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Using Karos Gold

What can Players Learn from WOW 3.33 Test Patch 2

Posted at 07:01 on 10/5/2010

3.33 version of the Lich King has been opened in testing the suit. There are a lot of adjustments within WOW system settings at the same.

Engineering: It is now time to call engineering related to mount and will have a perfect machine voice

wow level Ice-chain operation inscription: Now the ice surgery will trigger frost fever epidemic to replace the injury the wow sale caused. Disease inscription: When this inscription refresh frost fever epidemic, he equally will refresh Ice knot Claw.  
Master Inscription
Fireball inscription no longer increases the explosion hit probability of fireball surgery. Instead, this inscription now reduces the fireball cast time of zero point fifteen seconds.
Rune diamond jewelry: The demand amount of works on the Rune of the Pearl needs to use Rune of the Pearl will be significantly reduced.

Mosquito fish in this every day task will be changed to fishing in the Cypriot city of  WOW Dalaran's and will be renamed as "pacified." Inscription needs two bottles of ink inscription will now be reduced to a bottle.
Titan Forged steel ingot: It is now making this thing will not need CD.
Glacier Package: The production of the goods will now produce the cooling time of seven days. Shadow pattern cloth, French grain cloth and curtain month will no longer need a special place and cooling time can be converted.
Many steps that tasks needed will be improved and strengthened is even more easy and fun. All warning shows that there will be a new warning icon in player' s interface.
Certified Interface: If the player in his battle net account bound the authentication code and choose to remember the account name to login interface, then he will see the password input box below the authentication code input interface.
Opening a feature now in the map interface, it will easy to observe the player and has multi-map areas, such as instance and Dalaran. For example, players can now not in a state of Dalaran sewers to see Dalaran sewer map.
If the Auction house for any reason can not run, then there will be a global announcement prompted. Players will now only need to right-click on an item for auction, you can put it inside the box. Now that type of stacked items can be put into auction columns and then some dry option to choose how to list the auction.

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What can Players Learn from WOW 3.33 Test Patch 1

Posted at 06:58 on 10/5/2010

3.33 version of the Lich King has been opened in testing the suit. There are a lot of adjustments within WOW system settings at the same.

Flame wow level Burning Soul can reduce hatred by ten to twenty wow sale, formerly was five to ten percent.  


A new hope: It is now the duration from twenty seconds up to sixty seconds, but it possesses twenty seconds built-in CD. Fragmented: Part of this skill DOT damage can now produce explosion hit.
Vicious trick: it can reduce the framed know-how, harassing, the cooling time of shadow step for five to ten seconds, consuming five to ten points of energy.  It can also reduce the cooling time of waiting for an opportunity outgoing for one point to three minutes.
Ghostly Strike: If the thieves are equipped with daggers, this skill can cause one hundred and eighty percent of WOW weapon damage instead of one hundred and twenty five.

Bleeding: If the thieves are equipped with daggers, this skill can cause one hundred and sixty percent of weapon damage instead of one hundred and ten. Shadow Killer: Above the role currently increases the damage of all attacks by one/ two/ three/ four/ five percent. Ambush: This talent now has the Debuff ambush, but it also can be triggered by backstab.


The DOT of flame shock is now subject to the default crit and accelerated effects.

Combat Element
Elemental Oath: This spell now has been changed to a passive skill, it has permanent effects.
Releasing anger: This spell now has been changed to a passive skill and permanent effects.
Sacrifice: Part of DOT damage of this ability can now produce explosion hit. Memnoch of the Devil: Duration time of the effect current from twelve up to forty five seconds and added twenty seconds of the built-in CD.
Vengeance: The damage of this skill includes the basis of injury and addition of two parts has been improved by fifty percent.
Rage: This effect will now become a passive income of WOW gold, no longer need to be triggered by explosion hit.
A new NPC will appear and sell some items purchased with the frozen Sarah in Dalaran. These items include the Crusaders Sarah, Inscription diamond jewelry, various elements materials, frost lotus.

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Information about Warlock Drakedog in WOW

Posted at 09:38 on 7/5/2010

Drakedog is the Korean player dead warlock in WOW, from the earliest suffering warlock to the later destruction one.


