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Children who know enucleation often return the same day - Posted at 08:39 on 24/9/2009 by haley
The treatment of retinoblastoma is often dependent on each patient. Many variables must be considered by the participating doctors. The age of the child, whether the cancer to other parts of the body, such as the brain and central nervous system, though the retinoblastoma in one or both eyes were disseminated by some of the issues that are raised.
PA3191U-3BAS PA3191U-3BAS, PA3191U-3BRS PA3191U-3BRS, PA3191U-4BAS PA3191U-4BAS, PA3191U-4BRS PA3191U-4BRS, PA3191U-5BRS PA3191U-5BRS, Lack of treatment will result in the apparent death of the child, and of course this is not a common solution. Based on the early diagnosis of retinoblastoma is the goal of treatment is different. Sometimes the goal is to save lives. At other times, estimates are cosmetic, such as maintaining the appearance of the eyes and face, or perhaps more importantly, maintaining the vision, eye or both eyes.  Treatment is usually used for enucleation retinoblastoma. Enucleation is a procedure where the eye can be surgically removed so that the same cancer can be removed. The child should be euthanized and the eye is then removed. The procedure takes usually takes less than an hour and is painless. In the area around the eye, like the eyebrow and eyelid are not affected.

Children who know enucleation often return the same day. A bullet made of plastic or rubber is placed where the original version was okay, there is no cavity. According to the orbit well healed, the child may then be considered for future revisions to the aesthetic appearance of the eyes, which seem better at first somewhat like the skin under his lips.
The child may be given generally to the prosthesis three weeks after surgery. The prosthesis consists of a plastic material and is shaped by a technical artist, and others to see your eyes real child. Due to restrictions on the control of muscles, the eyes will not flow as naturally as a real eye. Typically, these intentions are the eyes up and down pretty well, but there are problems in May move from page to page. However, this is purely cosmetic, like the eye is not  vision  for the child. So far, there is no safe way to transplant or to replace a real eye. True in most cases, depending on the treatment of cancer by several factors. After lung cancer has been staged, the physician and patient can discuss treatment options with each other now, what will be needed. Patients should be well informed about the side effects and possible outcomes of a particular procedure.  Everything should be clarified in advance to avoid regret very much. Other factors considered, including the general health of the patient, medical problems that may affect treatment (eg chemotherapy), and characteristics of the tumor.  The characteristics of lung tumors in patients helps doctors be divided into two groups: those with low risk of recurrence of cancer and those at high risk of cancer recurrence.  Surgical resection in patients whose cancer has not yet been fully implemented by the lungs. This is done by the following: thoracotomy - opening of the chest wall during surgery - and median sternotomy - surgery performed by cutting the sternum.

Other approaches are limited thoractomy earlier (ALT), thoractomy become chest with a small incision anterioraxillary thoracotomy (AAT), thoracotomy chest near the front shoulders, and carried a opisthoplagiou thoracotomy (PLT) thoracotomy to rear / side torso area. ALT, in particular, is less invasive than standard thoractomy - that is, there is less disturbance of the body through cuts or other drastic measures. ALT may result in less surgical blood loss, less postoperative drainage, and less postoperative pain than standard thoracotomy.
 More recently, other less invasive procedures performed on the tissues of the tumor. For example, using video thoracoscopy (VAT), also known as video-thoracic surgery (tank). In this method, a camcorder, help create and ensure the lung in the thoracic cavity. The surgical incisions made during VAT lighter than that required thoracotomy or sternotomy.
 However, doctors caution that VAT does not largely determines the possibility of a complete examination of the lungs to detect and remove metastases not detected by preoperative chest radiograph. VAT on levels 1 and 2 is suitable for cancer lobectomy (surgical removal of lung lobe required) with lymphadenectomy (removal of one or more lymph nodes) and regional (outside), tumors of the lung may be removed by wedge resection.
Chemotherapy is the best choice, with radiotherapy if the tumor is more aggressive and widespread.

Photodynamic therapy is most appropriate for patients with inoperable lung cancer. It begins with the inclusion of light as active (drug Photofrin / polyhaematoporphyrin, Lumin). The investigation of the respiratory tract with a flexible application of lung cancer caused by a laser that sends a certain wavelength of light illuminated. Laser light is used to remove the sensitized tumor tissue.

