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Posted on 27/7/2012 at 11:53 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

They are all amazing right here, but Katrina is actually brilliant. My fiance and I are major follow Hermes Garden Party : Hermes Bags ers of the Bond 9 Line of parfume and cologne distinctive to Saks. We stopped by one day, seeking to obtain some new fragrances. Katrina was quite individual with us...we went by means of just about every single solitary Bond 9 scent and smelled just about every 1...and there is alot! She knew what was in every single just one (the critical scents) and told us about where the names came from for just about every just one (they are all names following elements of NY town). We ended up most likely there for over an hour before we eventually narrowed down our selections from six or 7...to just one particular for every single of us. She even sends us samples of the other scents we had actually liked from time to time. If you are looking for a new fragrance for spring, Id recommend swinging by Saks to odor their Bond nine line...there are a ton to pick from. They are a little bit costly, but it Saks, every little thing is high-priced!I desired my 100th assessment to be a exclusive one particular so I saved it for a overview of Neiman Marcus and especially for Janelle who functions at the Laura Mercier counter in the cosmetics division. I have been a consumer of hers for many years and even followed her from store to keep until eventually she found her residence below at Neiman Marcus. I keep in mind seeing her at the very first shop she worked at contemplating how quite she was and how fantastic her make-up appeared so I requested that she do a make-up software for me. I loved how it turned out and how sweet she was and I have been a delighted purchaser of hers at any time since. I went to attempt to exchange a Chanel wallet that my boyfriend had provided me as a gift for Christmas. He bought it from the Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, but we made the decision to hit Union Square to verify out Chanel in situation Neiman's didn't have what I desired. The store is tiny. Barely any choices or variety. I asked for a black quilted bi fold wallet. Nothing at all. i didn't even see the wallet that my boyfriend acquired for me on exhibit. Returned the wallet and walked across the street to the Chanel Boutique. Go to the Chanel retail store. A lot more range and color choices.She is very handy and experienced on all issues cosmetics without having becoming pushy and if you are wanting to get your make-up performed you will not be disappointed. I always get compliments from her co-workers and random shoppers when she does my makeup and the compliments continue even when I depart the shop. Flawless skin? Test. Thicker lips? Verify. Amazing eye makeup? Examine. She's acknowledged for her brows even though and I must acknowledge, my eyebrows appear thicker and more arched when she does them. Excellent staff members, amazingly helpful and at least for me, zero pretension. I mostly shop the fragrance and cosmetics sections'. I know they are on commission but they know when to back again off if you're just searching.I also adore the truth that I can wander in with my well behaved dog and not get hassled (indeed i have grow to be just one of people women!).Most of the pores and skin treatment consultants know their stuff. The girls' at the Kiehl's counter have been proficient, funny and down to earth.I normally shop Saks, but the buyer company right here is much better above all.
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