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The Unique Applique Lamp in My Heart

02:01, 16/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Somewhere in the northeast part of the US, where I lived before, there were many lakes scattering in forests. Every time when I drove by, the scene constituted by water and trees was always pleasing, and the view at dusk was particularly more attractive. By the lake was a stone cottage, with a half-wall-size window opposite to the road at the lake. At the center of the window hanged a big stained-glass lamp. Colors contain yellow halo lighting. The atmosphere was so good that the car passing by couldn't help slowing down. All the people who came home seemed to feel the love and warmth of that colourful light. Just like he was waiting for and welcomed by someone.The New tiffany and co for Winter

The stained-glass lamp indeed possesses a wonderful and vehement power. Its design is colorful and bright, which emerged at the turn between 19th and 20th century, when was a era prevailing with the style of luxuriance, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Louis Comfort Tiffany was the dominant figure in New Art Movement. The appliqué glass was one of his numerous specialties which made him famous. Besides the lampshade, it's also applied on windows, doors and other ornaments.

Nowadays, the authentic ones have become the contention object by the major art galleries and auction companies. As for the ones you could buy from street stalls, though they are very expensive, they are actually the sons or grandsons of the certified ones after being copied and copied again. Today, the real things have become scrambling object among art galleries and auction houses. Those can be purchased in the street, are still expensive, but they are copied and then copied and copied. Some one may ask curiously does Tiffany here have any connection with world famous Tiffany &Co.?

The answer is yes. If you describe children from rich families as born loaded, then Louis Comfort Tiffany would be the most loaded one. It is because his father is the Founder of Brand Tiffany &Co, whose name is Charles Lewis Tiffany.

Louis loved painting since childhood, and he has highly artistic talent, his father hoped that he can engage in politics in future, then he was sent into the military academy. However, Louis had no interest in military subjects, and his only interest was drawing.During the period, he made acquaintance with famous landscape painter, George Inness, then he tried his best to learn painting, completely neglecting the prospect of military administration. Just like every father, though Charles was pity that his child was reluctant to be a politician still tried his best to help him enter into the artistic circle.

In the latter part of the 19th century, Paris remains the art center of the world, Charles has an international perspective of do business, find jewelry Gideon Reed family to make partnership opened a branch in Paris in 1850. And he employed the expertise, Edward Moore, to take charge the part of design, then invited gemologist, George Kunz,to be in charge of evaluating and exploring rare and beautiful gemstone. Moore often visited the branches between Paris and New York to find inspiration and the high-skilled craftsman. He usually brought back variety of fresh art information in Europe, which were all longed for by this young Louis cause he loved art so much. Moore treat Louis both as a father and a teacher. He accompanied him specially to Paris for art study, imparted him design experience and his professional knowledge in Islam and Eastern artworks.

Conze, hailed as "the United States Gemological leader", was particularly careful to teach Louis the perception of the various minerals from beginning,as well as those less well-known, unappreciated rocks, or the United States native gems. JuniorLouis wanted to be a watercolor artist at first. Because of the unique family background, taught by the best teachers in the jewelry industry, Louis did not want to go into the design of this line, which would also be difficult.

In 1879, Louis with a friend opened an interior design company. In the next 40 years, they had done a magnificent style reflecting the design of contemporary art for hundreds of rich people in New York, public and private organizations. In 1893, he opened another company which specialized in making applique glass and also took part in the Chicago World Exposition. Among the display there was a chapel which was full of appliqué glass and mosaics, people were all amazed at this and Lewis was endowed with 54 prizes.

In the Paris World Exposition in 1900, Louis displayed applique glass, mosaic, rain glass vase and enamel and other new art works, and he received the first prize of ' Application Arts'. In 1902, Charles died. All the industry of Tiffany & Co.'s handed down to the hands of Louis. At that moment, Louis was not a pure artist as he was when he was young. Besides undertaking administrative responsibilities, he was also the chief designer of Tiffany & Co. Then he started designing jewellery.

