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Colin Austin

Access Control Systems

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At their most basic function, access control systems provide or deny the ability to enter a building, facility, or gated area. A number of components can be utilized in these control systems. The typical system allows or denies a person's physical entrance. Their ability to enter an area may be dependent on payment or authorization. Basic controls that we encounter on a daily basis include turnstiles, such as what you would see with an underground subway system, or a card swipe lock, which requires a programmed card to bypass. Other components include parking gates, doors, elevators, and other physical barriers. These types of access control are common sights.

Many businesses and industries are increasing their use of access control systems, particularly those that utilize badges and card swipe locks. These provide greater access control to areas that may contain personal information, like patient records at a doctor's office or a student's dorm. These systems are essential in ensuring the protection of both people and sensitive information.

Historically, the first access control systems were basic locks and keys. However, locks can be picked and keys can be replicated. Digital types, in association with close circuit television systems and DVR/NVR recording, allow you to not only allow entrance to certain individuals, but to also monitor that those are the people entering.

More technically advanced access control systems utilize digital computer technology that resolves the limitations of a simple lock and key. Entrance can be limited to only those who have the card with the appropriate entry credentials.

Continental Access provides you security systems that are useful for any industry or need.

Continental Access is a company that sells security systems. They specialize in high-tech access control systems that keep unwanted visitors away from sensitive areas. Those who wish see the systems available for purchase should visit http://www.cicaccess.com

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Access Control Systems


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