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About short-term steel products market

08:50, 27/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The global economy will keep on present rise again state, among all the countries, the OECD countries quarter economy rate of increase will present gradually increase state in 2011 and 2012 after appearing weak again in the last half year of 2010.

In the biggish new and developing economic systems, in 2011 and 2012, economy will present fast increase state, among them, China economic rate of rise is close to 10%, India economic rate is also more than 8%. However, due to the factors such as finance market extremely weak sovereign rights debt problems and foreign exchange market instability and so on, global economy is still faced with the letting down risk again.

According to the world steel association forecast, the global Cold heading wire requirements will increase 5.3% compared with the same ratio in 2011, which means that the thick steel output will increase more, and highest one will be in the Commonwealth of the Independent State country(11.1%), and behind is the America(9%) and Europe (5.7%). In Asia, the steel requirements will increase 4.1% compared with the same ratio in 2011. Among of them, the India rate of rise is the head one, reached 13.5%. And then is the Southeast Asia 7.4%. In 2011, Japan steel requirements will decrease 1.4% compared with the same ratio and Korea only increase 2.8%. In 2011 China steel requirements rate of rise will be 3.5% anticipated. And from 2005 to 2010, China steel requirements rate of rise is high to 13.5%. Because the steel requirements increase and the steel process raw material cost keep on high, the steel material price will be rising on-going.

Though the seven seas steel occupation totality look into the distance is all that could be desired, the more and more surplus capacity maybe endanger the steel industry normal develop. In the many areas of the world, numerous new capacities have been done or doing, especially in the country which has the lower cost of production and higher market demand. In the past ten years, the global steel crude steel capacity increased 1.84 calculate ton, cause the global output in 2010 is close to 1.893 billion t, excess capacity to 300 million t.

The main advantages of ethanol gasoline 2

08:47, 27/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

 Fuel system self-cleaning

The ethanol of the vehicle ethanol gasoline is a kind of excellent performance organic solvent. It has good clean effect, which can effectively remove the sediment and condense (especially the colloid retrogradation) of the car tank and oil-way system fuel impurity, has good work of dredging oil-way.


Abundant resources

In our country, the main raw material manufactured the ethanol contains the sugar crop plant, starch crop plant and fibre fuel which are all the renewable resources and sources are rich. Therefore, using the ethanol gasoline fuel can reduce the dependant of car for the oil resources and it is good at our country resources safety.

The main advantages of ethanol gasoline 1

10:27, 26/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

 Reduce carbon deposit

Because of the ethanol gasoline additives burning characteristics can remove the carbon deposit of spark plug, combustor, valve, spiracle, exhaust pipe, silencer etc parts, avoid the stoppages caused by the carbon deposit forming and extend the component using life.

Decrease discharge

The ethanol gasoline oxygen content is 35%, which can make the fuel burn more fully. Depend on the national car research centre test result of engine pedestal and running show that using the ethanol gasoline in the premise of not process the engine transformation, the dynamic performance will not change nearly, the CO and HC compound of tail gas discharge decrease more than 30% equally, which reduce and decrease the discharge of harmful gas effectively.

 Great dynamic property

Ethanol octane number is high, which can improve the engine thermal efficiency and dynamic property by taking the high compression ratio. Adding the ethanol gasoline evaporate latent heat is high, can increase the engine air inflow and enhance the dynamic property of engine.

Related summary of inland cold heading wire

10:24, 26/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

Our country cold heading wire manufacturing company has achieved certain positive result at scale and quality of processing the cold heading wire according to equipment import and technique develop. But for the technical requirements of the market, our Cold forming wire manufacturing company need to take measures to improve the production quality to move forward a single step.

Foreign developed country Cold heading wire industry has been formed scale. The focal point is ameliorating the cold heading wire material quality performance according to users’ requirements and the volume of production will not change a lot. In order to decrease the standard piece material cost and process cost, Japan great harmony launched many kinds of stainless steel bolt and screw steel.

 Understand and master domestic and overseas cold heading wire technology horizontal, use the inland company’s succeed experience for reference, through sending out a large number technique to optimizing production craft and roll down process.

In accordance with the technique standard of manufacturing CHQ wire, controlling the chemical composition, surface quality and steel base quality etc strictly, avoiding appearing the defections like craze.

