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Fashion trends in 2013

As a fashion person, we dont follow the trends from other, most of time ,

we are the leaders. Our guide to the trends of the year: your place to keep a track of what 2013 holds. If you're looking for all the year's fashion trends and what's shaping them, read on.

Trends are often change by season. The winter that we’ll live through in January and

February are of a fashion season that actually belong to 2012, which means that spring 2013 fashions

are the first truly new ones of the year. Whats the trends in 2013. In the past year, we

find most of good design of clothing and shoes, accessories. But in the New Year's

fashion week, we smell the new fashionable breath again.

what fashion trends will have defined 2013When we welcome in 2014,? What will be wearing,

and what will we take with us into the new year? Read blog.loveseason.com’s guide to 

fall 2013 fashion trends for a full look at what clothes and accessories are fashionable and

which are out.

Just because it’s new year doesn’t mean that all of 2013 fashion‘s is completely new.

While there’ll be lots of new fashion trends, plenty of them will evolve out of the

past year’s trends particularly from the year’s last fashion season: autumn / fall 2012

Go through Loveseason to   to find out which fashionable elements are a part of

the end of 2012 and will have an impact upon 2013′s fashion trends.

Posted: 06:45, 28/3/2013
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Spring And Summers Hottest Trends

2013 Spring and Summer top fashion trends are fabulous ! Fresh, sophisticated, sexy, and classic.

Let's face it there's a reason that classic fashions defy time. Classic fashions are clean understated

styles, that can be worn year after year. The Fashion Classics just never go out of style...


Black & White Fashion Splash


The Black And White Of It...


Black & White And All Mixed Up - Mixing prints is on trend !

Note how the designer mixed the fabrics and patterns in a way that complimented one another perfectly.


The Hottest Color For The Spring And Summer of 2013 ? It's Emerald Green

Loveseason.com provide huge selections of wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, women's shoes and handbags etc.

Posted: 10:31, 26/3/2013
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how to Choosing Perfect Right Neckline 1

It’s hard task for choosing a perfect wedding dress to suit your figure.  think every detailing you want carefully. like a neckline, you need to pay special attention to it. A fit neckline can accentuate your features . let's see bride-to-be how to choosing the perfect neckline:

Halter Neck wedding dress

Great shoulders deserve the sexy halter neckline. The straps wrap around the neck and sometimes backless. Brides who needs bra support don’t want to choose the halter neck. And it’s not so good for broad or narrow shoulders.

Off The Shoulder wedding dress

The open-neck style is good for ample chests and the best option for showing off collarbones and shoulders. Of course, it can be disaster for broad shoulders.

Bateau Neckline wedding dress

The wide neck follows the curve of the collarbone and boosts the bust. So it’s great for the bride who is bony and flat-chested. And it’s not so good for busty brides, because it over-emphasizes the bust area.

Scoop Neckline wedding dress

This u-shaped neckline is also known as the ballerina and can be low-cut. Everyone can wear it.
Illusion High Neck

This neckline, made of sheer fabric such as lace or chiffon, fits snugly against the neck with an ornately decorated band of satin or whatever, creating a choker effect. Quite a formal look, this is sexy without being over the top. It’s the perfect option for those brides with bony collarbones.

Mltailor, an online cheap wedding dresses retailer, provides professional custom made service for you. No matter what your dream dress is, just tell us your ideas about it, including the images detailing, your size and any special requirements. Then our in-house experts will create a fabulous gown that fits like dream for you.

Posted: 04:56, 5/8/2011
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