock gyro in the helicopter is capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics. Esky Honey Bee King 4 6 CH Blue also includes digital Sub-Micro servos and Micro Heading Lock gyro that offers precise and powerful control. The flybar of the helicopter is made of stainless steel as well as the main shaft and tail shaft. Other added aspects of the helicopter are 400 brushless motor, 25A brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 20C Li-Po battery that deliver incredible power and performance. Simultaneously, the product has an auto-rotation system for upgraded performance. If you want to fly high quality RC Helicopter that is attached with most advanced technology then you must try your hands on Double Horse Metal 9099 Electric RTF RC GYRO remote control helicopter.

Specification of Esky Honey Bee King 4 6 CH Blue CCPM 3D 2.4GHz 002797 is an Aerobatic Electric RC Helicopter:

• Main Rotor Diameter: 600mm (23.6 inch )
• Tail Rotor Diameter: 130mm (5.2 inch)
• Length: 550mm (21.7 inch)
• Height: 200mm (7.9 inch)
• Flying Weight: 390g (13.7 oz)
• Main Gear: 10 teeth
• Main Driven Gear: 110 teeth

The Driven Gear Ratio of the helicopter is 14:1:4.44 and the Drive System features 3900KV Brushless motor. The Servo includes 4x quick responsive 7.5g micro servos (EK2-0508) along with Speed Controller: 25A Brushless ESC (EK1-0350).
Some collect model
RC Helicopter that really fly. Just follow the entire manual to the 't' Do not get all excited when the heli is all put together you still have many hours of configuring / balancing / and adjusting everything. Here's the analogy: if bicycle is to motorcycle; homebuilt helicopter is to twin-engine helicopter.

Nowadays most RC Helicopters come in a easy DIY pack with very clear instructions on how to put your RC RC Helicopter together!. Practice in a little more wind... wind really makes a 30 size jump around be on top of it! Practice controlled flight. Try to make the RC Helicopter go exactly where you want it to. The Bumblebee RC Helicopter is so small and hard wearing (G10 materials) meaning you will hardly ever have to buy spares reducing your costs!.

others say there not needed. If your helicopter banks yaws or pitches by itself you need to compensate with trim. Practice remote control cars hovering from 6 inches to 1 foot. Be prepared for gusts: wind will increase the effectiveness of your rotor blades and make your helicopter climb fast. Before we start it is traditional for other pilots to share their experiences so get there and ask ask ask and ask.

Enjoy Electric RC Cars

Posted on 28/2/2013 at 07:03 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Electric RC Cars are really a blast. They are challenging and difficult. They're pretty much enslaving! For those who have never operated the control buttons of an electric rc cars, you happen to be losing out on a fantastic sensation. In case you have already taken an electric RC car in the past, you're already painfully aware exactly how terrific it really is.

They are are unquestionably astonishingly popular. There are many valid reasons about the ever-growing number of enthusiasts as well. Here are some reasons you are really enjoy electric rc cars.

1. An electric remote controlled helicopter appeals to everybody who has a fascination with cars. They come in so many models and you can easily choose according to your choice and enjoying to drive as you want. People who revel in everything car-related will certainly fall in love with their car once they find the perfect one for them.

2. These great entertaining cars are perfect for any person that loves messing around with mechanized gadgets or electronics. They are really a hobbyist's dream come true. Virtually all-electric car owners tend to pleased with their new cars, but of course, it doesn't take long before they end up having a want to begin modifying and enhancing their cars. This then adds yet another extremely captivating dimension to your hobby.

3. They are is very easy to control. It's remote control is very nice and effective. It use rechargeable electric battery. It is not as noisy or even as quick as gas-powered cars are, but they're remarkably simple control. Every new owner can become perfect after small amount of practice.

rc airplanes4. Electric rc cars can genuinely help to build one's social life. The reason being, rc car lover regularly meet for racing, chatting about their hobby, and to talk about new concepts. This creates a chance for great friendships to be formed, and it makes the very idea of having and driving one of these cars all the more appealing.

In other word we can say They are not only entertain us but it also help us to find good friends. It is not only for child, adults can also experience this easily and having fun. It also help us to lose our pressure on mind due to work load. It also help your child to stay away from TV and he will enjoy more than TV. You can spent so much time with your child by making race with him and having so much fun. http://bloggers.nl/burnell1214/

How to: Homemade Swashplates for RCs

Posted on 4/2/2013 at 06:55 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

The swashplate is an essential part for a remote controlled helicopter, as it helps the user control the helicopter’s roll and pitch. This part fits over the RC helicopter’s main rotor shaft and connects to the cyclic and collective controls with a series of actuating rods. Assembling your own swashplate from scratch can save you money on purchasing a complete swashplate. In addition, you can use the knowledge gained from this endeavor to build swashplates for other RC enthusiasts.
Cut the elongated end of the rod end with a rotary cutting tool, leaving only the round portion of the rod end. Insert the rod end inside of the plastic spacer and glue both pieces together with epoxy.
Insert the aluminum ball inside the rod end. Position helicopters for sale the ball so the hole in the middle of the ball faces up. At the same time, verify it moves freely within the rod end.
Insert the plastic spacer into the ball bearing. Fit the aluminum ring over the ball bearing. Glue the ring carefully to the outer edges of the bearing with epoxy.
Create a 0.08-inch hole for the ball linkage on both sides of the plastic spacer with an electric drill.
Insert two screws into the holes created on the plastic spacer with a small Phillips screwdriver. Insert ball links into each rod end and attach the rod ends onto the screws. http://bloggers.nl/burnell1214/
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