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Different Kinds of Swivel Caster Wheels

Different Kinds of Swivel Caster Wheels

10:08, 9/9/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

The mobility of wheels and tables, especially in the workplace, is perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs in furniture technology. Since swivel chairs and wheels were introduced, they have become an absolute must in the office and at home, where the average individual finds himself handling several tasks at a time. Business establishments and offices are the main beneficiaries of these inventions.

Swivel caster wheels uk are responsible for the mobility of any swivel office furniture. To maximize the performance of these wheels, factors like load carrying capacity, wheel dimension, and swivel caster dimensions are to be considered. The kind of flooring and the environmental condition are also important elements that should not be overlooked if you are choosing or replacing your office table or chair's swivel caster wheels.

Casters are easily confused with wheels but swivel wheels and a caster frame actually comprise an entire swivel caster. Two legs attached on either side by bolts or axles secure the wheel in a caster frame. Above the legs, a swivel bearing is located. It allows for movement of up to 360 degrees. The casters are then attached to furniture using a mounting plate or a top plate.

Casters may come in various materials like rubber, hybrid rubber, metal, plastic-coated metal, and thermo-foam plastic. Different types of casters are ideal for various conditions. For instance, metal casters or thermoformed plastic casters make good choices if you are looking for ones with heavy load capacities. Rubber casters allow for silent movement on hard floor surfaces. Hybrid rubber gives you silence as well with higher load capacity.

Swivel caster wheels, on the other hand, can either be solid or spoked. Materials commonly used are steel, polyurethane, hard rubber, phenolic, and a few others. Being the round part of the caster that rolls, swivel caster wheels are molded with a solid center or circular disc. The core may either be iron, aluminum, steel, nylon, or polyolefin. Rubber and polyurethane wheels may have varying degrees of hardness.

Should you need replacement wheels for one or more of your heavy duty casters uk, ask your dealer or the manufacturer for information. Different applications and products have specific wheel requirements. You have to get it right to purchase the best type and size of wheels to suit your needed application.

Finding replacement swivel caster wheels is fairly easy online. There are several furniture parts dealers online offering wheels at good prices. Just take time to learn about the needed wheels for your furniture so you could narrow down your search further.

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Different Kinds of Swivel Caster Wheels


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