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Timothy's blog

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Posted at 00:21 on 31/5/2013
With so many people wanting to quit smoking, the question of ?do electronic cigarettes work? is bound to come out eventually. Everyone is already so wary of advertisement about tools that help people stop smoking that any type of product that has to do with the habit essentially undergoes huge scrutiny.  You also have to add to the equation the number of people who are only out to make a profit instead of present legitimate and effective products to the market. It is outright difficult to judge the effectiveness of e- cigarettes , considering that it is a relatively young product, having been invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003.  In fact, it only reached the United States market in 2007, which means that there are still relatively few manufacturers proven reliable (and plenty of copycat cloned designs made to questionable ? sometimes downright junky, standards). That said there has been tremendous innovation ? and as is currently being argued in regards to the FDA's attempt to regulate and restrict ecigs (that's a topic i will leave for another post! its a big one)? but consumer reports e cigarettes the possibility currently is hanging in the air that the FDA might hypothetically be able to regulate all e-cigarettes designed/developed after 2007. That might not sound like too huge a deal, but the fact is enormous innovation and improvement has occurred during the few years since then that many fear they would necessarily return to tobacco.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/do-electronic-cigarettes-work/
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