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The deepest love

First, that he killed his mother
A year ago, I started with his Cold War, did not call his father, did not speak to him, he became my world the most despicable people. In the previous 17 years, I have always thought he was a good husband, good father.
Mother, busy with work, he was swept at home all the hard physical labor, were his mother's car to scrub and maintenance of his mother when he tired to help her shoulder pinch, sometimes even Xijiao Shui gave her ready, my parents never were he participated in, and sometimes even the clothes are all he helped me to buy. Grandmother's house is so people do not like him, or because the mother is a school year Xiaohua, and he wore it and his mother inside the insole increased general high, or he did not lean the husband of someone's home, but only back a fixed monthly salary, the family's luxury goods and the vast majority of expenses are excellent mother to our abilities earned. However, my mother and I knew he was a good man, this is sufficient.
I always thought that life can be happily go on, but a year ago, due to him, everything has changed.
A time when the end of the mother as the unit's year-end work being busy, day and night can not sleep, and he booked a ticket to be given a free hand to his mother and him to go to Hainan Tourism, mother always said do not go, he then insisted that exactly that is my notebook the first time since it's insistence, adhere to all night without sleep, the mother and, ultimately, his mother went with him, and this go, his mother never to come back.
All of this, I blame him. If not him, how could I have lost my dear mother.

2, losing the final affective
Of course, these are not the same as I resent him like an enemy.
I thought so many years of loving husband and wife, the mother died, he would incomparable to the suffering or distressed. However, I do not see him crying, and guilt, but to see his mother's extraordinary passion to fight for compensation after the accident, he went to negotiate with the perpetrators, and the two days will be handled over, received their compensation. The mother's body at the mortuary where only spent 51 hours have been cremated, and have a friend who gave him ideas, let him deal with later, so that can also fight for some more parties to the accident compensation, but he hesitated and said: "Every days can cost more than 200 blocks of ice. "This sentence so I began to hate him, even though he ran to his mother's body in the night next to their knees crying, and I regard these as hypocritical pretentious.
Mother's funeral, his cock was extremely simple.
I took mother's favorite like a diamond ring buried in the mother's side, he thought a for a long time and eventually Naqu installed in their own pocket. In my mother's mourning hall next to the clenched his fists, for the mother in every possible way to worth. If she knew the man I married so many years is this face, this is what heaven Qi Chu, and he such a movement, to the last of his mutual affection I have lost my.
In fact, after this incident, the mother's family, and his broken all contacts, a small town know that it matters to people who have described is called is called Liu Liu Xiangjiang want the money.
Mind the feeling of resentment by the aversion has become. I am back in school, drinking, fighting, he found me in the middle of the night, I either drunk mess, or is scarred to sleep on the road.
He always brought me home in silence, give me scrub the wounds, boiling water, honey, I woke up when they see his eyes, have to pray there can not conceal the guilt, I gave him so he can torment feel some consolation.

Third, I would like to cheer for his mother
He finally decided to and I have a good time to talk. He said: "Your mother always wanted you to be a good child, for her, you can not do low self-esteem." This is the mother's death, he was the first time in front of me to bring her. I looked at him coldly, not knowing he was hastily compensation to those who deal with after his mother's funeral, what kind of qualifications to told me that this is the case. He expatiated to speak, eyes but there are still a tear, he said: "Whether you understand do not understand, I am all for you and this family."
I do not understand, but also can not understand, but his words have touched me, yes, his mother always wanted me to be a good child, to mother, I have to shape up. I no longer like before rebellious, I rely on their own efforts to find a plant, a pragmatic manner and began to dry in the workshop, the six-month period begins with the workers do to bring class squad leader, my words are still very few people even heard the Loyalty to his name when I am still very much distress, and then the emotional distress brought them home with him shouting.
Even if I so, and no one sympathize with him, they have felt that I was a benevolent children, only grandmother shield him, saying that I am not naive, or even move out of old maxim to educate me, she said: " 'son wants his parents, not wait for the' is this the world's most tragic things that you treat that he will regret it. "
I am categorically saying: "no."
Does not, he was sick, coughing all night to begin I have the slightest fear, and later used to bother him began to cough was heard.
Then one day the morning, he forgot to turn off the bathroom door, I go wash your face and found his hand towel for the blood clot above, there are eye-catching, I knew he was very sick. I thought a tight, in the end I am in this world only those closest to him, I have not cultivated itself into a hard-hearted he did, so pretending to casually said: "The health bar go to the hospital look up." He promised the one he kept surprise, happy look.
Another winter came, his body every day bad, I saw him to eat a lot of medicine, but there is no effective, he was always coughing, coughing as if exhausted the body's strength, cough may face dark day down, the body lost a great circle.
I began to hate to play this winter, how so long, he does not mend up the old.

