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The Fame Monster

04:14, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

It's right nearin' All Hallow's Eve, kids, and it's time to pay homage to the man who brought you the one song that you probably associate with the season: the time-honored Monster Mash, brought to you by no one other than Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

Teaming up with Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, Ron Fair, RedOne and Fernando Garibay, The Fame Monster tackles the wow gold darker side of fame, reflected in the songs by harder lyrics and deeper, murkier sounds.

Exploring issues as hot and heavy as girl-on-girl action, multiple international male lovers and heavy doses of self-love, the songs on The Fame Monster focus on relationships, bad or otherwise, using monsters as a main metaphor.

“While traveling the world for two years,” Lady Gaga said in an Interscope Records press release, “I've encountered several monsters, each represented by a different song on the new record: my 'Fear of Sex Monster,' my 'Fear of Alcohol Monster,' my 'Fear of Love Monster,' my 'Fear of Death Monster,' my 'Fear of Loneliness Monster,' etc.”

His one hit was released in 1962 but was re-released over the years, charting more than once.

How'd it go again?

"I was working in the lab late one night

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

Musically, The Fame Monster wow gold kaufen picks up where The Fame ended - combining infectious dance grooves with DIY electronica wrapped around spicy lyrics. The sound’s much fuller and richer than her previous release and with less need to prove herself, Lady Gaga infuses her new material with added confidence and experimentation resulting in an album superior to her international smash debut.

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