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• 14/11/2009 - porridge made sweet

The tang dynasty, the general door xuan tianbao, 2, what weapon, secretly use, conquer the special weapons for weapon. If you want to use it known to the enemy, then, it not is concealed weapon, but implement. ... Tang three certainly Tiffany Ringsnot going to let yourself become the weapon implement, tang hao never ask him what was done the iron, so, the tube XiuJian belongs to him a man's secret. Into the house, porridge made sweet, the same things every day, he had become accustomed to. "Dad, eat." Tang three to an inside cries. Surprisingly, every one meal will go out of hearing today. And tang hao Tang three heart suddenly a tight, don't father is ill? These quickly ran into the room of his father. Tang hao and not in the room,

Tiffany Setsover the years, he seems to be the first no sleep. Tang hao is tang three wondering what to do when, tang hao back. "Small three in the morning, what did you do?" Tang hao asked the light. Tang three way: "I went out to exercise. Every morning I will run out." This is nothing, he really is to lie "exercise. "Yes." Tang hao and no probe, light way: "today you don't exercise casting, tidy up your things, tomorrow will take you to the old jack's DingCheng go." Tang three leng once, "DingCheng nowitzki? To?" The last to DingCheng's probably still a year ago, old jack into town to buy things, bringing him to our experience. Tang hao saw his one eye, way: "you don't want to learn the ability masters? Old jack will take you to DingCheng junior college's soul to do a teacher. Where would you worker-student learn oneself want to learn things.

" Hear the voice of their father, tang three heart sudden acceleration, strangely the excitement of the heaven, and has been unable to break power struggles bothering him, the biggest of the Tiffany Watchessoul ring soul was a chance. "Dad, how do you changed your mind?" Tang hao said: "that you go or not to go?" Tang three: "but, I went to nobody cooking for you." Now he has understood, father is today's so early, is to find the jack.

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• 14/11/2009 - in the tang dynasty door

It is a XiuJian, in the tang dynasty door, XiuJian is the most common type of machine, XiuJian Europe once made key lies in the power of huang machine design and delicate degree of itself.

Tiffany CufflinksAs the three XiuJian, tang made itself even with insurance device, the winged. A set of XiuJian, are generally three arrows and a XiuTong composition, tang three now the hand with no exception. But this XiuJian materials, but he took 100 days of the hammer out of iron. When tang completed the task tang hao three, the pig iron forging into only fist, he surprised the size of the impurity, originally found many iron should become a piece of iron, real iron.

Before I say, he is, he isTiffany Earrings the best casting master tang door, will never be cast iron forging the common method of female. But in this world, but a reality. This in itself is a very magical things. But with 3 hands wrist of tang dynasty, is the XiuJian cylinder by the mother made of iron, XiuJian manufacturing, including three four inches of arrows, just use off all the iron. Theory of casting, tang three, rather than tang hao. But concerning manufacturing cleverness weapon, say, or in the tang hao is on the mainland douro who can match him nor the outside door of tang dynasty genius. Ordinary XiuJian, range in 15 meters, and don XiuJian produced three can maintain effective attack range 30 meters. So-called distance, is the effective against XiuJian after injection of linear range, also is able to maintain full of distance. Don XiuJian though only three this tube of three, but is very exquisite, every XiuJian have three blood slot, if not enough because he had thought, XiuJian pointed to bring barb arrows.

The tail is four points to the rear wing can XiuJian flight is smooth. Tapered arrows have traces of the spiral, when XiuJian injection, will have stronger air-penetration. For the design and manufacture of weapon, three is always in pursuit of perfect, even if it is a common XiuJian. Tang, three know young now,Tiffany Necklaces heaven again failed to break the bottleneck reactive, if is not afraid, but if people to meet last pixel yuntao that if WuHun can use the power of his soul, is far from enough, but this is not the same XiuJian canister, tang, relying on its confidence and subur as strength is not strong, his soul had to deal with...

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• 14/11/2009 - The first three crushing tang concealed weapon

In the morning,Tiffany Accessories tang from three refreshed back mountain do breakfast, these days, because use every day in the morning's pupil, a violet, purple and constant practice very magic eye than before and had considerable progress, his eyes have been able to see clearly within 10 meters in the tiny flap wings mosquitoes. If not xuan days work can't break the bottleneck, tang three believe that in other aspects of progress will be greater.