4, the most silent love
The next day, was working at night, the guards said that some people come to me, ran out to see, is the mother's leadership, he said: "I am in the hospital to see your father, and think about over and over again, I must tell you one thing."
He said: "You must hate your father very much, but other people have any reason to despise him, except you can not. At the end of time, your mother not because of busy with work, worry, but she was embezzling large amounts of cash to the company stocks, deficit of nearly 50 million, about the end of the audit, your mother do this a panic, but is not your father about your mother to travel, but went along with her relatives, borrow money, did not expect it out of had an accident, and the company's audit department has undertaken several days of work. At first, anxious to retrieve your father died of compensation because of the shortfall must be returned to our company.
"Your father is not ever worked out slow for some time dealing with your mother's funeral, but, if their money back to earlier company, your mother's reputation will not be damaged, can be lengthened if the time, she deficit of public funds to do would be exposed. he loved her, so do not want her death was also back such a charge, so he chose to take modest compensation, and hastily organized a funeral, and even sell your mother favorite diamond necklace, to fill the shortfall in her that all this is I helped him run. In fact, he said he wanted me the secret of his conservative life, but the doctor said he has reached advanced lung cancer. For such a good man , so that he carries with him you hate to leave this world, I can not bear. "
The news in my ear like a clap of thunder burst open, like, the clothes will be replaced in time I did not move to run like mad at home.
I went back when he was still lying on the bed to see if I came back, anxious to get out of bed to give me cooking, I called the voice of "Papa" in front of him straight to kneel down, he wanted helped me up, because it used force, they began to cough, every heard, all cough in my hearts.
I finally understand why her mother would say about such an extraordinary father, a soft spot, because he is the real man, forbear and heavy, he has given us the love of generosity, such as mountains, like rivers, moistening and silent.

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Respect for the position

Respect for the position
    To respect other people have different positions.
    Be called "national treasures" generation master Ji Xianlin, never Yilaomailao. Every time visitors came to visit, he is early in the case of hat and clothes neatly in the book before the ride is good, heads held high, chin slightly adduction, sitting orderly to end is correct. In his view, chest sitting is a kind of respect for the guests. In the guests left, he must have sent out the door, say good-bye good-bye.
    One day in 1995, Bai Yansong for Ji Xianlin do "scholar interview." At that time, Ji Xianlin sitting business cards ready to dig in the Bai Yansong handed him the moment, he stood up, bent over waiting for, so that the presence of all the people moving. There was praise too many people, the master is the master, a simple gesture, a few people can always do this?
    Time, the United States outstanding master of humor, Chaplin was about to perform on stage performances, an enthusiastic audience suddenly reminded him: "Master, you forgot to button the shirt buttons." Chaplin Yi Zheng, quickly expressed his thanks and quickly Fasten the button. When the audience who walked away, he also quietly untied the button. This scene is just one reporter saw, and asked Chaplin: "Do you do so why bother?" Chaplin replied: "I want to play is a long-distance trekkers, release the button to better reflect his hard Lawton, the audience will leave life-like image. but to remind others of goodwill, we should reward the attitude of gratitude, to respect him! "
    For misunderstanding, we sometimes timely explanation, sometimes with disdain, while Chaplin was with a grateful heart to accept it. Their lowered position, does not distinguish, did not fight back, and even thank them for their concern, not that kind of respect do?
    Respect for others, there may be different ways, different position. Whether sitting or standing, is to thank, or put your own, can highlight sparkling personality.

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A dish of chili sauce

A dish of chili sauce
One year, teaching in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong people are very respect their teachers the first day of school in their own home Chiu: invited table seats, there are 10 professors dinner, I also included. Such seats, once a week, be sure to enable principals semester and every teacher can talk. I am because it is off, so listed in the first batch of guest list.
Such a good thing because its never happened before, I am very enjoyable to go to dinner. The original dishes are all home cooks make their own heads, and fresh neat, very Deli flavor. Perhaps because the cook is in Shantou, he added in the various colors in a dish seasoned sauce, the principal specifically stated that his wife was the cook hand-modulation. That sauce a little too sweet for me, but I still access some of it. Generally speaking Cantonese because of fear of spicy, this dish sauce if I do not join in the whole table Guangdong nationals who have not who ignored it.
I think this is specifically modulated cook as this exclusive hot sauce, and no one Xia Zhu is always very sad thing. Shantou people are very proud with their sauce.
Are also very happy to eat that night chat things to their hearts, farewell to the door when the owners see a visitor, the principal wife of a sudden I superimpose a packet, she said: "This is a bottle of hot sauce, the cook said, particularly for you. We eat When he was next to the patrol patrol look, you find that only one person enjoy his sauce, he said he has done a lot anyway, this bottle back to eat you. "
I actually do not quite like that side of sweet chili sauce, eat it was originally based on a little goodwill, unexpectedly went so far as recovery of a greater good. I have many thanks by the bottle of chili sauce --- this time, I fell in love with this indeed a bottle of chili sauce, and cook the other copies to the situation.
The many people around this world is a lonely, right? Not praise the article, did not appreciate the zeal of Mongolia, who have no attention to beauty, no one whom Tears of the story, another bomb shell in vain not been laid bare the truth of the mountain stream of sound, or no one is willing to try a dish of food ... ...
I am only a good will in one fell swoop chopsticks, actually kept each other's thick gifts, think about it, the feast of life is also true bar! I am in life there is a trickle-down points for each reward Yue, an immediate gift of God, under the total 10000 Nagareizumi; I for one note for each soar, he always dumped the entire piece of music, such as under the Su-Kam.
The gift of life, the original only reward for those willing to try on a person.

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