Major shortage of ethanol gasoline

09:27, 25/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
Ethanol gasoline evaporation latent heat is twice than the common gasoline. The high evaporation latent heat will make the ethanol fuel low temperature start and move performance weak. If there is no air suction preheating system in engine, the car will be difficult to start when burning whole alcohol fuel. But mix the low proportional alcohol into the common gasoline, supply the evaporation heat for the liquid ethanol by the combustor, the high evaporation latent heat will become one of the advantageous factors to improve the engine thermal efficiency and cooling the engine.

Ethanol gasoline addtitives calorific value is the 60% if gasoline. When running the same mileage, the requirement of fuel volume must be large. Though the ethanol gasoline calorific value is lower than common gasoline, the higher oxygen content make its theory gas mixture calorific value is close to the common gasoline. Therefore, ethanol can be used as the gasoline engine fuel and the dynamic property will approach the engine used the gasoline.

The boiling point of ethanol is only 78.C%, in the temperature of engine normal working, it is easy to emerge the air-resistor and decrease the fuel supply quantity or even give up fuel feeding.

The factors affect the cold heading wire quality B

02:39, 25/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
3. Grain size affection. Grain size is one of the important standard conditions which can judge whether the Cold Forming Wire achieve certain combination property. The grain size is smaller the interior craze occasion is less, which is good for the cold upsetting improvements. The fine glittering steel can stand biggish transformation, it has large coefficient of elongation, fracture surface contractibility, better plasticity and higher toughness and strength. Therefore, in the process of roll down, it requires the austenitizing temperature is not too high and the soaking is not too long.
4. In the process of roll down, the equipment regulation affects the Cold Heading Wire performance. In-process draw up each roll down rules is the main factors which affect the production cold heading performance, such as the regulations of the rolling reduction, tension, production piece fabrication and regulation. If the roll down production regulation is not right, the Cold Heading Wire will be folded or scratched, the production surface will be broken and then form the head craze. So draw up the reasonable roll down rules is the key point to improve Cold Heading Wire.
5. Roll down technological parameters affections. Cold Heading Wire texture is the ferrite plus the pearlite, the key point of controlling the cold is that decomposing the austenite in the suitable temperature, in addition making the decompose transformational time longer, in order to gain mezzo feerite grain and a small number of pearlite, increase the Cold Heading Wire intension, keep the plasticity target and receive the preferable comprehensive mechanical property. 

The corrosion resistance shortage of ethanol gasoline

07:57, 24/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

1. The ethanol latent heat of vaporization is high, and the evaporating temperature is higher than the common gasoline with the theory air-fuel ratio. Affect coming into being the gas mixture and burning velocity, lead the car dynamic property, economy and cold startability decrease and be not good at car acceleration performance.

2. When ethanol gasoline burning, it can produce acetic acid which has the corrosiveness on the automobile metal especially cooper. Concern tests shows that when the ethanol content is in 1-10% of ethanol gasoline additives, nearly has no corrosiveness on the automobile metal. But when the ethanol content is more than 15%, have to add the effective corrosion restrain.

3. The ethanol is a kind of good solvent. It is easy to happen to corrosion, dissolve and rise, soften or chap etc effects on the automobile seal rubber and other combining nonmetal materials.

4. Ethanol is close to water. When the ethanol gasoline moisture content is above proof, it is easy to be liquid phase separate.

5. The heat value of ethanol gasoline is 60% of the common gasoline. According the related reports, if the car uses the ethanol gasoline without any changes, the engine fuel consumption will increase 5%.

The factors affect the cold heading wire quality A

07:52, 24/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

General speaking, the factors affecting the cold heading steel quality are the material plasticity, material basic form continuity, material texture continuity and material surface quality and so on. On the basis of cold forming wire quality detection, finding the main four sides affecting the Cold Heading Wire: the chemical composition of steel, blank surface defection, equipment regulation, grain size and roll down technological parameter.

      1. The blank affections of surface defection. Blank surface defection is the head craze for coming into being the cold top wrought steel craze. The key forms are the blank skin cold-lap, craze, over edge and so on. When machining, because the craze exists, the stress concentrates, at the same time appears the complicated stress status, lead to craze expands and finally the cold top wrought craze. Therefore, select the high quality steel base is the previous condition for the Cold Forming Wire quality. The serious temperature odds in the process of rolling down also can cause the productions craze.  

    2. Chemical composition influence. The sulfur, phosphor etc impurity element of steel affects the cold heading steel cold heading performance directly. In the process of smelting the Cold Heading Wire, wipe the corresponding impurity out direct at the different sort of steel. Some nonmetal impurity breaks the steel basic form continuity, and with the quiet load and move load working, it always becomes the starting point of Cold Heading Wire craze. For this reason, we should reduce the nonmetal impurity of the Cold Heading Wire, figure it out at the same time, and decrease its damage for the CHQ Wire.

