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Tourism can grow knowledge

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Paradise Spa Resort is located in Chenzhou City, a northern suburb Xujiadong,Hunan Travel guide covering 80 acres, the area within the original vegetation intact, fresh air, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, is a set of spa tourism, catering and entertainment, leisure and health care as one of the resort. Paradise Spa Resort in Hunan Province, Chenzhou City, focused on two levels of government to develop a tourism project, plans a total investment of 150 million yuan, the first phase investment of 50 million yuan, and South Africa is currently the largest and highest grade hardware and software facilities Japanese-style open-air hot spring.

Shonai villa houses, dense grass trees, Villa with its rich hot spring bathing culture and unique charm to attract many suitors spa healthy, beautiful people. Paradise springs rich in minerals beneficial to human health of trace elements lithium, zinc, strontium, silicic acid, etc., in the famous health medicine under the guidance of experts to prepare a angelica,Top China travel Destinations ginseng, leaves and other herbs bath, bath, and aloe vera bath, flower bath, bath with lemon, coffee bath, light bath, cave - more than 20 kinds Features spa bath method. Villa "health" business philosophy culture, offering family affection service.

Scenic highlights: Paradise Spa Resort in the scenic area of ??the original vegetation intact, fresh air, beautiful scenery. Chinese medicine experts have modulated herbal bath, as well as flowers and bath, a coffee bath,China tour videos light bath, Cave scenic area - Features more than 20 kinds of bath spa.

Tourism can grow knowledge

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Wudang Mountain, also known as Tai Shan, located in Shiyan City, South Wudang oldest monasteries built in the Tang Dynasty, the Ming Yongle Yongle Emperor after completing construction of the Forbidden City in Beijing,Hubei tour by the Industry assistant minister Guo Jin rate of the original cast, ho mighty slid into the Wudang were built 7th house, 2 Views, 36 and 72 um Cliff Temple buildings.

Wudang Mountain in the grand scale of the building known to the world. Existing ancient buildings were taken to the Royal French architecture, unified design layout. The size of its size, spacing density just right, reaching hidden, Ruomingruoan, want the first suppression Yang,China vacations after the first call should be aloof mysterious artistic effect. The State Council announced in 1982 as a national key Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, said: Wudang Mountain ancient buildings a huge project, workmanship, successfully embodies the "Spirit Mountain Joan Tower," the mood, like the exhibition of achievements of ancient architecture. Northern Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu will be hailed as "the first mountain."

Yue Men: Wudang Xuan Yue Mun is three stone structure wood four-poster-style building on the fifth floor, twelve meters wide and 12.4 meters. It represents the Taoist belief "five city Twelve Towers", that this place is waiting and meet fairy place. The Taoists human throat again as "12-fold floor" acupuncture points, it is also the implication here is the yin and yang junction for the first Wudang door of God,Top China travel Destinations is called upon a first hurdle. Wudang Mountain has "into the mysterious Yue Mun, lives to God" argument, meaning that mortals into this door Once upon after God, is alive or dead, is a blessing or a curse, he can not help himself.

Travel on the road

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Huma town from the south,China tour reviews there is a straight white road, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade riverside park it through on both sides of the lush green fertile farmland, huma and picturesque estuary connected. This highway is

State Road, Heihe to Mohe County County, only a road, and a moat of huma estuary is on the road only. Beautiful scenic area is located in the South Bank of the estuary of huma Huma River bridge. Speaking of Huma River estuary area,China Travel Tips is not huma river. Huma River is Heilongjiang in Daxinganling river is an important tributary, which originated in Daxinganling Huzhong area of Baishan, flows through the Xinlin, Tahe, huma the three county (District), in the hundred year old town of huma East import Heilongjiang, a total length of