 A 50 cm square iron forging Tiffany Banglesinto fist size, the original seems impossible in half a month ago, early tang dynasty has been completed. Three Tang hao teach him that borrows the forging hammer forcibly, he also can swing a continuous 24 hammer, each hammer are accurate, including power control. Although he has never praised tang hao from his father, but occasionally showed satisfied view,

tang three know it, oneself also has little hammer method, want again to become, or by practice. Right into the house, Tiffany Bracelets lightly touched the wrist, tang three face reveals a satisfied smile, his wrist, is brought to the world's first piece, but is all the steps are completed by his own works.

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• 20/10/2009 - Web site popular game play dead at home and abroad

Played dead on the road in Malaysia, ugg boots on sale in the supermarket ugg classic tall boots ugg classic tall boots played dead, the elevator played dead in the road ... ... there are users even said that they installed was not killed, but lonely.

Text / reporter Lu Jian Luan intern Xiaolu map / online order

Recently, at home and abroad Web site, ugg boots on sale a kind of pop called "play dead" game rules of the game is very simple, just find a public place, and then facing the earth flat or otherwise get on the ground, the camera can be uploaded . To select the occasion the more bizarre, the number of participants the better play. Domestic users in the well-known websites recently threw himself on the hot cat to "play" the shoes one, played dead on the road in Malaysia, in the supermarket played dead in the elevator on the play dead and so on the road. A net friend said they are not filled with death, but loneliness.

Off at home and abroad, "play dead" craze

Lying Down Game, literally translated as ugg boots on sale "tummy of the game," known as "played shoes dead game", the trivial stress of the game attracted a large number of creative pastimes of the people, and set off a wave then Yi Gu's "play dead" boom.

This "play dead" game of the post was ugg boots on sale published on the Internet was a lot of shoes User dismissed as "frivolous." A signed "flutter" in reference to the network User buzzwords in Back Road in the quote: They are not filled with death, but loneliness. Now shoes living in an increasingly competitive society, people's increasing pressure, psychological need to release the negative energy is also increasing. Emerged out of "play dead" game, it is people's mental state of emptiness and boredom under the product. People need fresh through these sensory stimulation shoes to awaken the hearts of the game gradually dwindled passion.

"This is not just played dead, but also seeking death"

User is also believed that from the "play dead" saw a return to nature side. User flutter and cats, said of the game itself is loaded with an environmentally friendly, simple return to nature of consciousness and ugg sheepskin boots ugg sheepskin boots creative core. People trying to copy the course of play, ugg boots on sale also reflected its own strong creative, obviously, this has been aroused from the potential should be seriously.

User also shouted, pay attention to safety, not to "play dead" becomes truly dead. Because of this, "played dead" often to some dangerous ideas will be selected places such as busy roads, ugg boots on sale aircraft wheels and so on, causing the amazed spectators and surfers. User flutter and cats, said: "This is not just played dead, but also seeking death ... ..." "Do not containing containing one pay attention shoes to, and change really dead."

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• 20/10/2009 - Somalia confirmed that al-Qaida senior leaders have been killed in Africa

U.S. media reports, the Somali capital, Mogadishu deputy mayor in charge of security affairs, Abdi Fita Hesha Vey September 15, said Somali intelligence agencies confirmed that a UGG Mingjiaonabu ugg boots ugg boots Han Dynasty (Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan ) and al-Qaeda senior leaders in Africa have been 14 killed in U.S. air strike.

Sha Weiyi, said Han Naboo was 14 in U.S. air strike in southern Somalia have been killed. However, he did not give intelligence agencies the specific content of the report.

According to reports, Naboo Han is Yemeni, 30-year-year-old, born in Mombasa, Kenya. U.S. intelligence agencies, said he planned 2002 attack on Israelis in Mombasa, on the island to open UGG the Paradise UGG Classic UGG Classi Hotel, killing 11 Kenyans and three Israelis dead and dozens injured another letter. Naboo Han in 1998 may also be involved in attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The U.S. military has been searching for him all these years traces.

