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How could we ever go so wrong

We will make mistakes do? We dare not guaranteed not to. We will make the wrong decision? We

Posted on 4/11/2009 at 03:42

Because we are not saints. We can not guarantee that we will not make mistakes.

Even we will not see their own shortcomings and problems, we will not only failed to progress and self-cultivation may also slipped. We also pride, will be complacent and will not be listening into the listen, and listen to avoid this. We will also face the sake of their own deliberate making wrong judgments and decisions. We will not have selfish motives, and thus led to the problems and the accumulation of a lot of adverse situations do? We are also very likely. We look at the question whether there will be errors and mistakes? We can not guarantee will not be. Therefore, we are likely to result in errors and costs. We are also ordinary people. But the practice of politics is to put an end to these, it would need a system. Do not see these possibilities, can not avoid these possibilities, it will certainly make mistakes, that is, should not be, nor precisely what must rely eliminated. Does not recognize the possibility that he might make mistakes, but is undesirable in a big problem, but it is not competent performance. Because they can not find ways to eliminate potential problems.

So, being supervised is not it? Make fewer mistakes, and do more right things. Is not what they should do?

Only such a class and equality in the economic base of such people can be able to do this. Then of course we should be very conscious and proactive to enable them to play the role of democratic supervision. And they are definitely a very good agreement.

About the doors, we can be more progressive and better. At least, we would be fewer mistakes, and the people will be very timely and pointed out that many of the problems so that we recognize.


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Once. Wrong in that step.'s Share of the wrong feelings ...

Posted on 14/10/2009 at 09:31
Those who have. I have forgotten. Those scars. Slowly getting diluted. Gradually taper off. Until you encounter familiar. Became aware of the pain too. A life lost but also the advent of a new life. Reluctantly. Laughter. Crying. We should treasure this stage, selfless performances. Night. Or done before, loneliness. Breakdown flow to go Our Time. Microsystems to keep laughing. And then secretly moved to tears. The original has lost so much. Those who moved. The rest are worthless. Only adds to the pain. The world's so many people. have hidden their own grief. walk in the busy crowd. can you Who knows. perhaps pass by. perhaps turn Looking back. again and again mistakes. Maybe a lot of people doing it wrong . a lot of emotion is also wrong. should not have those start ..

Know her, in a very special situation. To be honest we are very fate. Perhaps that can talk about anything, to increase our feelings. And all this is wrong because she was a lot like the beginning of ... a boy. is always the same as the boys take care of me. To tell the truth I was very moved. I thought we would do so a good friend of a lifetime. It is because something quarrel with her. I cried. At that time felt very uncomfortable. but I think. It's just friends for a long time .. I did not say. because of doubt in their illusion. but I know. I was Biebu Zhu. slowly I found she really liked that feeling. me and she said it. That day I go home the. only she was there. because I am afraid I do not want to hear to hear the results. I do not want to embarrass. even friend's failed to do. I finally could not help but call her I called. She drank the. She said she also liked me. Thus we were together. throwing the secular vision of others. .. maybe put aside all what people always talk .. but I am really very happy. .. She was so loved I. .. but my heart always wanted to stay.

One day I know that there is also a girl like her. //... The original so I just let go of. Crying badly .. I cried very hard to accept .. But later, the three of us are friends. She was girls naturally come together. is a deep love .. I wish they .. boyfriend .. then I went on for only a mud bar fill the hearts of the suffering. in her eyes I may be helping them. But I never said that .. I am just to forget her .. I do .. just hope that she will be more happy ..

Perhaps it is time to dilute all the .. we all had forgotten that part of that period should not start feeling .. the feeling .. we have never mentioned .. like a long time. I decided to put my story and friends to share. Do not like me .. wrong step. .. and do not, all bets are final defeat to their own feelings ..

Memory of the air also echoed our laughter. Our slapstick. But we have been friends .. or the same as before. Occasionally heart it hurts. But this is the most natural of us. Is not it? Now we are there have been very close to value themselves. I should be glad? very presumptuous once bothered ..

Valentine's Day is approaching. Hope that she will be happy happy! Also bless you friend. Happy. ~ ~ ~


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