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22/4/2011 - Dominated the historical generals step ladder to win a copy of the three Rush-ho-li

One was among the seven armies into seven of the tiger Zhao Yun, Sun Quan, another is planning for a military commander of the famous empire Lu Su. The two are among the dragon and phoenix, but unfortunately a famous person Shu Army, one is Soochow think tank. If this civil and military two were secondary to a primary good, would not Yoshiya?

Thousand Oaks boutique web games war strategy game "dominated the Three Kingdoms", a new event for the players to open the door. The historical facts of the war generals from various quarters in person, the player can be Zhao Yun, Lu Su and other income over wow gold more than be under the command of the famous generals. Now until September 17 event, Lu Su parade, Central Plains, challenge ladder, and other activities popular open. Players only need to participate, you can enjoy smooth variety of manners. Action quickly, so wow is sitting on the world champion!

Wenchen Reggie matter how you drive, immediately across the three countries

Lu Su dragon parade the head promoter

"Glimpse of fourteen states made couch, United Liu Sanjiangkou default. Pole dare Kung Yes, odd dollars had to Mendelssohn shame," the poem said the think tank who is Lu Su Wu, who worked Wu Shu made major contributions toward the joint, even after the death of Zhou Yu took over captaincy positions. As of September 17 end of the event, the historical facts of the generals who have type Lu Su players, can get the orange star Reggie distribution system - Zhao Yun one. In addition, a historical military commanders type Jiang Wei, Pang Tong, Guo Jia, Deng Ai, Zhang Liao any player in the Need for Skills will also receive two books, the quality of skills of the orange book wow gold will be personally delivered to the players hand.

The daily challenges presented courtesy

Now until September 17 during the event, players daily log, you can get the system back to the city break a reward. In addition, if 15 players a day off the ladder successfully challenged a copy will also receive additional incentives Taiqing Dan, these two awards each role player is only available once a day. In addition, the player is worth to note that a copy of the player challenge ladder jump off if you use props, will not receive additional awards.

Central Plains Tour rankings En

Recruited players in the game to the troops, if wow re-identification, then have access to more properties. As of September 17, the system will re-identification of players generals gold consumed in the number of ranking. The top five players of each server will receive many awards, including senior gold smug, seals, and unparalleled grace Sydney many props, including tour players will be a foregone buy rift gold conclusion.

At the same time, the game some of the goods within the mall is sold at a discount, get better players, while consumption of the system presented the props. Super multi-award, classic strategy, all in the classic war strategy game Thousand Oaks on page Tour "dominated the Three Kingdoms." Series of exciting activities have been synchronized on the line, act quickly, and create prosperity Supremacy! More event details, please see "dominated the three" official website announced.

"Dominated the three" official website

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22/4/2011 - "Don the Dragon 2 stores OL" Brave Minigame

Click into "Flirting Scholar 2online" zone

While Flirting Scholar and the Dragon shop said all the wit and the love story between beauty, but "Flirting Scholar 2 of the Dragon shop" online players have to tell you, beauty is not unique pet genius, they also love a hero, they need the protection of the hero, the hero of care, care of the hero.

Want to be a hero, and the beauty of the story of Gone with the Wind played it? Then came "Flirting Scholar 2 of the Dragon shop" online play Minigame in it, there are dedicated fans of the idol game, have the exclusive beauty of the shock Meng game of football fans with exclusive games and more have the exclusive games brave hero. The brave men, let us ready to "Flirting Scholar 2 of the Dragon shop" online, with beautiful heart to conquer it!


"Love really need courage to face the gossip," Surge in the pursuit of long-distance rift gold love, the Flirting need to overcome many dangers and obstacles. Gossip and secular eyes are just a small part, to catch up with the Surge, you need through the "courage" game test.

In courage, you need to operate the mouse, over five passes, Killing Six, smashed the wall of the obstacles, until you reach the end. When you beautifully through all kinds of difficulties to the Surge in front, she would open the door for you, so you ?????.

Delivery Boy

"I'm really just a delivery boy, I do not know to deliver a takeaway to answer so many questions" in the "King of Comedy", the Yeh boy disguised as a take-away defeat of the aggressive criminals in one fell swoop. Now, the "Flirting Scholar of the Dragon shop" online to give you this opportunity.