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• 20/10/2009 - Historians say the track down relatives of Hitler 39

Bui heads of Adolf Hitler April 30, ugg sheepskin boots 1945 suicide in Berlin bunker, Hitler and other members of the family and their descendants as if from a vanished overnight, and Hitler's family, if his footsteps? They are now also live in where? Belgium's Jean-Paul Bermudez and historians Make Wei Er Milun through long-term investigation has ground-breaking ugg boots uk ugg boots uk to claim that they had "cracked" out of Hitler's DNA, and through DNA "matching" has been traced to the United States and Austria 39 Hitler ugg sale is still alive "relatives", they all changed out Hitler's name, lived in a very low-key life of ugg sheepskin boots anonymity.

It was reported that Jean Paul Bermudez ugg sheepskin boots and Make Wei Er Milun a few years ago a joint ugg sale study of Hitler's family history, tracing the whereabouts of the descendants of Hitler's family. Recently, two in Spain, "Le Monde" published an article the first time in a ground-breaking to claim that they have passed scientists "cracked" out of the Nazi leaders ugg sheepskin boots Hitler's DNA, and through, and Hitler's DNA ugg sale and compare traced to the 39 still alive Hitler in the world, the fate of relatives.

Bermudez and Weiermilun They said they traced back to Long Island in New York had three of Hitler's relatives - the three were known as Lewis, Brian and Alexander Stuart Houston's men were Nazis ugg sheepskin boots heads of Hitler's pro-grand-nephew, and their ugg sale great-grandfather was Hitler's father Alois Hitler, their father was Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler. William is very successful career in front of Hitler, in March 1939 ugg sale from the German immigrants to the United States, New York. In 1944, 33-year-old William is also allowed to join the U.S. Navy.

According to two Belgian researchers said, in order to check the whereabouts of the descendants of Hitler's family, who had traveled to New York, Long Island, three grand-nephew of Hitler carried out seven days seven nights of tracking and monitoring, and follow the 60-year-old Alexander went to a fast-food store. In that fast-food shop, they get ugg sheepskin boots to the Alexander Cazui thrown away after a paper napkin, from the above extract to spit Alexander DNA. Both his and preserved in a sealed Hitler safe than DNA, theugg cardy gg cardy y found Alexander heads of Hitler and the Nazis did with blood.

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• 20/10/2009 - U.S. photographer shooting for 17 years to recover hundreds of tornadoes

The 48-year-old American photographer Jim Reed in the past 17 years, fear dangerous, running all over the United States more than 2,000 counties, specialized chase and close-up shots of the hundreds of classic tall boots tornadoes sheepskin ugg boots sheepskin ugg boots and thunderstorms, and hail weather, so received the "Storm Trackers" nickname (also known as Herd persons, storm hunters).

It is learned that Jim's ugg sundance boots classic tall boots fascination with the weather from childhood. But not until 1991, when Jim saw two photographers Wichita City to escape the security F-5 tornado video screen, he was filming the storm classic tall boots had Caidui interest since then, he had become a " Storm Trackers. "

In the past 17 years, Jim has been running all over classic tall boots the United States more than 2,000 counties, risking one's life a lot of super-photographed pictures of the storm, he photographed some of the ugg sundance boots super-storm, most of American history's most lethal and most spectacular storms, These include the 2004 "Charlie," the hurricane, the 2005 "Hurricane" Katrina and 2008's "Ike" hurricanes. In addition, Jim has shot hundreds of track tornadoes, thunderstorms and hail the scene, those who hail the size of a full twice as big as a softball.

According to Jim, said, in fact, he did not "tracking" storm, he is usually issued at the meteorological station will be able to predict the storm before the storm warning around the corner, and prepare ugg sundance boots in advance to go out shooting. Every time the day before the storm, he would carefully study the computer storm models, maps and meteorological data, and then ugg sale ugg sale went to the impending storm to observe astronomical phenomena of geography, which ugg sundance boots determine the use of cameras and camera lenses, and still have time to put on a tripod and so on. Sometimes he only a few seconds to make all these decisions, in addition, he must also decide classic tall boots how far away from the storm.

Close-up shots, and death in the storm and is said to play the game, the Jim audacious often at risk and therefore, in the past 17 years, he twice almost lost their lives in the hurricane, the first distress was shot in Florida "Charlie," when the hurricane. The hurricane was estimated level is 2, can be a sudden wind storm strengthened by two into ugg sundance boots five, Jim and ugg boots sale ugg boots sale his companions trapped in a wilderness. He even classic tall boots recorded in front of the camera lens to leave the mother's "last testament." However, because just in the eye center position, they miraculously survived. Jim survived a second experience was in Mississippi Gaier Fu Hong Kong film, "Katrina" hurricane period, when he and his companions lived in hotels are wind and floods swept away a half-floor buildings, fortunately, Jie el lived in the room did not collapse.

