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Loving the Law: Handling Stress During Law School

11:31, 18/6/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

That first semester in law school may be the most difficult time you will ever face in life. Trying to get used to the huge workload, the unusual classes, and the new environment is always hard on students, and the prospect that you're stuck here for the next three years doesn't help.

Talk to Older Students

One of the best things you can do for yourself is talk to older students. Get their opinions and advice on classes, teachers, and stress. They have been where you are and can be an important fountain of wisdom when the going gets tough.

Ask For Help

Never be afraid to ask for help in law school. If you are facing problems in your classes or have personal issues that are affecting your performance, go ahead and ask for help. Waiting until it's too late is a mistake that too many students make due to pride.

Be Realistic

Remember that unless you really want to specialize in some areas or work for certain sections of the government, you don't need to be the top person in your class. In fact, all you really have to do is graduate, though it would be ideal to be in the top fifty percent of your class.

Study with Friends

Study groups are a fun source of amusement in law school. Since you really have to keep studying as much as possible, you can always take a short break by studying with friends. Take a picnic or snacks and groups can get together to study and have some fun before the big test.

Find a Great Internship

When it comes to finding your internship or externship, be sure that you find something that truly interests you. After all your hard work in classes, you deserve to do something that you enjoy. Start early and find something that really fits in with your career goals and dreams. What to Remember

When you're stressed out in law school, particularly during your first year, remember these things:

Talk to Older Students

You can ask for help.

Be realistic.

Study with friends.

Find a great internship.

Amber Smith is a feature writer for CareersandEducation.com. Review more of her work and read about using a Career learning center and explore her thoughts on online degree programs and online colleges

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Loving the Law: Handling Stress During Law School


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