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25/9/2010 - Unique Personalized Mom Necklaces Ideas

It is a beautiful sunny day and you have decided to go shopping for mothers necklaces just to tell her how much you love and appreciate her in your life. She could be your mother, wife, sister, aunt, really close friend, or even your granddaughter! She could have a birthday, anniversary, or important day coming up and you realize that gifting her with a little something on a day other than Mother's Day will demonstrate to her more than words, how much you care.


And you are probably wondering which mothers necklaces would she like best! We chose 3 delightful charm necklaces that are all the rage, so much so that stores can hardly keep them in stock to review to give you a nudge in a very happy and successful direction. The color choice is personal preference, but value is based on roundness, darkness, and luster of each pearl. Most strands are made of a variety of colors, which allows them to coordinate with more outfits.


A black pearl necklace is truly an investment and should be chosen with the help of a professional who can help you get the best quality for your budget. A gemologist can help you determine the true value of pearls and can give a certificate showing that value. Wearing them often increases the luster. Every year or two the pearls should be restrung by a professional jeweler. Be sure he uses genuine silk thread and knots between each pearl.


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21/9/2010 - Fashion trends in women's casual clothes

Other members of the Egyptian court of lesser importance could not flaunt such ornaments.In the Middle Ages, cuffs with coats-of-arms would be worn to indicate the clan and the family of a particular knight. In modern times, motorbike cults played a major role in ushering cuff accessories back into fashion. Leather cuffs with metal studs and spikes evolved further under the stern eyes of fashion designers to become the modern day wrist cuff accessories for women.


Fashion trends in women's casual clothes embrace chunky as well as dainty metal cuff accessories to add a tinge of the vintage into women's style quotient. A black silk shirt with a black skirt or trouser would look so glamorous with a matt gold cuff laid with turquoise stones. Or perhaps, a copper metal cuff with inlaid flowers would add a touch of the ancient Inca to your attire.A silver metal cuff patterned with a paisley motif would also be a great way to pep up jeans, skirts and other casual clothes for women.


 Other types of women's casual apparel such as leggings or tunics look more appealing when paired with an oversized metal wrist cuff. Elaborately designed metal handcuffs can turn many eyes when coupled with a shirtdress, a sleeveless dress or any other item of women's casual apparel. Available in all colors and shapes, these stretchable metal wrist cuffs are a coveted accessory for all fashion conscious women.


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