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Laser-pointers should never be pointed in the direction of another person - Posted at 10:42 on 24/12/2015 by buylaserpointer

Laser-pointers should never be pointed in the direction of another person

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting healthcare professionals about possible eye and skin injuries from exposure to laser-containing products. Laser products operated in an unsafe and uncontrolled manner may cause injury to the user and/or others within range of the laser pointer Mini beam. This is a particular concern for lasers intended for entertainment purposes, especially when used by children as toys. Most toys with lasers are safe and are compliant with performance standards but some products (eg, hand-held laser pointers) are being misused as toys.

While most eye injuries from Laser Pointer 50000mW go unreported, the FDA is aware of laser pointer injuries involving military personnel, researchers, hobbyists and children. Two of these incidents include:

A child's eyes were damaged from reflected beams after directing a 150mW Super Laser Pointer Blue into a mirror.
A child is legally blind in both eyes after playing with his mother's laser pointer which was purchased online.
The limit for visible light power of hand-held laser pointers is 5mW (milliwatts), which can still cause temporary flash blindness when aimed directly into the eye. Reflections of laser beams from mirrors or metallic surfaces may not allow for a quick protective reflex to avoid injury. Also, the FDA warned that intentionally staring into a 5mW beam will also result in eye injury; laser eye injuries are likely to be painless.

Santa reminds everyone that pointing a Green laser 50mw at him or his reindeer is #NotABrightIdea . Laser pointers can distract them and create glare or temporary blindness, which could cause the fleet to get tangled up.
In order to deliver all his gifts on time, Santa asks that you keep all drones inside after dark. Flying a drone at night is dangerous and could scare his reindeer. All drones buzzing too close to his sleigh will be reported in Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System .


Powerful 3000mW Blue LED Flashlight Laser Pointer Show

What is your choice to get high level of accuracy and precision dot measurement at different working surfaces? You might first think of red laser pointer, however, this simple alkaline battery power supply is not workable for long term continuous dot aligning works. In various industrial dot measuring works, high brightness 650nm red laser diode module is always a very recommendation for users to get high quality dot aligning on all desired working surfaces. Within the lowest time consumption, alignment laser dot can easily reach any working surfaces, thus always instructing users to get most precise dot alignment efficiently.

When laser dot alignment is processed in various industrial work fields, such as laser marking machine, laser engraving machine and button positioning on garments, usually red laser diode module is always required with long term continuous dot aligning on required working surfaces. As a result, when users are making dot aligning, users can try to make very easy installation of this advanced laser dot alignment tool on laser marking or laser engraving machines. In continuous laser marking works, these industrial laser devices would have to work continuously.

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  2. http://buylaserpointer.hama1.jp/e1527400.html
Green When a laser pointer Mini 5mW Red meets a transparent - Posted at 08:21 on 7/12/2015 by buylaserpointer

Green When a laser pointer Mini 5mW Red meets a transparent

Line up two mirrors parallel to each other, and shine the laser beam between them. By adjusting the angle of incidence carefully you can "trap" the beam between both mirrors making it bounce from one to the other in an intricate accordion pattern.
(The angle of incidence is the angle at which the Laser Sights for Handguns touches the surface of the mirror. You can use a protractor to measure it and see that it is equal to the angle of reflection.)

Shine the beam of your laser pen into a microscope slide set at 45 degrees to the beam. When a laser pointer Mini 5mW Red meets a transparent but reflective surface a part of the beam will get through, but another part will be reflected. Repeat the procedure and create an arrangement of mirrors and slides to create complex paths for the beams to follow.

Create patterns by shining the laser through a fine mesh or a bird's feather and onto a white wall. A Green 1mW Laser Pointer pen beam can be described as an array of almost perfectly synchronized waves, and when you use a fine mesh to split the beams you interfere with that synchronization. As a result, some waves will reinforce each other and some will neutralize each other, creating mesmerizing geometrical patterns.