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• 20/10/2009 - Security operations in southern Afghanistan killed 27 Taliban

15 Afghan police confirmed that Afghan security forces and NATO's International Security Assistance Force in southern Kandahar province on the 14th started cleaning up operations, sheepskin killing at least 27 Taliban fighters.

Kandahar province deputy police Ugg Classic Cardy chief Mohammad ugg classic tall ugg classic tall Sahan confirmed to Xinhua sheepskin reporters, Afghan security forces and NATO forces in Kandahar province, the evening of 14 Dale District on joint military operations and air forces bombed the Taliban sent out Ugg Classic Cardy armed caches.

Mohammed Sahan said the sheepskin military action to Ugg Classic Cardy recover the Dale area occupied by the Taliban militants in some villages, Afghan security forces and NATO troops in no casualties.

Taliban spokesman Ahmadi confirmed the shooting incidents.

In southern Afghanistan's sheepskin Kandahar, Helmand, ugg sheepskin boots ugg sheepskin boots Zabul and Uruzgan province, Taliban militants in the traditional Ugg Classic Cardy sense of "lair", has been frequent armed activities. Since the beginning of this year, the Taliban militants stepped up attacks in Afghanistan throughout the intensity, all kinds of violent attacks have resulted in 341 foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan.


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• 20/10/2009 - Yemen in the course of illegally killed or missing.

The United Nations High Commissioner ugg sundance boots for Refugees (UNHCR) announced in Geneva on the 15th, 65 Ugg Classic Cardy Boots illegal immigrants 13 and 14 in the Gulf of Aden from the Horn of Africa to Yemen in the course of illegally killed or missing.

UNHCR spokesman Melissa Fleming said at a news conference that a Ugg Classic Cardy Boots departure from Somalia in the early morning of 13 smuggling boats off the coast of Yemen capsized due to mechanical Ugg Classic Cardy Boots failure, there were 142 persons on board a person died, 43 people Classic Cardy vmissing, and the remainder to swim ashore. Another day, a boat carrying 112 illegal immigrants who arrived in Yemen Classic Cardy coast, smugglers on board three people were killed and 10 were suffocated. 14, one carrying 46 illegal immigrants capsized vessels in the Gulf of Aden sea, two people were Classic Cardy killed and six were missing, Ugg Classic Cardy Boots and the remainder were rescued by passing ships.

Fleming said that according to UNHCR staff in Yemen reported in recent years in the Gulf of Aden smuggling activities in an increasing number of large vessels. According to incomplete Ugg Classic Cardy Boots statistics, ugg classic tall boots ugg classic tall boots 273 people this year have been illegal immigrants who died during or missing.

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• 20/10/2009 - Henan Pingdingshan mine death toll to 54

Safety supervision from the ugg boots on sale State Administration ugg sheepskin boots ugg sheepskin boots of Statistics Division, sources said, closing at 8:00 on Australia the 15th around 4 Xinhua Henan Pingdingshan Mine "9.8" big gas explosion, 54 miners have been found dead, there are still 25 people trapped. At present, the ugg boots on sale search and rescue work is still underway.

September 8 1 pm, Xinhua District, ugg boots on sale Xinhua Pingdingshan mine gas explosion occurred at 4, after a preliminary verification, underground on duty 93 people, including 14 security Masui. It is Australia ugg boots on sale reported that Xinhua four township coal mine boots on sale for the low-gas coal mine, designed annual production capacity of 150,000 tons, is a technological transformation rectification and maintenance of mine, Pingdingshan relevant departments have not yet replied, and the mine resumed violation, a serious accident caused Australia ugg boots on sale by the illicit production.

Henan provincial government said that the sheepskin ugg boots sheepskin ugg boots aftermath of the accident in full swing, is being systematically ugg boots on sale carried out in tension on the dead miners compensation will boots on sale not be less than 20 million yuan.

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• 20/10/2009 - Shenzhen will be the introduction of administrative accountability mechanisms for the work of Press Release

15, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Ugg Classic Cardy Boots Information Office held a press conference to announce the newly released "Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Press Release working methods." Ways to further ugg boots on sale standardize the city's press release of the scope and procedures, and administrative accountability mechanism into the work of the news release.

