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25/4/2010 - The WOW Dungeon Arena Ring of Courage (2)


In the WOW Dungeon Arena, which located in the Barrens Durotar, Dungeon honor Valley, it will not currently be used to replace the courage of Lotro Gold. This is a new arena for the WOW WLK, in comparison with the Dalaran, there are some of the same place is a WOW Gold sale of sight objects. In this arena, it can use the mount. Beginning of the race, the different teams are placed in very close proximity of the two Kaufen WOW Gold; they are very close, with only 10 yards. In fact, you are ready to stage only a very short period of time to observe the opponent's case. Competition will be a skirmish, your preparation time is very short for opponent's preparations, when two elevators rise to the top of the time, the door will open lift around the fence.

Some will be randomly WOW Dungeon Arena lift the huge pillars. If you look around the arena gear, you will find the two pillars. When those columns want to do, you will get more notice. These columns would block the line of sight to live players, so players need to develop the WOW gold tactics around them. Here is also some nail Road and columns with the work simultaneously, they will treat it the top players hurt, although it unconfirmed.

For personally witnessed people in this WOW Dungeon arena, only one word for the shock! Blizzard is really its own to do this. To tell the truth, the arena is now online quite boring, at least in the map design, but the new Dungeon arena to join a lot of very cool things. There also have the specific details of the WOW Arena, every time only two will be raised within a certain time interval. You can stand on top of columns, riding the "lift" to rise to the top Arena. This is a dynamic map, which make this a difficult arena to upgrade.

When we run to the next WOW Dungeon Arena, it will be moved inside the tower (or a column) to the players to change the effect of line of sight, as well as the firewall will cause the DOT effects, players need to avoid the damage. The top of each column have their own unique texture designs, so when you are on the floor, you should identify the location carefully.

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25/4/2010 - The WOW Dungeon Arena Ring of Courage (1)

In the WOW Dungeon Arena, which located in the Barrens Durotar, Dungeon honor Valley, it will not currently be used to replace the courage of Lotro Gold. In the WOW Dungeon Arena, which located in the Barrens Durotar, Dungeon honor Valley, it will not currently be used to replace the courage of the Ring. It can be considered as the new circle of courage, there will be a huge of the WOW arena. While it is also an information film designed the first and only allows the use of the WOW Gold sale. In this WOW arena, the line of sight control will not be used to the Kaufen WOW Gold.

Throughout the arena, there are two huge pillars at a certain interval of time raise or fall; these two pillars will take the player's attention. At the same time, the WOW Dungeon arena has two screws Road. When the columns move, they will cause the harm, and to bring the player's line of sight. Players can stand on a pillar, when it have lifted, or fall, they can help the players to leave the melee attack range of professional. Similarly, when the nail Road starting to play the role, the players also need to decide to stay stuck inside your opponent, but withstands injury, or choose to leave it.

In the preparation stage, players are placed in a lift; it will bring players from the WOW Dungeon arena at the bottom of the platform, a lift surrounded by a fence around. The player can not reach the ground when the lift to leave. Between the two lifts only 10 yards on the ground, when the lift to rise for a few seconds later, the fence will be lowered in the competition will be officially begun. Throughout the process, the WOW player only a short time to observe the opponents and develop strategies, and it will be started soon.

By the way, we sincerely invite all game players whether you are newbie or veteran to buy cheap WOW gold. We are also looking forward to receiving your order. If you have any problems with buying cheap WOW gold, please come to our website, you will receive rapid relies to your enquiries. It is our pleasure to provide the highest quality customer service for every WOW player.

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24/4/2010 - Explanations of Pastor Skills in the WOW Major Disaster


The priest group shield and life holding make him to further enhance the comprehensive treatment ability in the Buy WOW Gold. Soul will increases twelve percent of moving speed and reduce the mana cost of instant cast by ten percent. This buff can not coexist with the fire of mind, so you can only have one effect. Soul fire provides spell power and armor value-added, the mind will apply for special occasions. Devout of leap will pull a team member or team members into your Lotro Gold. Devout of the jump or "grip of life" make priest can save team members was set fire or no time to escape from the dragon and lead to strange in PVP. It is an instant cast, thirty yard range and forty five seconds for cool down.

Changes of skills and setting

In addition to add other new spells, we plan to change many of the old skills and settings. Following is a list of changes of talent and may not be enough accurate, but can provide you the direction concept of each system talent.

