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Gossip - 04:11, 26/9/2010

Hello,my dear friends. I once told myself never complain about the society. I don't want to comment on  it because in order to live we can't defeat but  just adapt to it.  So in terms of the purpose ........ sorry , I have no idea. I just wrote down what I saw and thought.
There are the rich and the poor in any countries. For me, that is not the big problem, the rich has their lifestyle. So does the poor. The rich has the big house and the expensive car. Take easy, buddies, I don't envy them. On the contrary, these substance become the stimulation which can give the incentive to me. So at that time, I thought, although there is the gap between the two kind of person, all of us can find the suitable lifestyle.
But now, with the time goes by, the relationship changes.  In aspect of the work, the elder told me that the more you pay for, the more you get. We now still work hard, but the salary doesn't change. The society is changing, but the essence is the rich is becoming more rich and the poor is becoming more poor. But we can not yet receive this to some extent until the house price emerged. The poor and the rich linked together by it. After that,  we can get some negative news from the Internet or media.
Why these happened?  Some people criticize the rich are not satisfied with what they got. But I know everyone including the rich has their own thought or troubles. So in the heartless society,the only thing is to struggle instead of complaint.

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