In order to make the Huma River rich rare fish is known as rare and endangered taimen, lenok salmon, etc.. Among them, zhe Luo fish was praised as the Japanese "dream of God fish",Heilongjiang Travel by the Japanese love, the Japanese every year to eat the habit of Luo Luo fish, and it is a symbol of good luck. In recent years, some Japanese fishing enthusiasts, is thousands of miles away, made a special trip to northern China to fish hucho taimen, they put to catch a hucho taimen as life's biggest funerals. And salmon is Huma River with legendary fish, it was born in Heilongjiang and its tributaries, grew up in the sea, until maturity, traveled long distances, not afraid of hardships. In droves from sea migration, to spawn were born and Huma River is renowned for its spawning area of. Huma River and fertile land, lush pastures, more bears a great deal of valuable minerals, especially gold reserves are abundant, which Huma River flows through the huma County Xinglong, Han Jia Yuan Zi Zhen called "the land of gold", is a famous gold, up to an annual output of gold over.

Tourism can grow knowledge

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Guishan days, Pingshan territory located 90 kilometers northwest of the city of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, with a total area of ??60 square kilometers, it is a famous mountain in Hebei Province Temple scenic area, in November 2001, by the National Tourism Administration as "4A" level scenic spots , in May 2002, it has been approved to publish a national key scenic spots of the State Council. Days Guishan Jing district,Travel to Hebei 90 km from the city of stone, peak elevation of 1270 meters, with a total area of ??60 square kilometers, divided Dragon concept, poke rock, basalt peaks, eight small drops Valley area. Here peak risk, Shi Qi, caves, springs and more, lush forests, misty. - Emperor ancient hill formerly Hermitage palace, later renamed Dragon View Road House, also known as "North Wudang."

Days Taihang Shan is the name of the peak, known for mountain odd risk, beautiful scenery known.China Travel Destinations In the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, because the "man guards the pass, 10,000 Fumo open" the risk solid, known as the "three village", has been set up in their forts on unmanning guard. Its mountain situation, because exactly like Guilin Yamagata, to have "the North Guilin". Ming and Qing Dynasties, where the construction of the Dragon concept, adds a rich set of Taoist temples and royal garden style style building groups in a pure natural landscape, because Hubei Wudang Mountain is a famous Taoist shrine, followed by another " North Wudang "reputation.

Days Guishan is located in the southwest of Pingshan County,China tour Destinations is a town Pingshan Gu Yue Ye township, 80 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang City. Scenic area of ??60 square kilometers, is a famous mountain in northern China Temple scenic area. West Guishan days and Shanxi Yuxian border, south of the famous abstruse abstruse water eco-tourism area, the highest peak in the north and lump Pingshan territory beam echoed its east is the beautiful and rich North China Plain, boarded Wang Haifeng You may be overlooking Gangnan Reservoir and Reservoir Huangbizhuang like two different pearl inlaid in northern China.

Daxu Town

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Daxu Town, located at 18 kilometers southeast of Guilin, but has not been fully developed,China Travel Destinations so tourists and MICE tourists, mostly backpackers. In fact, the town was the first in Guangxi Weizhen four, located in the middle reaches of the Lijiang River, Lijiang River from west to east along the north shore built rich antiquity. Now, the locals still keep looking at this last town, live quietly, when nothing else to tea cards.

Aspect: roadside stone town house,History of China mostly brick, two-story gray tiles Ming and Qing architectural, historical vicissitudes everywhere. Houses north to south, Riverside hillside, mostly three, four into the building, the outside passage pier, roadway, intercom commercial Streets. Each house design is very reasonable, collection business, to live in one. Town now retains many bamboo workshop, shoes workshop, traditional funeral shops, doctors surgeries grass, old barber shop and a number of ancient handicraft workshop.

Tips: Daxu Town no ticket, a free visit. Dragon Boat Festival,China Photo Tour dragon boat race is a traditional Dawei project, Gui opera, Caidiao, Long Barcarolle, send Barcarolle etc. traditional music.

Transportation: less than 20 km from the ancient town of Daxu, Guilin, Guangzhou, Guilin and then can go to ten minutes by car. Kozo car by two wide high-speed high-speed access to Huaiji County line through S349 G78 Kun Shan Mao high-speed high-speed packet forwarding G65 (North) and then dried under high-speed G72 Sennan Dawei exports, along Guangxi Daxu Town Mill Avenue arrival.