Technological superiority of methanol gasoline additives

11:52, 21/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

Methanol gasoline is a kind of energy conservation vehicle fuel. It is developed on the basis of national development replace energy adjust energy structure and energy conservation environmental policy. The methanol gasoline additive is degeneration fuel methanol which is translated by adding certain composite additives into the methanol fuel, then mixed with the gasoline through scientific process. The methanol gasoline additives are appropriate for the spark ignition engine cars and so on.

Improve the motive power: The methanol gasoline additives can achieve the functions such as combustion-supporting, fluxing, improve the octane number and increase the engine dynamic.

Good colliquefaction effect. Full colliquefaction let the methanol content reach more than 40%, character transparent and clear, no impurity and no layering.

Use directly and mix process arbitrarily: dispense with changing the original automotive engine and use the methanol gasoline straightly is all right. Or using the common gasoline mixed with the methanol gasoline, which can increase the indication.

No-resistor and perfect low temperature starting performance. The methanol gasoline low temperature starting performance is excellent, and it is not only guaranteeing powerful motive power but also no harm for the engine. And at the same time, the fuel consumption is as well as the common gasoline.

Excellent water-resistance. The water-resistance can reach hundredth, good stability, and retention period is more than one year.

Combining rapidly. Methanol gasoline composes very fast and the whole process only need thirty minutes. Besides, the industrialization production facility is very simple.

Qualified index. Through the petroleum products quality supervision detection, the methanol gasoline additives is completely accord with the national gasoline standard.

Economic benefit outstanding. Due to the low cost of methanol gasoline, the profit of each ton high cleaning methanol gasoline is 800-1000 yuan around.

Main methods to increase the cold forming wire quality

11:41, 21/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

Aiming at the cold heading wire technical requirements, combining all the factors of affecting the Cold Heading Wire performance with the practical production, we should take these measures as bellows in the process of the cold forming wire:

1. Control the steel chemical composition strictly in accordance with the cold forming wire standard, optimize the material texture, improve the material plasticity, keep the steel performance steady, reduce the performance harm from impurity, drop the content of steel harmful elements. 

2. Choose the proper roller and uniform pass schedule, keep the bright and clean production surface, decrease the finished product craze at the same time, improve the production spare parts quality, guarantee the technological requirements.

3. With controlling the smelt, steel rolling, decrease the rolling reduction, rolling pass and the times of turning steel, then achieve the well-distributed and refining grain structure, avoid buckling when producing and the fold, increase the Cold Forming Wire comprehensive mechanical property.

4. Strict control the heating temperature, time and furnace inside atmosphere, keep the positive pressure operation, reduce surface burning loss and skin decarburization.

The foreign cold forming steel wire

08:31, 20/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The foreign countries adopt HNDS2 to produce 12.9 grades cold forming wire and the delayed breakage is improved obviously. Using 45CrNiMoTi under the condition of 1500MPa grade, the performance is inferior to tempered martensite high-strength bolt, it is quite rare to find grain boundary separating from bainite steel, which avoid causing delayed breakage because of the transgranular breakage.

The cold forming wire industry abroad has formed a scale basically, and the key point is to improve the quality performance of cold forming steel material in light of costumer requirement and the volume of production didn’t do much change. In order to reduce the standard material and processing cost, Japan launched various cold forming wire and CHQ wire. The High frequency industry exploited out a series of stainless cold forming wire products and utilized equipment advantages to launch series products, increasing cold forming wire performance enormously. Japan studied out anti-corrosion martensite cold heading wire with good anti-corrosion and cold heading feature. In addition, another large steel company developed AUS series cold forging stainless steel, divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and precipitation hardening, which all have strong intension, 4001200MPa strength of extension and wide regulation.

Vehicle ethanol gasoline strong point

10:47, 19/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

1. Improve the fuel oil quality. The ethanol of vehicle ethanol gasoline is both a kind of energy and one type excellent gasoline quality ameliorant. First, ethanol, as the green oxygenation agent, can be used as the oxygen additives MTBE of gasoline. Because the MTBE is very harmful for the groundwater resources, some developed countries have the legislation to prohibition of use. Mixed the ethanol with gasoline as proportion 10% can increase the oxygen content reach 3.5%, combustion-supporting is the best, let the aphlogistic part of gasoline burn fully improve the gasoline burning calorific value. In addition, due to the ethanol octane number can reach 111 units, mixed the ethanol with gasoline as proportion 10% can increase the octane number 2-3 units and improve the oil anti-explosion performance.