This approach is divided into press releases and press spokesman for ugg classic tall boots the agency, the scope and content of press releases, press releases of the modalities and procedures, supervision Ugg Classic Cardy Boots and security, General Principles of 6 parts. Based approach, the Shenzhen Municipal Government will establish a standardized, institutionalized and specialized press conference platform, the timely release of overall public ugg classic tall boots policy of the city's major affairs, economic and social development, social hot spots and other important news and information.

Approach provides Ugg Classic Cardy Boots that the sudden public events, as ugg classic tall boots well as possible effect on public life events, in principle, required to start plans for handling the incident have been released within 120 minutes to master the basic facts of the incident and the status quo and other related information, and depending on developments in the and disposal of progress in follow-up release.

Approach requires, city and Ugg Classic Cardy Boots district ugg classic tall boots levels of government should gradually establish and perfect the work of press releases and press releases performance evaluation system for complaints, monitoring the work of communication and cooperation mechanisms to receive press releases to the media and the public to report complaints of work, comments suggested the need to pursue the administrative responsibilities, the transfer of appointment and removal of organs, to monitor the organ or Ugg Classic Cardy Boots other organs of the right to be held accountable.

Approach provides one of the following circumstances will pursue the administrative responsibility: the law should be without news release, or released in the effective period of time, resulting ugg classic tall boots in adverse social impacts and consequences; major policy matters of public interest, it is important to work for no reason reporter for an interview refused to rise to adverse consequences; for major natural disasters, major accidents, major health emergencies, major social security Ugg Classic Cardy Boots incidents, and Ugg Classic Cardy Ugg Classic Cardy if not timely press release or deliberate publication of false news; violation of procedural requirements for unauthorized press release, resulting in adverse social impact and consequences; refusing to implement the higher level department in charge of the press release instructions, or delay the timing, ugg classic tall boots poor implementation, resulting in adverse social impacts and consequences; non-compliance with security review process, resulting in leaking state secrets, or open government information that should not be disclosed The.

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• 20/10/2009 - Jia Qinglin meets delegation of Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations

CPC Central Committee Political Ugg Classic Cardy Bureau Standing Committee, on the 11th CPPCC National Committee Chairman Jia Qinglin met with Lin Shuzhe as the head of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations delegation.

Jia briefed the guest on the economic and sheepskin ugg boots sheepskin ugg boots social development situation in the Mainland, pointed out that the mainland has always been maintaining Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability. Central government will continue to implement the "one country Ugg Classic Cardy two systems" principle and the Basic Law, support the Chief Executive and the HKSAR government to Ugg Classic Cardy help Hong Kong overcome difficulties and obstacles on the road.

Jia said that the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations always hold high the banner of loving the motherland and Hong Kong, in order to maintain Hong Kong's prosperity and stability have made important contributions. He hoped that the Federation of Fujian Associations to continue to carry forward its fine traditions, take the lead in studying, advocacy, Ugg Classic Cardy and practice good "one country two systems" principle and the Basic Law, in order to maintain Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability to create a good social atmosphere; play to their advantages, actively cooperate with the Chief Executive and the SAR Government to deal with international financial crises, in order to promote Hong Kong's overall economic development to contribute; serve as a bridge role in promoting all-round exchanges and ugg boots sale ugg boots sale cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, the Mainland and Hong Kong's mutual benefit and common development and make positive efforts; to play geographical, nostalgia advantage, to strengthen the exchanges and contacts in Taiwan society, for the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, peaceful Ugg Classic Cardy reunification of the motherland to make new Ugg Classic Cardy and greater contributions.

CPPCC Vice-Chairman, Du Qinglin, minister of the Central United Front Work Department and the relevant departments attended the meeting.

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• 20/10/2009 - Shenzhen stipulates that the Government press release shall not be held accountable and timely

From today the Shenzhen Municipal UGGS Government buy ugg held a press conference learned, "the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Press Release ugg boots working methods" (hereinafter referred to as "measures") will launch December 1. "Approach" in the country took the lead in the work of executive accountability, the introduction of press releases, press spokesman UGGS for the subject to the "four no's" behavior will be administrative accountability.