All the HoT and DoT will automatically get the benefits from speed and deadly. When they are affected by accelerating will not shorten the duration, but will shorten the distance of each effect. It means they automatically add that the number of role times in the continuing time. We want to let Shadow Word returns to the "beheaded" nature, in other words, when the target blood volume is less than twenty five percent, you will want to display this spell with WOW gold to make it.

We hope to continue to maintain full range of therapy pastor's position, but we also want to make this career back for treatment to be the main tank's position. In the WOW Wrath of the Lich King, this position is slight deviation from. Heal the tanks may be applicable for the choice of treatment, but we also discussed to give a second shield spell to the Discipline department, so that the discipline priest can display expensive, strong shield to the main tank, while many others target cast smaller shield.

Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Prayer will be removed from WOW. Spirit will be the major magic back property in the Catastrophe and rebirth, we do not want this property value will have a huge distance in your single battle, five people team or secondary conditions. For the same reason, Mark of the Wild and Kings Blessing will not further increase the spirit of value.

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24/4/2010 - Experience and Fire Combat Skills in WOW 3.13PVP


From the beginning of the Master to the PVP, Buy WOW Gold has been concerned about the fire laws. Here are some actual fire experiences about the WOW engineering talent Master. This is my chosen method for their fire talent, seven Austria and fifty four fire. Austria out of the resistance, seventy points of resistance for the majority of careers are valuable. In the second layer of fire talent, I was filled with the most right side of the flames world, but only points two ignition, because I own hurt law is not high and do not prepare to use higher damage fire. Point these two is to get more DOT, to cause a bit of trouble to thief or disperse professions. In the third layer, Lotro Gold abandoned the burning soul, because this talent mainly relies on short-term casting the spell and split to beat. The anti-interrupt talent I still feel better with natural fireballs. There is not much different from other fire law talents under it. The last third layer can touch a bit light. There are fifty probability of split Flame strike can selectively use, after all, the current version of the split Flame strike need to consume blue by costing WOW gold.

I did not point out the talent over ice department and I have no choice cold aims at biting in the melee war. Even though playing there also need to open hit Ice Armor. A large number of actual battle proof that a disarm and a hot transmitted and shock, dragon breath, fire law of shock wave does not need to input piercing to the bone, not to mention we also have ice rings and blow. In WOW Glyph aspect, the large carved text is the magic stone text and wake up Glyph. The small Glyph is the feather off one and there can be ice fire shield reflected glyph.

Engineering props that I accustomed to use are invincible belt, rocket boots, dwarf stealth device, magic iron bombs, gold grenades and dwarf cast network devices respectively. Appropriately use not only give good props to cooperate with the fire method to combat with the enemy, but also sometimes a visual and operational enjoy. Players can have a good time when they fight with other players and get some bonus at the same time.

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23/4/2010 - Experience about WOW Discipline Priest Fights with the Lich King

Here are experiences of the discipline priest fight with the Lich King in WOW Gold sale, which may give some help to rearrange group in the future. In general, the location of this battle occupied a very important position for priest. In the battle, the priest played the role of allocator for treatment. Mechanized treatment practices and good bigger picture is the key to the high fault tolerance. Before P3, treatment methods are more mechanized, there are few the battle details need overall situation, a little luck and a lot of WOW gold to be backing. It is similar to battle of Kaufen WOW Gold, which has long time and high strength can guarantee stability.

The configuration is the standards WOW legal system team has no double shadow priests and not particularly perfect. They are Devil technique, balance of ethics, discipline, animal husbandry, milk riding, war Stearns, hunter, mage, elemental Sa. A combination of double shadow priests have an advantage that not only in the soul of P3, sacred tribute is sufficient to deal with all contingencies in P2.

Talent, the choice is still the traditional the standard 57/14 precepts talent. It is more troublesome for the choice of law ability. Absorption volume of shield just enough to break shields, ecstasy can support the entire battle.

Fighting for long time, even with the support of ecstasy, magic points are still consumed a lot for always setting shield. In addition, some carvings shield trigger burst bubble can not break shield, therefore, you need to give up shield carvings and choose to restore carving patterns. The initial parasitic injury is ranged from nine to ten thousand, under full of anti dark situation, how to shield the absorption of adjustment to a suitable stage is according to your preference.

In the case of ten percent buff, you can choose mixture and give up the Fire light, so that can return to hit in P3. Once the equipment is adjusted, it is not easy to change. In 4T10 circumstances, you can make sp down to thirty six hundred in the battle full of over buff state.

