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Our first time to camping Ca'Savio

our first time to camping ca'savio

20:10, 16/6/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Our first time to camping Ca’ Savio.

First let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Laurie and I am from The Netherlands.I am going on a holiday to Italy with my husband Emrah and my  two sons Mert wich is almost 4 years old and Kaya of 2 years old and my parents. One big happy family!Maybe I make some mistakes with my English writing skills…I allready apologize for that.:)


The week before we’re going to Ca’savio.

A bit early but I’ve allready started packing our luggage.Just can’t wait to finally go on a holiday again!The weather in The Netherlands is terrible,you can call it more autumn then summer.Checking the weather in Ca’ Savio everyday but getting a bit afraid because I see rain/clouds/and some sun.That means I’ve to pack some longsleeves and vests as well.Looks like the day after we arrived will be the worse so that might be a good idea to go and visit Venice aka Veneto.Also printed out all the paperworks etc. to get to Ca’Savio.


Day 1

Luggage is in the car,quick goodbye to the animals.Do we have everything…?Yes!Let’s go to Eindhoven Airport because we’re going by plain.Just 1,5 hour flying what a luxury!Everything is on time and at 16.00 we arrive on Veneto Marco Polo airport.Time to get our suitcases and check if our transferguy is waiting for us.He’s waiting for us outside and he will bring us now to Ca’Savio.The journey takes just 50 minutes and there’s enough of things to see by looking outside.Raining uhg!Lots of water,but what we notice the most are the empty houses for a long way.Then we enter the long road full up with touristic places as Lido di Jesolo and Cavellino Treporti and then we are there!First we check in at the reception desk where a friendly dutch speaking girls is helping us out.There is a small problem…we’re not on the list!Ohoh!The Italian (manager?) is coming and says it’s not a problem.Luckely we are on our touroperators list and he’s bringing us to our caravan.We are on strada number 3 nice and central we noticed during our week of staying at camping Ca’Savio.Also I guess they are checking that people with children are mainly together at one place so we don’t cause problem for the youngsters and the elder couples and vice versa.Also the kids can find other children to play with.Our caravan is a bit close next to the other one.You can look right into eachothers terras and kitchen etc.Our caravan is very modern,clean and 3 bedrooms and it has it’s own toilet and shower.First things first…we are hungry so we’re going to the restaurant of camping Ca’Savio.Kids are happy because they love Italian food.They brought it really fast and not expensive at all and last but not least it was delicious!After that we chose to have a nice ice cream and of to bed because tomorrow we’re going to Venice.


Day 2

Weather report was right.It’s a bit cloudy.A perfect day to go to Venice.Because we are with 6 people and one of them isn’t capable of walking that far to the busstation wich would bring us to Punta Sabioni we decided to take a taxi to there.The people of Customer Care of Ca Savio are very friendly and arrange everything for you,also they have a special offer to go to venice by boat.Then you drive in 5 minutes to Punta Sabioni where the boat is waiting for you to bring you to Venice.The kids loved the boattrip and Venice is a bit hard with kids on these age because of the buggy and all the bridges so we saw the most important things,had lunch over there and went back again because they had fallen into sleep.When we arrive back to the camping it’s time to check the beach out.Wow wat a clean beach!They clean it every day.By walking back we’ve noticed that there’s a Kids animation team and they are there for your children almost all day long.The animators are from different countries and they all speak different languages wich is perfect.We’ve made some  nice balloons and then it was time for dinner and after that Kids Disco!


Day 3

We’re going to a Market in Cavellino Treporti.We’ve bought some souvenirs and beachtowels for the kids and in the afternoon beach again.The weather is great.We took the bus back to Ca’Savio but we didn’t had any bustickets and you can’t buy time in the bus.Make sure you buy them at customer care service of the camping so you don’t have to search for it.After that we went to the supermarket of camping Ca’Savio.They have everything and in every price range.We’ve decided to eat in our caravan.


Day 4

A relaxing day at the camping.In the morning time we went to the pool with the big pirateship in it.Mert loved it but Kaya didn’t.Unfortunately there aren’t any beds to lay on or seats to sit on.You have to go to a field next to the pool and then you can’t see your children.Because Kaya is afraid we will have a quick lunch ,rest and after that to the beach where he can run and make sandcastles.There are quite some salesmen walking at the beach.Most of them are polite but they come all the time to you to try to sell something.They leave when you say no thank you.Bought some kites for the kids so they can kite.After that we again ate in our caravan and again to the kidsdisco.


Day 5

Kids woke up early and guess what they want to go to the beach again. J They made since the beginning of the week a friend from Germany so we’re meeting with them almost every day so they can play.Every day at the beach there is someone passing by with ice cream,drinks,crisps etc. so they can get an ice cream.A bit later it’s lunch time so I walked to the restaurantarea of Ca’Savio and they have a buffetrestaurant wich also has a take away service.Nice!Ordered pizza,chips,salad and walked back to the beach to eat it over there.Nothing better then have a relaxing lunch at the beach while your kids are enjoying it over there.In the evening time customer service arranged a taxi again so we could go to Lido di Jesolo.It’s a city at the beach about 20 minutes-30 minutes drive from Ca’Savio.Lots of places to eat so that’s what we’re going to do first.After that we’re going to take a walk around the shoppingstreet wich is kilometres long.Then a nice ice cream and back to camping Ca Savio,kidsdisco and sleep.


Day 6

Early wake up because we’re going to Burano.We’ve been brought to Punta Sabioni again but you can also go to Treporti to go to Burano.Unfortunattely the touristinformation point at Punta Sabbioni showed us the wrong boat so we took a trip to Lido.Luckely the captain was very friendly to drop us off back at Punta Sabbioni so we could take the correct boat! J Not a problem …the kids loved it anyway at the boat and you have a nice view.What a nice island Burano!More quiet then Veneto .Less bridges.Fields for the kids to play on.Colourfull houses.Nice breeze.We had lunch over there,did some sightseeing and around siesta we went back to the camping again.Then back to the beach and after that dinner,kidsdisco and sleep.


Day 7

We’ve asked our touroperator if we could have the caravan a bit longer.That wasn’t any problem at all.My husband went with the kids to the beach so I could pack our suitcases because it is time to go back to Holland again!After that me and my parents cleaned the caravan.Quickly washed the kids and went to the buffetrestaurant to eat something until our transfer would come.Also I had to go to the doctor of camping Ca’Savio because I all of a sudden had an allergic reaction of the mosquito bites.Make sure you go there prepared because that’s the only negative point what I can mention about our holiday.The doctor speaks good English and taxi brought me to the near by pharmacy where they also speak very well English and help you.Then it’s time to go to Veneto airport in a 50 minutes drive.At the airport it’s really crowded and it took a while for the check-inn desk to open.When the plain took off we could see all the islands and Ca’Savio.Bye bye it was a great holiday.



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our first time to camping ca'savio


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