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Institute for their lives by years

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link


Madonna has a recognized artist who also has a refreshing concept of life. She was 40 years old,杭州东宝空调维修, once said that while her physical age is 40 years old, but it must be minus their 5-year-old, actually 35 years old 才对. Discussed Zhefan theory, that she has a reason: because of her 5-year life was wasted, and this wasted 5 years on being less. So, in her view, is that we can confidently own young again.
At first glance, this idea of Madonna absurd enough, can this be it, our physiological age in the stack,杭州装修, but our mental age is against the global trend, becoming gradually decline. Stop and think about whether they have some years are wasted and need to start over? Had wanted to depression for 1 year, or done with 2 years of work they do not like? For older people, retirement, time is no longer the pressure,杭州装潢, he is not and can try to start a new life, not No matter what you are full of boundless confidence in their own, full of boundless energy, Dunjue younger many?
Institute for their lives by years, the years can only flow to the face of our growing old, but our hearts can not grow old, wear our state of mind. As long as we keep a young heart can withstand years of wind, frost,杭州三洋空调维修, leaving marks on our face, so that life is not old, never grow old.
Renowned cellist 90 years old Shi Hai Bian Sarles four to five hours every day practicing. When the music flow from the fingers,杭州LG空调维修, he bent shape of the back becomes straight, and fatigue of the eyes is full of joy. Briton Doris Lessing, in the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature has been 88 years old, and now, she wrote a daily blog, and she firmly believes that they are not old.
Yes, good to their "old cut", minus the aging, melancholy, adding that the young, is the joy of our lives will be blooming youth, Colorful, why not?

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Institute for their lives by years


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