The first stage

First of all, to clarify main skills of timeline, parasitic count boss read articles 2s, spaced is about 22s, eight shields and 1.2s GCD, coupled with the reaction time, network latency, the remaining is how to plan 8s. Three penance, two Prayer of Mending and speed here are long cd skills. This is under normal circumstances P1 that WOW priest can provide for tank, the proportion of tanks accept treatment should be about twenty percent. Main tasks provide inspiration buff for tank.

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23/4/2010 - Envisaging PVP Daily Tasks in WOW

I propose the establishment of PVP daily tasks and associated Heroes. At the same time, players who complete more tasks will be given WOW incentives title.


Setting tribes as an example, WOW Gold sale to increase is the following content. Task one is damn alliance to kill Kaufen WOW Gold, awarding several honoraries. Task two is the fucking Union. To kill twenty Union, awards several honoraries. Task three is the Strangle thorn Holocaust, which to kill thirty Alliances in Strangle thorn Vale and get out. Task four is I am waiting for you. In five minutes to kill the same alliance for two times. It is to encourage observe dead. Task five is not safe at home to kill a coalition player in main WOW Union City. Task 6 to kill xxx, who is a number of players before the PVP honor list, receiving the task can observe the location of the player, after killing the task, it will automatically expire. Task seven has not been designed, but the incentives have been done.

After the completion of above tasks, you can enter into the tribe hero list, which means if you are on the line may be union wanted. You can also receive the title: Union Terminator.

Concept of settings on PVP siege warfare, to illustrate by Ogg

After the main city encountered with a number of hostile attacks to open the defend system, NPC would like to recruit the main city defenders. In the city tower, to defense weapons or direct melee, you will reward a certain amount of honor or WOW gold.

After the main city was attacked, allowing the player to the NPC to pay a large amount of WOW gold. For example, players can spend two golds for the purchase of a number of elite guards at the beginning. The function of cooling time of one hour, only the core of honor such as Saar valley can be triggered such attacks.

After the main city was attacked, allowing players to build the fence within the delivery of resources such defense facilities. Transportation route is the Razor Ridge to Honorary Valley in WOW. During the period can not be launched, be sent and pulled SS. After a sufficient number of resources enter into the main town of Union movement speed reduced by twenty percent, the number of resources over time and the NPC drops. When resources are zero, the results will be failure.

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22/4/2010 - Different Methods of Dealing with Heroic Lich King in WOW

This paper relies on the Metin2 Gold, which analysis every detail of twenty five people in heroic mode. The transfer stage is no significant difference with compared to the general pattern, the only one to optimize is very tall big ass bear tank in face with ass Alignment of the Lich King, so that you can switch quickly approaching the end stages of the Lich King in Aion Kinah.

In the second phase to handle the Wattlz and pollution

Now the place mainly appear the phenomenon of destroy group in the WOW high-end associations is that the two points in the second phase is Wattlz and pollution.

Not mention to arrests skills of Wattlz, because the fast killing of Wattlz teammates itself is common mode need to deal with good things. However, the melee career here is the dominant reason is that they have a huge sweep, homeopathic hack and command, as well as transmission and other hurt skills by cost WOW gold to use. Different from general pattern is the hero mode of Wattlz does not need to kill it, because when their HP down to fifty percent will leave after the players returned to the space.

When Wattlz's life value to fifty percent, dropping players into the air and then began to attack. Wattlz is hatred, Paragon makes disciplinary ride to an open anger just to the mass production of Wattlz hatred. It is large enough to the heaven and will not be OT. After Wattlz flew, defense riding sarcasm from the disciplinary riding, sarcasm is based on copy hatred characteristics. After the Wattlz went to the heaven, will not be treated or other DPS OT. WOW treatment has continued to create hatred, leading to attacks on OT the people of Walltz eliminate his mantra shield, thereby affect parasitic treatment.

The pollution is a problem all over the WOW and the diffusion rate is too fast. That all members of the whole group delay response and network requirements put forward hard.

This is biggest reason that makes the impact achievement of WOW Taiwan services has become impossible. It has been said before, if the spread of pollution is twice slower speed than the current ones, then stick impossible to get ten models in the world top 10.

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19/4/2010 - Choices of WOW Equipments

I personally believe that players who are just eighty levels of WOW Gold sale to choose DPS route is better. There are many choices of WOW equipments. Kaufen WOW Gold can also consider brushing map tasks, daily routine and brush honor changes for precious stones or brush brands in exchange for basic income of WOW gold.  
Equipment options:

No matter what equipment, first consider how to achieve two hundred and sixty three points of hits and twenty six points of skills at first. If you can make it, you can try to adjust gems and enchants. If you have a lot of WOW gold, it is highly recommended to buy a high card, it will accompany you go through for a long time.