For airline pilots, hazard comes even without permanent eye damage . A bright light entering the cockpit during take-off or landing can cause a distraction – and even a brief distraction during these crucial parts of a flight has the potential to cause serious consequences. In the US the FAA provide guidance for airline pilots on 50mw Green Laser hazards. Some safety specialists offer glasses which can block the most common laser colours, but this can also change how the cockpit controls look to the pilot.



Laser Sights for Handguns

As our lives become more and more surrounded by lasers – they even drive BMW's latest car headlamps – we need seriously to understand them. In the mean time, if you want a laser pointer, make sure you get one that is properly certified (CE marked with a yellow and black label in the EU). It may cost more, but you will know it is safe.

An Oakland man has been sentenced to six months in a halfway house for pointing a laser at a California Highway Patrol helicopter.
Christian Palomino, 19, pleaded guilty in June to a felony charge of knowingly aiming the laser pointer at an aircraft. He was sentenced Wednesday by US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton of Oakland, who also ordered him to perform 200 hours of community service that will include educating young people about the dangers of pointing lasers at aircraft.





Green 1mW Laser Pointer pen to deliver your presentation - Posted at 14:10 on 4/12/2015 by buylaserpointer

Your presentation skills will be greatly improved when you decide to use presenter with Green 1mW Laser Pointer pen to deliver your presentation. You will have the power of a small portable handheld presenter with laser pointer in the palm of your hand, the power of controlling your presentation rest with you when you use presenters. You will have the ability to seamlessly change page or pages of your presentation at the push of a button. With the built-in laser pointer you may use the laser light beam to direct the attention of the audience to key points of the presentation easily highlighting and clarifying without obscuring the visual from anywhere in the auditorium.

presenter with Laser Sight works best with power point, word documents and other computer software programs. No longer will you require providing handouts for referencing of key points your audience would be able to easily follow along; you would now be able to make memorable and interesting presentation.

presenters with Laser 50000mw are the best tools to use for educational and business presentations or any other presentation for that matter.
Because we are a small Online based laser supplies stores we do not have expensive operating costs; resulting in savings which are passed to you, allowing us to offer the very best remote control presenter with laser pointer presentation tools at cheap discounted sale prices.

A laser pointer is a single colored, unified wavelength beam of light -- where individual beams come together as one -- that focuses on one small spot. The term “laser” is actually an acronym meaning “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Laser Blue 30000mw come in red, orange, green and violet. Red laser pointers are the most common and least expensive of the laser pointers, simply because the visual wavelength is weaker than that of the other colors. They are a favorite in classrooms, boardrooms and any other venue that requires pointing out an object. Of course there’s also the living room and the family pet, but there are also some cool experiments you can try with a red laser pointer that would make a great science fair or class project.



Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw

With a clear bowl and some red and yellow Jell-O, you can see how light changes directions (refraction) when passing through one medium to another. Make the red Jell-O first. Wait for it to become solid, then make the yellow Jell-O on top of it. Experiment with the red laser pen by shining it into the Jell-O at different angles. Notice how when shining it from the bottom, the light bends slightly (refracts) when it passes through the two layers of Jell-O. Mist the air around the Jell-O using a water spray bottle to expose the beam as it leaves the Jell-O and you will see that the beam bends even more.

Experiment with the beam to find the critical angle. At this angle, the laser beam trying to leave the Jell-O will refract at such a sharp angle that it actually bends back into the Jell-O.


450nm blue High power green laser pointers - Posted at 09:38 on 9/10/2015 by buylaserpointer

Not the same as other type of formal lasers, 450nm blue High power green laser pointers is always projecting very pure and bright blue laser light. The crystal blue and sapphire blue laser beam is always very charming and attractive. Besides its common application for presentation, 450nm blue laser pointer pen is mostly workable for high tech application fields.

It is widely used in high definition blue ray players,telecommunications, information technology, electronic equipment, micro projecting and displays, magnetic levitation devices, and laser activated paint etc.

