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break to talk about girls

the times seen in the golden clouds That Shakes the Barley. I was teaching novice lurking, just on the edge

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emotional for a long time

Next, we must solemnly who introduced WOW Lane's best friend, that is mentioned earlier that the Dao Meigui "dark, animal husbandry Departed." Impression of him, very shortly, I was talking to himself very often, Zi Bianzi guide the scenes a joke, but he always smiled, with nothing to fight with me, like a big brother like a pet me, and I was also in front of him the most authentic and enjoyable unhappy like to share with him. For me, he and a friend in reality no different. The game is like a small virtual community, a lot of things, including people get along, there will be emotional for a long time. There are also worries happy. I recently met a Fan Xinshi, Que wow gold Degui actually do not know which to use and I like number four deceptive G and Dianka, causing me to one on the game being abused, a person tell Well, perhaps not mind that if he did not do Kuixin Shi it wants to, but a pass 10, 10 pass 100, and get my 100 Nanbian gone, as hyena said, it seems I was jumping into the Yellow River has also the. Recently, in order to upgrade their equipment and operating skills, I have a break from Bridal Tea House will come to this Never False. The Never False This is the dark, animal husbandry will be carefully selected to help me out, in fact, for me, besides the "Bridal Tea" Where cheap wow gold are the same. But I do not think before one day I was surprised to be their indiscriminate white T-out of Association, the reason is this: "little confused" is a big liar. I faint, long so large has ever suffered from such a humiliation, I quickly M their president SHY, asking why not investigate more thoroughly the casual T, or even do not even have a chance to explain to? Maybe I was rookie of the reasons, maybe they are the big reason why Bar Association, that is called SHY casually meet a few of my pay no attention to man. I was really very angry, sat in front of the computer can not help but cry. Do not know exactly who is offended to such a framed me, this fame I'd rather not. Finally, in the dark, animal husbandry and comfort, I am sad to return to the "Bridal Tea House" or his family warmth. Finally, my heartfelt thanks to her friends and the Bridal Tea House friends, at least you have your trust and support. Apply friend's words "With your IQ, but also deceptive G, Dianka? Not to be cheated on good enough." . . Yes ah, to me, played WOW for almost a year, to now, still do not understand distinguish attributes, and even writing in general are also less likely, and what capability deceive G ah. . . I do not want to defend myself in what Qingzheziqing. In addition, that here I would also like to use with my "little confused," similar to the name fool G, No. 4 people say: if you still have a little bit of conscience, please stop you are such a shameful act, your such an approach with the actual The big liar What's the difference, Do not make your own happiness based on the suffering of others. Advice careless gamers and those who later received strange letters must be careful. Tarren Mill in four districts of small confused I wish WOW players who have taken a good mood every day, let us work together tomorrow for the WOW bar.

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pile of magic wand

Zhi Ya, "heard, Ange Li Nesta boutiques door was pushed open, and the boss Jiali Fu lazy way yawned, got up to greet his guests today, the first one." Boss, I want to buy a magic wand. "This young man wearing cloak and shops from the beginning has been entered to the counter looked a magic wand. Jiali Fu has been through his chest that purple eye-shaped emblem found he was a past Master Dalaran, but also the lowest level the kind that they wear the emblem is the unity of production, without any modification, but they usually wear Hui Pao. "Yes, sir, Ange Li Nesta gift shop will give you a satisfying, I learned from my grandmother that a generation had been operating the store, and she is the wife of the famous Ange Li Nesta! You wait, I went to your restaurant to pick up some of the Need for collection ... ... "" Wait, I just need to ... ... .wow gold.. ... a little cheaper, "the voice of young people, some hesitation, in fact, Jiali Fu also be seen as early as this Master will not have any money, and he gently smiled, satisfied to receive his own irreverent reply. "That's take a look here, bar, very common magic wand, suitable for novice to use. "Young people looked at, the immediate display of some of the best production of rough magic wand, he sighed helplessly in a pile of charred a magic wand with their first pick in the arms, even if they are not decent. In the next to this pile of magic wand, there is a solitary being placed on one side, Flanagan magic wand of the workmanship is simply extremely rough, if not carefully identify the one who is dead sure that the branches be sold directly to broken. "It's how Root money? "Young people asked, pointing Flanagan, a magic wand." Uh ... wow gold kaufen... your vision is really unique ah, this root wand from my grandmother since the death of no one asked, but she looked after me, if someone really took a fancy to it, they should not collecting revenues. "Look young man's face flashed a trace of doubt, he did so mysteriously added," She said the elderly, which is the root wand Tirisfal found underneath the ruins, perhaps, and guardian of Medivh have inextricably linked to it! "" Boss, would have to sell and does not need to use such a lame story now. I did a poor Master, but a few years, I'll have my name rang Lordaeron's. "Young people pick up the wand, and turned to leave, as if the boss heard him laugh," I called Kel garde, trouble you remember. "Two smoke filled the outskirts of Andorhal, the prince holding a Warhammer, coldly watching the eyes of the shaman." Kel garde, finally I found your black hand behind this plague! "" Our organization is much greater than you think, I am just an insignificant role, kill me does not change all that. The wheel of fate has begun to turn, you only our masters in the hands of a pawn. "Kel garde contemptuous laughter, so that the Prince is more anger, this anger tearing the front of the souls of witches. Look at this piece of land have been contaminated by the plague, natural disasters, and the remains of dead soldiers piled up together, he could feel to the suffering of his people, but now he has to find the culprit but Cangtoulouwei. "prince adults, our guards found contaminated grain trucks and they seem to go to the Stratholme direction. "" Stratholme, it is the largest city outside the capital must not be allowed to succeed disaster! The rest of the troops together, pass my orders, in any case have to be rushed as fast as Stratholme! "Kel garde body Bianbian his wand, the Prince pause for a moment, leaned over to pick up a wand, using it in a systemic effort folded in two, pointing to the sky." Sheng in the last, please respond to my commitment, to my country and people, I will certainly spread the plague behind to eliminate, even if another major sacrifices to pay, and even longer life, and spared no efforts! Such as the violation of promise, just like this stick! "Just now also covered with dark clouds appeared in the sky with a few light, fired at the earth.Staves was thrown aside, broken wand in the fall of the Okanagan deadwood like a magic wand.

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