Surprise everywhere

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Jiuhua Mountain National Scenic Area, formerly known as nine sub Hill, poet Li Bai praise his Jiufeng show such as Lotus, the "open Jiuhua Mountain" of the Yin, so the name "Jiuhua." She and five, Emei, Putuo collectively known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism,Visit china has a reputation "Lotus Buddhist country". Piedmont is now open, jiuhuajie, Min Park, rooftops, flower bed five major scenic spots, circular trail of more than 30 km, Scenic total area of about 120 square kilometers, the existing area of ??more than 94 temples, monks and nuns, more than 700 people.

Jiuhua Mountain Buddhism has a long history, passed when the Jin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty prospered. Between Tang Kaiyuan, Silla (now North Korea) came to Jiuhua monk Jinqiao Jue crossing practice, known as the reincarnation of Jizo, after he passed away,Public China Holidays was turned into a Buddhist Jiuhua Mountain Jizo temple.
"Jiuhua one thousand temple, and threw in the clouds" in the four major Buddhist mountains in China, Mount Jiuhua for its beautiful scenery and dominate, used "heaven incense" and "Southeast Mountain" and the name of the double crown Young world, believers are places of worship.

Jiuhua Mountain scenic famous person,China tour deals the old record of "Jiuhua sites": rooftop dawn day of city curfew, Dongya Yan sitting Tianzhu Oz, Peach Rock Falls, feng clouds, Pinggang snow, Shu Tan Indian month, nine sub Stephen sound, Wuxi mountains. In addition, there longchi waterfalls, Min Park Zhuhai, mannitol scenery, Mount empty Vatican Palace, flowers, lions peaks, clear channel Exploring, ichthyosaurs Dong Fu, Phoenix pines and other attractions.

Jiuhua Mountain peaks confrontation contention, but exquisite beauty. Claim to fame, in addition to its unique and beautiful environment, but also thanks to the poet Li Bai and monk Jinqiao Jue.

Travel everywhere

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Travel to chengdu,Seabuckthorn forest: Hongqiao ditch area, sea buckthorn as elf-like figure with flashing everywhere, unique among them or one or thirty-five phase clusters or spread hundreds of miles, sea buckthorn tree Emotion crosswise coiled staggered vigorous shoots create a wonderful,

Rich modeling mood,China Photographing Tours very photogenic. Green lawn (altitude 3540 m) in the vicinity of sea buckthorn forest is the large-scale, spectacular momentum, unique shape.

Hazel: Hazel scenic area more than 10,Chengdu Attractions the most characteristic of the genus Huang Ya Hai Hai (elevation of about 3870 m), an area of 2000 acres, surrounded by snow-capped mountains everywhere, surrounded by forest. Summer, mountains and trees reflected on lake Bi net, yellow duck sitting on top of the dunes, underwater fish shallow Xiang, secluded tranquility, filling contend vigorous vitality; fall and winter season, snow Frozen lake dawn as mirror.



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Affect the harmony Temple is located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Xiuwu Dangyang Village West Village,China Photographing Tours was built in the Eastern Jin Yonghe seven years (AD 351), the "East folk Buddhist monks first," the Western Jin Dynasty, Zhao monks one of eight hundred ninety-three temple Fotudeng national division (2366 - a three hundred fifty-one) created, was 11 meters into the nineteen temple, Tayuan two, seven, two courtyards, a museum and 17 at the spring, in the construction of "harmony international meditation Centre" and "500 Luohandong" harmony Korea were birthplace. It is a national AAAA grade scenic spot, the Buddhist Association of Jiaozuo City resident. It is a core part of the "Harmony Temple Cultural Tourism Zone."

Affect the harmony Temple (hereinafter referred to as the Temple of Harmony) is China's only punishable by a Buddhist harmony ideology named Millennium Temple; harmony Korea were birthplace; national AAAA level scenic spots. Located in the state-level cultural relics protection units, "the Northern Song Dynasty porcelain" - Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province,China travels the ancient kiln sites Dangyangyu northwest of the mountain Lu Jian, Jian Lu Taihang Mountains Southern Mountains.