Available in formal pen style design, blue laser engraving machine is always selecting 2 pieces AAA batteries as its power source. For each two pieces of new batteries, it is able to support at least 180 minute continuous pointing. Not the same as commonly seen laser diode module with external power supply, this blue laser pointer cannot be lighting up continuously.

The suggested continuous pointing time should be in control of no more than 30 minutes. Cooling down is always very important to make perfect protection of its internal Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW diode. Whenever laser amateur or scientific researchers are obeying proper operation measures, this laser pointer will bring users the greatest joys.

It is always a good thing for the laser-men once get a laser pointer at a reasonable price. Thanks to the innovative laser technology and constant improved laser diode, a large amount of 200mW Red Laser Module are full of the laser market with competitive price and low cost, while this have made many poor quality lasers appear simultaneously. Consequently, people are still at a loss when they plan to purchase this type of laser gadget online because there are too many types of options. It is not always a good choice for men to get a laser pointer at the best price.


Green Laser Pointer 3000mw

With mass production and imitation of laser pointer, the customers are totally confused when it comes to the issue of product quality. It is a truth that nobody wants to waste their time or money on a shoddy laser pointer.

Whenever you buy a laser pointer online, you should always think twice before deciding to put in the basket and have to make a lot of comparison. It is always necessary for the laser-man to get some internal information such as how to choose a laser pointer, and people should not only judge on a laser pointer through its advertising or packaging or as a charm, etc.


1000mw laser pointer red Defense System - Posted at 08:47 on 16/9/2015 by buylaserpointer

650nm red cross line laser module makes the best utilization of import 650nm red laser diode, together with the most quality glass cylindrical lens, it is always ensuring the best quality red cross line generation on all desired working surfaces efficiently. Since Green Laser Pointer 3000mw diode has got the longest development history, as a result, the mass production of this red devices is always available with the best price among all visible lasers.

The development of 650nm red crosshair laser module is always efficient enough to make highly stable and reliable red cross line on all desired working surfaces. Even though 650nmr red laser is not as visible as 532nm High power green laser pointers , however, this economic 650nm red crosshair laser module is just efficient enough to emit bright and visible enough red cross line laser source in all industrial alignment working fields. 

Unless it is being used under sunlight, it is just efficient enough to make sure of the best cross line alignment result on all desired working surfaces. Before 650nm red cross line Cat Chasing Laser Pointer module is available on the market, it is being designed with the best working distance of 3 meters. Once the cross line targeting distance is much longer than expected, it is quite hard to still make sure of the best alignment result since the line thickness and line width increase seriously.

Usually the maximum vertical and horizontal line length can maximum reach 6 meters. 20mW Blue Violet Laser Pointer owners have the fundamental responsibility to provide for the safe use of lasers within their facility and to implement safety programs to adequately control the hazards associated with laser use.

Avionics and 1000mw laser pointer red Defense System Technology,From tactical weapon systems and smart munitions to harsh flight-qualified hardware, Coherent is your partner for next-generation, high-power diode lasers and systems.

laser pointer green

Broadest product range
Aluminum-free NIR diode lasers
50% wall-plug efficiency at 60°C
Vertical integration
World-class manufacturing
Global service and support
Coherent is uniquely positioned to meet your most demanding high-power visible (650 nm to 690 nm) and near-infrared (770 nm to 980 nm) diode laser component and laser weapon system requirements.


how similar a 500mw Laser Pointer Green is to one on a gun - Posted at 11:04 on 10/9/2015 by buylaserpointer

The officers took cover and followed the laser more than a block away.They say they found Jeffrey Klopotic sitting on his porch, unwilling to tell them if he had a gun, the laser or both.Court records show they noticed him hiding something shiny, and Klopotic fought with officers as they tried to arrest him.Once in custody, they found no gun, only a Laser Pointer .

