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Timothy's blog

Are E Cigarettes Safe: 4 Vital Considerations

Posted at 01:56 on 19/5/2013
The relatively young nature and apparently lack of peer review of clinical v2 cigs coupon code 2012 tests has allowed the question ?Are e cigarette s safe?? be posed by many potential users.  There is no doubt that this represents a genuine concern that cannot be disregarded despite the growing number of electronic cigarette users as well as the huge chunk it has taken out of the tobacco industry.  This device, which was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, only made its way to mainstream markets in the United States in 2007. Like most new products, there are huge speculations and misconceptions that accompany its presence and usage.  The simple fact is that instead of traditional tobacco leaves, it makes use of a nicotine solution that is heated by a battery-powered mechanism to produce water vapor that quickly turns into mist.  Despite the various testimonials from long time users, there are still some sectors questioning its safety because of lack of clinical trials and regulation.  Some of the reasons why the concern ?Are e cigarette s safe?? can be responded to positively are: The lower nicotine levels. Based on the initial studies conducted on the use of electronic cigarette s, they do not appear to be bad for the heart.  In fact, researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery in Greece, even suggests that the simulating nature of electronic cigarettes can be an effective technique to gradually kick the addictive habit, which has been proven to cause havoc to the health of smokers. Available data on traditional tobacco cigarettes is irrefutable; it contains carcinogenic, toxic, and poisonous chemicals that harm the smoker, the people around them, and the environment.  In stark contrast, electronic cigarettes are comparatively less harmful with its type of delivery system, which converts the liquid nicotine solution into water vapor.  Although Farsalinos admits before the European Society of Cardiology that studies may be small, electronic cigarettes are still comparatively better. The main reason is that the nicotine content is measureable, unlike in traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This means that vapers can choose anywhere from high nicotine content and gradually move to lower nicotine levels.  In fact, the presentation of various nicotine strengths give vapers the option to eventually reach nicotine-free levels, where they simply enjoy the motions and sensory experience of smoking, without the debilitating side effects.  This is a good way to respond to the concern of ?Are e cigarettes safe?? There are reduced risk levels. Are e cigarettes safe, is a natural concern of those who have never tried the device before.  Although not conclusive, the answer to this query would be yes, simply because, as Dr.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/are-e-cigarettes-safe-4-vital-considerations/
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