The unique geographical location. Old child within Ryukoku quiet valley deep, rich vegetation, streams flow through, flowers everywhere, birds contention Tsui, Temple Carolina mountains in the abdomen, back by gold and have to depend on the surface of the Nine Gates Mountain Natural screen. About Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku before and after,China travel video all four images basaltic now, clear spring strong, battle tin available, has been significantly seventeen 0 Tianlong Oasis are offered, in fact, the world of the blessed of the Sacred Mountain.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage construction

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Cottage repeatedly experienced the war, most of the existing buildings of the Ming Koji thirteen years (1500) and Jiaqing sixteen years (1811) built by. Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum established in 1954, in 1985 changed its name to Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum.China tourist Du Fu Thatched Cottage engraved with Guo handwritten "Du Fu Thatched Cottage," the word on the door to the amount of plaque.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is divided into Great Hall, Church History of Poetry, Chapman, Industry Temple,Chinese custom shaoling Cottage pavilion and other exhibition areas. Great exhibition hall large murals "The autumn winds have broken hut Song", "Song of the Chariots" and Statue of Qu Yuan,Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, Wang Wei, Su, Li Qingzhao, Lu and other twelve poets. Chapman exhibition area of 1997 five-room cottage residence reconstruction, furnishings retains the appearance of Du Fu era; den within a few books, placed four treasures,top China tour packages then reproduce the great poem of Du Fu creation furnishings.

Hut before the stone table and bench, like the year Du Fu poems and friends playing chess place. Exhibition of Chinese Ministry of Industry Temple, displays and printed volume edition Chinese history since the Song Du published a variety of works; Foreign Ministry exhibition hall, displaying a variety of writing works of Du Fu's translation.

Lijiang Old Town Story

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China land tours, is to achieve a worthwhile journey. If the tourist season to come, you'll need to China hotel booking in advance. In a trip, the way to a China Photographing Tours, is a meaningful thing.Lijiang City replaced the former administrative region of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous Prefecture. It was under the rule of the Mu family (木氏) local commanders (土司) during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

The Baisha Old Town was the political, commercial and cultural center for the local Naxi people and other ethnic groups for 400 years from the year 658 AD to 1107 AD. The Dabaoji Palace of the Baisha Fresco, very close to the Baisha Naxi Hand-made Embroidery Institute, was built in the year 658 AD in the Tang Dynasty (618 AD to 960 AD).

In ancient times, the Baisha Old Town used to be the center of silk embroidery in the southwest of China and the most important place of the Ancient Southern Silk Road, also called the Ancient Tea and Horse Road or Ancient tea route. The Ancient Southern Silk Road started from Burma, crossed Lijiang, Shangri-La County, Tibet, journeyed through Iran, the Fertile Crescent, and ultimately to the Mediterranean Sea.

Physical gestures

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If you come to Tibet Travel, I suggest you make a China tour guide, tourism in Tibet, we can see a lot of monks. Activities between them very interesting.Debates are punctuated with vigorous gestures which enliven the ambience of the occasion. Each gesture has a meaning. The debater presents his case with subtlety, robed in a formal monk’s attire. Some of the gestures (said to have symbolic value), made during the debates, generally subtle dramatic gestures are: clapping after each question; holding right hand and stretching left hand forward and striking the left palm with the right palm; clapping hands loudly to stress the power and decisiveness of the defender’s arguments denoting his self-assurance; in case of wrong answer presented by the defender, the opponent gestures three circles with his hand around the defenders head followed by loud screaming to unnerve the defender; opponent's mistake is demonstrated by wrapping his upper robe around his waist; loud clapping and intense verbal exchange is common; and the approach is to trap the defender into a wrong line of argument. Each time a new question is asked, the teacher strikes his outstretched left palm with his right palm. When a question is answered correctly, it is acknowledged by the teacher bringing the back of his right hand to his left palm. When the defender wins the debate he makes an allegorical dig at the questioner by questioning his basic wisdom as a Buddhist,Such a scene I hope you can see in china land tours.