“It wouldn’t be unreasonable for an officer to be believe they were being targeted at that moment to be shot,” says Ramos.We wanted to see how similar a 500mw Laser Pointer Green is to one on a gun. We bought one at an office store for about $25 and enlisted the help of Nelson Tactical in Green Bay.

“The 10000mW 532nm green laser pointer light, when it’s adjusted to the aim of the gun, tells you where the bullet is going to impact when you pull the trigger,” explains Bill Galvin, a former Green Bay Police captain who now works for the gun shop on Velp Avenue.

A 27-year-old Lancaster man has been arrested for pointing a Cat Chasing Laser Pointer light at a commercial aircraft, then pointing it at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s airplane that came looking for him, endangering both planes, Sheriff’s officials said Saturday.

The pilot of a commercial aircraft flying over the Antelope Valley on Thursday night informed federal aircraft controllers that someone had aimed a powerful Green Laser Pointer 3000mw several times into the cockpit.

Green Laser pointer 3000mw

“The situation created a potentially dangerous and challenging situation for the pilot, and was reported to have caused temporary visual impairment,” according to a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department news release




10mW laser pointer distance - Posted at 09:40 on 4/9/2015 by buylaserpointer

According to Yang, this same technology could improve optical coherence tomography, or OCT, which is used in medical imaging equipment. But the most intriguing possibilities lie in the world of robotics. Among other things, Yang explains, Berkeley's method allows Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW to change wavelengths more frequently—one microsecond versus 10 or so milliseconds—and that means a LIDAR could potentially take more readings, more quickly. In other words, it could provide a more accurate picture of its surroundings.

The novelty of the new design is the integration of the semiconductor Cat Chasing Laser Pointer with the mirror. Each laser can be as small as a few hundred micrometers square, and it can be readily powered by an AA battery.

The coupling of the 200mw Laser Pointer Green with an ultra-thin, high-contrast grating (HCG) mirror allowed the researchers to harness the physical force of the light to move the mirror. The HCG mirror, consisting of rows of tiny ridges, was developed in Chang-Hasnain's lab and has recently been used to create an artificial, chameleon-like skin. With an average force of just a few nanonewtons, or about one-thousandth the weight of an ant, the light exerts enough energy to cause the mirror to vibrate.

"The green 100mw laser pointer light acts like a kid on a swing, and the mirror is the swing itself," said Yang, who is now a postdoctoral researcher in biological sciences at Columbia University. "If the child moves his body properly along the swinging path, he can enjoy this 'free' ride without any external force. This is what is happening in this self-sweeping laser."

The result: they don't need that outside electrical device, the sensor is smaller and lighter, and it consumes less power. The 50mw Laser Pointer Pen can be integrated with the mirror. The whole device can squeeze into a few hundred square micrometers of space. And it can be powered with the equivalent AA battery.


50MW 532nm Green Laser Pointers

In their experiments, the researchers found that this optomechanical interaction of the laser and the mirror can sweep across a wavelength range of more than 23 nanometers in the infrared spectrum without the need for external controls.




Green laser pointer astronomy - Posted at 10:03 on 2/9/2015 by buylaserpointer

During the process of red cross Laser Pointer alignment, it can always project direct, practical two perpendicular line positioning on required working surfaces. Available with import 650nm red laser diode as its red laser beam emitting source, it has just assured its high stability and high reliability cross measurement in operation.

When red cross 500mw Laser Pointer Green alignment is being used in industrial production work, it can just greatly improve working efficiency, reduce manual input and save production time greatly. In addition, it can also greatly improve working accuracy in practical use.

Usually the import 650nm red laser diode with glass window always makes red cross laser alignment obtain especially long serving lifetime of more than 8000 hours. Its serving lifetime can extend at least 3000 hours than commonly lasers. At the same time, the beam stability can improve at least 40% in operation. Whatever kind of industrial operating working fields, red 10000mW 532nm green laser pointer alignment has just emit the most special non gauss red laser light in operation.