2. Reduce end gas harmful discharge. Especially in the more population density and more traffic flow cities and areas, motor vehicle harmful end gas discharge has been one serious kind of environment pollution source. Because of burning full when using the vehicle ethanol gasoline additives, the motor vehicle harmful end gas discharge volume dose can decrease more than 30%. In 2011, China vehicle research centre had the eighty km running test of the using vehicle ethanol gasoline of this time. According to the test data, the end gas CO discharge is decreasing obviously, maximum lower rate is 30.8% and HC compound arithmetic mean lower rate is 13.4%.

3. Burning full and decrease carbon deposition. Because of vehicle ethanol gasoline burning full, avoid the carbon granules accumulation phenomenon of common gasoline burning incomplete and can prevent and remove engine combustor, valve, sparking plug, vent-pipe, silencer etc produce carbon deposition effectively. Then avoid the stoppage of the carbon deposition and lengthen the service life of engine.

4. Fuel system self-cleaning. The ethanol of vehicle ethanol gasoline additives is a kind of performance excellent organic solvent. It has good work on cleaning and can clear up the fuel oil impurity sediment and condense in the vehicle tank and oil-way system effectively. It also has very perfect work of dredging oil-way.

Technical demands of cold heading wire 1

09:49, 18/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The technical requirements of the cold heading wire requires the cold heading steel rod is usually the low, medium carbon constructional quality steel and alloy constructional steel. Standard component is very strict for the dimensional accuracy of the raw material. Such as the limited hot-rolled steel and the dimensional accuracy is also very difficult to meet the requirements. So the standard component nearly uses the cold drawing wire as the raw material all. And then the qualified Cold heading wire has to satisfy these bellows:

1. Requirements of the chemical composition. The chemical elements like the O, P and S play the very important roles of the impurity of the cold heading wire. They can affect the form, quantity and the size of the impurity of the cold heading wire definitively. As a result, the content of these elements must be in control. For the alloy steel, the silicon, aluminium and manganese are controlled in the lower which is the best way to avoid the cold forging to crack the top. So the requirement of the wire surface is very rigorous.

2. Decarburization. Surface decarburization makes the bolt surface intension reduce, and the fatigue life falls by a wide margin.

3. Surface quality. The standard component company statistics show that: The eighty percent reasons of the cold heading wire craze is the surface defect of the wire.

4. Nonmetallic inclusion. A very significant factor of the standard component cold heading wire craze is the large content and big size nonmetallic inclusion of CHQ wire. So the nonmetallic inclusion B and D must keep the distance of the surface layer. It is better in the 2mm and not far of 15μm.

Characteristics of Methanol gasoline

07:20, 17/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

1. The fuel consumption increase. The Methyl alcohol calorific value is 19.6MJ/kg, which is far below the petrolic calorific value 43.50MJ/kg. Therefore, the fuel consumption will increase with the mixed methanol volume after using the Methanol gasoline.

2. Points water strengthens. Methanol gasoline is easy to phase separation when a little moisture existing, which affects the store and the car malformation revolve.

3. Anti-detonating quality strengthens. The methanol anti-detonating quality is preferably and can improve the Methanol gasoline anti-detonating quality.

4. Rigorous corrosion. Methanol always contains some acidic materials in the production process. And the own hydroscopicity of methanol will make it import a small quality of acid when storing. Then adding the generated formaldehyde, mehanoic acid etc, they can all let the engine appear the serious corrosion and abrade.

5. The rubber material swelling character increase. Methanol gasoline has the large swelling work on the automobile oil supply system rubber component, corrodes, swellings, softens and chaps the oil pump etc synthetic rubber materials. It also has the pitting corrosion for the carburetor metal and even has the corrosions for the rsin filter and metal filter.

6. Low temperature startability bad. Due to the methanol evaporation latent heat is three times higher than the gasoline, and in the low temperature condition the Methanol gasoline is difficult to start. Pure methanol flaring air-fuel ratio is 6.45 in the carburetor, which is lower than gasoline deformity burning theory aire-fuel ratio 15. Make the automobile behavior in the service badness, drive performance decrease, affect the hihest-power expresses, go against car speed up, and affect the car drive performance seriously.