Tourism is a form of entertainment

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Food is international as well as very cultural, it reaches our hearts through the stomach and gets our attention by its tastes, quality and presentation. Overseas Chinese always carry their "Chinese stomachs" wherever they go, and bring Chinese food to every corner of the world. Ming-Ai (London) Institute started this project in March 2011 with the support of Heritage Lottery Fund. The heritage focus for this project is to track the changes of Chinese food in the UK, from how the original recipes were adapted by environment changes and use of different ingredients, to how it got back to original ingredients and recipes with the import of more oriental foods.Tour to China,regardless of where, forget food.

You can find the project interviews in the British Chinese Heritage Centre's website, or you can visit this website for full project information.

The heaven

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To travel in China, Lijiang, Yunnan is to be recommended, and in Lijiang, hidden among a person in Wonderland - Shuhe.Beam River, the Naxi language called "Shao Wu", because after the village treasure Yamagata, such as heap barrier heights, in a mountain village, spread variation and, meaning "a village under the peak" is the ancient Naxi in Lijiang Bazi, the earliest settlement of, is preserved intact the important town in the tea horse ancient road, is also the Naxi ancestors from farming civilization to commercial civilization transition of live specimens is opening to the outside world and caravan activities form of town building model. Shuhe is an important part of the world cultural heritage Old Town of Lijiang, was named in 2005 CCTV "China charm of the town". From the ancient city of Lijiang to the north, about 4 km along the Zhongji sea on the eastern side of the road, see at the foot of the mountain on both sides of a piece of villages in the intensive. This is known as the township of spring beam River ancient town. When Xu Xiake travel Zhishan free forest, have traveled this road, in his account wrote: "a dry, Jian Shi Qiao, Zhan West Sea, Liu dark wave entangles, large settlements near the is for ten and college." "Ten and" the ancient name of the ancient town of Shuhe. History opened in the Tang Dynasty of the tea horse road, from Yunnan Lijiang directly to Lhasa, Tibet, the Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty more than a thousand years of operation development, promote the economic and cultural exchanges between the people of all ethnic groups along the, Beam River is Lijiang Bazi preserved intact Posthouse, 1997 is listed as an important part of the word cultural?heritage "of the ancient city of Lijiang. Enter the beam river village, you can reaching to the beam River Center market. Here you will have a feeling of deja vu, which is a similar Dayan Old Town Square Street Plaza, an area of about 250 square meters, also known as the beam River Square Street, market day, unusually lively, was Lijiang fur trading center. Square is surrounded by shops, old wooden doors, dark red paint. And shop front Heiliang Qingshi, at the foot of the mottled stone slope pavement, and sit the old man, draw the outline of Beam River ancient natural color. Standing in the center of the square, you carefully observe and experience, Dayan Old Town Square Street is a replica of the beam to the river, Naxi nationality from nomadic to farming, to the city. From here you can find some traces. Beam River Street north along the walk 100 meters, will be able to find the streams source Jiuding Longtan ", clear pond, day and night Yongquan, Beam River serve as Shenquan, then build the Longquan Temple. Temple furnishings and the ancient city of other temples there is no difference, but the source side of Linshui angle, a "Trinity palace Pavilion, for the traditional courtyards, which honors the cobbler's founder. Out of the north of the city of Dayan, the sight of a piece of stretching the vast wilderness, clumps of trees, the shade of a an old cottage, the ancestors of the Naxi across the Jinsha River, from the high snow capped mountains south into the Lijiang Bazi, is in the wilderness created their early civilization. Shuhe, Baisha Naxi area are inhabited by the earliest ancestors, is the birthplace of the chieftain mu. Here you can feel more relics, ancient Shuhe is located in the north of the city at Lijiang of china tour.

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Tourism can grow knowledge
Tourism can grow knowledge
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Tourism can grow knowledge
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