No matter how long it has lasted in continuous cross generation work, this alignment Green Laser Pointer 3000mw tool has just maintained high straightness, high brightness, and uniform red cross line positioning in operation.

Two people are behind bars Tuesday morning for allegedly messing with a Tampa Police Department helicopter while it was in flight. According to police, officers in the chopper were assisting with a robbery investigation around 10:30 p.m. Monday night when the helicopter pilot spotted a green light from a Cat Chasing Laser Pointer .

50MW 532nm Green Laser Pointers

Officers tracked the laser light to a home in the area of Copeland Park in North Tampa, where they found 23-year-old Christopher Davis and 21-year-old Juliana Lampe sitting on the porch. The two let officers in and police say they admitted to using the laser pointer and shining it at the chopper.

Both are in jail on $2,000 bond on the charge of "misuse of laser lighting device." No injuries were reported in the incident.




Blue Laser Pen astronomy pointer - Posted at 02:13 on 28/8/2015 by buylaserpointer

5 in 1 Laser Pointer should not be confused with lamps containing light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which emit a much more diffuse beam (with much lower spatial coherence, similar to that of an incandescent lamp) and can also emit light with different colors, or white light.

Putting on a Laser Light Show for Children.Since laser pointers are available in a few different colors, these gadgets can be featured in a spectacular laser light show put on by the entire family at home. Whether one person controls multiple Blue Laser Pen or each family member gets his or her own laser to play with, this can be a great way to create and enjoy a show together. Putting on a little music can help participants to get into the right mood, and turning off the lights is a must.

To put on a great show, space should be cleared on a light-colored wall. Both participants and spectators should stand or sit several feet away from the wall, with everyone in a single row to avoid contact with misguided lasers. As the music plays, participants can go wild making their lasers dance across the wall, interacting with other lasers. Competitive people can try staging a Red Laser Pen Pointer fight, in which the first laser to touch the other laser wins. With a little bit of imagination, a dark room, a blank wall, and a few laser pointers can provide hours of entertainment.A green laser pointer is more dangerous than a red one because it has a higher frequency.

How to See the Beam of a Red Laser Pointer in Mid Air:Get out a full hairspray bottle.Spray water on the laser's path.How to Make Your Own Laser Light Show
Have you ever seen a laser light show and wished you had one of your own?

You can construct your own mini laser light show quite simply.

1.Collect the items listed in the "Things you will need" section.

2.Take the speaker, and stretch a piece of latex over the speaker. Fasten this down with the rubber band, and make sure the latex is tight.

3.Using your adhesive, glue the small mirror (mirror side facing you) to the latex. Place the mirror in front of the speaker cone for best possible use.

4.Use some tape to hold down the button on the laser pointer to keep it turned on.

5.Aim the Laser Pointer Yellow at the small mirror you glued onto the cone of the small speaker and identify where the laser light bounces.


3000mw Laser Pointer

6.Adjust the angle of the speaker and the angle of the laser pointer until the spot of laser light ends up in the center of the wall. (you may need some items to prop the speaker and laser pointer so you do not have to hold either of them)

7.Additionally, you may have to move your speakers around so you can get the laser dot focused properly.Switch on your stereo and adjust the volume until the laser light reflecting off the mirror makes interesting patterns of light on the wall. As the speaker vibrates, the angle of the mirror changes causing the spot on the wall to move.Sit back and enjoy your laser light show.




Wholesale CheapBlue Laser Pointer 10000mw - Posted at 15:28 on 24/8/2015 by buylaserpointer

There you have it! On a clear night in Tokyo, a 3000mw Green Laser can be seen at least 20 km away . So what did Japanese netizens have to say about the experiment? Although many thought that Ohira's experiment was cool, some wondered about the safety of pointing a laser towards the middle of a large city. (Note: Hira later told his Twitter followers that he had taken every safety precaution in mind before doing the experiment.)