The art of Egypt, Islam and the East which Moore once guided him to appreciate had now become his river of inspiration. And he was also skillful at using the rare ores and American native gems which Kuntz introduced. He also mixed mosaic glass, mosaic inlay paintings, enamel, bronze, ceramic, etc. into the jewelry design, so the work presented gorgeous atmosphere, which was the new art style.

The Show of the Newly Products of Tiffany Jewelry Pieces Last Year

02:00, 16/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Tiffany 2009 top jewelry series is exhibited in New York and London, touring exhibition, interpreting the legendary origin of the brand, unique status and excellent style. The showing artwork gather the classical elements of Tiffany jewellery, and apply lots of diamond, which was the main material for circuit show in 1932, to make a most touching symphonic music.tiffany bracelet , the Best Extras for Strong Women This Year

Besides telling the spirit of innovation in those years through the pieces of works, in the scene you can fell like returning to the display of Tiffany designers' apartment in old times, and you can explore their inner world. And the jewellery put in the dress table is likely to freeze the good old days of the designers into those Tiffany diamonds shining forever. The extremely fashionable key necklace in jewelry exhibition shocks the world overnight.Gifts of tiffany rings for All Budgets

A certain Tiffany designer said, "I want to use the bright Stars to serve as a foil to women's beautiful elegance," and a Tiffany diamond necklace is just like fly across the night sky with gorgeous postures and it reflects the classic concepts of Tiffany jewelry design. Key necklace which seems complex, is created with the most delicate main frame in the whole design. And the diamonds on necklace make the line more exquisite. Skill of diamond sticking makes the center stone prominent on its bright and the manual-operated line, which shows the richness of layers of the works. Design of concealed snap link increases the simple equipping. This series is also collocated with diamond watch, earrings and ring, which put the beauty hanging highly in sky around female and tell the secrets of eternity.

"My jewelry is elegant and smooth like a ribbon that surrounds your fingers." said the designer of Tiffany.

The pearl ribbon necklace is using irregular diamond ribbon tie a three-line long pearl necklace and looks like a brooch with a wrong location, which is really an intelligent idea. There are pearl, diamond, sapphire and aquamarine with cylinderical cut and the transparent topaz adorning on colorful strings of necklaces. Skillful combination of colorful jewellery is with St. Marco Basilica's arch ceiling curves. Such unique design perform both low-key and luxury well.

Tiffany's brooch series is also highly respected, the inlay of the colored gemstones is regular, neat and with ingenuity, like an ease in a strict structured painting. Fluent curves outline the elegant and nearly symmetric shape of female, strings of pearl add the sense of fine and smooth.

The persistent pursuit of perfect craftwork is also the reason why Tiffany jewelry is so popular. Due to the difficult seeking for the diamond with accordant lustre and quality, and with various and tiny amounts of diamonds, inlay and combination needs a lot of work. Therefore, it often costs almost ten months to finish a Tiffany diamond necklace, which is enough to see their attention to details.

The Best Ways in Keeping Jewellery

01:48, 12/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Firstly, jewelries dislike any touch. The Sales of tiffany jewelry are Reported to Make a New Record This Quarter

We excrete sweat and oiliness on the surface of our skins. The Ultimate Trend Bible to tiffany co Sales And hands are often stained with oiliness because we often use hands to touch the body.When hands touch the jewelry, the oil on the hands is easy to stay on the jewelry, which will affect its luster and brightness.

Secondly,ornaments also need vacation.

The decorations need holidaies too. For example, when you are washing your hands, you'd better take them off since the soap will be stuck in the rings and greatly affect the sheen of it.Other jewelries should also be taken off when bathing, doing housework and swimming by reason that they will easily collide with other objects and become deformed in these situations.

Thirdly, don`t be hurry when putting on jewels.

Now many of the jewelry are studded with diamond or crystal, and the most popular method is mainly prong setting. However, pay attention to the wear order.In general, the order of wearing jewelry should be dressing clothes first, then wearing jewelry.Can you imagine what will happen when you are wearing a solitaire claw setting ring and try to put on your clothes or silk stockings? That`s maybe too adventurous for them and yourself.

At last, use small jewel bag effectively.