What should notice to gas up your car with the Ethanol gasoline?

09:53, 14/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

When filling your car up with the Ethanol gasoline, the key point is the waterproof. We must check up whether there is water in the tank when we filling our cars up with the Ethanol gasoline for the first time. Because the ethanol of the vehicle Ethanol gasoline is provided with hydrophily, the water in the tank bottom will mix with the Ethanol gasoline, then causing the oils moisture out of limit will come into being difficult of light the fire and affect the engine proper functioning.

In the next place, defend the impurity is also very worth to attention. Vehicle Ethanol gasoline has the strong cleanup action, in the initial stage of using the Ethanol gasoline, the Ethanol gasoline additives will clean the impurity such as the colloid grain or rust etc which is attached to the tank wall or deposited on the fuel tank bottom originally. And then the impurity sneaks into the gasoline, reaches the channel for oiling with the pipeline, which causes the nozzles etc of the Ethanol gasoline filter element, carburetor atomizing nozzle, spray car and so on are blocked by the impurity. Consequently, give rise to engine shake, can not to pump it, damage automobile accelerating ability.

The Ethanol gasoline can be used to mixing with the common gasoline, but not better for too long. Because the long time blended use will affect the automobile performance. If your car has used the mixing gasoline for a long time, you should check up your automobile related parts right away to see is there any wrong with your car.

Consummate LV damier azur

04:56, 16/5/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The cheap lv handbags are the most famous and hot handbags of all in the world. They have the outstanding ideas, excellent quality and the exquisite craft. Nearly all the females are the fans of them.

The azur louis vuitton handbags are the symbol of the travel art. There are so many classic elements such as the monogram patterns, the classical dark coffee color and the logo and so on. These are all the characteristics of the lv handbags. These characteristics are the represents of them at the same time.

Today my point is the lv damier azur bags which are one classic kind of the lv handbags. They are all very elegant and simple. They have the graceful design and the light colors, which make the bags more charming and chic.

The lv handbags are leading the fashion and all the handbags all over the world for a long time. And in my opinions, they are worthy of the name.


LV damier azur canvas neverfull pm

10:14, 5/5/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The world famous luxury brand louis vuitton has already had the history more than 150 years. There are so many products of it, such as the handbags, perfume, shoes, clothing and so on.

Lv handbags are the most popular one of all. And they are always very hot in the women and most of them are very classic masterpieces in nowadays.

There are so many kinds of lv handbags, such as the lv damier azur canvas, lv cosmic blossom, lv cruise, lv cover onatah, lv aviator, lv monogram denim etc.

Today my key point is the lv damier azur canvas bags which are so elegant and simple. All of them are very charming with the brief design and the fashionable style.

Take a look at the picture it is lv damier azur canvas neverfull pm which is the one of them. It is so fascinating and stylish. The lively color with the chic decoration is the bright spot of this handbag.

Everyone has his hobby. If you are not interested in this one, you can also think about other ones, like the louis vuitton damier azur canvas totally pm, louis vuitton cosmic blossom gm blue, lv cabas mm sabbia rose, louis vuitton cover onatah pink, louis vuitton aviator m40383, louis vuitton monogram denim sunburst green etc.

The lv handbags are the symbol of the travel art. Each one of them can be called the perfect work of art. They will never disappoint you.


Pretty LV damier canvas bags

09:24, 29/4/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link

The louis vuitton is the world famous and top brand of luxury. There are so many products of it. And among them the lv handbags are the most popular one.

Nearly all the females are the fans of the lv handbags. They have not only the outstanding ideas and the perfect quality but also the exquisite craft and the customer service. All the details are unquestionable by their endeavor.

As a well-know brand, the lv handbags have so many kinds, such as the lv damier canvas, lv monogram multicolore, louis vuitton monogram canvas, lv surya, lv monogram leopard etc.

Today I will talk you about the lv damier canvas bags which are very classical and dignified.

Take a look at the picture it is the lv damier ebene canvas saleya gm which is the one of the lv damier canvas bags. It has the simple design and the pattern of it is very stylish and beautiful.

If you don’t like this one, you can also have a look at the other ones, just like the lv damier ebene canvas pochette accessories, louis vuitton monogram multicolor marilyn, louis vuitton monogram mini pochette, louis vuitton surya purple xl, louis vuitton monogram leopard grey and so on.

I think my words are not enough to express the glamour of it. But the picture can cover the shortage. All in all the lv handbags will never disappoint you.

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