He created a precedent for the operation of a generation magicians. He became famous in Death Coil CD is ten minutes. RuneScape Gold has been not do not fear effect of Death Coil at that time. When he chose fire destroy talent, it is the time for BLZ to change the temptation fear effects into diminishing returns of WOW gold. Because of its excellent post moves and the rational using skills of super-consciousness is called of generation the god of magicians. He removed thirty people in 2006 and left the Final Fantasy Gil and has reverted now.

Introduction of character

Drakedog is a spirit Warlock

when DD in the beta, it was called dragondog and later Union cybersquatting, it changed its name to drakedog, his friends called him dragon dog. One of terms Drake has the meaning of dapper. However, in fantasy, it also refers to Yaron. It is fantasy biology that similar to Dragon, but a weaker than it.

DD advantages:

Taking the position is well, always taking the other hit him in the uncomfortable position. Spell the calculation of time well, almost no waste of public cooling time within one point five. When use a magic began to make efforts to point the next WOW spell. Skills choices are good, a series of comeback skills make the other side difficult to dumping tray. In face of clean, dispersed occupation, first add a lot of magic of their interest, to detect spam hidden buff, so that make the other can not be effectively dispersed.

The setting of Shortcut key is reasonable and you can not see his skills stack on the interface basically. DD has good post moves with pets and the enemy has to maintain a triangle, in order not be attacked at the same time, full use of stop and attack. He has very massive bags of debris. The super-between of the soul is that when it sees two or three will take the initiative to provoke and he often said, "1:1 ". Micromanagement skills: bomb hit the amount in advance. Props are used well, one to four bombs basically can hit the whole. Generally, players need to select the location of bomb for a long time.

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Ideas of WOW MT

Posted at 09:36 on 7/5/2010

In WOW, team games from one to seventy levels, whether the task, instance, or battlefield all need to meet all professions.


Second, attendance rate, in which RuneScape Gold can be close to one hundred percent. At least, there is no reason for leaving when wasteland, where Final Fantasy Gil is much better than the reality. Although the above relationship may be the same as the real world, it is the majority of people contempt. However, MT's attendance is different from the reality. MT must regard the progress of instance as the priority to conduct activities honestly.

To do this, MT even may give up some things in real life. In this point, players must not flout MT should respect the MT. 2T, 3T, 4T are not necessarily the case, they themselves belong to back-up T or Relay with T, they can occasionally absence, at least not to give up life, but attendance will not be low, certainly will remain at eighty percent.

Third, in aspect of personal technology, MT must diligently exercise individual technology, learning skills from other by giving them WOW gold, read and watch the strategy instance video. Not MT can not beat the before watching the video in rush. MT can not use skills, go places. Rehearsal outside the instance, drilling in front of Boss, a General Assembly every three days is quite for a short normal course, at that point, sticking points for the team and the trade unions. T is also generally the case, but relatively easy in terms of MT.

Forth, at least, having not too bad character, like the black thing let the head help. If you want to get the WOW gold for living, you need to come here secretly, at least superficially to be good. a loss of members to support the MT, even if he heads, will long support, it will not be successful, treatment can definitely play dead all the T, so T can not be treated groups, particularly groups of internal strife, and DPS will be head of the group of death, the relative would be better, Do not be too short is absolutely, we should never must also own right.

CALL the word, all WOW players like also hate, MT has the right to obtain the lowest points and can enhance role of instance survival type equipment, which is also hidden rule. It is obviously better than the first one, because they already understand the reason. It is relatively strict for distribution, according to the status of instance. Of course, there is fair competition of trade unions between T.

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Knowledge about Fighting Dark Animal Husbandry in WOW