In the front of demanding for equipment, you would better ask about whether you can get this equipment. It is proposed that you can change vicious printing magic in triumph brand at first, the price of WOW gold is cheap and can be used for a long time. Secondly, of course, 4T9, the proposed first for the head and shoulders, legs and gloves have slight lost. Chest can be accelerated, we can consider buy forging armor. Then the rest of triumph can buy can consider buying ring. If there are few hit, you can buy a high mark, in addition to buy the dark edge and Jordi prestige to brush worship.

In the just beginning, it is proposed that brush other ordinary five people instance in addition to brush daily H5 person. It has the same award triumph and most people are not lacking of triumph H5, they are all jumping the king to playing in the instance. There is also a high requirement for equipments.

The following is given about five people graduated from equipment. Of course, if you have WOW gold, you can consider high cards, broken sword, as well as forging chest or something. These are over-loaded are available to replace equipment.

Ice DK weapon, the public in the King spirit furnace has one-handed axes night. There is a so-called black icicle-handed hammer in the reflection of the hall, it has not the only restrictions, which is a two points six speed good weapon. If you are lacking of hit, it is recommended use hammer. Enchanting mostly uses embers and ice shaved strengthened ice damage.

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17/4/2010 - Changes of WOW Skills and Mechanism


In addition to adding new spell, there will be changes in some Metin2 Yang and mechanisms that WOW players are familiar with. Restoration of Sa and other treatment professional will be more necessary to pay attention to back to Blue problem than the current Lotro Gold. "Spirit" will be the most back to blue property important for restoration shaman.

Disperse the problem is more out of PVP considerations and we will be able to make changes for  what occupation to dispel magic, disease, curses and poisoning effect. Shaman will have a basic skill called "purify the soul," but it just can disperse curse. Restoration shaman will have a new talent to enhance the purification of the soul to achieve the effect of dispelling magic in WOW. Shaman will no longer be able to lift the poisoning.

Cleaning up totem will be removed from the WOW, because we hope that the using of dispel this spell depends on the player, rather than clean up totem. In the end, all disperse spells will cost more blue. Without any adverse effect when you need to disperse, using the spell will be wasted. This disperse spell is now in the case of adverse effects can be used. We will re-balance disperse skills as a basis model under PVE.

Flame tongue Totem for all Shamans, Totem of Wrath will now replace the flame totem, while inserting the totem can increase four percent spells intensity for team members. Element shaman will have a new talent that fire department can increase ten percent magic intensity for all fire totem, so as to not let them plug hot, lava, and the loss of spell damage when the Fire Elemental Totem BUFF in WOW. The four and ten percent of the BUFF, as well as the contract of demon warlock can not coexist, you can also benefit WOW gold from these three BUFF. We are also considering make elements of shaman cast Searing Totem remotely.

We also plan to release enhancement shaman, reduce cool down on their skills to make this talent more playability. For example, we are considering increasing the cooling time lava of punching to achieve the shaman can be added more skills to cycle of skill in WOW.

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13/4/2010 - Blood will be the Dedicated Tank Talent of WOW Death Knight


In the WOW large disaster, frost will serve as specializing in dual wielding. The blood will be able to self-healing and has defensive skills tank talent. In a large disaster, Buy WOW Gold, the death knight will have a special tank talent tree, which is blood. We will release more content in the WOW Power Leveling, but this time I would like to explain why to do such big change.

Why WOW needs to do such completely change? We still think that performance of three tanks experience is still good. Although there is always a series of best tank talent trees, we hope that players can use some of them that they like to resist monsters and the number to be balanced. When anger of Wrath was tried this design, we also use this as reference to decide whether to make similar changes in soldiers and talent tree of holy Knight.

After that, a lot of new things are added into WOW. We introduce the dual configuration, allowing players to switch between output and tank talent. We joined the underground city search engine, finding players who are willing to tank become easier and buy WOW gold to play it or even gamers can use tanks talent to upgrade.

In a large disaster, we introduce the concept of a passive tank talent tree plus reward. When the talent tree has a specific focus, it will become more powerful. For example, we can be assured to add more passive damage to tank talent tree. In general, we have been making great efforts to do a balance between the three Talents. Of course, it should be considered in six talents, because each department can do two things.

