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Twill weave Woven fusible interlining

Freudenberg expands portfolio with acquisition of H?nsel brand

13:28, 10/12/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

Freudenberg Group is to expand its know-how in the field of interlinings, in line with its Buy and Build strategy. The Freudenberg Nonwovens Business Group is acquiring the H?nsel brand interlinings business from H?nsel Textil, Iserlohn, Germany.

H?nsel is a high-quality and innovative interlinings specialist for the fashion industry. The transaction involves the acquisition of the brand and all the patents, as well as the purchase of production plants for knits and the relevant distribution companies in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and Germany.


“With the H?nsel brand, Freudenberg is developing its strengths in interlinings,” explained Dr Mohsen Sohi, Freudenberg Group Board of Management. “As a leading global manufacturer of highly-developed textiles, with H?nsel, we will be able to offer additional sophisticated interlining solutions.”
Quality and innovation

H?nsel offers special interlinings for the manufacturers of ladies and men’s outer garments, childrenswear and sports clothing.
Products include genuine horse hair canvas, multi-zone interlinings or extremely light wovens and knits. The company also supplies textiles with special characteristics for the most extreme applications such as garment dyes, enzyme washes or coatings with a low melting point for particular protection in the processing of the outer materials.

“The H?nsel brand stands for quality and innovation,” commented Bruce Olson, Management Board of Freudenberg Nonwovens. “With the textile interlinings used throughout the fashion industry, we are extending our comprehensive portfolio and our know-how in the field of knitted fabrics in a future-oriented manner.”

Strong partner
Until now, Rudolf Loewen has been responsible for the interlinings business area at H?nsel Textil. He will remain responsible for this area in the future and will bring his know-how to the business with special knits, ensuring continuity.
“In Freudenberg we have found a strong partner for the H?nsel brand, who also knows the market and the products,” explained Loewen. “Freudenberg is a guarantee for the long-term alignment of our business.”

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Twill weave Woven fusible interlining


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Freudenberg expands portfolio with acquisition of H?nsel brand


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