In the "Delivery Boy" game, you need wow gold to play as a food delivery to customers in a timely manner to send a variety of delicious gluttony. If you can successfully complete the task, you can also just like Yeh achievements as little of their own legend.

Brave Games

Even if the foot of the abyss, you still have to brave to jump, that is, "the brave game" spirit. In the game, you need to show your courage and skills, through a simple operation, you can brave the depths of hell to moving. Never end the pursuit, the warriors, to see how much you can layer under it!

Bubble bomb

Jagged Stallone in "Rambo" Rambo called to play small strong beat to death, he in the thick of the fight scenes are bloody made him the idol of an era, is the Peoples looking the kamas hero. In the "bubble bomb", the bullet into a lovely bubble, but the thrill of the game level has only increased. You only have 3 or more bubbles will be lifted after the elimination of risk, and when you become more in-depth games you will find that you need a more powerful heart than Stallone bubble can withstand bomb attacks.

Understanding of "Flirting Scholar 2 of dragon and phoenix shop" online, please visit the game's official website >>>>>>

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22/4/2011 - DOTA travel industry professional skills of balance and the future

Click into the "travel industry DOTA" zone

Occupational balance has been the topic of the game lasts forever, in the game, that fascinating story, dazzling images, PK, and so fierce are very attractive, but decided the game is successful, the most fundamental or career game balance, wow is the core of the game.

DOTA travel industry all the data are passed through seasoned professionals from the scientific method, and tests the player will continue to be based on the actual adjustment of the situation, and strive for everyone to create a balanced environment.

Following each class in turn to talk about the skills and career prospects of:

Gladiator: The main skill will hit and swept on, fast-attack No effect of a good blow, blow 7-8 after injury is not small. Sweep is the only fighter with the range of the so-called technology, wow gold upgrade the efficiency of the still of great help. For inspiration, war roar, trumpet and other combat skills can be temporarily without BUFF, after testing, because the level and skill point problem, the gain in output and there is not much help, wow is recommended without. To be a passive skill points is enough to attack skills. In the absence of the 2 turn, fighter attributes and skills in the embarrassing condition, but the fighter's friends to play with confidence in their own future, you are bright. After the fighters will become the travel industry professional the most meat

Ranger: Ranger in addition to other bow, daggers and other close combat weapons effects is low. Levels and skills to a factor in 2 turns before all those toxic foil technology. Because to achieve high damage poison to be added BUFF, consumed poison + infection requires 2 rounds, coupled with natural anti-bodies is low, if the main character dies, then the battle will exit. So close combat skills, please ignore it. Mainly referred to the bow, the main plus point precision shooting and multiple shooting. Hot and frost the actual test results, there is no high-precision damage, burning at the same level of output is only accurate to 2 / 3 of the so-called end of the additional damage is pitiful, though skills are no additional damage outer cooling stack, but the number in the Round and stacking damage the next round from the enemy after the end of calculation, then the enemy is moving after only hurt. Therefore, this skill seems weak. (Such as multi-precision + wow gold ATK = 2 hot ATKX1.5) plus hit problems, inferior race, data can be seen, not much practical use hot temporarily. DEBUFF not only for the discussion of frost.

Shaman, a simple professional orientation, the highest damage skills are skills, fire department, fire is the most obvious. Add the rest are a waste of points slightly. There is no dispute career. Master high damage, but also the well-known large Shaolan Oh, do not forget to bring out the blue.

Monks, according to the skills of professional list of view, can be divided into two kinds. Skills or upgrade only increase the blood, nest in the rear to pieces in front of you followed by anti-blood. However, according to pawn property now can dofus kamas see no practical skills to increase the blood, either upgrade or playing BOSS, are totally inefficient. On the other hand, demand for the end of Shadow Bolt, and wow hurts you, completely in the 2 to use the former to be a mage, wow is strongly recommended all add some substantial damage Shadow Bolt.

Do you want to post more skills in a skill cooldown at the same time can keep up with 2, 2 1 cooldown skills to keep up with the same time. Add a little skill to choose, according to the actual situation more repairs. According to current data, the higher the level the more obvious injuries. Building more just a waste of points, flashy.

Travel industry DOTA Official Website

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