It is because we are devoted much attention to three tanks on the Death Knight talent, it seems not fair for other tank careers and tank experience on the Death Knight. A vital feedback is that "I looked at protection and envy of all their talent to help the anti-strange things. As a death knight, I have to pick up some points on defense talent from the output talent ocean.

Instead of this, it is better to give them more specific, talent can be easy to point and they urgently need this. Frost will serve as specializing in dual wielding, magic and character to the talent tree, evil will be specialized in disease and his servants, the blood is able to specialize in self-healing and defensive skills talent tank, and we think this will be more clearly and interesting.

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10/4/2010 - WOW Talents of the Third Layer for Protection Paladin


It can be said that it is worth for all WOW Gold, especially the Protection Paladin players, to grasping the mentioned information. In order to build a more interesting and challengeable environment for the players to make WOW money, as well as do WOW leveling, Buy WOW Gold create many props to assist them, such as various skills, powerful equipments and plentiful talents and so on. Here we would talk about the information about talents for Protection Paladin, namely the third layer talents.

In fact, there are totally three talents in the third layer for the Protection Paladin players in WOW, including Divine Sacrifice, Improved Righteous Fury and Toughness. For Divine Sacrifice, it can redirect the damage that the team members suffer within 30 yards the Paladin, which is equivalent to 150 HP of the Paladin at most. Besides, it can last for 10 seconds, but take 2 minutes as the cooling down time.

While for the talent called Improved Righteous Fury in WOW, it can reduce all the damage the player suffers by 2/4/6%, while Righteous Fury is active. It is considered as the necessary talent for Protection Paladin to master. Of course, the Holy Paladin players can also choose. However, the news reveals that when Holy Paladin opens Righteous Fury during some Boss battles in WLK, it will be easy to lead them out of Taunt. So Paladins can choose it according to their own requirement.

As for Toughness, it will improve the value Armor that obtained from equipments by 2/4/6/8/10%, as well as reduce the duration of all movement restrictions effect for 6/12/18/24/30%. In fact, it is also a necessary talent for the Protection Paladin players in WOW fighitng. Though the higher Armor value will decrease the physical, it is still proposed to choose it, as the heap Armor value is far less than the maximum. By the way, the healing Paladin who is responsible for main defense in PvP can also grasp it.

It is certainly that with the help of the talents, the Protection Paladin players can do better in WOW gold making and WOW leveling. As a result, it can be said that it is worth for all players, especially the Protection Paladin players, to grasping the mentioned information.

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9/4/2010 - Advices for Players in WOW Cataclysm


Here we would provide advices for the players what equipment they need wear if they want to be successful in WOW Cataclysm. Perhaps, most of the players have known that the Buy WOW Gold will be adjusted in WOW Cataclysm. As a result, in order to make the players earn more USA WOW Gold, EU WOW gold, as well as get to higher WOW leveling, it is necessary for them whether from USA, EU or other countries to know what impact will bring to each occupation and what equipment they need to wear. Here we would like to provide some advices for the players what equipment they need to wear if they want to be successful in Cataclysm.

It is recommended that if the player is a tank in WOW, except Druid, he need to focus on the following information. As Defense rating will no longer appear on the equipment, the existing Defense rating will be turned into Dodge, Parry, or Block rating in Cataclysm. Besides, Block value will also not appear on the equipment. In fact, Block value will be changed into Block level.

Besides, the tank will have more Stamina in WOW Cataclysm than before. Although they may notice that the Stamina addition of the tank with plate suit is less than the Stamina addition from a DPS equipment, the WOW designers hope that they can get more effects of Tank attributes from the gemstones. By the way, the armor bonus of equipment will be decreased slightly.

On the other hand, if the player acts as a melee DPS occupation, Druid Tank or a Hunter, they should pay attention to the following information. First, they can gain more Stamina value, but the HP addition of Bear Form may be reduced to a certain amount. Besides, if they wear plate armor, they need pay attention to the Strength attribute. If they are the occupation with chain armor or leather armor, they need focus on Agility.

In addition, the current Attack Power will be affected by Agility and Stamina, while Armor Piercing will be changed into Haste and Critical Strike rating. Besides, Intellect attribute will no longer appear on plate armor in WOW Cataclysm. Actually, Hunters will not need Intellect any more, as they will no longer need to make use of magic. As for Shaman and Retribution Paladin, they can gain Spell Power addition by other ways.

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