You may have learned a lot of painful lessons from the lost of jewellery.For example, you put the jewerly on the lavabo and the diamond slip into the sink or left on the lavabo.

In fact, you can avoid such tragic cases by doing one more action.When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store can give you a small box and put the jewelry in.A lot of people take out the jewelry while leaving the jewelry box in a drawer at home. In fact, this small jewelry box which is both small-sized and accounts for little space can be carried on by your side.Rings can be removed and put into the jewelry boxwhen you go outside for hand washing, if such habits is cultivated, the chance of missing rings can greatly reduce.

Tiffany Jewel - the Frst Choice for Bride and Bridegroom

01:47, 12/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

As the top luxury brand in the world, Tiffany jewelry is fully aware of the unique attactiveness of brides and has made many series of jewellry for brides-to-be,which gives full expression to the specific charm of various kinds of brides. Hot Sales During Summer: tiffany bracelet and AccessoriesTiffany has the reputation for the theme about love and beauty, romance and dream in vogue for about two centuries. It has satisfied with all feminine delusion and desire of the whole world with its beauty full of luscious and its soft and finespun sensibility.5 Principles You should Break

First, let\'s take a look at its colorful jewelry series, which represents brightness and charm. tiffany bracelets Boots Before Mother's Day

Actually, it`s a long shot to wear colored jewels for the modern brides. How to Settle Right tiffany co in for Spring 2011 Like formal dress, makeup, bridal bouquet, marriage jewels also undergo change in color and style.Through the elaborately selected series of colours, Tiffany09 colour jewellery well presents its style of freedom and amiability, expressing the quality of luxury and elegance.The expression of the unique but understated design, quality and attitude is sufficient to unshared the beauty of lingering charm and magnifique for brides.

Secondly comes to its diamond jewelries - reveals its noblity and eternalty

Diamond jewelry is always a classical choice for brides. Because they can show the beauty of noblity and harmony when they are lying around your hair and your beautiful white wedding gown.Moreover, Tiffany luxurious diamond ring series with soft design, careful adjustment proportion, and perfect workmanship are, to the maximum, full with flexibility, mild nature, comfort to wear, which also subtly design light and firm-empty.

Every particulars of this series jewelery would be paid the toppest attention, and every diamond would be cut and polished extraordinarily, which make its reverse side and right side to be the same refinement.Whether it is a simple pendant, or precious stones inlaid in different heights, Tiffany jewelries pay exhaustive attention to the details, so that the exceptionally beautiful brides will catch everybody\\\'s eyes and hearts.

Tiffany Couple Rings, Witness of the Commitment of Love

01:46, 12/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Today, ring is spelled as "ring" which stand for "endless", actually many characters with affection were carved into rings of different places in ancient time. Amazingly! tiffany co Rank the First in the List of Soundest Staples for Successful Career Women

[OMONIA" had been carved on Greece rings, which meant concordance.In France, the ring is engraved with "bonne foi", which means for each other.In Italy, the word [feda" engraved on a ring means blessing.

And from then on, wedding rings created an inseparate link with religion.Because in the religious tradition, the ring finger connects the heart. The new people in order to show that their hearts are connected to each other will wear the ring on the middle finger.

When it comes to the oldest sayings of wedding rings, we can date back to the 9th century, Pope Nicholas I said that the ring is the proof of the marriage.Around Europe in 13th centuries has beginning commonly accepted giving or exchanging ring when they was marring,and was rich in material of ring,gold and silver has become the main element in the ring.

In 1477, the Duke of Austria Maximilian was fond of Princess Mary of France, so he chose a diamond-studded ring to give Princess as a keepsake tokens of love.Resplendent gained princess's heart, she married with the duke.Since then, diamond wedding ring symbolizes the faithful marrige,and this kind of romantic custom become rapidly popular in the world.

Rings also have become the most popular accessories by their special meanings.Every care from the lovers has been carved on this small Tiffany wedding ring, which includes that [please remember the promises for all our lives!"From the moment of the finger is connected, the life's commitment of love with lovers is also made. From now on, bid farewell to the cold and isolated moon, and you are no longer alone but have a person to accompany you in your life.

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