Posted at 07:52 on 4/5/2010

Let's look at the dark animal husbandry in the 3.3 wow level, to see which points that need players pay attention to. Quartz is now very common, and it is what I use now. Because these articles will show your cast delay, so you can properly plan your magic, and wow sale just works. As for the macro, we can use very little. The first is the most basic mental and spiritual imprint nochanneling flogging macros. I do not recommend that you delay the case in high-use mind whipping nochanneling macro, because even in the low-latency, if you can good manual to beat a flogging, it is still higher than the macro a little bit of DPS's. If it is not high-latency case, you can use nochanneling macro, and does not delay the loss of a lot of DPS. Standard mind flogging macro makes you mad about pressing heart flogging without fear of interrupting it.  
Now, pets have released automatically Shadow attack. However, sometimes, you will still wait for twelve seconds or will be used again when appear delays. Pressing this macro twice, it will make your Shadow Magic immediate targets. I personally have not use this macro, you can use as you like.
Last is the debut film bulk cancellation of the macro. I personally do not see this and shadow loose combination into a macro, because you might be wrong start or cancel bulk of the film. This macro has a lot of role, especially in some important WOW battles, this is a good macro, you can give him a shortcut key and ready to use it.
Above of these are some of my experience, I do not want to you can all agree with me every point of view, because the problems encountered by each individual is different, I can only talk about my problems here. In my opinion, any technical guidance can not deal with all the fighting in the WOW, because of a delay or other drop problems causes your output can not keep up with other players, therefore, you should reserve a lot of WOW gold to make a preparation for all the battle. This article can only give you some understanding of dark animal husbandry in the current instance. Hopefully it will give you a little help in the future WLK.

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Key Process Points of WOW Ice-cap Fort

Posted at 07:51 on 4/5/2010

This paper is to be attempted to speculate about the blocking reason for the progress of the Lich King kill in the wow level. Not afford to do shamelessly - wow sale. VANQUISH in normal mode the final sprint stage of the Lich King has a lot of lost points. As the first two kill in twenty five people normal mode in WOW, in front of the Lich King, Sindelar Gou Sa was brutally encountered with Waterloo, delaying a full CD in order to get rid of a witch demon king. At this time, the European Society of Paragon has killed vast majority of the hero model BOSS.
It was even worse that, in the first two CD, one on-line patch HOTFIX make those weaker forces association can also depend on house degree to catch up. That is the number of challenge constraints in the removing normal mode in WOW. This patch for such a high-end VANQUISH Association is to lose face, therefore, most of the core members decided to leave the Association, only leaving the president of ONS.

Open letter of VANQUISHES was published in the Association site:
Wrath of the Lich King in WOW has been already destroyed, which players loved. We have had seen enough these stereotyped elements, ten instance, the terrible progress of the game, the acquisition of high-grade equipment, it also includes trying to update some flaws, so that players are willing to buy WOW gold then play it. We are now left is the announcement. Even if it is a very wonderful memories of four years of the game, but we have to wake up, because 'The Fall of the Lich King' has become a nightmare. Meanwhile, it is the end of the recruitment work. By the way, they at least leave by their own willing, or there are not so many options for the 7th Heaven in the mainland Association.
The so-called dream price is the 7th Heaven
A member in the seventh heaven in the first bowling between Taiwan involved in competing with difficulty mode and the Lich King told the gaming media, because of its investors "genius education" has been arrears in salary payments in WOW, therefore, players need to pay attention to the seventh heaven.

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Information about the WOW Warrior Classes

Posted at 04:33 on 30/4/2010


There have some WOW classes like the Warrior, Warlock and Mage gave us more informations from official Buy WOW Gold. There have some WOW classes like the Warrior, Warlock and Mage gave us more informations from official site. First we should know Warrior protection's strength as a RuneScape Gold. If the warrior MTs is standing aside, the DK OTs can handle the fight much better, and this is happening for a lot of encounters. If it happens for a few encounters, it's probably not a problem, there have the advantage of the WOW DK conveys. This isn't an issue of how many warrior MTs. Final Fantasy Gil's an issue of whether one class has a much, much easier time on certain encounters.

The second issue is that we need the nerf WOW warriors, because there are so many warrior tanks, we want to the other tanks to be more common. We think most reasonable people, it would say that's a bad reason to WOW nerf someone. However, players also infer a lot of design intent to our actions. If we turned around and buffed warriors a lot, while nerfing the other classes, players might mistakenly assume that we want to use the warrior to be the "real" tank, which is certainly an understandable conclusion given that it was the design for the first time.

Sometimes, players argue that representation equals WOW power. We think sometimes some players try to distill everything down too much into rules like this. You can't feed variables into a computer and it have it spit the right answer back out at you. That's not intended to be a criticism of player logic powers; there has more of an explanation, sometimes we might view things differently. Maybe there are just a lot of WOW DK tanks, because the class is new professional.
Warlock affliction DPS siphon life and immolate. We are unlikely to revert the SL or Immolate changes. If Affliction's damage ends up being too low, we would be more likely to address it in other ways.