Light sensitive skin or sensitivity to light is a side effect of PDT. The therapeutic potential of PDT is the most interesting aspect of this therapy in patients with lung cancer whose tumors are not visible on chest radiographs. The tissue-protective effects of PDT May is especially important for people with reduced lung function.

Electrosurgery using a needle, bulb, or disk electrode. Destroy Nd-YAG laser (neodymium-yttrium/argon lasers, high-energy electromagnetic radiation tissue is concentrated) are cryotherapy (destruction of tissue by extreme cold) and brachytherapy (radiation therapy) size extra volume reduction techniques that can be done during bronchoscopy.

Radiation therapy - better known as radiation therapy - uses high energy rays to kill cancer cells.

Cancer cells usually multiply faster than other body tissues is radiation, which prevents cell division and affects the formation of DNA.
Unfortunately, the tissues of the body to divide rapidly, such as hair and skin is very sensitive to radiotherapy. Most side effects of this treatment is the loss of hair and skin disorders, such as redness of the skin by the vascular congestion; Purity, itching, separated from the upper layers of skin, pain, atrophy, convulsions, increased pigmentation, edema, swelling), and fetal damage, increased susceptibility to infection, tachycardia () increase in heart rate, changes in taste perception , anorexia (l appetite), malaise, nausea and vomiting.
Computer manufacturer ASRock comes back with its Multibook G22 laptop - Posted at 04:48 on 25/6/2009 by haley

ASRock Ion-powered Multibook G22

Computer manufacturer ASRock comes back with its Multibook G22 laptop that sports a 12.1-inch LCD display with 1366 x 768 resolution and nVidia Ion chipset that allows Full HD video acceleration and faster 3D for mild gaming. Weighing 3.3lbs (without its 4,400mAh lithium-ion battery), the Multibook G22 also features a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Atom CPU, a 320GB hard drive and a 2GB of RAM (up to 4GB), and an HDMI output. Other specs including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Gigabit Ethernet support, three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA output, a 10-in-1 card reader, and a 1.3-megapixel camera. Pricing info is still unknown.

Disney and Asus To Release Netpal Netbook

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Disney has joined together with laptop maker Asus to release a Disney-branded netbook, known as the Netpal. It is specially designed for kids aged 6 to 12. The Netpal is based on Eee PC that comes equipped with a 8.9-inch LCD display, a Wi-Fi connectivity, an Intel Atom processor, and a Microsoft Windows XP OS with a customized interface featuring themes such as Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story and WALL-E. You can choose from a 16GB SSD or a 160GB hard drive, while color choices include pink with floral designs or blue with Mickey Mouse icons. Each Netpal model is priced at $350 and should be available in July 2009.
God Joins Twitter, Rewrites Bible - Posted at 04:22 on 16/4/2009 by haley

In the beginning, God tweeted:

Day 1: Lighting system installed. BRB.
Days 2-6: Some assembly required: sky, plants, cows, people. Left humans in charge, LOL. Day 7: Siesta.

That's how the story of creation is told in The Twitter Bible, God's latest attempt to spread His message.

"The old version of Scripture wasn't really reaching people anymore," He explained at a press conference where every question seemed to be anticipated before reporters could ask. "So I signed up for Twitter.com."

Writing under the pseudonym WWGT (What Would God Tweet?), the Lord has begun condensing Bible stories into hip, 140-character updates. "Even I can't resist the awesome power of Twitter," He said. "I just hope I still have enough name recognition to attract more followers on the site than RyanSeacrest or The_Real_Shaq."

To boost His audience, God plans to sprinkle posts with pop culture references and, if necessary, winning lottery numbers. For example, Psalm 23 will read, "The Lord is my iPhone. If I need to visit a pasture, there's an app for that. If I need to walk the valley of death, there's an app for that."

He also hopes to live-blog the Last Supper, and include links to Yelp.com reviews of the food ("tastes like chicken") by Jesus' apostles.

God said the only Bible verse that won't need to be shortened is John 11:35 -- "Jesus wept."

This article originally appeared at http://NotTheLATimes.com/twitterbible.html. Copyright 2009 Roy Rivenburg.

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