"Measures" provide for the press ugg boots release is not working positive or non-compliance, but the circumstances are minor, criticism and be ordered to rectify; six kinds of accountability for the needs of the UGGS situation, then transferred to the relevant agencies to be accountable according to law.

"Measures" will require accountability ugg boots of six kinds of situations be summed up as "no act, no time, non-standardized, inaccurate" and "four no's." From the operational level, said the complaints augg boots gainst the Government press release reporting the event, will be competent and relevant departments Deliberation results as the basis for accountability by the UGGS appointment and removal of organs, and supervisory organs shall be prosecuted for such units or persons responsible for administrative responsibilities; suspected crime will be transferred to judicial organs according to law be held accountable.

"Rules" Monitoring and Protection Ordinance, ugg boots proposed buy uggs a total of 10 articles which set out the work of press releases performance evaluation UGGS and incentive and restraint mechanisms, citing a press release the case of the work of administrative accountability, accountability of the main accountability mechanism and protection ugg boots mechanism.

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• 20/10/2009 - To "cash in gold case," Liang said that no state compensation claims of alleged meritorious eager (4)

Then, a "private prosecution" case Why the evolution of the "prosecution" case? What is the evidence in the original charge Liang theft?

October 14, 15 on two consecutive days, the reporter tried to Shenzhen police and prosecutors understand the relevant circumstances, interviews were rejected. Reporter was removed in connection with police in Shenzhen, a heavyweight said: Was the police held the two strong evidence of theft Liang, one that put a small gold box 19, the value of carts in the machine, commonly known as yellow lines within the , yellow lines within the steal. Bao'an District Procuratorate roll back the request for additional investigation to find the witnesses, when proved, owner of lost property, Wang Teng industry to 22 meters away on the 10th when the director of the value of machine ran, followed by anxious passengers will be equipped with a small carton carts pulled the yellow line outside the small cart along the smooth surface slid into the trash.

The second evidence, the prosecution submission page 4 shows Fujuan a crime scene surveillance video discs. But so far, the CD-ROM contents were not disclosed. In fact, the scene of about 50 meters from the trash can on the wall there are two control terminal probes, one does not shoot, one has no probative value, the image blurred.

In addition, the prosecution's submission, the police discovered 136.49 grams of gold are still unaccounted for. However, the owner of lost property did not pursue their complaints.

Reporters learned: This is the fate of 136.49 grams of gold ornaments have attracted a lot of speculation, there are three versions. One said Cao Yi and Ma Wan Yin-wrapping paper in the bathroom break apart, some of the gold may fall toilet. Second, Cao, Ma, Liang swallow three hiding. The third version of the point to the police, according to Liu Jianhua memories, Liang hand over the boxes are open, the police at the scene did not weigh, but photographed, taken away when he did not remember whether he sealed the box.

October 14, the reporter multi-link Cao, Ma without result. Airport cleaning companies, said after the incident, Cao, Ma two were not come to work, Ma Yin-Zhengzhou in Henan, Anhui, Cao Wan-Yi returned home.

Press through a friend from the police learned that owner of lost property lost alarm when they do not know what it is, and even their own in the end brought four or five boxes boxes things are unclear. Police checked first to the office to find, then fear will not be taken away by other passengers, but they did not think would be cleaner clean-up. The prosecution of the police submission finds, Cao Wan-yi took the gold value of the date of 1.60 million in the value of Ma Yin-shan took 66,000 yuan.


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• 20/10/2009 - To "cash in gold case," Liang said that no state compensation claims of alleged meritorious eager (3)

Liang said she did not know what is inside cardboard boxes, boxes are sealed, she did not open. "(Morning) around 9 o'clock, I Lao Tso (Cao Wan-yi) that I picked up a carton. I Lao Tso is a teams and groups, and he is responsible for cleaning the men's room, I was responsible for cleaning the powder room, which may be said Lao Tso is the battery. I said it first put disabled toilet, if the identification was made on the back to people. Lao Tso To open the box take a look, I said, do not fight, if people recruited,hard to say. "

Liang's statement followed by her former colleagues, witnesses Yang Deying Department be a bust. Yang De-ying, said Cao Wan-Yi Liang, and the dialogue in the disabled toilet she heard loud and clear that she was in powder room rinse mop.