By the way, we sincerely invite all game players whether you are newbie or veteran to buy cheap WOW gold. We are also looking forward to receiving your order. If you have any problems with buying cheap WOW gold, please come to our website, you will receive rapid relies to your enquiries. It is our pleasure to provide the highest quality customer service for every WOW player.

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Get Rid of Dodge and Parry for the WOW Cataclysm

Posted at 04:32 on 30/4/2010


We have to introduce the WOW cataclysmic Radiance to keep the balance out boss damage vs. Buy WOW Gold. We think the way that you end up with conclusions like this is by following a chain of RuneScape Gold. First of all, the ratings are going to scale much slower in the WOW Cataclysm, because by the fourth Cacaclysm raid instance, you're going to run into the same problem that plagued Sunwell and the ICC, and we have to introduce the WOW cataclysmic Radiance to keep the balance out boss damage vs. Final Fantasy Gil.

Make the WOW damage reduction a function of mastery, which, along with making it impossible to have a bad spec, which should make things nice and accessible for the Donalds of the raiding world. It forces on the WOW tanks to think about aggro generation, at the same time, it giving them some way to be vigilant towards their own health. Coupled with healer skills, this would be more interesting and exciting than introducing some radiance band aid in the high end raids. You'd be bored if there was no avoidance mechanic in the combat. It would hit you like a metronome for say 30K every swing. There was no avoidance on gear, because you'd only be choosing among say hit and expertise and maybe armor pen.

Random numbers are an important component for keeping the game exciting. We get that they can be a thorn in your side. That's largely why they are exciting. Without them, you'd be taken the WOW tank, but you'd also be a bored tank. No matter what you do to make tanks, you care about the threat, the end boss of the expansion will always hit, so that tanks will forget about threat and focus on survivability. Agro was in a much worse state in TBC for tanks. It is said that make them socket or enchant for it.

The elegant solution is to make the WOW DPS, which care about threat instead of tanks. Hunters and rogues can already do the best to make WOW gold, but also it can boost the tanks threat, ultimately, the idea is that all DPS should have a way to manage their threat, and it shouldn't just be a Vanish-like ability that just dumps it completely. We actually like the idea of Soulshatter for WOW warlocks. Since it only reduces threat by 50%, you have to use it at an optimal time to get the most of it, since it's such a long cooldown.

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What Is WOW Strict Ten Players Instance Mode Alike

Posted at 07:05 on 28/4/2010

Strictly speaking, the process of the so-called the mode of ten players instance will be more challenging for WOW players.
Now a lot of players will participate in the test of twenty five RuneScape Gold wild group in WOW. A lot of good Societies also have part of twenty five players'great Crusaders test of equipment. Therefore, it led many ICC ten-person team and equipment are rated two hundred and forty five or above. In the Final Fantasy Gil of ten players Ice Guancheng Cypriot progress, speed of those good equipped teams was WOW Gold.

"Strict ten players Mode" means that we do not wear the equipment of twenty five people to play ten players instance. Therefore, the process of playing instance will be more challenging for WOW players.
In WOW, twenty five players Association is still the most popular. In the previous version, there are not many ten players of modes to play. Think about Karazhan, this entry-level instance of ten people we actually wore the equipment of twenty five people to fight. In the post-TBC, Aman opened, players like this instance very much, therefore. There has also added the Association only for playing ten people instance. But because there are no more ten people instance can play, the Association eventually chose to play twenty five people instance.
Personally, I think, precisely because the success of Aman make WOW aware of the ten players'model can be development-oriented. The concept of ten players'pattern was still very new at that time. However, many players are still accustomed to twenty players' model. However, they missed if they only wear ten people equipment, then the fun that the challenge brings is still very large.
It is seems to be very difficult to track the progress of "stringent ten players' mode" instance. In fact, players usually pay attention to the Society's progress of "stringent ten mode". For the twenty five players' model, the built-in schedule of WOW is no problem. There are also no specific tools to track the "stringent ten player's mode" progress. Of course, there are a lot of kill achievements of ten players'instance, no way of knowing whether they are harvesting mission or not. Therefore, on GuildOx website, there is request for progress ranking of Society participates in "strict ten people mode". An association can not have more than seven BOSSES to bowl twenty five players' ICC. This requirement caused players a lot of trouble.

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Posted at 04:04 on 28/4/2010
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