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Next-Gen Kia Sedona Minivan Prototype Steps Out Again

{ 03:30, 15/8/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

The next-gen Kia Sedona minivan has made yet another public appearance, this time wearing much less camo than before. While we initially reported that the new Sedona would be inspired by Kia’s edgy KV7 concept, it looks like the next Sedona will walk the line between the futuristic-looking KV7 and the frumpy 2014 Kia Sedona.Up front, the next-gen Kia Sedona shares only one styling trait with the KV7 – its front bumper, which features set-back foglights that are linked with a scoop-shaped line. The new Sedona’s headlights – the first time we’re seeing them – are Cadenza-like and follow Kia’s current design language with LED lighting, and what looks to be square-shaped lights under the lens. The Sedona’s grille appears to be ripped straight from the Chrysler Town & Country, but we suspect that’s just clever camouflage; we expect the Kia signature “Tiger Nose” grille to make an appearance on the new Sedona. 

The next-gen Kia Sedona’s profile is the angle that reveals the most KV7 styling influences. Though less-boxy than the KV7, the new Sedona’s roofline features the same drop-down styling at the third-row window line as the concept, and it also features the same up-ticking beltline. Unlike the Chrysler minivans and the Toyota Sienna, the sliding side doors’ track line is not hidden at the bottom of the side windows.The Sedona’s rear end shares its general rear-window shape with the KV7, but is otherwise your standard minivan.They report directly to the slewing bearing and/or the studio in charge of the feature. The taillights are typical Kia, and the new Sedona looks to be getting a traditional liftgate, as opposed to the KV7′s Audi Q7-inspired wider liftgate opening.The next-gen Kia Sedona will likely debut next year, with the automaker’s new 3.3-liter V-6 motivating it down the road.The official website for key programmer channels aired in the region of United States of America featuring star plus. 

The Ford Everest concept has conservative yet modern styling, with plenty of chrome trim and bulging wheel well flares. From behind, the Everest concept’s name is spelled out on an expansive silver trim piece. Below that are reflector lights and more contrasting silver trim with high ground clearance that suggests this SUV has real capabilities.We could see a production version of the Everest concept doing battle with the Jeep Grand Cherokee and three-row Dodge Durango,Especially high-end equipment manufacturing industry slip ring commutator and domain of accurate automation robot the utility of mercuric slip ring more capacious. but Ford already has enough SUVs for American customers.This shows that the abnormal noise peak level of ina bearing vibration acceleration values in the low noise and vibration between the two large bearings. The Ford Escape is the best-seller and also shares showroom space with the two-row Edge, three-row Explorer,In order to make profit you need to have genuine sources from which to buy spherical roller bearing and there are a lot of companies out to scam as many new comers as they can. three-row Flex, and three-row Expedition.

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