Liang told reporters recalled: "9:40 or so, I and several colleagues in the 3rd floor to eat breakfast, I tell you that I picked up a carton, Lao Tso said it might be the battery. Ma Yin-made look, if it is battery to give him (for) electro-fishing. "

So Liang, MA, Cao three went to the downstairs bathroom with disabilities opened the boxes and found a bag of "gold jewelry", using a white wrapping paper. Ma, Cao removed two packets from the middle of the two break apart, and one half minutes left.

And Liang will be a small cardboard boxes from work back home.

The face of journalists, Liang said that he did not "refuse to hand over" the police are not from their home "search" out of the carton.

"16 o'clock number, Lao Tso downstairs in my home, shouting, saying that it is reported. I shouted to him 'then I go to work tomorrow to pay up'. 6:00, two people came to my house saying that they are police officers, and asked me if I was picked up a carton. I come up with that from under the bed boxes. "According to Liu Jianhua recall, the whole process only 56 minutes, including a police officer returned to the leadership of playing the phone, saying things found.

"It's how can you say yes 'to steal', 'refusing to hand over' and 'search' out of it? Furthermore, the Airport Business Center's" regulations "section 2 of that pick up passengers who lost property, as long as at the latest later than 9 pm the next day before are right handed, and Liang said that the next day to work on the Naqu of ... ..., "said Liu Jianhua.

The two yellow lines and video evidence, no "hit reality"

Bao'an District Procuratorate in the revocation of bail, said Liang of the theft does not hold, but do not think she is innocent, Prosecution Office concluded Liang suspected of embezzlement and embezzlement are "private prosecution" cases, in law as "non-divisions are not reasons. "


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• 20/10/2009 - To "cash in gold case," Liang said that no state compensation claims of alleged meritorious eager (2)

Month later, January 14, 2009, Cao, horses get two free, Liang was approving the arrest due to suspicion of theft. March 12, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to submit to the Shenzhen Municipal People's Procuratorate charged submissions.

May 11, 2009, "Guangzhou Daily" published the "cleaners" pick up "14 kilograms of gold ornaments or be sued," a text, quickly aroused heated debate in the community. Liang whether it is "stealing" or "pick" has aroused widespread controversy. Legal scholars have expressed the view, more than 3 million Internet users participated in the web-based survey on the matter.

May 15, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference, China announced Liang theft "evidence, the facts are clear." Public opinion on Liang's case is more heated discussion, and one-sided sympathy Liang.

22, president of the Guangdong Remedial women to talk about "picking up" Golden suspected of theft, said that it would bring to justice.

September 10, 2009 Liang has been released on bail. After two weeks, Shenzhen Baoan District Prosecutor's Office in order to constitute a theft Liang grounds of insufficient evidence to revoke bail. October 10, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, the airport branch off the case.

Liang readme day of the incident in detail through the

9 months, Liang prosecution case was insufficient evidence to return the two supplementary investigation. So where exactly is the problem?

October 14, the reporter was removed to get a prosecution of the submissions, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau (v. word of deep public pre-2009 [076]). Submissions Show: at 8:20 on December 9, 2008 Xu, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, dragon jewelry company's 26-year-old employee, Wang Teng industry to carry luggage to the Shenzhen Airport 7 Terminal B, second floor, No. 19 Check-in port and shipping procedures for registration in preparation for taking flight to Beijing CA1306. Gold with a small carton placed on top of the cart basket, security personnel to refuse shipment of gold belonging to valuables, Wang went the distance on the 19th Check-in port 22 meters away on the 10th director of the value of machines Inquiry. At this point, with gold carts are still a small carton 19 Check-in front of the stage. Liang Hand cleaner car driver to see a small cardboard boxes left unattended, they put a small cardboard boxes onto his clean car. Wang Teng Industry 10 minutes to return not seen found cardboard boxes and thereupon made the airport a local police station.

Prosecution submission also said that Liang and colleagues Cao Yi and Ma Wan will be treated to be part of the illegal distribution of gold, will be hiding in cardboard boxes back to their homes, and the owner of lost property that has yet to give the alarm. Until the evening, investigators at the Liang residence found these gold ornaments.

In the detention center inside the 9 months, Liang has always disagree with the allegations of theft of less than two of white on his hair.