I don't think the point of this story was anything about Blue Laser Pointer 10000mw , but about how clear the air is in Tokyo during winter.That's cool and all about the laser, but I'm much more amazed he could take a picture of Roppongi Hills from 20 km away.Even more amazing than the strength of this laser pointer is how clean the air in Tokyo was that night.

Try it in China! I'd be surprised if you could see it past 10 meters…
Have you ever tried to see how far you can shine a 1000mw laser pointer red ? Of course, RocketNews24 encourages you to comply with all local laws and common sense before you try your own experiment!

Northwestern University scientists have developed the first liquid nanoscaleYellow Laser 50mw . And it's tunable in real time, meaning you can quickly and simply produce different colors, a unique and useful feature. The laser technology could lead to practical applications, such as a new form of a "lab on a chip" for medical diagnostics.

3000mw Laser Pointer

To understand the concept, imagine a laser pointer whose color can be changed simply by changing the liquid inside it, instead of needing a different laser pointer for every desired color.

Of course everyone on the Internet is a critic and a few netizens were hoping to see a much farther distance, like from Ohira's home to the moon. But a lot of netizens were more impressed with how clear the air of Tokyo was that night . Used to the clouds and smog, many were thrilled to see how clean the air looked!







3000mw Green Laser - Posted at 07:23 on 6/8/2015 by buylaserpointer

Green laser pointer just adopts very simple structure. According to insert two pieces of AAA batteries, it will support Blue Laser Pointer pointer to make continuous green laser beam emitting in continuous work. Usually after simple press of on/off button, it will begin to work. In order to make sure of the best performance, inside the laser pen tube, laser tech professionals also design self protection system. When the laser tube temperature is extremely higher than expected, green laser pointer will be power off automatically. Whatever kind of laser beam presentation work, green laser pointer is just able to keep the best working condition, and make great use in all occasions.

Inside the tube of 50mW Red Laser Pointer module, it always contains enough space reserved as its metal heat sink cooling system, 650nm red laser diode, and driving circuit. In long term continuous laser line targeting work, the projecting red laser line is always very stable and reliable. In order to make red laser line generator more workable for harsh working environment, this laser module has just adopted the most durable aluminum alloy housing material. According to special process of anti-statistic and anodized treatment of housing material, 650nm red laser line generator always makes super stable and reliable red line generation on desired working surfaces.

Usually the green High Powered Laser Pointer line targeting is super rapid and accurate. It is just making great work for factory employees to improve working efficient and reduce manual labor force input on line drawing or line printing. In various industrial line alignment and line collimation work, its application is always extremely different from traditional used square meter, triangular board or blocking board etc.

When users are make cross measurement at long working distance, high powered red cross generating 3000mw Green Laser alignment is always in need. At the same time, laser beam stability and reliability have become especially important concerns in continuous cross generation work. When users are making cross generation with high powered alignment laser, the internal temperature increases rapidly with the cross positioning time extending. This red cross laser alignment always adopts larger size 26mm diameter laser tube with the best combination of excellent thermal emitting metal shell. In long time continuous cross generation work, this laser alignment can always make super wonderful thermal stabilization, thus users have no worrying about unstable beam pointing or red laser diode burning out.

According to exact working environment such as working distance for laser beam emitting hole to working surface, processing surface color and material, and practical operating room or outside brightness, users can choose the most proper red cross laser alignment with suitable output power. In addition, according to different size requirement of targeting cross line, laser tech professionals will make general calculation and then make correct selection of required dimension laser alignment. In order to help workers get the most satisfied cross generation on exact working fields, laser tech engineers also accept customize.

Below lists general applications of 520nm green laser diode module:
1. Emitted green light from 520nm green laser is workable for indication light and targeting use.
2. Highly bright and visible green laser light is used to heighten atmosphere
3. medical surgery used green laser light source
4. laser illumination for special use in lab experiment, scientific research.

Free shipping Focusable High Powered 650nm 3000mw Red Laser Pointer Pen with one Battery





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