"The first time I went to 19, the value of machine and saw the trash can near the two female passengers with a child in the Kegua Zi, melon skin is also thrown on the ground. These two women the middle of a baggage car, car stood without a word (flags) is similar to a small carton box of instant noodles. I came to No. 19, the value of the second trash can next to the machine and saw the little cardboard luggage still on board, the passenger had disappeared, I thought it was them discarded, put cardboard boxes thrown into the clean car. "Liang said.


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• 20/10/2009 - To "cash in gold case," Liang said that no state compensation claims of alleged meritorious eager (1)

At 3:00 p.m. on October 14, reporters from the Shenzhen Airport in less than one kilometer of the housing where met Liang. She has just done in Shenzhen, colleagues and Women's Hospital surgical removal of uterine fibroids, is at home resting.

"I picked up a life, (which is 9 months), as did a nightmare, if not the Secretary for a lawyer, if not colleagues and Women's Hospital in Shenzhen, I might have died in a detention center where ... ..." In the face reporters, Liang Shang with pathological The face looked happy.

Secretary to the Liang Yin Lee's agent is free of charge legal assistance to colleagues and Women's Hospital, Shenzhen, but also for Liang free to do surgery, an amount of not less than 50,000 yuan.

Liang said that her husband wants to organize a "thank Council." In addition, the reporter learned from the Secretary-yin Lee: Shenzhen Yan Liang and Women's Hospital want to do the hospital's "image of the spokesperson."

40-year-old Liang Henan Shangqiu who married 11 years ago, Kaifeng, brothers and sisters, a total of five people, sister and brother are subject to higher education and in Shenzhen and Guangzhou successful career, only that she was illiterate. Liang Fu Liu Jianhua early years in the army, in 2001 to work in Shenzhen in 2005, will receive around his wife and children.

Liang's home is very clean, small kitchen in front of the ground covered with a grazing towel. The reporter noticed, just over 20 square meters inside the cabin for the placement of two books and a computer desk takes up most of the area. "I have no culture, can not read, this is something babe." Liang said.

In the eyes of Liu Jianhua, Liang character, gentle, simple. Liu Jianhua Liang smaller than the 4-year-old hurt his wife Liu Jianhua life son. "I do not advocate Liang went out to work, that she look at me too hard to see outside their own cleaning company in Shenzhen airport, recruitment advertising, would like to supplement some money at home, she did less than 4 months, just after a trial period, I never thought that such a Shier. "

Recalling the incident for public discussion, "to steal or pick up"

Over the past 9 months to make it hard to Liu Jianhua upsurge.

At 13:40 on December 9, 2008, Liang home from work back to the one filled with the value of more than 3 million yuan (later identified as 2.61 million yuan by the judicial authorities) gold jewelry boxes. That night, Liang and two other "sub-grant" colleagues Cao Yi and Ma Yin-10000 along with the Shenzhen Jingfangxingju.

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• 20/10/2009 - Thieves steal what equipment to buy things 70000

Pretending to buy gifts for the boss, the two thieves wine lines of "collaborate with each other," disarray stole 7 million yuan worth of high-end Louis 13 bottle of wine and Chinese caterpillar fungus and so on. Yesterday afternoon, the theft from a public hearing in the Tianhe District Court.

According to the Public Prosecution Service alleges that March 17, 2009, the suspects Lei Mou, Dengmou two members of the village in Tianhe Gu Ju He went on a stroll around, during which they discover a wine-row there were only two female sales staff in shops, two see opportunities for theft subsequently plot lines of the wine. Both the driver stopped the car door in the wine line, get off at the first entry Leimou pretending to buy wine, a "selective", the Leimou still "not satisfied" Therefore, female sales executives ordered "to store the most upscale wine out "into the warehouse sales will remove the high-end wine a few sticks placed on the desktop for the selection of Lei Mou.

Soon, in the outside and "long wait" in line Dengmou also entered the wine, he told Dengmou: "the boss in a hotel waiting, we must quickly picking up some wine with a past." Subsequently re-entry two Youhuan warehouse sales take wine out of. Confusion among Dengmou salesperson is not prepared to take advantage of women put on the table of the four high-end wine (of which two of the top wine, "Louis XIII") and two boxes of Chinese caterpillar fungus, moved to cars in employment. Seeing Dengmou succeeded, through the phone Leimou citing "Go away for a while" until the salesperson Oide and shops, with whom he has ride away.

Yesterday the trial, the two accused confessed to the crime and the victim is willing to make efforts to compensate for the loss. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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